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Monday, September 26, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

In Love With A Nurse

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:25 AM PDT

I am an Indian living in Mumbai but travel a lot. Any girls or adventurous aunties anywhere in India whatever size or shape, who wish to have anonymous relation are free to contact me on Comment. Now for my story based on a true incident.

Laxmi grew up in central Chennai in the 1980s. Her parents divorced when she was 12 years old, which changed life much for the worse for her and her mom, who received no money, only the house from the divorce settlement. As a result, they found themselves living in a neighborhood they could no longer afford but with nowhere else to go. Laxmi's mom had not worked since her marriage and had difficulty earning money from the part time jobs she could get.

Perhaps because of the absence of a father in the home, her mom tried to compensate by increased strictness, a loving strictness, indeed, but Laxmi felt an absence of affection in the home. Although Laxmi was a fine student in school, she had trouble fitting in with the other kids. She no longer had good clothes and found herself pushed to the periphery of the very cliquish teenage world in which she lived.

As she entered her teens, loneliness began to prey on her, and she began to fantasize about an ideal life where she could fit in. Often in these fantasies there was an attractive older female, experienced and understanding, who guided Laxmi. These romantic schoolgirl fantasies changed as Laxmi began to mature by 18 into a well developed young lady, much more so than the most of the girls at school. Laxmi was amused at the thought that she had inherited her dad's brains and her mom's very full figure.

Now boys began to take an interest in Laxmi, but she still felt awkward socially, not having good clothes or fitting in with the crowd. Her fantasy life began to take on a more explicit tone, focusing on strong, confident women leading and taking control of her. With her strict upbringing, this really disturbed Laxmi, so much so that she felt she had to talk to someone about these wild daydreams, but to whom could she talk?

She could not confide in mom; that was out of the question. The teachers in her school were too strict. Finally, Laxmi hit upon Shanti, the school nurse, who might be sympathetic and discreet.

At age 18, Laxmi was a bit heavy, 60 kgs., 5'4", shoulder length, very curly, dark black hair. But she was noticed, that was something at least. Her beautiful, naturally curling hair and her large breasts often got her plenty of attention when she walked into a room.

Laxmi met with Nurse Shanti on a Friday in March at the end of the school day. The 40-year-old nurse was a big woman, about 5'8" , still single, who lived through the girls she took care of in school. She had plenty of experience helping young girls with their adolescent problems. Shanti asked, "Laxmi, please tell me what is on your mind?"

"I've been having dreams, fantasies, which I can't get out of my mind. I wonder if I should see someone, a psychologist, because it is getting hard to concentrate on my schoolwork."

"But, Laxmi, you are at the top of your class. What is the matter?"

"Nurse, these dreams have been haunting me more and more. Mostly, they are romantic fantasies about being with someone who cares for me. But in the last few months, the dreams have gotten more explicit, more sexual, and it is quite uncomfortable."

"Laxmi, I have been helping young girls like you for 15 years. I have heard everything, dear, so you won't shock me. Besides, these are only dreams, not real life. So tell Shanti the most disturbing thing that happens to you in the dreams. Then I can help you, and it won't go outside this room."

Laxmi felt she had to come out with it. "Nurse, in my fantasies, while the relationship with an older, experienced woman remains quite romantic, lately she has been taking control of me, making me do things it is hard to talk about--bad, nasty, dirty things."

"Tell, me, dear, what things!"

"I kneel before her. She is on a bed or couch. She instructs me to take off my top, then my bra. She views my nakedness. I feel sick and mortified with shame. She touches my breasts, pinches my nipples till I cry out in pain. The she lifts up her skirt and I see she is naked below the waste. She guides my head between her thighs and forces me to do a forbidden, dirty thing."

"Laxmi, have you had sex with a boy or girl yet?"

"No, I haven't, Nurse."

"You have done nothing intimate yet?"

"Only a couple of times with an older girl last year. She passed out last year, but we didn't go all the way. It happened a couple of times in the hostel's bathroom when we were alone together."

"Dear, if you want me to help you, you must be truthful. Give me all the details. I promise you, nothing will happen to you or your friend."

"The girl was Rukhmini. You remember her, quite tall, the captain of the girls' volleyball team. She passed out last year. I had a crush on her and she knew it. But I never said anything. Then last April, we happened to be alone in the hostel's bathroom, both of us drying off after a shower, and she came over to me and smiled. I melted with happiness."

"Rukhmini took my towel away and let hers slip to the ground. She pulled me to her and pressed her body against mine. She kissed me deeply. I never felt so wonderful in my life. It was all so fast. We kissed and she fondled my breasts. I felt so happy. As we kissed, she began to touch me intimately, and partially penetrated me."

Nurse asked, "Did she take your virginity."

Laxmi said, "No, no, no! It wasn't like that at all. I am still a virgin. It was about our feelings for each other." It happened twice more in the hostel's bathroom. That was all, three times total."

Nurse asked "Did you have an orgasm, Laxmi?"

"No, I don't think so. I don't think I've ever had one. But it was wonderful with Rukhmini. I will never forget it."

Nurse smiled sympathetically, "Laxmi, we have made a great deal of progress, but we have only about 10 minutes left in today's appointment. We will continue this next Friday. I am sure I can help you. There is one thing, however, I am required to do by my profession, after having heard you. I must examine you to determine that you are in fact still a virgin. It will take just 5 minutes and you can go home. Have you started to see a gynecologist yet, dear?"

"No, nurse, I have not been examined there."

Nurse said, "Please come into the other room; take off all your things and lie back on the table, putting your feet in the stirrups. I do this all the time for the older girls in the school. It's quick and generally painless, though it might hurt a little in your case as you are still a virgin."

Laxmi felt quite embarrassed to strip off her clothes. She had no idea that a heartfelt conversation would turn into an intimate physical exam. But if she wanted Nurse's help, she would have to get through the exam. She thought that it wasn't such a big deal; girls did it all the time.

Laxmi lay on the table, quite stiff and nervous. Nurse Shanti smiled a matronly, comforting smile, saying "Now, dear, in order to make this as painless as possible, I will use lubrication to minimize the friction as I insert my index finger to test your virginity. Hopefully, we will be helped by your natural lubrication. Don't be embarrassed by that at all; it is quite natural and normal for a girl or woman to become more lubricated during a vaginal exam. So just close your eyes and relax, dear."

Laxmi said, "Yes, Nurse, I will do as you say. Thank you, Nurse."

Nurse Marie used her right hand to gently rub Laxmi's vulva, her exposed virgin slit. Laxmi involuntarily spread her legs a bit wider to give the older woman better access to her pussy. Nurse could feel Laxmi's pussy lips become engorged with blood, puffy and swollen with desire. Laxmi's ass was moving around, and she was letting out a whimper, "Oh, oh, yes. Ohhhh."

Nurse said, "Dear, you are doing very well. I will not have to use any lube after all, since you have plenty of your own." Laxmi couldn't say anything. She was focusing on the intense pleasure radiating out from her swollen cunt. She didn't want it to stop.

Nurse slowly inserted her the index finger of her right hand into Laxmi's gaping hole. The girl moaned deeply, "Oh, oh, oh Nurse...." The girl's eyes were shut tight and here mouth open. Nurse could feel the barrier. Laxmi was indeed still a virgin.

"Laxmi, dear, the good news is that you are still a virgin. Your sexual responses are quite normal. I just wanted to eliminate any physical symptoms before we move on next week to your psychological problems. Just lay back while I complete the physical part of the exam. It will be only a few minutes more."

Laxmi could barely gasp out, "Yes, Nurse, thank you, please, yes, do what you need to do."

Nurse's right hand remained deep inside the girl's throbbing cunt, while Nurse's left hand began to knead Laxmi's right breast, then pinch Laxmi's erect brown nipples. Laxmi's body jerked a bit off the table as she let out a low incomprehensible whine. Nurse began pinching alternately the nipples of both breasts, harder and harder, while her right hand pumped the girl's creaming cunt.

Then suddenly, Laxmi's legs stiffened, as she gave a wild cry, "Oueeeeeee......." He legs shot forward, her torso arched up, her mouth gaped open, as her love juice flooded from her convulsing cunt."

Laxmi blacked up for a few seconds, as the pleasure was beyond anything she had ever felt. When she came to, Laxmi gazed deeply in Nurse's eyes : Laxmi knew that she loved Nurse Shanti. Don't forget to comment, if you liked the story…

Joke: Wife never gave blowjob to husband

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:22 AM PDT

A married couple is celebrating 50 years of marriage. He had taken her to dinner and dancing to celebrate. They were reflecting over the past 50 years.
She said, "You have given me everything that any woman could desire, 2 beautiful children that grew up and became a doctor and a lawyer. A beautiful home and a new car every three years.
The kids have given us grandchildren, and we love them too death. If there is anything I haven't given you, all you need do is ask."
"Well, the husband says, there is one thing."
"What is that," says the wife?
"A blow job," says the husband.
The wife thinks for a moment and says, "I have never given you a blow job, because I didn't think you would respect me after that. But, since we have been together 50 years, surely you would respect me now, so OK."
So she unzips his pants, pulls out his penis and proceeds to give him a blow job. Just as she finishes and wipes her chin, the phone rings.
The husbands answers and says, "Yes, right here. Hold on a moment. Here, cocksucker, it's for you."

