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Saturday, September 17, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Biology Practical Class

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:19 AM PDT

Oh, Dipika you are the best cock sucker I have ever met. I said sounding as excited and horny as anyone could be while getting his cock sucked by a famous actress. She was licking my cock as if she is a professional hooker.I had never seen her with such a horny expression in any of her movies. I could not believe that my 8 inch long and 2 inch wide shaft was in Dipika Padukone's mouth.

After cleaning all the cum from my cock with her tongue she started kissing me. It seemed to be a long kiss atleast 2-3 minutes .She started getting naked and I was getting hornier. Till the time she was fully naked my penis was again ready for action. Slowly- slowly my instrument was moving forward towards her vagina when it was almost there I heard a loud voice,"get up you are getting late for school

It was my mom's voice then I realized that it was nothing else than a horny dream, what the fuck I was just going to fuck Dipika Padukone and mom woke me up. What a life! I can't even properly fuck a girl in my dream" I said to myself. After this (horny) dream sequence I think I should introduce myself. I am Himanshu Antil aka Hims Aantil, I am virgin 18 years old boy studying (sorry trying to study) in 10th standard.

Day at school was as boring and monotonous as all the days at school. As always I had not done my homework so I copied it from my friend before the 1st period started. I was sleeping at last bench in most of the periods in hope to complete my dream. When I was back at home the door was locked so I took the keys from my mother's friend who lives downstairs and to whom my mother always give keys before leaving home.

When I finally entered my house it was a great relief coz I badly needed to pee. After peeing I took my supper and went straight to my room. I switched on my pc to watch some porn. When I looked at my watch it was 3:45 pm suddenly I remembered that my tutor, Miss Monica had to come at 4 pm. I was not at all in a mood to study (frankly speaking I m never in a mood study after seeing or thinking about Miss Monica)

Just thinking about her turned me on at exactly 4 pm bell rang and it was none other than my sexy tutor Miss Monica. She was a beautiful girl in her late 20's with nearly 5'5' height, not too big but sexy looking breast, fare complexion and short black hair. She came in and sat on a chair in my room. I suddenly realized that I forget to close the porn video which I was watching. She looked at the computer screen and suddenly there was a horny smile on her face, your parents are not at home?

She asked no, when will they return? I don't know, May be at night. I had just finished speaking and she started kissing me. It was a long kiss, longer than the kiss with Dipika in my dream. She asked me to take off my pant and underwear. I didn't need to be asked again. I took off my pants and underwear immediately. I could make out from her face that she was craving to give me a blowjob.

My 8 inches shaft was already ready for the action. She didn't even waste a second after seeing my standing penis and started licking it oh, mam I didn't know today was my practical class of biology I joked in horniest tone I could. She smiled with my penis in her mouth. Nearly after 10 minutes of licking I came and she licked my cum till the last drop. After licking all of my cum she lied on my bed.

I couldn't wait anymore to see her naked. I moved towards her and started taking off her clothes. First of all I took of her t-shirt, then her bra, when I took off her skirt I realized that she was not wearing any underwear. Under her skirt was the sexiest vagina I had ever seen. There was no pubic hair on her pussy. I bend down and started licking her pussy oooooohhh aaaahhh oh my god, she was shouting with pleasure.

I licked her pussy at least for 10-15 minutes and then she cumed.I licked her cum as much I could oh mam you taste so good I told her after cleaning all the cum from her pussy with my tongue oh, his I can't wait to have your penis in my pussy she said seducingly please fuck me hims please fuck me. I followed my teacher's instruction and started fucking her, yeah baby don't stop please, she begged ohhhhhh you are a wonderful fucker and I want you to fuck me till

I beg to stop she said in an imposing manner. We both climaxed at the same time. I loved the feeling of cumming in her pussy. I can't remember how many times I cummed in her pussy that day, but every time I did that it felt awesome. When we both were dressed I realized that I forgot to wear condom so but she told me that she has I-pill tablet which will prevent her from getting pregnant.

She kissed me before going, after that day there were many more instances when she came to my home for tuition classes and my parents were not at home. We used to study for at least half an hour on those days and then have sex for hours. After my boards she got married to an NRI and settled in USA then I was never able to meet her. I still fantasize about her while masturbating and even while having sex with my girlfriend.

Searching For Gay Partner

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:18 AM PDT

Hello friends, I am very happy to share my experiences through this site to all. I'm Swaroop resident of Rayalaseema. I am now aged about 50 plus at present I am staying at Hyderabad. Let me say about my early age. While I was teenagers, I used to play with my friends. My friends were naughty one and now and then they used to exibit their cocks and used to compare with the others the lengh of the cocks and enjoy.

I used to see their cocks but never tried to exibit my cock to others since it was only one inch. All used to force me to open and exibit my cock. On my refusal, by force they open my nikker and on seeing it they used to laugh at me. I could not able to stand there and I used to run. During night times I could not able to get sleep since the incident took placed on that day realed before my eyes. Days passed for two years. My dad passed away and I and my mom remain without protection.

Mom used to work in rich people houses for our livelyhood. Due to poverty I couldnot able to go school and started doing work here and there to get money. One day one hotel owner called me to work and promised me to pay good salay on seeing my work. With the permission of mom I started working in hotel. The hotel starts from 5.00 am and ends at 10.00 pm. In middle he used to give permission of one hour to take rest. The owner of the hotel was nearly 45 years and having huge body.

He was very rough in nature and also bodyly. He never used to wear underwear. On lungi he used to work throughout day. Now and then His tool appears when his lungi gets separeted but he immediately adjust it to its original position. His name was Suraiah, widower not having children. Actually he was not from our town, came from some other place and started hotel here. He was black in colour and appears to be ugly in personality. But his tool was very strong, lengthy un cut.

I used to wait to see his cock. Days passed and one day one of my co-worker told me that he was gay and had contacts with children. It may be the reason for he kept employed in his hotel. I prentended before him as if I am fear but my inner soul felt happy. On that movement I tried to move closely with him. Gradualy I became very close to him and he used to purchase clothes and gives money when ever I need Mom felt happy.

The hotel owner one day asked me to inform my mom that my presence was required at night times also and when ever there was no work I can go to my home. On hearing this mom permited me to stay at hotel during night times also. That day I stayed night with him at hotel at about 10.30, there were no workers in hotel. He called me to his room when I went there he was nude sleeping on cat as soon as I enter in his room he called me by raising hands towards me. I was waiting for that oppertunity.