Sex with Shan madam - III

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:21 AM PDT

 I am the writer of the sex stroy sex with shan medam of part 1 and2 requesting kindly delete the story from site because I wrongly mentioned the name of the instutute which will effect the future of college so please delete that one and I am sending modified one where I delete the name of the institute and madam name also. kindly find the modified story below:
HELOO friends this is ram from Berhampur Orissa. I want to tell one of my story to all all the readers of the web site. This story had happened in my life in the year 2007 when I studied bca from berhampur. This stroy is between me and my one of the lecturer her name is sha....(name changed). She is a very good lecturer and very serious nature.
She is very good in nature, soft spoken and never harm any body and talks very polite. In our college we never miss to attend her class. All students soumitri mohanty attend her class to see her lovely structure. Coming to her structure she is normal structure. Her height is 5ft. Avg body structure, avg colour. There are some pimples in her face.
She never talks to any student after class hour. She is from educated family.. But due to her reserve nature and strict nature all students like to tease her. But as we are boys we try to see the private parts of the girls by our xray eyes. I had always a dream about my dream girl. Whenever I see her my sexual desire towards her increases and I want to have sex with her.
her size is 32-24-32. her boobs are good shape which is full curve. she always wear salwar kammeez. never wear western outfit. never forget to wear chuuni and she is so much strict in her dressing that she always covers her brest area with chunni so much. due to short of height and her long neck salwar and due little healty and round boobs.
the curve will be cleary display through long neck cut. most of the tall guys in my class when they are talking with mam their eyes are on breast to see her cutting. coming to her structure one can easily see her and dream to suck her boobs. she always love to wear salwar kammez and blouse model bra which is costly and which give good structured shape to her boobs.
coming to her boobs I can clearly tell one thing that she strictly areast her boobs under the bra cup, bcoz I have feeling that if he un hook her bra then boobs will come out of the bra like when we open the ballon and how the air comes from that. the 2 boobs are like they are press under the bra and her dress. All students calls her oodwalee.
So I did a plan to pass most of time with her. So that I convinced her to teach me after college hour. At my 1st attempt she rejected my proposal. So I make another plan this time I try to use our principle for this. As the principle is very good friend of my uncle he convinced the madam and madam agreed to teach me, but the problem is where she teach bcoz she is not interested to teach in her home so she teach me in the college only.
For next 1 month she teach me in the college and she like my behaviour and one day she call me to her home and ask me to come her home daily for teaching. One day when I went to her house she was on nighty shich is sleevless with v shape neck and long cut at her arm side. By seeing me she went to change dress but some of the guest sleep in that room so she came with out chaning.
dUe to some personal work on that day I didn't went college some students and soumitri mohanty tease her as "doddhwali" by this reason she is mood off in the house. When I went she ask me what is the meaning of doodhwali by hearing this from her I falsly said that who cares more on others they are known as doodhwali by hearing this she smiles.
And stated me teaching. And in one situation her mother ask her to bring the cylinder and she ask my help as both of us bend I saw her boobs with semi transprant bra from which I saw max parts of boobs with out nipple. After that Slowly she also likes my friendship and invited me many time for lunch and dinner with her family.
After some days in the month of sep in bam some mela starts at city high school ground. So on Sunday she ask me to take her at mela. Both of us went the mela is very rush in this process I touched different parts of the body after some shoping both of us went to enjoy the fun of big jaintwheel it is nearly 200 fts height.
After starting the wheel she feared and feel some drossiness and she hold my hands tightly. My hand is between the two boobs and I feel the softness of her boobs and my lower hand touches her pussy where I can fell warm touch of that. After both of went to home in her scooty on the way I drive the bike she is in the backside she rests on my back bcoz she feel
uneasy after the jaintwheel as the roads are not good in bam there are big manholes are there I can easily feel touching her boobs on my back. As we went home I saw that no one is there in house all went to vizag for some family work she is alone. As she is not feeling well she ask me to bring some food for her from hotel.
When I return from the hotel she take the food and ask me to stay night at her home as she is not feeling well. So I agree and I stay there after some time when I went to her bed room I notice that she is sleeping in the bed with top of chudidar and missing the pant. And I can easily she her cleavages from chudidar with red bra and the chudidar is short one and there is no panty so I can see pussy also.
Then I leave that room after some time she come from room with semi nude with bra only to front room as she forget that I am at her home as she is in half sleep. By seein me in that situation she has no answer and she is in blank went in to the room. As I like to see her in this way and I thought that it is the good time to enjoy so I also went without not wasting time.
When I entered the rooming she is taking some nighty from shelf for wearing and I went to beside her hold my hand on her pusy as she is not wearing panty I can fell the touch of hair on pussy which look like small garden on black soil. She bends towards me and she covers her face with two hands bcoz she feeling shy. She ask me to leave the room.
I said her that I don't want to waste this situation bcoz no one there in house. I said that I like her boobs touch in the jaintwheel and bike riding. She try to explain me that what I am doing is not correct becoz she is not married and sex before marriage is not correct. By hearing this I told that we will only once today not never in the future and I kick her on bed.
Then I saw her on bra which is jockey brand and size is 32 and the boobs are looking like push up and by which I can see her good structure of boobs from bra and it is blouse shape bra. Slowly I unhook her bra oh god what a good there is a black mole on the left of boobs which is the size of 25 paise coin if u see from distance u can imagine that there are two nipples are there.
shape color is like white and nipple color is light pink which is like small mushroom and I can say one thing that before this no one should touch her boobs and pussy. I am the lucky one to do sex with her for 1st time in her life. She is totally feared and tears are coming from her eye bcoz it is the 1st time to enjoy sex in her life. She took long breath by which her boobs are also shivering.
She ask to switch off the light and she want to cover her body with bedshit bcoz she fell shy to stay necked infront of me. Then I convinced that this is the 1st time sex encounter so enjoy this moment with light. Then slowly I pushed her round and width boobs which are tight and straight. Tight becoz no one before me touched and pressed her boobs.
She enjoing my touch and sitting on the bed with necked body. Then I played with boobs after some time I suck her boobs now she is mourning with pain and she tightly hold my hair and told me that suck more and press her nipple tightly and she want to inc her boobs size from 32 to 34.
She told me that most of friend are having good breast size as compared with them her size is very small and she want big boobs so that any man can see her boobs size. Slowly I moved towards her stomach I kissed on the stomach. her stomach is totally flat by which her boobs are visible at good shape. Then I put my hand on pussy slowly started fingering.
Here I can say one thing that her pussy is so tight that I cant put my 2 fingers at a time. She mourns with pain and ask me don't do this. As she is never do any sex before so she don't know what to do and how to do. So I advice her to suck my man hood. 1st she is not ready for that after convencing me she put my manhood on her mouth and suck she enjoy the taste very much that she suck it nearly for 10 mins.
After that I fucked her missionary position then some blood is coming from her pussy due to virgin. She likes my stroke. After that she tightly hug me and hold me. By that moment the time is 4:00 am so we sleep with holding each other in tight. When in the morning I got up she is in the washroom taking shower. After 5 mins she come from bath room red color night.
The cutting of the night is tight in the breast portion an in waist portion also and her hair is wet and open. By seeing her I pushed towards the bed kissed on her lips for 5 mins. After that she offered me coffe, after 1st sip of coffee I told her that some thing is missing in coffee she ask what at that time she is sitting on chair slowly I went near to her ask to sleep on the bed
she went to bed and sleep slowly I opened her nightly pour cold coffee on her boobs suck told that now its perfect taste bcoz milk is missing. She laugh and told me that her boobs are empty and there is no milk how u get the taste. After this I went home. After 1 week she ask me to book 2 rooms at gopalpur beach near to bam.
1 st she will go to hotel and took the room after one hour I took another room because due to strict rule of police the hotel are not provide room to bachelore. So I followed her instruction and we went on one fine Tuesday at 12 after noon. And enjoyed bathing at beach. Bcoz at 12oclocl no one is there in the beach so we can easily enjoy each other.
After bath at beach we went to room have sex. This time she brings some honey and chocolate paste. And ask me to pour honey on her boobs., pussy and stomach and suck that area. Really I don't have this type of imagination in my life before. She told me that some of her friends advice to do sex with honey so she followed. And we have good sex nearly 6 months after this.
Proudly I can say one thing that I inc her boobs size from32 to 34c size. Her size after six months is 34 24 32. She looks preety sexy on saree and salwar kammez because of her sex stracture. After this when ever she teaches in college she like to wear only big neck dress so that any one can have look of her cleavegs and never to forget cover with chudidar which is like transplant.

Sex Advice: Penis going up guys body instead of vagina

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:20 AM PDT

Question. I am 23 years old and my boyfriend is 25. Whenever we try to have sex, instead of his penis going into my vagina, it goes up his body. I'm really scared. Will we ever have babies?
Answer. Not if he does not deposit his sperms into the vagina. Try with your legs over his shoulders. Help by opening the lips of the vagina and placing the head of his penis there.

Bengali law student posing in bra panty showing lovely figure self shot pics

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:18 AM PDT

Hot self shot pics of a Bengali law student babe posing in bra and panty inside the bathroom showing her lovely figure. Please comment generously if you want to see her naked!

Pakistani whore girl sucking dick tit fucking till guy cums pics

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:18 AM PDT

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Pakistani slut getting fucked by condom covered dick in hotel MMS

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:18 AM PDT

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Sexy Indian girl with big boobs bathing nude and drying with towel hidden cam MMS

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:17 AM PDT

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Sexy Tamil teacher fucking on the floor and boobs jiggling MMS

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 10:17 AM PDT

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My Cousin Meena

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:22 AM PDT

I am typical Chennai guy working in US. I love the stories on this site. I am a good looning guy abt 5'10" and I do know how to satisfy a lady for sure. I am very popular with the ladies because of my sence of humor. Well enough of me coming to the true incident, I did my masters in Chennai.When I had finished my masters I got placed in US and once my cousin Meena got married I came to US for work. After a year my cousin Meena husband came to US where I stay.

After arriving here he was looking for a house to rent. Bcos the rents were very high he decided to rent a 2 bed house so that he can rent out one of the rooms to someone else so as to save some money. Because I was very close to him he asked me to join him in house but I refused politely as was I would not be comfortable living with a couple. One day my cousine arrived in US. We picked her up from the airport. She was even more beautiful in the jeans and top.

To be fair I had no bad intentions at that point as she is my cousin. She is a real beauty for sure. Very fair lady, about 5'5" or so in height and beautiful boobs quiet big and her ass is even more beautiful. Well I used to visit them now and then and we used to have a good time I their house and so the time passed. Few months later my cousin husband told me that he could not find his wife any jobs and hence it was getting very difficult for him to manage his finances. he request me again to share his house.

I hesitantly agreed and moved in to his house. I was working night shifts and he used to work normal day shifts. So when i used to come back from work around 8 in the morning he was already gone to work. Meena would usually be awake by the time I was home and we used to have tea and breakfast together. She never used to let me cook or even make coffee or tea. Then I would sit on my laptop for a while and go to bed. She then used to wake me up in the afternoon and we used to have lunch together. 

She and I then started going shopping and other paces. When we became more close we stated talking about families and other stuff, she then slowly started to open up and used to tell me about her mother in law being so dominant in their lives. She said that she was not enjoying the married life as she rarely gets time to spend with the husband. She said he was so tight on money that he never even bought her an ice cream which she was very fond of. He never uses to take her out.

I took pity on the poor lady and decided to help her out. So I used to buy her ice cream some times, cakes and other items. I also made an agreement with her that I will make her tea every day. We used to share the house hold work together. Time passed by and it was all normal but then I saw she was not her usual self. She started behaving strangely all of a sudden. To be honest we used to very rarely touch each other even if we did it was by accident.

One had she called me in to her room and asked me to look at her laptop as it was hanging up a lot. So I sat on the carpet and started working on the laptop and she got me some coffee. I tried everything for about an hour or so and finally decided to give up. I was about to leave but because I was sitting for a long time one of my legs got numb and I collapsed on the carpet. She screamed and tried to hold me but could support my weight.

She almost hugged me from behind and I did feel her boobs on my back. That was the 1st time I had felt like that abt her. She asked me if I was alright and I said abt my let and then we laughed abt it and I went to my room. I sorted her laptop and she thanked me for the help. 3 days later she wanted to clean my room and I told her not to do it but she insisted on doing it, as I had helped her a lot. She always used to wear a dupatta over her chududar but tat day she did not have one.