I went near his bed and sat on my knee before him. He said that he knows that I was also gay likes cocks that too big ones. He pulled up and shown his cock. It was erected and may be 8 inches above. The head came outside of skin and the hole was also big just like small finger size. The area was fully covered with big jengle. His balls were also very big. He took his tool in his hands and shown to me and said do you like it. I could not able to talk but I moved my head.

He stood and taken my hand into his hands and hugged me. He kissed me this was the first time that seeing lovely cock and also manly touch to my body. It was a pleasent feeling which cannot be explained. It seems that totally female qualities entered into my body. He placed one of my hands on his tool. On my touch it jumped up. He said that his cock was very eager to enter in my asshole. On hearing the words, my body felt heavenly I bent down and kept his cock in my mouth.

Ohhh!!! It was big and my mouth was not able to take it. I sucked its head smoothly and then forcefully. He lefted me and kissed. He removed my cloths one by one and made me nude.

He saw my cock surprisingly and holds it in his hand. I couldnot able to control mysel and made cum on his hands. He simply ate it and said it was so tasty.He sucked my nipples one by one and it was a pleasure for me. He said that my body was totally female body and it was so smoth and my lips were very tasty.On saying that my body was female body, I felt very much happy. I said to him I loved him so much and waiting for this movement. I want permenently with him and asked him to promise to look after me properly.

He made a promise and asked me to satisfy him whenever he requires me. I too promised him he took me in his hands very easyly and placed me on cat and made me to show my ass. He sucked my ass hole and fucked with his fingers for a while and then asked me to drink brandy because my hole was too small to bear his cock I too said yes. Both of us taken drink and he made me dogstyle and fucked me throughout night and made me to eat cum for two times.

At about 5.00 am we got up and both made bathing nude. I sucked his lovely cock and asked him to cum and he cummed into my mouth. I ate it happily. Next Sunday I went to my home and said to my mom that I got my partner and i want to stay with him here in after with out fear. First my mom expressed angry but later on said that you had done good thing since you cannot satisfy woman and blessed me.

Friend’s Teamwork To Reach Mom – Part II

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:16 AM PDT

Prakash's mom said only seeing and no touching he is disappointed and said Ok. But he knows that with little more seduction he can conquer his mom. He started to sniff her private parts the aroma was too good.He said mom you smell good she said thanks Prakash. She asked Prakash is it enough now that your desire is fulfilled promise me that you will never read such stories. Prakash huskily whispered one second mom.

I am not complete yet she said what you mean with a bit stern voice. He said relax mom I haven't seen between your legs yet she has spread her legs by standing itself but prakash was not able to see clearly. He said mom can you lie down on bed so that I can see clearly she said ok and she laid on a near by bed this is the turning point. Prakash came and he has spread his mom's legs with a bit more force than normal.

This has given some strange feeling to her in her g-spot she closes her eyes before she opened her eyes back. Prakash started to lick her clitoris she was in heaven. She is saying prakash don't do it I allowed you to only see and not to touch and all but there was no power in her voice she was weak she is not resisting. Prakash took the opportunity and he undressed himself completely when his mom is enjoying his touch by closing her eyes. He started to insert his tonuge into her love hole.

She is unable to control the pleasure she caught prakash hair and pulled him on to her thats the first skin to skin touch of complete body, wow what a experience both are full of estacy they are rolling on top of each other and feeling the weight of each others body. Prakash took some courage and kissed his mom straight on lips. She allowed him and reacted with equal passion they had deep French kiss for 3 minutes.

In the process of kissing only prakash moved his hand to her breast and started to press it wow what a feeling.He never felt such a sensation before their lips separated from French kiss. Prakash slowly moved to her breast, he kissed her nipple took it into his mouth and bit it. She pressed his head to her breast with greater force. Prakash took greater part of her breast into his mouth and started to bite it

They both are enjoying the heavenly pleasures forgetting they are mother and son slowly Prakash moved his hand to her cunt and placed it there as soon as Prakash's hand touched her cunt, she regained her senses and she separated from him. Prakash didn't understand what happened suddenly he tried to pull her back towards him.

She resisted saying that it is wrong. He tried to tell her that it is not wrong and she cannot leave him like that in middle. But she is not listening she is resisting him but with low voice by thinking that neighbors may hear their voices. He understood that, and he thought to fuck her at any cost so he pulled her back to bed with force and he fell on top of her.

He forcefully separated her legs and lifted her right leg to her knee and tried to insert his rod into her it failed she is resisting saying prakash it is not right he retried and again it had hit on side only it didn't enter thinking that prakash is not going to leave her tonight she took his rod into her hand and guided it to right place and in one strong push it was completely into her, she let out a gasp because of the sudden entry of the tool into her.

He started to pound her with great passion and force she is feeling paid because of the speed. She asked prakash to slowdown, hearing this Prakash understood that his mom is not going to stop him and he decreased his speed. Now he is slowly pulling out his tool and pushing it back now even she is enjoying it. Their fucking session went on for another 15 minutes and they both came and fell on each other exhausted.

After relaxing fora couple of minutes Prakash got up and gave a sweet kiss on her lips again and said thanks to her. She also gave Backa small kiss and kept his head on her breast after lying like that for 15min on top of each other (skin to skin) they departed to get freshens up. They both had bath together even after bath he didn't allow his mom to dress immediately. He explored he body completely and cleared all his doubts and fulfilled all his desires to his heartfull.

It is lunch time by now and they got dressed up and had lunch after lunch Prakash lied on her lap and they discussed all the things like how he used to watch her and from when he used to watch her and how much he like her and all. Now she is treating him as her lover than her so it's close to 4 pm in evening and it is time his dad may come back from office any time. She warned to him to behave properly whenever dad is around and do as he wish when he is not there.

He smiled and said, ya I know and gave a quick kiss straight on her lips and moved to Ravi's house to tell the incident to him. Prakash explained the complete incident to Ravi. Ravi was unbelievable that their plan actually worked. Prakash thought that Ravi will ask him to allow him also to fuck his mother but it didn't happen. Ravi asked Prakash to help him in fucking his own mother. Prakash asked what he could do to help him? He asked if he has to replay the same game with his mom ?

Ravi said that it is not that easy to get his mom and further she doesn't have computer knowledge to read computer history or to read stories online and get aroused and all. Then Prakash asked to let him to know to what to do from his side. Ravi asked Prakash to convince his mom to help him to seduce his mom. Prakash said that he will speak to his mom and will let you know tomorrow. Guys if you liked the first two parts please Comment your feed back ,which encourages me to write the more exciting part of Prakash's mom helping Ravi to seduce his own mom.