When she started to clean the house she had to bend down and the sight was unbelievable. I could almost see half of her boobs, were hanging out of her dress. And then when she turned back her ass was abt 4 or 5 feet away from where i was sitting and that was a sight to remember. But then I said to myself it was not right as she was my cousin. But these incidents become more frequent now. One day she wanted to show me some pictures they had taken recently and

We were going through the pics when she said you are the only friend I have here so I need to tell u something. I told her not to worry about anything and talk to me frankly. She said she was very fond of western dresses and the other day when she went for shopping she had put on a dress and took a picture of it in the mirror. He wanted me to see it tell me how it was so that she could ask her hubby to buy it. I saw the pic and oh my! It was a pure western out fit

Where nearly half of her cleavage was visible but not only that it was a short top and her navel was uncovered. What a navel it was huge and very deep. I was stunned and surprised and was just watching at it saying nothing. She then put her hand on my shoulder and asked how do. I look, sorry sorry does the dress suit me. Will my husband like it? Knowing how old fashioned he is, I thought no way is he going to agree to buy it.

Then I said but where am the dress, sorry for saying but I can only see the inner garments in the pic. For that she said hey and gave me a slight on the back of my head. I said your husband no way the she said I knew that but what about you. Me I dont think it will suit me it looks much better on you. Then she laughed and said you idiot not on you how do u like it on me? I said ifi I was your husband I will buy it and give it to you even before u ask me. She said well that's the difference I think.

We had a laugh and then had dinner that was it for the day. Two days alter she was showing me her shoping and she told me that she had brought the dress. I was surprised to hear that and asked her did he agree. She said he went absolutelty mad and shouted at me. That's y I desided to buy it. She also bought some lingrie as I was going through the shopping she went to get some juice for me. I saw the lingerie and was shocked to see such sexy underwear.

She has brought a couple of thongs (underwear with just thin straps and and a little black cloth in the shape of a diamond to cover the pussy. The bras had white fur like material over the outer edges, they were absolutely stunning. I quickly put them back and was waiting for her to come in. I told her I was feeling sleepy and left the room. It was the first time I imagined her and masturbated.

Days went by and things these things stared to happen more frequently and I started to think more and more of her and masturbate. Finally the day came when I fucked her. It was a Tuesday and I was sleeping when she woke me up and asked me to have breakfast. It was a festival on that day so she wished me with a smile and asked me to have a bath so we can pray to god and have breakfast later.

I did so and when we finished offering our prayers to god she told me to wait for a second. Went to the room and brought me a gift and gave it to me and said thanks for being such a good friend for me. She said can I ask you fro something and I told her that since you just called me a good friend so why do you worry, then she said can u pls give me hug. I was like that's not a problem, I gave her a hug and she hugged me tightly for abt few seconds.

When she let me go I saw tears in her eyes I asked wat happened and she said she was missing her parents. I asked her to cool down and wipe her tears. She makes some special sweets for the occasion we had a nice lunch and then I went for afternoon nap. She then knocked my door and said I am sorry to disturb you but today I dont want to be alone as I am feeling home sick. I said no problem just come and sit in my room.

She asked me can we watch a favorite movie of her's. I agreed and asked her to sit on the chair and i was on the bed. She said I want to sit on the bed as well, I said ok and we were sitting on the bed and started watching the movie. Movie was an old romantic movie and while the movie was running there was an emotional scene and she suddenly started crying I was laughing at her and making fun for crying while watching the movie.

She got angry and started hitting me I didn't knows why but she did really hit me hard 2 times and 3rd time a caught her hands and told her what happend to you it is really hurting. Before I could finish she got hold of leg with her mouth and bit me very hard. I was in pain then suddenly I realized her hands and caught her head and pulled her up. She then pushed me on to the bed and come over me, she put her knee on my stomach and with her both hands held me down on the bed.

I didn't know what was happening. She said I am sorry I dont know what I am doing still in the same position and then slowly lay on my chest. I told her its ok and then she came over to my face and said i love you and before I could say anything she started kissing me. I just responded to her kissing and started kissing her back. Her lips were full of her saliva and they were so delicious I just sucked her lips like anything. Then she slowly places her hand on dick and said Ooooh your dick woke up. 

I then said why not a sexy lady I sucking on my lips and lying over is that not good enough for it to be want something naughty. She then took her hand off and said well he can wait for some more time. I said I will be right back dont dare you move an inch from there! I was wondering what was she up to then her cam back with a night gown wrapped up and asked me dont you want to see what's inside and said do you have to ask me.

She then said but I want to see you as well. I said ok what you want me to do. Well remove your clothes and just keep your underwear on. I did so and then she said ok now stand up. She then removed the gown and dear me she had put on the dress she bought at the shop. It was like my eyes popped out. She said remeber this dress, I brought it only for you. I said really! She said yes and also said I also have something even more surprising for you.

I said is it the sexy lingerie you are talking abt, she said oh my! You already see that? I said yes I accidentally saw it and they are beautiful and you will look stunning in those. She said common will you just stand there and admire the view or will you do something with me. I jumped on her and took her on to the bed and started kissing her like a mad man. She asked me to slow down we have got all afternoon you fool we are not going anywhere.

I said sorry and started kissing her again slowly making my way down to the neck. When I kissed on her neck she gave little jerk and hugged me tight. I then slowly removed the black dress and saw the pink bra inside. She was holding my hair tightly as I was kissing her and moving slightly. I then pulled her top fully down and admired the full glory of her body. I can't explain how beautiful she was will the pink bra was glowing over boobs and the navel was like a cave waiting to be explored.

She asked me to stop and removed her skirt and god oh god dis she have a beautiful bottom. The curves on her body were stunning and bcos she a thong on I couls see her pink pussy peeping through her transparent thong. She was standing on the bed I asked her turn around to see her bum. Was it the sexiest bum I have ever seen, even the porn stars would be jealous. Well I was on my knees and she put her pussy on my face and stood there. I decided to play so pushed her aside and told her the pussy can wait.

Turned her rung and started licking her buttocks, she started going crazy. I then kissed her naval and kissed her belly and kissed her under arms and her back. She turned round and pulled her bra down and pulled my face towards it. I resisted and she asked me y. I said I want to hear some dirty words from your mouth. She said I don't know any dirty words. I told her I will tell you some you have to repeat them will tell you to. She agreed and then I started sucking her boob while pressing the other.

I don't know what her size is but believe me I was just lost for words. I sucked and sucked the boobs and I could see she was getting in the mood. She was lifting her pussy upwards and deliberately avoided touching it. She could not control it anymore and asked me pls do it. I said what she said please does it. I said what does it. Tell me wat it is and I will do it. She said I am shy and said it's up to you. She closed her eyes and said please put yours in mine. I said ok said say pls fuck me. She said no no please I can't say that and I said you have to.

Then she slowly said it, I said it common say it louder. She finally said it louder and shit her eyes again. I said I will lick your pussy first then she said no any it's dirty don't do it. I asked her did your husband never do it and she said no. But is it nit dirty and said there is nothing dirty in sex. I spread her legs and she was very tense. I asked her to relax and slowly started licking her pussy. I was slowly increasing the speed and she was slowly getting heated up again.

She was getting to a point where she could not control so I stopped it started skinning her boobs again. She asked me to please do it I said wat she siad I know pls fuck me. So I said but you have to suck my cock first bofore I fuck you. She said I have never done it before. I said dont worry just try it. But she was scare and realized that and said ok you don't do that may be we will do it some other time. She said again then I said we will do it again dont we.

Then she said we will she how you fuck me and then I will decide. I said its time now and slowly slid my dick in to her wet pussy. It was nice and tight and was feeling a little bit of pain in her pussy. I said I will don it slowly so I just started of slowly and was moving my cock in and out of the pussy nice and slow. The pussy was very warm from inside and my cock was feeling it. Every time I pushed my cock in her pussy she tightened her muscles and hence I was having even more thrill.

I then slowly started increasing the speed. Because she as a shy girl she was controlling her moans I wanted to get rid of it. So I said from now on you have to say fuck me, fuck me please, fuck me harder till you climax. She said I cant please; I reminded her she already agreed to do so. She started off very slowly but as she got more comfortable she started saying it louder. I was enjoying it she was also really enjoying it. As I started banging her harder her shouts got louder and I new she would soon cum.

After some time she gave a couple of jerks and held me tightly. I asked her did she cum she said I dont know but it felt very good. She also said tid is only her 2nd time she felt like this. I asked her dont you do it with her husband she said their sex only lasts about 10 mts and when he cums that's it he just falls asleep. She then said did u come and said no. She said I will try to suck it but I dont konw I can do it. She took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it after few attempts she said she can't do it any more.

I said you will have to do it by hand. She asked me how to do it I told her to keep jerking my dick till I cum. She started jerking my dick slowly. I told her to slowly increase the pace and also carress the balls and suck my nipples. She slowly started to get better and finally I cum on her hand and on my chest. We both washed and lie on the bed as we were exhausted. She said she had done this for all the care I was taking of her and she thought she will return the favor and also because she was not having proper sex with the husband. At so the story continues. We once had sex in the New York Park and that will be my next story.