Night Out With Negroes

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:15 AM PDT

Hi readers. After my trip to Delhi, where I was forced to have sex with 60+ year old men, I was kind of disappointed with myself. Getting the small cocks of my father-in-law, the old ministers had left me wanting for real big cocks. I was happy to be back in my home town, after my father-in-law was done pimping me out for free. I was now looking forward to receive calls from Rohit (my brother-in-law and my first pimp) for assignments. But I found out that he was busy with his examination.

I was very hungry for a good sex session with any random man with a huge cock. When I returned home from Delhi, I learnt that my husband is also out of town for his usual conference. The very same evening I returned, I decided to head to a bar and see if I can get lucky. This bar was very popular for foreign tourists, and I have always fantasized about a white man fucking me. I entered the bar and sat at the counter ordering a gin and tonic, looking for white guys.

I was wearing a pink shining gown, which was off shoulder on one side, down to the arm pit, revealing the top third of my breast. My back was also revealed to some extent, enough to attract the attention of any guy. After a wait of about 15 minutes, I received a vodka glass from the waiter, and it was from one of the four guys sitting at the table at the other end. I walked up to the couch, and found out four Negroes waiting for me.

The guys were huge, all of them easily over 6 feet, very muscular, and short hairs. They asked me to join the table, and I happily agreed. We started talking soon, and I found out that they were from New York, touring India. The alcohol kept coming in, although I refrained myself from taking the third glass. I knew I was about to have a great time with one of the guys. I kept my hand on the thigh of the guy sitting to my right and I could make out his tool growing larger inside his pants.

It looked huge. He put his arm around my back on the bare shoulder. Within the next five minutes, his tongue was inside my mouth. He was kissing me passionately, and his tongue explored all the corners of my mouth. He asked me if I would like to spend the night with him in the hotel. I drove them to their hotel, and he couldn't keep his hands off me in the car.

I was enjoying all his moves. Suddenly, he went for the knot holding the gown, and pulled it low, exposing my bra. I loved it, and without wasting any time, my bra was off my body too. I was in the middle of a pretty congested traffic, driving my Honda Jazz topless. I was getting stares from people in the car around me, as the Negro, started sucking my tits, as I kept on driving. I was driving slowly, so as to prolong this act and also to avoid any accident.

One of the Negros in the back seat took my bra, and threw it out of the window. At the next traffic signal, the guy sitting next to me went down, lifting my gown, he got me rid of my panties too. It was out of the car soon too. I was very excited to share the bed with this guy, as his mouth was working like an expert on my boobies. I continuously noted people on the street staring at me and I loved every moment of it.

We finally reached the hotel, and it was almost midnight. I parked the vehicle, and got out still topless. I wore the gown again, and the guys took me to their room. They had two adjoining rooms on the 6th floor. As soon as we got into the elevator, the guy untied the knot again, and started squeezing my tits again inside the elevator. I was on the top of the world with the Negro not being able to resist my teats.

I also made my move in the elevator, and unzipped his pants, bringing it down. He had a cock of at least 9 inches, totally erect and clean shaved. I was holding it when the elevator reached the 6th floor. We went in our semi naked states to the room. The other 3 guys decided to spend time in the other room. I thanked my luck for having got what I wanted – a guy with a huge cock.

Although I had never fantasized myself with a black man, but it appeared to me more rewarding than a white. As soon as we entered the room, we flung our clothes off the body, and I jumped on to the clean huge muscular structure of the guy. I was holding him tight hanging on to him as he started squeezing my butts now. He was very strong, and I loved all the squeezing. He moved towards the bed, and threw me on it. He was now lying on me, and, was crushing my breasts, as I continued to kiss him.

I was enjoying the roughness of a black man, before it got rougher. He got up, and turned me around, placed me in the doggie position by the edge of the bed, and started spanking me really hard. I was shouting in pain, but thoroughly enjoyed it, for I was deprived of rough sex all this time. Then parting my butt cheeks, I felt his cock trying to enter my asshole. I was shouting, You will kill me, your cock is not wet yet.

Before I could speak further, he had forced his cock inside my ass. I was crying now, as he continued to stroke harder. He lifted me up with one hand, with his cock still inside me, and walked out of the room, to the room where his friends were waiting. I was surprised to see them waiting in their undies. The guy carrying me lay down on the bed on his back, and another guy, with a similarly huge cock, laid down flat on me.

Without wasting any time, he pushed his cock in my pussy, and I had two huge cocks inside me, both of them dry. They continued to fuck me in the same position, till I got wet. By that time, both of them had lubricated my holes with there cum. The other two men now took off their undies, and I was shocked to see their penises. It was at least 2 inches bigger than the guys who were fucking me, and even thicker.

One of them said, "Now you are prepared for us, be ready for the good part baby." They took turns to fuck me in the ass, and pussy, one at a time. I loved every bit of it. I followed it up with a blowjob to all the four guys, and spent the night in the hotel, before I left for my house.

Aunt’s Temptation And Shocking Surprise

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:13 AM PDT

Hi readers this is Shivu from karnataka. This is my first story I am writing here it's a true incident happened to me when I was 19. I was doing my BE in Shivmogga. I stayed in my grand ma's village with her and because my only uncle (my mom's brother) and his wife settled in Bangalore.

Hence my parents forced me to stay with my grand ma, who's alone and looking all agricultural work. She's a typical village lady giving more importance to farming than household activities.In our house there are three rooms one of them is back side of the house,which is separate from the remaining part of the house. To the back side of our home, there's more house which is connected to our compound. There lives my sweet aunt Sanjana.

Sanjana is 37 now but 33 then a beautiful aunt with wonderful boobs and fantastic waist. Her ass was just mind blowing and most attractive part her assets. The swing of the two mounds as she walks would wake up even dead man. She's 32 26 34, Sanjana was close to my grandma as she would help her in household works.many a times she would prepare food for us. My grandma really liked her, many a time I go to her home for meals.

She spent most of her time in our house.Her husband is a business man who spent most of his time in other cities. She has a daughter, who goes to school. Sanjana used to visit my room atleast twice a day enquiring about my studies and all. She used to guide me and asked for some story books and magazines. We became good friends and I didn't have any bad ideas. I used to visit her regularly helping her in her works and playing with her daughter.

One day I was playing with Smriti (her daughter) in their home. I wanted to pee and I thought aunt was in the kitchen. So I hurried to attach toilet. I lifted my lungi and took out my penis from underware. Aunt was inside and dint lock, as I entered she was embarrassed as I and we both exchanged a quick look of inner parts. She completely looked my raised tool. I felt ashamed and hurried to my room.

I didn't go to her house for two days, but the sight of her sexy thighs dint goes out of my mind. It was Tuesday 4:00 in the evening, when I returned from college. I found that grand ma yet to return from the fields. As usual she gave key to Sanjana aunt.this time I had to go and went to her home and knocked the door to my surprise she was looking something special. A new blue coloured saree with matching blouse.

That blouse made the differance. A deep half sleeved and sexy knots behind made me crazy and my mind become restless. She smiled and gave me the key. I was about to leave, she informed the instructions of my gm to take bath as she prepared the hot water. I said ok and came back. I started to take bath; I was amazed to my sexy goddess before me.

Aunt said: I came to wash your back I had no words to say. Before I open my mouth, she held her saree up to her waist and advanced. Her saree rose up to her knee as she kept her one leg on the edge which built to avoid waters over flow. Her thighs were completely revealed to me. As she touched my body a current passed in me. My animal started to roar. A big tent created in my underware. She observed and started to laugh stealthly.

She started to rub my back with a brush. She made my face to touch her thigh and it was a new experience for me. I saw her white panty was getting wet, her force made me touch her panty with my lips. Her two boobs were touching my head and shoulder.

She told: get up I will soap your hips.
I told: no aunt I will do it my self
She smiled and said: don't worry I have already seen it. Let me soap it.

I was shocked by her words as I got up the tight tool came out like a jet. She was stunned and exclaimed Shiva how big it is! Is it a penis or musle pipe and she grabbed it in her hand and moving to and fro. I could not control and tried to hug her.

She pushed me aside, don't take me to be granted and I'm your friend, not wife, as a friend I complimented your tool. Don't think I'm your whore. I'm married lady by saying that she walked away. I lost all hopes and felt guilty. I came to my room and simply rolled on the bed. Her words were echoing in my ears it was past 9:00 I didn't want to show my face to any one. Somebody knocked the door. It was Sanjana! Become and have dinner in my home if you miss i'll tell your grand ma what happened in the bathroom.

I simply followed her had my food and got up to go.
She stopped me"where are you going ? To the room, said: tonight sleep here?
She came to me and said sorry it was not good in the bath room.
I really love you very much. I wanted our first night in my bed room. More over I wanted to play a game with you. So I was hard on you. Sorry yar

By telling that she went inside the room. I kept quite and didn't make any movement. A few minutes later to my amazement aunt came out. She was only in her bra and panty come on hero dont you like me? I'm your first wife. Common fuck me like your whore. Make me your slut
Me: aunt is it true?
Aunt: yes my dear I'm waiting for this moment by telling this she hugged me and took my hands and kept them on her boobs.

Then undressed me and took my tool in her hand and started to feel it. I took off her bra and started to squeeze them. Our lips locked then she told" hey buddu leave hand and put your mouth I swiftly grabbed her tits in my mouth and I told her "aunty I'm the luckiest person to enjoy your sexy boobs. She was moaning and said now I can't wait come on Shivu put your hot rod and fuck me, she rolled on bed and took my tool at the entrance of her pussy. I fucked her for 30 mins. She was moaning aaaahhh mmmm. Thus it was a great experience that I had for the first time in my life.

Me My Sister And Her Hubby

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:12 AM PDT

I have always hated my sister Anjali's decision to marry her teacher Mahesh. Mahesh is ok looking, 6 feet tall but I knew he was useless. I knew it from the moment I saw him. But Anjali was blind in love! The idiot sister of mine realised her blunder, I think, on her wedding night. Mahesh proved to be a wimp, a namard, a hijra (impotent)! I heard Anjali didi telling my mother a few days after her wedding.

She did not tell anything to anyone before because she thought that Mahesh might not be able to fuck my sister properly because of initial nervousness. But the fact is that my Jijju is a pervert, an impotent man! Completely useless in bed, he leaves my hot sister high and dry. To leave a hot blooded woman like Anjali didi, with her horny young cunt on fire, is a sin.

Mahesh Jijju is a perverted bastard. He, I learnt, by overhearing my darling Anjali Didi, that he would make my sister naked and masturbate in front of her. Mummy, usska 5 inch ka lund khada to hota hai, lekin chodne ke liye nahin, muth marne ke liye. Jion hi ussko chodne ko bolo, usska lund baith jata hai! (Mom, his 4 inches cock gets erect only when he masturbates, not for fucking.

If you ask him to fuck, his cock goes flaccid and soft!) I was shocked to hear my sister and mother talk in such a nasty manner. Now Anjali is a healthy 5 feet 5 inch tall woman with a slim body, nice boobs, long legs and a shapely ass. I could understand what she must be going through. My Didi's sexual frustration must be making her mad.

What do you plan to do for satisfying your horny cunt? Mom murmured. 'I dont know I tried to seduce my servant. He is young and healthy but he is afraid of losing his job I don't know can you suggest something, Mom? Mother's eyes were filled with anguish as she said. 'Yes. I think servants are not faithful don't touch a servant. They have a long tongue. What about Rahul? Brothers always take care of their sisters. Rahul is healthy potent and loving just seduce him.

Now I am Rahul. Listening to my mother and sister pleasantly surprised me. My cock grew hard just listening to this conversation. Do you think Rahul will go ahead? I mean he is my real brother!! What if he refuses to love me?' My sister expressed her doubt. Her breasts were heaving up and down. Rahul is a man and you are a woman. I have seen his monster cock. It is just like your father's. You approach him but let Mahesh not know about it

Mom said Mahesh! He would love to see me get fucked by anyone so that he may wank just watching me get fucked. He says he does not mind if I fuck anyone. He would rather watch me wiith another man" I wondred what kind of a wimp my sister was married to. Is he such a pervert?' mother asked then dont waste time. Bed your brother tonight. Get him to fuck you like a real man. He can service you throughout life. My darling son is real gold! Mother said.