Me With My Sexy Mom

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:20 AM PDT

Hi readers, this is Sanjay from Coimbatore. I am going to share my experience of my sweetie mom with me with the permission of my mom. This is true incident which was happened in my life after reading many stories I'v got the courage to write my experience in this site. I am the one child of my parents. My father is working in the private concern and my mom is home maker. My mom age is 35 and my father age is 40 and my father is very strict person.
He always quarrels with my mom for each and every thing but my mom was very cla person. I am doing my engineering second year. Now I am going to narrate about my mom's beauty. My mom name is rati. She is very suitable for that name because she has that kind of beauty. My mom was very fair in color. She has perfect height and weight. My mom is like a little fruit stall. Because her boobs are like mangoes it has perfect shape.
She has beautiful navel which was in deep round shape everyone wanted to kiss her navel her butts are in perfect shape when she walks it is really amazing to see her dancing tits totally she is one of the sexiest lady whichever I met in my life. She is also the dream lady for every man in my area. My mom always wears saree only. I always imagine about my mom's beauty during my masturbating.
All the things are gone normally but one day when I went to shopping with my friends. All of my friends are describing about the women's beauty and they gave the marks to each lady at that my mom also came there for purchasing. My friends never see my mom so my friends started to rated my mom. On of my friends said "what a beautiful pair she has, I wanted to immediately suck those mangoes another friend said wow, in ever see that much beautiful lady in my life.
What a structure she has. I wanted to immediately hug her and kissed her. Another friend said her husband so lucky to have such sexy lady all are follow my mom and enjoying each and every movement of my mom. Some body trying to touch my mom because she is very sexier. They describing each and every part of my mom at last they gave 100 marks to my mom at last I said that lady was my mom.
All of them are shocked and said sorry for that finally we went near to my mom and introduced my mom to my friends even I introduced my mom they are not stop watching my mom body they are observing each and every part. Finally they are said you are so lucky to have such a sexy lady as your mom before that incident I never think my mom in the wrong way. But after this incident there is some change in my mind about mom. I started to enjoy my mom's beauty
I never miss the chance to see her cleavage whenever she bent. I always waiting for the chance to see her navel at that time only noticed how beautiful she was. I very much worried to spoil this much of years whenever I see her cleavage or navel my cock was growing bigger immediately. from that on wards I always thinking about my mom only. I didn't concentrate in any other work. 
I became mad to sex with her. I always thinking how I approached her and said her, I want to fuck you. I got a plan I was acting sad for three days on the forth day my mom called and asked me "what problem with you? I said no. but she didn't believe that and asking again and again. This is correct time to start my plan so I slowly said to my mom and mom I have one problem but that is not discuss with you because it was related to my sexual activities"
My mom was shocked and she didn't spoke to me for few minutes but after few minutes she again come to my room and said I am your mom so there is no problem so you tel me what is your problem? I said "mom I have severe pain on my penis for last two days so I said to one my friends and he took me to one daughter that daughter asked" are you married? I said no. then it will create a big problem?
I asked why he replied this is come on for evry men but it is easily solved with the help women's only and so you consulted with your parents and come after two days by hearing this mom got fear she immediately asked me to ready for went to the hospital. We went to the hospital and we met the daughter. Daughter asked me to stand out and he called my mom only and my mom asked about my problem. For that daughter said "your son has some problem in her ejaculation.
His sperm are dried and block the holes. So we want to take it out immediately and there are two ways only. One by doing operation it is very difficult and another way is usual one. We can dissolve it by doing sex with women or if any women suck his cock it will solved within 7 days.
The way chosen is your choice but I suggest the second way because there was no side effect. my mom was getting shocked and confused and she said, we will think on that and come tomorrow
My mom was totally confused she didn't know what she will do .she think on that for whole day and make a decision to choose a second way and we again went to daughter, my mom said " we go with the second method"mom asked " I need one help, did you know any lady for doing this job? Daughter said no, why you look for another lady? My mom asked "what do you mean? Doctor replied if you choose another lady they simply do the work but if you do it for your son
With affection and love it will cure immediately my mom was getting angered and said, how me, I am his mother for that he said there is no wrong in this as a daughter I suggested this and so don't worry. He convinced my mom and finally my mom said ok.actually this was the drama created by me and my friends. My friend was acting as a doctor I was very happy and said thanks to my friends and we returned to our home my mom was looking disturbed she didn't spoke to me
Even a single word after some time my mom changed to her saree and came to my room and she said whatever the doctor said and she asked me to show my cock. I was acting as like shy to show her and but she came nearer to me and opened my zip with her hand at that time my cock started to grow bigger and some kind feelings went through my body. My mom was surprised to see my cock. She took my cock in her hand and my cock was growing even bigger. She was surprised to see such a huge cock of mine.
She saw my cock without blinking her eyes and she asked me to come to bathroom, she holding my cock in her hand and we went to the bathroom still her holding my cock after that she adjusted her saree and she sat down and she inserted my cock in her mouth. She was moving my cock in and out of her mouth. I was speechless I was enjoying each movement. This was one of my dreams. After five minutes I was ready to cum. My mom knows that by my reaction and she took out my cock from her mouth.
She moved out my cock shoot my sperm so some of my sperm was on my mom's face. She immediately asked me to wash out my cock and asked me to go out after she took bath and changed her saree one of my dream was come true but I am not able to enjoy my mom's body. After changing the dress my mom said don't tell this to anyone even to your father, I am doing this for your health only at the evening again my mom come to my room and asked to remove my dress.
Immediately I removed my dress and standing naked in front of my mom but this time I wanted to see her boobs and navel. So I asked my mom to remove her saree because it will help to avoid spoiling my mom first hesitate but she said ok. She removed her saree now she was in blouse and her inner skirt only. That was first time I was seeing her navel and I wanted to suck it immediately but I controlled my feelings. But I was seeing her boobs and navel continuously.
My mom noted that and she know my intension she expose her body fully. This time she came very closer to me so her boobs are brushed on my hands. That time current was passing through my body immediatly I hugged her and said you are looking so sexy. My mom got surprised to hear those kinds of words from my mouth and I kissed on her lips and pressing her boobs. This time she allowed me to play with her navel and boobs but she didn't allow removing dress. 
I put kisses on all over her neck and I inserted my tongue in to her navel and rotating my tough. My mom started to moan. I am trying to remove her blouse immediately she got the sense and pull me away and asked to go to bathroom. Again she took my cock in her mouth and sucks it. I asked my mom to drink my semen. She accepted that this time and she drank all my semen after she said your semen so tasty. I wanted it daily can you give me? I was overjoyed this time she not spoke like a mom.
She behave like a slut after that we took bath that night I can't sleep because my dreams are come true on the next day I wanted to fuck her on the next day my mom came with cup of coffee. This time she shows her navel immediately my cock getting raised. She noticed that she smiled and said" wait kanna wait after my father went to office she immediately closed all the doors and came to my room. I said "today I wanted to fuck you and tasted your pussy so please give the chance to me
I will sent to another world my mom smiled and said ok immediately I hugged my mom and kissed on her ears and bite her nose and ears, she immediately got mood and began to moan. Now my mom was ready to have sex with her son. I hugged her and pressed her tits as like horn. Both were embarrassed each other. Immediately I inserted my fingers inside the saree and put one of my fingers into her navel. She was started enjoy. She gave kisses on my face, neck after
I took of her saree and throw it away now I kissed on her boobs and pressed it and suck her navel this time I taking lot of time to suck her navel. she was very much excited and surprised and asked" how will you know all this kind of tactics"you make me happy I never enjoyed sex with this much happy. I kissed her from top to bottom. I slowly started to remove her blouse. I did this with my mouth and I opened one by one I removedit fully and throw it away now
I am able to see her boobs fully which was fighting to come out from her bra only one thing remaining is her nipple. I bitted those on bra.she was screaming loudly.and she hold my hairs tightly ahhhhh omm ahhhaaaaa ooooo ohhhhh fuck me, fuck me son, I wanted to tease her so I didn't remove her innerskirt instead of that I inserted my fingers in to her innerskirt and touch her pussy and she making sounds loudly don't tease me fuck me fuck me so
I removed the remaining clothes and made her fully naked now my mom was standing fully naked in front her son. She took her boobs and inserted into my mouth. I suck it as like a baby. While sucking one and twisting and playing with another one now she removed all my dress and make me naked and took my cock and lick it as like ice-cream but this time she was doing it in enjoyable manner. After some I loaded my cum inside her mouth and she drank it all and said
Thanks to gave such a healthy drink to her after that I took her in my hands and throw her into the bed and immediately jumped over her and I widened her legs and inserted my toughe into her pussy and lick it. She was enjoying my action very much and she asked me to fuck her immediately otherwise she will became mad and she was requesting me to insert my cock. I took my cock and give it her and she inserted my cock into her pussy at first my cock was not fully inserted.
Because I have bigger cock in width and height also so it was very difficult to insert my cock in to my mom's pussy. She was crying in the pain but she liked that. After several push my cock was fully inserted. She also does some hip movements to help me. Simultaneously I was pressing and playing with her boobs.after 20 minutes she reached her climax but I was not reaching the climax. After 10 minutes I reached the climax and I loaded my cum inside my mom's pussy
And both were tried and we lye in the bed itself after some time my mom got up and playing with my cock immediately my cock was ready for another round this time I inserted my cock into her back hole on that day we enjoyed 3 times from that onwards we enjoying our sex relationship after two days I told about my drama to my mom. My mom got shocked but she smiled and slapped on my butts and said" you naughty you like me that much ahhh.
I said "yes mom I love you so much you are looking very sexy mom and my mom said I love you too, you gave me happiest sex experience in my life so you do whatever you wants. I am yours. Now on wards you don't call me as mom, call me by any sweet name you like. We continued our relationship for more than two months after that one day i asked my mom to marry me. I said I wanted to marry you mom, please remove the Mangulsutra which was tied by my father.
I wanted tied a new one at first my mom not accepted but I convinced her so we planned to marry. So went to shoppings and buy new clothes and Mangalsutra. We went to one temple and tied Mangulsutra on her neck and now she became my wife and she put down on my legs and asked to bless we are became real husband and wife. We can't celebrate our first night because my father was always in house it was very disappointment for both and but whenever I get a chance.
I kissed and play with her boobs one day my father was sitting in thd dinning table my mom serve the food for both my mom was standing very close to me her hip was touching my face. I can't control my feelings when my father fell down his head. I grabbed her hips with my hand and pressed it my mom get shocked and asked me to leave her and we planned to celebrate our first night in Kanyakumari so we said " me and mother went to relative marriage at kanyakumari my father gave permission. We are overjoyed and we book the ticket and we also booked one hotel in kanyakumari.
That room is specially for new couples.when we entered the room it was decorated as like first night room, immediately we removed both of dress and started to do sex.we roam all the places and all of them believe we are husband and wife because my mom was looking so young even her age is 35 and we both enjoying our sex in almost all the position everyday we trying the new method. We are learning Kamasutra techniques both enjoying our life happily now I got my son whom seem to be my brother also, please post your comments

First Sex Attempt With My Sister

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:18 AM PDT

Hi guys and gals, I'm a die hard fan of .I read a lot of sex stories here. i love to read the incest because I'm too attracted by incest sex and ok let me not make you feel bored telling all these stuff by the way I'm King, age 30 plus have an average built physic but good 7'' cock9.

I have really thick cock and I can satisfy any girl on the planet and now I would like to share my real experience with you all and I hope you all lime it. It was 1993 and on my 12 th standard and my sister (not real name) Nivetha was in her class 10 studied in the same school and our father and mother both are working as teachers in nearby village and they use to come home only after 7 pm in the evening after school till then me and my sister use to sit together and read.

My sister got matured when she was in class 8 and man she is really a sex bomb with a lovey face too I was really very proud to have such a sister and she had figure of 32 28 32. One day my mom and dad went to attend teachers meeting in near by town it was a Sunday they told us to take break fast and 9.30 we started taking our break fast. I like idly very much on that day my mom prepared idly for both me and my sister and we started eating

First I finish mine and asked my sister for two more but she ignored me and started eating I asked her again now she got up from her place and went inside our bed room to eat I did not leave even I got up and went behind her and asked and she did not give and coverd her plate by bending forward I wanted idly very badly so tried to lift her up and take idlies from her plate in that process my hand touched her breast from the side.i got a strange feeling it was a kind a superb feeling.

I have forgotten idlies purposely I started touching her from behind and she started resisting for a long time. I don't to leave her I kept my hand under her stomach and tried to life her but she was very strong resisted now I put my hand little up ecxatley on the bottom of her boob's hope she started feeling somthing and looked at me. I was hard rock under my pants she looked at my pants sudenly asked me what it is. Showing my bulge inside the pants and I don't know from where I got that much courage

I took her left hand and placed it on my cock above my pants it was like heaven and she suddenly took her hand out and left her plate there and went inside bathroom. I got scared and went to bathroom and knocked the door she came out after 5 min. told me that she went to wash her face and hands. I got relaxed and went to maun hall where we have tv stated watching songs she came there after 10 min asked me to change channel I did not change so she took the remote and changed

I got angry went to snatch the remote again she kept it between her thighs now I became bold and caught her from behind as if I'm trying to take remote. I pressed my cock on her from behind near her ass now she was looking little different to me. I put my both hands on her boobs and started pressing them slowly then she turned to me and hugged me tightly. I was in seventh heaven I took her in my hand guided her to the bed room and made her to lie on the bed.

I came top of her and gave a french kiss.she was too excited and bite my lips then I became wild and stared rolling her both were much involved and I suddenly lifted her top and she had only slips inside no bra and her boobs wer very white. I put my mouth on them and started drinking milk. She was making sounds I enjoyed her sound she pulled my pants and made me to stand with my underwear.

Then she removed even my underware too my 7'' cock in her hand I asked her to put it in her mouth she did not agree. I removed her skirt and panty and she was not sheved but still her pussy was nice to her because she had very little hair on them. I kept my mouth on her pussy and she pusshed me but I forced her and kept my mouth on her clitories, now she started making more soundly I licked her like a hungry dog and she enjoyed and came on my face then she got up.

I asked me to put my cock in her mouth I kept inside and she satrted eating like ice. I enjoyed it like anything I don't know further what to do, then I took my cock and made her lie down on the bed and put my cock on the vegina did not go and she complained about pain then I went and brought coconut oil applied on her vagina (I read it in a sex book) now I got little place slowly my cock started entering in her pussy.she was shivering and caught hold of my hair twice

I took my cock out and tried again now at once I pushed my cock with great force it went inside but my nivetha cried but caught very tightly I lied on her for some time she started relaxing and I started to move my hip up and down now she statrted enjoying and asked me to to little faster and she lifted her buttocks up. I started pounding her she started scratching my body with her slender figure after 7 or 8 minute

I felt like cuming and when I tried to take my cock out she did not allow me and I cummed inside her. I was worried much about it later but with in two days she got her periods and now she got married and have two children and even now when ever she comes to home we have sex regularly please reply me it's my first story and I want your valuable comments.

My Sweet Sister Diya And Her Mom

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:16 AM PDT

Hi friends, I am new to this site. Actually I was introduced in to the world of internet recently and got a chance to visit Soon it became my favorite and I am glad in getting the freedom to reveal some real experience in my life.  I am Shibin babu from Karnataka. The events I am going to describe happened some years ago.  It was a bright spring night. When my mother told me again that my younger sister had some problem in her hubby's home by her lack of pregnancy even after two years of her marriage

I lost the temper for, I had been in a constant struggle to meet both ends together after the death of my father. Though there had not been much family resources I managed to get the two younger sisters married and clear the debts of my father and hire a little comfortable house in the town. Then I had been working in a motor workshop of which now I am the owner. I had been planning for my marriage, but it felt things were slipping on every occasion.

A proposal with the daughter of my coworker was somewhat progressing and the complaint from mother felt like a bolt from the blue. All the hazardous struggle and tragedies of my life combined together and out busted. Then what can I do now. All the life I have been struggling for you and them. And no one is here to think of me. If you were my mother you would not have thought so. I am thinking of my marriage. What I should do now? Tell me, getting married or make Diya pregnant

If you can do that it would end all difficulties

Mother retorted as if speaking to herself.
I was shocked in her unexpected reply and asked 
What did you say? Sorry boy I said it in my agony. Though you are not my son you are dearer than the other two daughters to me. When your father married me after the death of your mother, you were 8 years old boy. When he died you were studying in the poly technique.

Though you had a nice future you sacrificed everything for us- The burden your father had brought upon you. We lived well and my two daughters never felt the loss of their father and married well. Now if anything happens and they send her here it will be another burden over your shoulders. Can we go to a good doctor? We can sell my ormaments. Her words touched me and I told her money is not the problem (really it was)

We have already consulted the doctor and she told that there is no problem from either (Really the problem was of the performance) Ok I will think of it. With these words I retired to my bed. I could not sleep. Something was rolling behind my mind. I reviewed the words of mother, if you can do it, it would end all the problems. What is meant by it? I fuck and impregnate my sister. For a second I thought of the scene of session with my sister. I have fucked a dozen of town whores.

A session with a nice homely woman was my dream, but I had never the chance. To make a girl friend I did not have the time to flirt and roam in the struggle for life. Diya in her vermillion saree long hair and soft but athletic body felt coinciding with my dream girl. Again I imagined Diya lying near me and I removing her clothes one after another on the same bed, fondling her naked butts and breast, spreading her sumptuous thighs and sinking in to the heavenly softness.

I felt an unspeakable thrill in mind and hardness in my groin. The thought about a session with her was all welcoming and I found no taboo or hesitation. I am free in my home with my sister and mother green flagging for it to get rid off a huddle. More I thought more I became mad and I could not sleep that night properly. I wake a little late and seeing me sleepy mother asked me whether I had any illness. I told her it was all right and told her to bring Diya the same day.

Her face became bright and asked me if she could give the ornaments. I told her to keep them for the time being and rushed to the workshop. When riding to the shop I thought that she wants to give her a thorough treatment and her yesterday's words were just slip of tongue. I felt I was fooled and made up my mind to take her to the doctor and bear the all the expense. I reached home in the afternoon and there Diya was ready. Her husband had not come and she appeared a little gloomy.

Mother was in her ordinary dress and I asked her why she had not changed the dress. She told that she was tired by the journey and that we could go both together. I felt uneasiness as in such consultation a woman is inevitable. Anyway we start together and she was sitting close to me holding the side of my waist. She asked some trivial matters and I answered absentmindedly. 
The doctor was a famous one and we waited for an hour for our turn.

I showed her all the test results and she was a little angry when knew that husband hadn't come. She asked me to sit outside and after ten minutes called me inside. Diya was sent out and she explained me the things. No problem is seen from either side. From your sister I could understand that no real contact has occurred since their marriage. He is addicted to masturbation and doesn't have the power to penetrate.

Most of the possible medicines are tried and we can try artificial insemination or better test tube. I asked about the expense and it was terrible. When coming out of the clinic I realized why mom had said so including her plan to sell her ornaments. She had known everything but never could tell me or others. I felt a deep sympathy for her and Diya in their helplessness. I turned the bike in the road directing the centre of the town.

There I stopped before a shopping complex and bought some dress, fancy and sweets according to the selection of Diya. The change in her was marvelous and she began to talk and laugh cheerfully. Forgetting me in the contact of her body I also indulged in her talk. When we reached home it was 7pm. Mother was waiting anxiously and seeing our jolly mood and shopping she was much relieved. Diya was busy in exposing and sharing the items.

I took my bath and began to watch TV. Diya came with tea and some sweets which we bought the day. When serving the food mother didn't ask me anything and I said. Doctor says that a new treatment is there. We can start it soon, Mother looked at me and there was a pain on her face. Her looks showed that she knew everything. When I finished my dinner Diya came after bath wearing a silken nighty that bought the day.

She had perfumed and the fragrance was maddening.  Oh! Looking like a star! I made a comment which was not usual and she blushed.  I was restless and could not see a chance to get her alone. When it was the time to sleep, mom told Diya to change my bed sheet. She did it and when came out I asked mom; 'where is Di sleeping? The question was absurd as I knew well that whenever my sisters are coming they are sleeping on the mat in mom's room.

Here' Di said, pointing to the room ooooh! How can you sleep in this narrow place. Sleep in the other room. Take your mat, It was not I intended but some situations will demand us to act strangely and she obeyed. Mother didn't say anything and I didn't look at her face. Soon I retired to my room and sat on bed smoking a cigarette. After few minutes Di came into the room with a rolled mat. The light from the living room and mom's room had already turned off. She spread the mat accusing my smoking and I found the bed sheet that was just changed. 

Why do you use that sheet?

Others are not dry'
Then lay here this bed is big for three'.
No, I can sleep here'. It felt only a shy and formal denial
Then you lay on bed .i will lay on mat
Oh! Ok I will also lay there'. With these words she rolled the mat again and kept over the shelf. she slide in to the other side of the bed, close to the wall.

I stood there a minute and went to the bathroom. I didn't have the habit of wearing underwear at home and wore only a plain lungy. Under the tent the cobra was trying to lift the hood, ready to hiss. I poured a bucket of water over it to make calm. When I entered the room she was laying in the same position. I gazed her once more. She was lying a little frontward, protruding her hips. Her hair laid spread on the pillow. I turned the light off and silently slipped in to the bed. Di moved a little towards the end and I lay on my back.

The door was directly opposite to me and I could see it in the dim moonlight. I lay there for a long time without knowing how to start. If she had considered it just brother-sister freedom, any activity from my part will be considered foul and I will be disgraced forever.  Suddenly I felt a movement from Di and she turned towards me. I pretend to be in sleep and breathed deeply. From her movements I could gather that she was not sleeping and she lifted her head to confirm that I was sleeping.

She moved closer to me and dropped her hand over my chest. I lay in the same position for a few moments and I felt her softness and the fragrance that could not be resisted more. She made another movement and suddenly I turned towards her and my hand covered her body. She got a shock and tried to get apart but could not break my hand lock. I pressed her close to me and rubbed her cheeks with my lips. We lay there chest to shest, face to face, hip to hip.

Slowly I caressed her back and moved my hand downwards. My hand groped over her butts and squeezed them. My fingers entered the ass creak and moved downwards to thighs. I felt my veins steel and kissed hard on her lips. Soon my lips moved all over her neck and found their first destination. I climbed on her and squeezed her boobs over the gown. I came down and lifted her gown, removed it over her head. She lay in up lifted skirt and bra. I kissed on her button hole and squeezed her boobs.

I felt my hands were melting in her boobs. I unhooked the bra and gently kissed on her boobs. I sucked one and squeezed the other. My right hand holds her tight and the other moved to her thighs. I squeezed her butts through her panties and touched her ass hole. She writhed like a snake and again I hold her tight. My fingers slid under her navel and I felt the wetness in the silken hair. I untied the knot of her skirt and slid the panties up to knee and and then with my toes slid them out of her legs.

My finger moved inside her pussy and tits were being crushed in my mouth. She was moaning loudly and got hold on my rod. She moved her hand to and fro and caressed my balls. I moved to her hips and pressed my lips on the thick bush beneath her navel. The smell was maddening and I opened her sumptuous thighs. I sucked her cunt which was dripping with dew. Her thighs were around my shoulders and it holds me tight as my tonge went deep into her. She was moaning rhythmically.

I stopped when my mouth was full and spitted the juice out. I lifted her thighs and her love hole opened. I rubbed my cock head in the opening for some times. She was thrusting to get it each time. But I withdrew each time to tease her. Finally she hold my butts with such a force that I could not resist. Like a dart the head went inside and a loud groan came from her. I pulled it a little back and thrusted again. After few moments I was complete inside her and I thrusted with long steady strokes.

She holds me tight around the shoulders and responded with the same strokes. Our mouths locked and she cross locked my butts with legs. I was being squeezed by her pussy and felt that she had become a part of my being. We were flowing like a river of ecstasy and soon we fell together in to that ocean. Waves of semen gushed in to her and she was literally screaming and howling. I collapsed over her and lay like that for some time and slowly took my tool out and slid in to the bath room.