I left home with dreams of fucking my own sister. I went to the bar and ordered whisky. Normally I drink beer only but today was not a normal day. But today was not a normal day. My Ajali didi was going to seduce me! My own sister! I was going to take my sister's cherry! I was going to fuck her crazy. When I returned home, mom was waiting for me. Anjali is very unhappy with Mahesh. Make her happy,

Rahul. She has not been treated well. She needs loving. It is your brotherly duty to fulfil her wish. Your sister needs you." I looked at mom. She was not bad looking. She was a little plump with a wide ass and big tits. She bent forward and I saw her ample cleavage. I took her in my arms and kissed her full lips. Whisky had made me bold. My mom, Sunita kissed back as I pulled her closer to me by gripping her ass.

Oh! Stop it Rahul! Madarchod apni maa se bhi apni behan ko dekh. Anjali ko teri zarurat hai( motherfucker, you wont spare your own mom your sister needs you) Mother chided me lovingly. I went to my room where Anjali was waiting. My eyes widened as I saw her sitting on the bed in a sheer pale yellow nighty. Rahul, I have been waiting for you. Thank God you have come, my darling brother. I want to see how much my brother loves me. Does he love me more than my husband?

Ohhh brother I am so sad! Sister, a brother can not equal a husband. How can you compare the two? A brother hets a Rakhi (Indian tradition) tied by his sister while her husband fills her Maang (parting in the hair) by her husband. How can I take place of your hsuband?' I said as I moved closer to her after closing the door. Now, darling Brother, you are a man, are you not?

And I am a woman. I need you not as a brother, but as a man. I know my brother is not a wimp like my husband. I felt a mounting lust. "Do you really mean it? and what about your husband? my voice was a whisper. 'What about him? He says he wants me to fuck anyone. My husband would like nto see a man fuck me. You are the man. He has not fucked me. He is a watcher, not the fucker. He might lick your cock if he watches you fuck me, really!

I groaned 'I wanted to kiss you my darling sister. When you said you wanted to get married to him, I died on that day. But you have made me alive today. Come to me sister, kiss me" Anjali came in my arms and we kisssed like long lost lovers I was gripped by a passion so overwhelming that I would stop at nothing. I meant to take my darling sister as my wife, I wanted her so desperately.

It appeared that Anjali felt the same. As I kissed her, she opened her mouth eagerly and allowed my tongue to find hers. Moments later she had unfastened the fly of my pants. She gripped its throbbing hardness. I want to taste your cock, brother,' Anjali whispered, with her fingers tight around my cock. 'I want to suck your fat, lovely cock. I watched in fascination as my lovely sister knelt in front of my erect cock. She gazed at my cock and then licked the pink cockhead.

Anjali my sister ooohhhhh sister suck me! I could feel the sensation of her tongue at the under side of my cock. I watched as though in a dream, as my sister's sucking lips closed on my cock aaahhhh lovely suck me didi (sister?) Do you like me sucking you, bhai? Do I do it well? Anjali rubbed my cock on her beautiful face and she used the slippery head of my cock to smear her saliva and my pre-cum around her pretty face.

The effect was devastating on me. I looked down at her with disbelief in his eyes. She looked so depraved, such a wanton slut. I had only seen such a slutty show in blue films. I had never imagined such things about my own sister. A voice rose from my heart. 'Your sister is such a depraved slut, isn't she? Anjali, if Mahesh come in this room. Anjali gave up my cock for a moment 'I think my little brother is afraid of his Jijju.

Ok, listen ' She dialed a number on her cell phone,' Mahesh I am with my lover, do you want to see me? Come here in my brother's room and see what a man's cock can do" I was stunned. 'There's nothing to fear.' She rose to her feet and took my cock in her wet mouth again. But may I undress you my sister? I want to see you naked' Anjali smiled at me "Please darling, Brother, undress your sister" my sister whispered.

Love me. Use me, fuck me; I want you to fuck me with this big, beautiful cock.' Anjali took my stiff cock in her grip. 'Use this cock to fuck your sister. I was wondering how Mahesh would react 'Do you want me?' Anjali asked, already knowing the answer. 'Do you want me as your wife; as your lover? I nodded. I reached out and removed her pale yellow dress. She wore no bra and no panties and I looked at the swell of my sister's breasts. Anjali's cunt was frehly shaven for me.

Anjali looked into my lust filled eyes and lifted her breasts in an invitation. Her arousal was obvious. Her nipples were puckered and erect my God! I murmured at the sight. 'You're so beautiful.' Ok, then show me how beautiful you are, my brother she said. Take off your clothes show your sister how a real man looks naked.' I unbuckled my pants and threw my shirt on the floor. My underwear was the last to join our removed clothing. Just then the door opened and

Mahesh came in. I turned to the face the door. I saw my jijju standing oooohh. is it you? He stammered. My brother in law was staring at his naked wife and my erect cock. He stood there and watched his wife being used incestuously. I think that Mahesh enjoyed the sight. 'Take off your underwear, and take out your cock if you want to jerk off.You can enjoy watching my brother fuck your wife like a man" my sister spat the words at her husband.

To my shock, he obeyed and began unzipping his pants. My sister smiled when her husband took out his cock. Mahesh began to fist his cock as I ran my hands on Anjali's buttocks. She clung to me. 'Come on brother, show my husband how to fuck,' she spoke in my ears but loud enough for Mahesh to hear. 'Come my darling Brother I want your cock in my mouth first" Anjali shocked me again by saying,"Mahesh, you may lick my cunt while I suck my brother's cock"

Mahesh obeyed my sister's command. I felt that Mahesh was obviously used to this. He moved between my sister's legs and began licking her pussy. Anjali was looking at my cock, her eyes heavy with lust as her husband licked her wet cunt. So, Sister, you love sucking my cock. I love your mouth tighten on my cock. You look like a real whore, a slut with your mouth filled with my taboo cock.

Suck me hard, slut! I pushed my erect cock into her face and my sister was opening her mouth to swallow its fatness. 'Your husband is a wimp,' I taunted Mahesh. 'Let your wimp lick your cunt, let him make you wet and ready for your brother.' I reached down and ran my fingers through my sister's hair, taking a tight fistful. 'I want you wet so I can fuck you sister, my gorgeous slut sister's pussy

Anjali pushed my cock away from her mouth. 'I'm already wet, you beautiful bastard brother,' she groaned. 'My cunt's on fire, bhaiya (brother) she pushed her husband away from between her thighs and spread her legs wider apart. 'Look at it. Look how excited you have made me. Anjali said using her fingertips to hold her cunt lips open. Anjali, my darling sister I murmured 'You're so beautiful. I love you, let me fuck you'

Take me then, Brother,' Anjali 'make me feel like a woman should.' She cast a contemptuous glance at her husband. 'Mahesh, I need a real man to love me to fuck my pussy. I want you to do it, my brother. Mahesh stood and watched as his wife allowed her brother lover to mount her. He heard his Anjali's sigh as my fat cock filled her with its throbbing fire.

I began pounding my sister with hard, long, vigorous strokes. Anjali was rubbing her own breasts. She was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples so hard 'Fuck your sister, you sis fucker fuck your sister behanchod fuck my wife you know your sister is a bitch. I love seeing her fucked…by her own brother,' her husband was speaking and stroking his cock faster. 'Oh, Rahul, your big cock is filling her cunt, it's glorious.

Mahesh stared at his wife as my shaft pounded her pussy. My darling Anjali's inflamed cunt gripped my cock and I fucked her furiously. My excitement increased with the knowledge that her husband was wathing us, Mahesh was fisting his cock madly and I could see a perverted lust in his eyes, His fingers gripped his cock as he began to moan.

Anjali lifted her knees closer to her chest and spread her thighs even wider. My thrusts were causing her to groan loudly Ohh, yes. Fuck me, darling. Show my husband how I want it. How I want it so badly. I was grunting like an animal. Fill me Rahul fuck me, make me pregnant fill my womb with your seed,' Anjali was moaning. All of a sudden my brother in law began cumming. His cock shot thick cream which fell on the floor. He still looked at us.

Rahul, my darling, I am cumming fuck me oooohhhh mother fuck your sister harder deeper fuck! I felt my cock juice rise from my balls too. My cock was burried in the hot depths of my sister's cunt when I began cumming,"aaaahhhh cummming ooohhhh didi I am cumming oooohhhh gaaaaaad I went on filling Anjali's cunt with my seed which leaked down her buttocks.

My sweating body fell on her and I lay there. After about 5 minutes I and my sister were breathing normally. I felt a warm hand on my buttocks. It was Mahesh. Thank you Rahul. You have done a great job by fucking your sister my wife, my wife is a horny bitch insatiable if I am right you can satisfy this bitch and I love to see her being fucked used and abused and I love her. I am a part of your three fucker's team. Thanks Rahul, I invite you to fuck my wife!