After washing I returned and I could see the out line of her body moving to the bathroom, that again sends a current through my body.  I lay on my back stark naked and Di joined with me. She lay beside me kissing and running her fingers through my chest. My hand was moving allover her freely and she moved to my hip. She got hold of my erect rod and moved her hand to and fro. Then bent over it and began to suck.

I was in the seventh heaven and dipped my finger in her pussy. Suddenly I noticed a vague figure peeping from the side of the wall. Suddenly my blood ran cold and I stared at the figure. In the star light the face become clear and I was not shocked but thrilled. It was the woman whom I called mom since I was eight. I soon made Di stand on her hands and legs, squeezed her butts and entered again and began to pump as my strokes got momentum thus her moaning and groning.

I looked towards the door through the corner of my eyes and there I saw mom. We finished after few minutes and I collapsed over her. We lay like that and soon fell in to sleep in the same position. It was the end of all the problems and after some months she got pregnant. I fucked her countless times till her delivery and begot another babe a second time. But meanwhile I got another female body which was easier to access. This I will continue in my next story. Send me your comments

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Answer. After a few weeks, when you stop your marathon sessions, all will be well. Follow the doctor's advice.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:04 AM PDT

Aj aap logo ko apni pichli kahani "meri chudakad behan" ke age ka kissa sunane ja rha hun. Meri pichli kahani ko aap logon ne itna pasand kiya, mail kiye or aage ki kahani likhne ke liye hosla diya uska bahut-2 shukriya. 

Aap me se kai logon ne to mujhe apna sala bana liya or khud ko mera jija maan bethe. Isse mujhe pata chala ki aap logon ko meri behan kitni pasand aayi. kher ab 
mein aage ki bat btata hun. Apni behan ke bare me bta dun.

Uska name shelly hai or vo college me final year me hai. Uska figure 34-32-36 hai, Pichli bat apni behan ko uske boyfrnd ke sath chudwate hue dekhne ke bad meri apni hi behan ke liye sari feelings badal gayi. 

Ab vo mujhe behan nahi balki ek sexy hot randi jaise lagne lagi. Use dekh kar ab mujhe uski chudai yad aati rehti hai Ab to mein uss par har tym nazar rakhta hun. Mauka milte hi uska picha karta hun ki shayad kabhi mein use fir apne boyfrnd se chudwate hue pakad sakun. Ek din maine dekha ki vo mummy ko kah rahi thi ki use kal college se aane me der ho jayegi isliye mummy chinta na kare.

Mein samagh gya ki kuch to gadbad hai, maine socha ki kal to kaise bhi iske piche rehna h. agle din me subha jaldi uth kar naha kar taiyar ho gya or uska picha karta hua uske college pahunch gya. 

Vo hamesha ki tarah apne friends ke sath class me chali gayi. Mein college canteen me beth kar uski class par nazar rakhne laga taki jab vo bahar nikle to mein unka picha kar sakun maine socha ki vo aaj fir kisi hotel me jayenge par college time khatam hone ke kafi der bad bhi vo bahar hi nai aayi. Finally mein uski class ki taraf jane laga.

Jaise hi mein waha pahucha mujhe shelly ki awaj aayi vo ankur se boli ke "tum 2 min ruko mein abhi aayi tum itne jakar dekh aayo ki kahin kio hai to nahi bahar aas pas". Uske bahar aane ki awaj aane lagi , mein bhag kar pas wali stairs par chala gya or stairs se hi dekhne laga. 

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2 min bad hi meri randi behan class me aa gayi or uske piche-2 ankur bhi vapas aa gya. ankur bola mein neeche dekh kar aaya hun sab ja chuke hain koi ni hai. Ab hum yahan akele hain. Ye kah kar usne shelly ko apni bahon me le liya or kaha ab to aa jao jan kab se tadpa rahi ho. 

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Shuru kar diya or apni jeebh nikal kar uski chut par ghumane laga. shelly ke muh se siskiyan or pukar nikalni shuru ho gayi…..aaahs.s….aahh…h…..sooo!! Bahut der tak vo meri behan ko isi tarah maje deta raha kabhi uski chut ko chumta chatta or kabhi uski nangi jangho ko. 

Fir usne shelly se uthne ko kaha or pucha "bolo meri randi kaisa laga?". shelly ne kaha "maja aa rha tha ruk kyu gaye"…is par vo bola "mera lund logi na" usne kaha "haan…" ankur ne fir pucha "bolo pehle kahan logi ?? pehle gaand marwaogi ye seedhe hi chut marna shuru karu??".

Tumhari marzi mein to puri tarah tumhari randi hu jo karna hai kar lo..!!!"….shelly ne kaha. "Toh thik hai pehle gand marunga tumhari aaj bahut din ho gaye tumhari gand ka maja nahi liya". Ye kah kar usne shelly ko deewar par ulta karke lagaya or uski gaand ko apne hatho se kheench kar khol diya or apna lund uski gaand par laga diya. 

Lund ko set karne ke bad usne shelly ki kamar or ek hath se uske boobs ko pakda or ek shot mara or uska lund ka topa meri randi behan ki gand me ghus gya……shelly dard se halka sa chilai par vo pehle se gand me lund le chuki thi isliye jada takleef ni hui.

Meri behan ke yaar ne apna lund dheere-2 aage piche karna shuru kiya or meri chinal behan ki gand marne laga. shelly ko bhi ab maja aane laga….uske chehre par chen or khushi ki jhalak dekhi ja sakti thi gand marvate huye meri behan ek randi hi lag rahi thi.. 

Ab ankur ne dono hatho se shelly ke boobs dabaye or apna lund meri behan ki gand me masti se ghumane laga….usne apne jhatkon ki speed badha di or uske lund ki mar meri behan ke hips par patt pattt karke saf sunai de rahi thi or zzoorrrr se…ssss plz or zorr..seeee……aahhhh…..ah ah ah.

Ki meri randi behan ke muh se nikli awaje madhosh kar dene wali thi….use sun kar mein bhi maja le rha tha. Uski chudai dekhne me bahut maja aa rha tha….kya mast maal lag rahi thi vo chudte hue….kareeb 15 min. uski gand marne ke bad ankur ne apna lund meri behan ki gaand me se bahar nikala…..

or bola aahhhhh…janeman aj meri tumhe class me hi nanga karke chodne ki ichha puri hui varna pichli bar to tumhari mummy ne plan kharab kar diya tha tumhe call karke……ab usne shelly ko vapas bench par litaya or uski chut ke pas aakr beth gya.

Usne uski dono tange uthai or apne dono kandho par rakh li. Or a apna lund uski chut par ragadna shuru kia "s….ssss….aahhhh…sss……..aaj mar daloge kya mujhe? Ab or mat tadpao plz ….plz ise mere andar dal do..plz…aahh..sss". 

Fir usne shelly ki kamar ko pakda or thoda upar uthaya or apne lund par thoda dabaab diya to uska lund meri behan ki chut me dheere se ghus gya…or isi ke sth shelly ko thodi rahat mili or use sabr aaya…

Ankur ke chehre par thodi si smile or thoda josh tha….usne shelly ki dono tange pakdi or apna lund uski chut me dalne laga. Dheere-2 uska pura lund meri behan ki chut me pahunch gya. Or ab vo use zor-2 se andar bahar karne lga.

Meri randi behan ki chut par uske lund ki mar ki patt pattt patt ki awaj se ek bar fir pura karma goonj utha…..vo dono hi is chudai ka pura maja le rahe the. Tabhi ankur ruka or apna lund fir bahar nikala…

Shelly shayad jhadne hi wali thi k use pehle hi ankur ne apna lund bahar nikal diya…..shelly ne pucha "ab kya hua ?? ruk kyun gaye…..plz karo na maja aa rha tha mein to bas jhadne hi wali thi…." 

Ankur ne kaha "tabhi to ruk gya randi….itni jaldi jhad jaogi to maja kese aayega….aaj to puri suhagrat manani hai mujhe tere sath yahan…" achha to fir kya karoge ab mere sath…

Ankur bench par sidha hokar beth gya or apna lund upar ki taraf khada karke bola ab aaja sssss ab jada maja aayega tujhe chodne me…..shelly muskurai uth kar khadi ho gayi. Usne apni dono tange failayi or ankur ke lund ke upar aa gayi. 

Ek hath se ankur ka lund pakda or use apni chut par laga kar set kiya..or dheere se uske lund par beth gayi… ankur ne apni randi ki kamar ko pakda or use upar neeche karne laga….shelly ne apne hath apne yaar ke kandho par rakhe or upar neeche hone lagi…ye chudai jada majedar lag rahi thi.

Vo dono iska bharpur maja le rahe the……tabhi meri nazar ek bench par padi jiske neech ek mobile pada tha or usme light blink kar rahi thi….shayad silent mode par ring ho rha tha. Kher maine use chhora or apni behan ki chudai dekh kar pura maja lene laga….

Ankur ne shelly ko apne badan se chipka liya or uske boobs ko apne muh par tika kar chusta rha or meri behan ko apne lund par betha kar upar-neeche karte-2 chodne ka maja leta rha. Vo dono ab bas jhadne hi wale the ki shelly ke muh se awaj nikalne lagi…..aahhh ohhhh yaa fuckk me sss…

Fuckkk mee harder …..aahhhhhh….chodo or zor se chodo mujhe ooohh apki randi tadap rahi hai… awajein aane lagi. Jaise ki shelly jhadne ko hui wahan achanak 2 ladke aa gaye…or unhone meri behan ko or uske yaar ko nanga iss halat me dekh liya…..

Unhe dekh kar shelly or ankur ki ankhe fati rah gayi…unki samagh me ni aa rha tha ki ab kya karein?? Unhe dekhte hi meri behan ankur ke lund se uth khadi hui or ye bhul hi gayi ki vo iss waqt nangi hai or usne kuch ni pehna hai…..meri behan wese hi bahut sexy hai or use is halat me nanga dekh kar vo dono ladke bekaboo ho rahe the.

Unhe dekh kar ankur bhi khada ho gya or bola "sahil, or sunny ?? tum dono yahan kya kese ??" vo dono ladke unhi ke class ke the shayad..!!! Tabhi sahil ne kaha "tum dono yahan kya kar rahe ho??? 

Ye kya chal rha hai ……mera to mobile kho gya tha mein to sunny ke sath vo dhundhta hua aaya hu sare raste ki shayad kahin mil jaye….yahan aaya to shelly tumhari awaj sunai di to mein samagh gya ki yahan kuch gadbad ho rahi hai….." 

Wese shelly tum gazab sexy lagti ho or bina kapdo ke to or bhi jada kehar dha rahi ho…..kya lag rahi ho….aaj tumhe iss halat me dekh kar ruka nahi ja rha…..sunny ne kaha. shelly ne kaha "please.

Sunny kisi ko mat btana iss bare me …..plz me hath jodti ho…man jao plz….tum jo chahe me karungi….tum jo mangoge mein la dungi…plz.." 

Tabhi shelly ne dekha ki sunny or sahil ek tak uske nange badan ko ghoor rahe hain…..vo jhat se kapde uthane bhagi to sahil ne bola…"Ruko-2..!!! thik hai hum kisi ko nahi btayenge….

Par tumhe hmari ek bat manni hogi…" kya karna hoga ankur ne pucha ….to sunny ne jawab diya "samagh jao…..ab iss condition me hum or kya mang skte hain.
Hame bhi iss najuk sexy badan ko chodne ko mil jaye bas to hum kisi ko nahi btayenge…varni!" ye sun kar ankur or meri behan ek dusre ki taraf dekhne lage …..unke pas or koi chara bhi nahi tha siwaye unki bat manne ke…."

Par hmari ek shart hai ki jab hum iss sexy mal ko chodenge tab tum na kuch bologe na kuch karoge chup-chap wahin bench par beth kar dekhoge…hum tumhare samne hi tumhari iss randi galfrnd ki gand marenge or chut bhi or tum wahi bethe rahoge….or bas dekhoge….bolo manjoor?

Sunny ne kaha…. Meri behan or ankur ne unki bat man li…..or karte bhi kya? Ab sahil or sunny ne apne kapde utarne shuru kiye…..unhone apni shirt or t-shirt utari or shelly ko apne pas bulaya or apni jeans utarne ko kaha…..

Shelly sunny ke pas aayi or uske jeans ka button khol diya…sahil ne meri behan ki nangi kamar or gaand ko piche se hath lgaya or bola "Sali…kya lagti hai…..tumhe chodne ki khwaish to mere dil me kab se thi roz man karta tha tujhe class me chote-2 sexy-2 kapdo me dekh kar ki tumhe apne lund par

Bethau or maje se chodun par kabhi mauka nahi mila" shelly ne sunny ki jeans utar di or fir sahil ki taraf mud gayi….usne jaise hi sahil ki jeans ka button khola sunny ne use piche se pkad liya or uske boobs apne hathon se masalne laga or shelly ki kamar ko chumne laga. 

Meri behan ne dono ki jeans utar di….or ab vo dono sirf underwear me khade the….tabhi sunny ne bola "Sali….ye underwear kaun utarega….chal idhar aa or pyar se utar mera underwear or iska bhi utar apne hathon se….chal jaldi kar randi…." shelly ne apne dono hath un dono ke underwear me dale or unka underwear utar diya

Ab uss class me ankur, meri behan, sahil, or sunny charo nange khade the…..tabhi unn dono ne meri behan ko apne samne neeche ghutno par bithaya or apna lund uske hath me de diya….or kaha chal kuttiya ab pyar kar hmare lundo ko bhi….

Chum inhe or chus ache se…apne muh me rakh inhe or sair kara apne muh ke andar ki….meri behan ne unn dono ke lund apne hatho me padkde or hilane lagi…..shelly ke chhune bhar se unke lund khambe ki tarah tann gaye sahil ka 8 inch or sunny ka 9 ke lagbag tha…unke

Lund ankur ke lund se bhi lambe or mote maloom hote the…usne un dono ke lundo ko bari-2 se chumna or chusne shuru kiya…..kabhi sahil ka lund chusti or sunny ka hilati, kabhi sunny ke lund ko apni jeebh se chatti or sahil ka lund hilane lagti…..

Meri randi behan ke hath me apne lund dekar vo dono jannat ki sair kar rahe the….or shelly lund muh me leti or kabhi chusti kabhi kat leti to vo sach me swarg ki sair karne lagte…..aahhhh ahhh……ah sss kya maal hai ye randi…..kya chusti hai….Sali……ankur tune to isse bilkul randi bana diya hai

Lund chusne me expert ho gayi hai….ab unn dono ne meri behan ko uthaya or wahin teacher ki table par lita diya……or sahil ne uske boobs dabane or honth chusne shuru kiye…..wahin sunny uski tango par tute pada….

Or usne apne hatho se meri behan ke gaand dabani shuru ki or chut ko chumne laga…..aaahh aaj iss chhut ka aanand aayega…..sss sunny ne kaha. Unki in harkaton se meri chudakad behan sihar gayi or use fir josh chadne laga…….uske muh se siskiyan ki bochhar hone lagi…."oohhh……sskya kar rahe ho …..ahh..aaahhh….aisa mat karo.

Mein bardast ni kar pa rahi.bas karo" ankur wahan betha ye sab apne asmne dekhta rha ….or mein almari ke upar se…..tabhi sunny ne apna lund meri behan ki chut par maslna chalu kiya….or sahil ne apna lund uske muh me de diya…..

Meri behan sahil ka lund pakad kar hila rahi thi or choos rahi thi….wahin sunny ne apna lund meri behan ki chut me dalna shuru kiya……thodi si tange failane ke bad usne apna mota sa lund meri randi behan ki chut me utar diya…..or hilane laga…..sunny ab sakun ki sans le rha tha…or maje se meri behan ko chod rha tha
Uske lund jitni baar meri behan ki chut me jata uske muh se checkh nikalti par sahil ke lund muh me hone ki vajah se dab jati….kafi der tak vo dono iss pose me meri behan ke nange badan se khel rahe the……

Fir unhoe apni jagah badly or sunny ne apna lund uske muh me diya or sahil ne meri behan ko ulta krke litaya or use ghodi bana kar apna lund uski gaand me pel diya….or maje se hilane laga…..meri behan ki chudai ki patt patt ki awajein fir pure kamre me goonj rahi thi…..sahil ne bahut der tak meri behan ki gaand mari

Fir kareb 20 min bad usne shelly ko ishara kiya or uski chut me lund ko ragdna chalu kiya….tab tak meri behan sunny ka lund hi chus raih thi…..ab sunny ne bhi meri behan ki gand marne ki ichha jatai….

To sahil ne apna lund uski chut se nikala or uske muh me de diya…..sunny shelly ki gand ke pas aaya or uski gand apne hath se faila kar usne apna pura lund dheere se andar dal diya….sunny to jaise gaand marne me expert lag rha tha…..or aisa lagta tha mano vo kab se iss sexy gand ko marne ka intzar kar rha tha……ab

Usne sahil ko 2 min rukne ke liye kaha or khud shelly ko apni baho me jakad kar god me utha liya or deewar se shelly ki kamar chipka kar uski chut me lund dal kar maje se usi chut chodne me lag gya.kuch der bas usne apna sara zor lagakr uski chut mari….

Or finally meri behan ki chut me hi jhad gya….fir sahil ne apna lund hath me pakda or meri behan ko ulta karke deewar se lag kar jhuka diya…or ghodi bana diya ab usne apna lnd meri behan ki gand me dala or maje se uski gand marne ka maja lene laga…

Lagbag 15 min meri behan ki gand marne ke bad usne apna lund nikala or usi pose me meri behan ki chut me ghusaya…..or zor-2 se jatke marne laga……kcuh der meri randi behan ko issi tarah lootne ke bad usne apna sara ras meri behan ki bachedani me hi chhod diya….or shant ho gya…..

Finally sahil ke sath-2 meri behan bhi uske viray ki dhar ki garmahat pakar jhad hi gayi…… Aaj usne apni chudai ka pura maja le liya tha……ab un logo ne meri behan ko store room me bhej diya kapde pehanne ko…….or khud class me hi kapde pehanne lage

Jab unn teeno ne kape pehan liya to ankur ne piche ki taraf akar sahil ka mobile use lakar de diya… wahi mobile tha jisme kuch der pehle ring ho rahi thi…,or fir ankur ne sunny or sahil se hath milaya or hansne lage….

Mein samagh gya ki ye sab ek jal tha inn teeno ko milkar meri behan ko chodne ka…lekin fir bhi meri behan ko maje karva rahe the…meri behan ki roj chudai ho rahi thi jisse meri randi behan ki gand bhari hoti ja rahi thi matak matak kar chalti thi to bes lund khade ho jate the…

Muje bhi khushi thi kyoki main bhi apni randi behan ki chudai ka maja le raha tha…


Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:02 AM PDT

Main ek 26 saal ka yuvak hoon. Mera naam Mehmood hai. Hamari family bahut bari hai, meri paanch behne hain aur main ek bhai. Sabhi behne mujhse bari hain aur meri sabse chhoti bahen mujhse lagbhag 9 saal bari hai. Meri behne is tarah se hain: 1. Farzana (48 yrs), 2. Sadia (46 yrs), 3. Rushda (41 yrs), 4. Nayyar (37 yrs) aur 5. Atiya (35 yrs). Bachpan mein main bahut hi laad pyaar se pala aur akela hone ki wajah se mujhko zayada bahar aana jaana bhi allowed nahin tha.

Meri sabhi behno ki shhadi ho chuki hai. Jab main 7 saal ka tha tab meri 2 no. ki behan Sadia widow ho gayi. Uske sasuraal waalon ne use bahut sataya aur papa usko gharper le aaye. Jab who ghar per aayi tab uski do betiyaan thin, 

ek 3 saal ki aur doosri lagbhag 2 mahine ki. Sadia bahut hi khoobsoorat aur sexy ladki thi. Papa ne chaha ki uski doosri shaadi karde lekin Sadia ne mana kar diya. Khair jab to main chhota tha, in baton ki samajh nahin thi. Mere dost bahut hi kam the. Kyunki mujhe bahar aane jaane nahin diya jaata tha. Isliye apni behno ko dekhkar hi main jawaan hone laga.

Jab main 11 – 12 saal ka hua tab mujhe thodi thodi sex ki samajh aane lagi. Atiya mujhko sabse zyada pyaar karti thi, wahi mujhe nehlaati, kapre badalwati aur doosra kaam karti thi. Lekin jab kabhi bhi Sadia ko yeh moka milta to woh bhi mujhe nehlana kar deti thi, 

lekin jab bhi who mujhe nehlaati tabhi who mere jaangho ke beech mein dekhti rehti, kabhi mere underwear mein haath dalkar saaf karti aur mere lund ko bhi pakar leti. Lekin mujhko kuchh khaas ehsaas nahin hota tha. Lekin jab main thoda bara hua tab mujhko sex ka man hone laga.

Kyunki atiya mujhse sabse zyada kareeb thi to main usi ko dekhta rehta. Tab meri umr lagbhag 18 saal hogi aur Atiya ki 22 saal. Who ek acchi sudol badan ki larki thi, Uski figure bahut acchi thi, khaas tor per uske boobs bahut sexy the, 

kabhi kabhi jab woh apne kapre utaar kar bathroom ya changing room mein latkati to main unko dekhta aur uski bra aur panties ke saath cherkhani karta, aur uske maile kapron per muth bhi marta tha. Uski bra ka size 34 tha aur panty ka 36. main bachpan se hi raat mein uske paas sota tha.

Kabhi kabhi jab mujhe sex ka man hota to main raat mein usko lipat jaata aur apna lund uske peeche laga kar halka phulka dhakka marta. Kabhi kabhi uski bahon ko sehlata aur kamar per haath phirata. Who kuchh bolti nahin thi, main samajhta tha ke who so rahi hai. Aise bahut din se chal raha tha. 

Ek din mujhko bahut dil kiya to maine raat mein uske boobs per apna haath rakh diya aur sehlane laga, who kuchh boli nahin lekin mujhe laga ke who jaag gayi hai, to maine dar se apna haath uske boobs se hata liya.