Shashi getting gang banged

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:10 AM PDT

Dear  readers, this is shashi again thanking you all for the good response you all gave to my prior incident of getting manhandled in volvo bus, by three college students on the 17 nth of last month.
after that life went on boring as my boss was still travelling abroad and I was missing all the fuck and fun he gave me, at home it was as usuall whenever hubby wanted he would finish his fuck and sleep leaving me unsatisfied, which always made my wnader here and there looking for fun.
this incident happened onthis past sunday the 4 th sept, hubby had a good fuck on sunday night and left by night train to his native to attend some family matters. I got up on sunday did the same old house work, had a nice head bath shaved my under arms and pussy which I always like to keep it clean shaved as my boss sucks them atleast 5 times in a week,
and was at home when I got an sms mentioning that the shopper stop 50% sale extended, so I decided to do some shopping as I had got my salary too, I dressed up in a churidhar and took an auto to bannergatta road shopper stop. i reached there around 11.30 and it was quite crowded, I went about picked up some t shirts and I was looking around the perfume section some one wished me
"hi good morning" with immediate reflexes I too wished and turned to see the person whose face was new yet familiar, and before I could say anything he introduced himself as and said hi I am vinay do you rmenber we met on the volvo bus few weeks back.
for a moment I was shocked and stunned too, then I remembered that this was the guy sitting on the low level chair and who had fisted my pussy while coming back home and taken away my panty, I turned literally red as it came all of a sudden, I just reciprocated that I am fine and he continued the conversation asking usuall formal things hows weekend, what are you shopping, had breakfast etc etc.
then he took the bag containing what all I had shopped and pleaded to buy few dresses on his behalf and forced me in selecting, he said for all the releving what I did on bus he wanted to gift me with lot of goodies, so I picked up few dresses and he pleaded me in getting me elzibeth arden perfume,
and requested me to buy some lingeri as you may all remember he took away my panty in his jerking pocket, so I picked up few bra and panties and went to the billing counter, where he was standing to close to me and asked why cant I come to his house as he too was bored, I exactly knew what he had on his mind,
he had got me so many goodies which left me with no other option to go and if I go he will fuck me, but I knew his freinds will also be there and it can me my nightmare, jst then I asked what about your freinds for which he said they will not come till evening. as we paid the bill which was a whooping 12,000 bucks what he had spent on me and paid by his credit card he called somebody on his mobile and started to talk softly in malyalam,
which I could understand he was telling his freinds about me and said she has accepted to come home let me fuck her and I will give missed call when we are in action and you guys slowly come in with your set of keys and we will have a gang bang gently with her. the very fact of his talk and plan was getting my chuth itching and was getting wet,
and the slut in me was opening up and I decided to have some fun, anyway they looked very decent they wouldnt kill me and anyway I had experienced a couple of times getting gang banged and even forcibly once on my jaipur trip along with my husband. as we came out he asked me to wait near the bike as he wanted to get some vodka and something to eat from the hotel aradhana which is next to shopper stop,
he came back with all the things and when I asked what about anyone seeing going to their house, he assured that they stay in a independent house in J P Nagar and nobody will doubt them as they all come from a respectable rich family and had not done things like this with any cheap girls, which sort of gave me some courage,
immedately my mind started to calculate my date of periods which was couple of days ahead that means I dont need any protection for my sex. on the way he kept on applying brakes even for small things and I made sure I gave the touching of my breasts on his back without fail, it was just 5 mts drive he parked the vehicle and helped me to carry the shopping bags and opened the house door and went inside and I followed him,
once he placed them on the table he locked the door and didnt waste anytime in taking me in his arms, he kept looking into my eyes with that lust and slowly crushed his lips and mine, I could feel him chewing my bottom lips, pushing his saliva in to my mouth, and then I could feel him push his toung to my mouth, I gently opened my mouth and let his toung invade and I too played with my toung on his toung.
as he got more comfortable his hands were exploring my back side and his both hands had couped on my ass over my pyjamas. as he broke the lip lock he said lets have a drink it will relax us even more, as he was mixing vodka and sprite I kept thinking that he is doing all this so that I will be little intoxicated not to refuse the arrival of his freinds.
as we chatted for a while he made me sit on his lap on the sofa and downed the drink, and again got up for a refill and as he came back placed the glass on the table and kneeled down on the floor and pulled my head close and kissed me, but this time it was a voracious kiss with lot of our saliva getting mixed and smeared all over the face, and his hands were trying to loosen the knot of my pyjama,
which he did in a second and pulled it down along with my panty, he kept staring at my clean shaven pussy which was shining nicely with all my wetness, with both his hands he spread my thighs apart and burried his face between them, I could hear his toung slurping on my wet chuth and I held his head firmly in my hand and pressed it against my chuth and couldnt control my moaning,
he sucked as if its the end of the world and as he sucked he shoved in 2 fingers and fisted me rigorously, it was point of no return, I begged him to give hard strokes and I had my first orgasm, leaving his face fully smeared with all my juices, as he stood up he pulled me up along with him and passionately kissed and once again pushed his toung in my mouth,
I could get the tase of my own juices from his saliva, his both hands caught my breast firmly and kneaded them quite roughly, he guided his hand to his dick which was rock hard inside his pants, as I was trying to undress him he tried to remove my tops and in no time both stood nude, with his cock standing erect, he kept his hand on my shoulder and pressed me down,
I knew he wanted a blow job, I knelt down his cock deffinately which was not as long and hard as of my boss, I could see him already ozzing his precum, as I closed my eyes I swallowed his cock fully, in slow rhythm my mouth was shafting his cock and my right hands were softly massaging his balls and my left hands were caressing his ass,
few minutes went by I could hear him talk on his cell phone which was on the table and telling his freinds in malayalam to come soon and she is wonderfully blowing me now and that he would pin her down on the bed with my cock into her so that she cant get up when they come and told them get nude fast and come to bed.
i lifted his cock up and groupled his balls in my mouth with little extra pressure for which he moaned and said haaaaa softly dear or else it hurts me. I moved my face back as his pubik hair had come on my toung which I took out with my fingers and again burried his cock in my mouth, this time I deep throated him and he was maoning and caressing my hair softly,
he then pulled me up and took me to the bed room and pushed me back wards, as I lay on my back he started kissing me from my toe on to my ankle then my cough muscle then my thighs then to my chuth which was again fully wet and slurped all my juice, then onto my naval, as he came up I spread legs apart and he moved between my thighs, and on to my breasts for the first time,
he sucked one and the other he sqezzed it hard till it hurt me and turned my nipples red, as he came up to my neck I could feel his hard dick touching my croatch and I was in need for a good fuck, he supported himself on his left elbow and moved his right hand down to guide his cock into me, I too rasied my buttoks a bit, and I could feel my chuth stretch to accomadate his man hood into me,
he pushed it till his marbles touched me and I could feel the clinging of his jingle bells in his eyes, first few minutes he rammed my chuth with full force, and he slowed down to slow pace, I could feel him pulling out the full length of the cock and dive inside with full force which was giving me divine pleasure, I heard the front door open which I pretended not to hear,
he was still pounding me and in minutes I could see 2 more guys fully nude entering the bed room, I slightly screamed seeing them for which vinay slept on me fully and muffled my voice by deep kissing me and I could feel one on either side joining us on bed, as vinay broke the kiss one on my right side turned my head towards him and assured me not to get worried they
will be gentle and all would enjoy nicely and said I am fiaz and passionately kissed me while the guy in my left intruded inbetween and turned my head towards him and told his name as prakash and lip locked me, now vinay raised a bit and guided my legs to be put on his shoulder and said shashi lift up baby I want to deep fuck your cunt while my freinds savour and milk your tids,
all these wild words were intoxicating me, I jst lay there and vinay pounded me I could see from the face his end was coming as I thought he gave out a huge grunt and I could feel his sperms swim inside me, he kept his cock fully embedded in me and fiaz and prakash were having a feast with my breast. I could feel the grip loosen with vinays dick becoming limp and ease out of my chuth,
as he came out he crawled downwards prakash mounted on my chest held my breast together and placed his cock between them and started fucking while fiaz looked on and I could feel vinay between my thighs eating my cunt again which was filled with his sperms, oh god he was licking me clean of his cum and he came up from the side and while kissing me he unloaded a portion of his cum from his mouth to my mouth.
I flet like a slut of the first order, but the passion with which they did and didnt feel dirty was giving me a high. when he got up prakash didnt waste anytime in filling my mouth with his cock and fiaz went down to suck me and he too fisted my chuth with his fingers, he put lot of his saliva in my chuth and he too mounted me, he guided my hand to his cock,
I recognised the circumsised dick which I had milked in the bus and now the same dick I was guiding to my chuth, in no time he too started to pound me in my chuth and prakash in my mouth while vinay stood and watched the act, within minutes I felt like choking as prakash pushed his cock till my throat and released his cum,
the first shot I could feel directly going to my throat and pulled a bit back as I was struggling to breath and rest in rhythm filled my mouth. as usuall like all men he too felt manhood lost as he cummed so soon and dismounted me and lay by my side and fiaz came and lip locked me, I pushed the sperms of prakash into his mouth which he savoured and pounded me,
this was the best fuck I was having next to what I enjoy with my boss, he ripped apart my chuth for 15 mts, I was sweating away, whenever my sweat collected he would lick it up with his toung and pounded me, I had one of the wildest oragasms and he deep kissed me so that voice cant be heard from outside and collapsed on me loading his load of sperms.
he was too heavy for me he took support of his both elbows not to put pressure on me and like a pet dog does he licked my face neck ears of my sweat, after several minutes he too got up and went to the front room, I was in no mood to accept the way prakash even without making love to me loading his cum in my mouth who was sleeping on his back next to me,
I slowly got up and without any delay I mounted on his face, by the time he realised what was happening I was grinding my pussy which was filled with fiaz's sperm on his mouth, without putting any resistence he cleaned my chuth clean with his toung, since he was sleeping on his back he never had any option than to swallow all my and fiaz's juices.
i too jst laid down on my back and started to realise the reality, vinay was the softest at distence I could see fiaz standing nude having a cigarette, he had such a beautyfull atheletik body with lot of muscles, and off course prakash was jst normal and may be suffering from prematured ejaculation problem, I knew they will all come for the second round.
as I was thinking vinay came slept next to me, he turned my face towards him and passionately kissed me and I asked whether they had any sessions like this earlier for which he said dear you have made our dream come true, whenever we saw any blue film we had imagined all the three doing but today it became a reality. saying that he lip locked with me and sucked my lips and I sucked on his toung,
I felt somebody spreading my legs apart, then the hot breath near my pussy and then the toung in action, I lifted my buttock to match the tounging, I could feel the toung trying to penetrate my rectum, whoever who was doing I knew wanted my other hole to be fucked, when vinay broke the kiss I saw it was none other than fiaz between my thighs,
he too crawled onmy body kissing all the way and french kissed me, for a moment I felt like vomitting with that tobacco smell from his mouth, he got up and went to a side and vinay was back to my lips, after few minutes again felt somebodys hand on my thighs which was spread wide apart and this time he started to finger my back home with finger and I could feel it slide in,
when I broke the kiss I saw fiaz concentrating and lubricating my back hole with vaseline jelly, any way my boss had deflowered my back long ago but I pretended to feel it hurts, within no time he put 2 pillows one top of another and asked me to sleep on it, as I moved the balace vaseling he was putting on his shaft,
he rubbed his dick around the hole and started to penetrate inch by inch and in no time he started his rhythamic ass fucking and vinay joined the act by sitting in front of me and I burried my mouth on his cock and I felt prakash guidine my hand to his dick, now it was all three on me, as fiaz fucked me in the ass he fingered my clitoris from front,
the few minutes which passed was like hours and fiaz was one hell of a fucker, he was taking my ass off and vinay fucking my mouth and my hand pumping resulted again prakash leaking out his sperms in my hand, his ass fucking speed increased and I could fell my hole strect with his cock pulsating and filling his sperms in my shit hole,
but continued his fingering on my clit and I too was nearing orgasm and deep throated and I just pulled it out to take breath he eajuculated his load of sperms on my face. like a hungry dog I licked clean the cum and fiaz pulled out his dick and I went to wash room for a wash, I saw the time it was already 6 pm and all the three joined me in the bath room and gave a wonderfull hot bath to me and helped me to dress up,
then vinay offered me to reach nearer to my place I collected all my parcel and left, before leaving each one of them deep kissed me and once again thanked me for the good company and asked to come again at least once I month, when I got down from the bike I took vinay mobile no and left. Please readers post your sincere comments. Yours Shashi.

Joke: These two guys are in the wild west of the US

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:08 AM PDT

These two guys are in the wild west of the US about 150 years ago. They walk into a bar and they see a sign which says "WE PAY $100 FOR INDIAN SCALPS". So Charles turns to Edgar and says "hey look that's easy money old chap, let us find us some natives." So the two of them go out, find two Indians, scalp them and duly get their $100.
That night they sleep in a tent on the edge of town. The next morning Charles wakes up and sticks his head out of the tent and he sees 20,000 Indians standing in a circle around them. He quickly gets back into the tent and shouts excitedly: "Edgar, we're rich, we're rich!"

Sex Advice: Guy with bigger left side of chest

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:08 AM PDT

Question. I'm a 22-year-old man. The left side of my chest is a little bigger than the right. It looks like a breast and because of this my friends tease me. I'm really upset. Actually, I sleep on my left side. Could this have caused an imbalance? I don't know what to do. I can't even wear t-shirts and I feel really bad. Is there a surgery which will make my chest normal? If yes, how much would it cost? Please help by suggesting a solution.
Answer. Sleeping on your left or right side will not affect the size of your chest. See a plastic surgeon. He will let you know about the cost of the surgery.

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Joke: A gypsy chats with a black guy

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A gypsy chats with a black guy.
- Listen, starts the gypsy, how the hell do you manage to get your kids to be so black? I've tried, and tried, and tried, and nothing!
- Is your dick as big as mine, asks the black guy?
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Neighbourhood aunty fucked on Holi

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 09:04 AM PDT

Hello Readers, I would too like to share my story with you. As all the time I kept reading yours. This is the time to give. Hmm.. searching the starting point is always difficult, so let me describe myself. Not that good looking but yes you can compromise, neither a charmer but can make you laugh. And this is what happened with my first neighbouring aunt.
Not revealing any body stats for any of us, coz believe me when the time comes to spray your cum shots none of this matters. So, she finds me interesting nevertheless and I was interested in her from the time I looked her. First time when I saw her in the building lift, and I returned back from hostel for holi holiday and my eyes were like glued to her awesome figure and I was just staring her.
Her daughter was also standing at that time in the lift, but I was amazed by her beauty. My floor comes I get out of lift and noticed that whole time she was looking in the mirror attached in the lift. And I came to my sense with a thought that holy shit all the time when I was checking her out she too was checking me.
Few days go past by, in the evening when I with my friends go out for walk at the same time I always find her taking a jog around the same complex. And believe me she did noticed me when my jaw go open wide enough that your punch could make way easily in my mouth. I know this coz she told me about both the incidents later when we get close.
And from this natural incidents she started feeling something for me, and yes it was her who made the first attempt. The day was of HOLI, people were celebrating. She took stairs to come down her house and I was playing on my floor with people and she passed the look to meet her alone. I went into the parking area and she came with colors and started applying on me and give me a holi hug.
There was no blood vessel in my body from where the electric shock did not went past by. Now it was my turn, first I looked around to look for each other family members, when did not find any I looked at her and she was having the killing smile. And I said your t-shirt is still clean. Saying this she turned around saying NO. But who cares now, I grabbed her from behind.
And started applying the color first on her face so that her hands cover her face, and as soon her hands change position I started applying color to her t-shirt. That feel is still fresh in my hands. It was amazing, certainly outta imagination. No pillow could ever replace that feeling. Now the temperature was bound to rise. Both of us were feeling the heat.
I pressed my cum spreader from behind and that feeling is something. I was getting outta control and she interrupted and said "within 30 minutes my home need someone to clean myself". Still those words are fresh in my mind. I was standing stunned in the parking after what just happen.
Gathered my sense's together. Roamed here and there and saw that within 20 minutes her family left in car to go to some relatives on the occasion. She too did planned to go, but the planning changed. After they left I again waited for 10 more minutes to be sure that they left. Begin my long looking journey to her house.
Reached there rung the bell, she opened it and after looking who was there she started walking without looking back giving me the full killer view of her ass. Yes my friends she already had dropped her pyjamas. T-shirt was still on her coz it was meant to be tored. I locked the main door, followed her. She went straight to bathroom. Her bathroom was one big shit palace.
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Answer. Certain amount of discharge is always there from the vagina. It is usually thin, white and odourless. She should consult a gynaecologist if it's emitting a foul smell. P.S.: Do not be so sensitive about your wife's discharge. If she also starts making the same comments about your semen, how would you feel?

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