Thodi der main aise hi leta raha. Tab achanak usne mera haath pakra aur apne boobs per rakh liya aur seedhi let gayi. Main to surprise ho gaya, maine uske boobs ko masalna shuru kar diya aur usko buri tarah lipat gaya. 

Pehli baar mujhe ehsaas hua ki larki ke boobs kitne mulayam hote hain. Main bahut garam ho gaya tha to maine apna lund bahar nikal liya aur uske haath mein de diya. Usne use pakar liya magar kuchh kiya nahin. main uthkar toilet mein gaya aur muth maar ker aa gaya. Uske baad Atiya bhi toilet gayi aur shayad ungli chala kar aayi.

Subah jab hum dono uthe to mujhko bahut guilty feel ho raha tha lekin Atiya mujhe dekhkar muskura rahi thi. Usne mujhko bataya ke raat mein jab bhi main use lipat kar dhakka marta hoon to use bahut acchha lagta hai. 

Aise hi lagbhag do teen mahine chalta raha, raat mein main usko khoob ragadta aur choomta tha. Kabhi kabhi uski salwar mein bhi haath daal deta tha, aur uski choot mein ungli chalata tha.

Wo halki phulki awaaz karti aur phir baad mein uski choot geeli ho jaati to woh mujhse alag ho jaati thi. Phir main jaakar toilet mein muth marta tha. Per mai kabhi usko chod nahin paata tha, kyunki sabhi log aas paas sote rehte the aur moka nahin milta tha. 

Phir ek din usne mujhko bola ke hum dono terrace per soyenge, garmi ke din the. Main maan gaya aur hum dono apna bistar lekar upar sone chale gaye. Phir raat mein wahi sab kuchh shuru ho gaya, aaj mere paas pura moka tha use chodne ka.

Maine uski salwar mein haath daal diya aur uski choot ko sehlaane laga. Who tarah tarah ki awazein karne lagi. Maine use chup rehne ko kaha aur usse kaha ke main uske kapre utarna chahta hoon. 

Wo thoda sharmai lekin maan gayi. Pehle maine uski kameez utaari woh andar kuchh nahin pehne thi, uske boobs bahut hi bare bare the shayad pichhle do mahine me maine hi sehla sehla kar bare kiye the main uske boobs chhosne laga.

Phir maine uski salwar utar di. Ab who bilkul nangi ho gayi thi. Raat ke lagbhag 2 baj rahe the. Uske boobs choosne ki wajah se main bahut garam ho gaya tha, mujhse raha nahin gaya. maine apna pajama khol kar apna lund usko dikhaya usne bola ke tumhara to kaafi bara hai. 

Maine usko bola ke mera lund choos le lekin who nahin maani. Phir maine usko kaha ke main usko chodna chahta hoon, who kuchh nahin boli per thoda muskarai. Maine phir apna lund seedha uski choot per rakh diya. Woh aur main dono kaanp rahe the.

Dono ko jabardast paseena aa raha tha. Maine koshish ki lekin mera lund uski choot se phisal jaata tha. Maine usko bola ke mujhko madad kare to usne mera lund pakar kar apni choot per rakh liya Phir main eek zor ke jhatke se usko adha andar daal diya. 

Mujhko aisa laga ke mera lund mano aag me chala gaya ho, main badhawas ho gaya. Woh rone lagi. Jab main 14 saal ka raha hoonga aur who 23 saal ki. Maine uska munh daba liya aur apna pura lund uske andar ghusa diya. Tab mera lund 5.5 inch ke aaspaas hoga.

Thodi der tak who kehti rahi ke Mehmood mujhe chhor de mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai, lekin main pagal ho gaya tha. Maine uski ek nahin suni. Thodi der baad woh apni kamar se upar ko jhataka maarne lagi aur kehne lagi ke Mehmood mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. 

Phir main shuru ho gaya aur use zor zor se dhakke marne laga. Thodi der baad woh jhar gayi lekin main shuru raha, phir thori der mein main bhi jhar gaya aur maine saara paani uski choot mein hi daal diya. Usko laga ke jaise kisi ne uski choot mein aag daal di ho.

Us raat maine use do baar choda. Ab to roz hi raat mein hum terrace per sote aur main use chodta. Pehle main usko baaji bolta tha, magar ab usko Atiya keh kar bulata, kabhi kabhi main usko bolta ke mere liye randi banegi kya to who gussa ho jaati lekin mujhe bahut acchha lagta. 

Ab hum kaafi frank ho gaye the, main usko bolta ke mujhko Sadia bahut acchi lagti hai to usne mujhe bataya ke usne sadia ho apni choot mein gajar chalate hue dekha hai. Atiya ko lagatar chodne ke bawajood mera man Sadia ko chodne ka karta tha, who bahut sexy thi.

Uska figure 32-28-35 tha. Kabhi kabhi uske bra aur panties mujhe mil jaate to main unhe choosta tha aur usme muth maar deta tha. Who jab bhi apne panty gandi dekhti to chup hi rehti. 
But jab main uski panties zyada hi gandi karne laga to ek din usne maa ko bol diya, maa ko laga ke is ghar mein do hi mard hain ek main aur ek papa. Usne mujhko bulaya aur poochha to maine mana kar diya. Khair baat rafa dafa ho gayi.

Atiya ki chudai mein humse ek gadbad ho gayi, pata na hone ki wajah se maine kabhi bhi discharge hote hue apna lund Atiya ki choot se bahar nahin nikalta, hamesha uski choot mein hi discharge ho jaata tha. 

Teen chaar mahine baad woh pregnant ho gayi. Usko ultiyan aane lagin. Hum dono bahut dar gaye, kahen to kisse kahen aur Karen to kya Karen. Kyunki Sadia se Atiya kaafi frank thi to himmat karke usne ye baat Sadia ko bata di. Tab tak meri teen bari behno ki shhadi ho chuki thi (Sadia ko milakar). Nayyar aur Atiya ki nahin hui thi.

Sadia bahut gussa ho gayi, usne mujhe ek zor ka thappad mara aur Atiya ko bhi. Phir wo boli ke meri panties mein bhi tu hi gandgi karta hai. Main kuchh nahin bol paya. Lekin hamare samjhane per usne Atiya ko lejakar uska abortion karwa diya. 

Ab hamare beech kuchh nahin hota tha. Atiya ab mujhse alag soti thi. Main kaafi dar gaya tha, isliye kuchh karne ki himmat nahin hoti thi. Lekin is incident se ek faayeda mujhe ye hua ke meri sabse sexy bahen Sadia jiski umr tabhi lagbhag 35 saal ki hogi, usko pata lag gaya tha ke mera bhai ab jawan ho gaya hai.

Wo kabhi kabhi mujhe bari gehri nazro se dekhti. Mera kabhi kabhi ji karta ke Sadia per haath rakh doon lekin himmat nahin hoti. Atiya ko chodne ka to koi chance nahin ban paa raha tha. 

Sadia ke saath kuchh karne ki himmat nahin hoti thi kyunki usko sab kuchh pata tha. Kabhi kabhi to main jab bahut garam ho jaata to dil karta ke Nayyar ko ya phir apni maa ko hi chod daaloon. Main chhup chhup kar Sadia, 

Nayyar aur maa ko kapre badalte hue dekhta tha. Hamare yahan Bathroom ki deewar mein ek chhota hole hai, agar dekha jaaye to usme se bathroom ke andar ka sabkuchh dikhta tha.

Jab bhi Sadia, Nayyar ya meri Maa nahane jaati tabhi main unko chhup chhup kar dekhta. Kabhi kabhi aisa hota ke nahate waqt Sadia aur Nayyar apni choot mein ungli chalane lagti, to mujhe bara maza aata. 

Mujhko bara maza tab aaya jab ek din maine Maa ko apni choot mein ungli chalate dekha. Meri Maa kaafi age hote hue bhi bhuria nahin lagti thi, uske boobs bahut sudol the aur jab who nangi hoti to bahut sexy lagti. Woh thodi moti ho gayi thi, Uska bra size 40 tha.

Ek din jab main dopehar 2.00 baje School se aaya to ghar mein koi nahin tha. Maa so rahi thi, aur Sadia ghar mein thi. Woh mujhko gehri nazron se dekh rahi thi. Mujhse bardaasht nahin hua.

Maine poochha, "Kya dekh rahi ho?"

Sadia: "Dekh rahi hoon kaise tune apni hi bahen to chod dala, tujhko sharm nahin aayi."

Main chup raha.

Sadia phir boli, "Main soch rahi hoon ke sab kuchh maa ko bata doon."

Main dar gaya, Maine kaha, "Nahin aisa mat karma, ab to baat khatam ho gayi hai."

Who boli, "accha nahin karungi, lekin meri ek shart hai."

Maine poochha, Kya.

Woh boli, "mujhko ye bata ke tu meri bra aur panty ke saath kya karta hai?"
Main chup raha.

Phir woh boli, "Maine to ab bra aur panty pehanna hi band kar diya hai."

Main surprise ho gaya, ke kyun ye mujhe ye sab kuchh bata rahi hai.

Maine poochha, "kyun band kar diya hai."

Woh boli, "Garmi bardasht nahin hoti hai."

Maine poochha, "Kaisi garmi?'

Woh boli, "tujhko nahin pata kaisi garmi."

Main chup raha, to woh boli, "wohi garmi jo tune Atiya ki thandi ki thi."

Main phir bhi chup raha.

Wo aage boli, "main tujhko kaisi lagti hoon?"

Main chup raha, lekin thoda muskaraya.

Woh boli, "nahin batayega."

Maine kaha, "Achhi lagti hain."

Woh boli, "Kitni Achhi."

Maine kaha, "Bahut achhi, Atiya se bhi zyada."

Usne bola, "Sach bol raha hai ya aisi hi mujhko khushh karne ke liye keh raha hai."

Maine kaha, "Sach bol raha hoon, allah ki kasam. Jab tum hansti ho aur tumhare gaal pe gaddhhe parte hain to bahut acchhe lagte hain"

Wo boli, "Tujhko nahin pata kaise kaise main jeeti hoon."

Maine poochha, "Main samjha nahin."

Woh boli, "Zyada bhola mat ban, tu meri bra aur panty ke saath kya karta hai."

Main bola, "Aapko malum hai to kyun pooch rahi hain?"

Woh Boli, "Mere saath bhi wahi karega?."

Main surprise ho gaya, yahi to main chahta tha. Maine use foran haan kar di.

Raat mein maine aur Sadia ne kaha ke hum terrace per soyenge, ye sunkar Atiya muskarai aur mujhko boli, kya hua Sadia Baji ko bhi pata liya hai kya. Main bhi muskara diya.

Phir raat mein hum dono terrace per sone gaye. Who raat meri zindagi ki sabse haseen raat thi. Maine raat ke lagbhag 11.00 baje Sadia ke saath choomna shuru kiya aur teen baje tak maine Sadia ko jo mujhse lagbhag 20 saal bari thi choda. 

Mujhko laga ki itni sexy aurat to ho hi nahin sakti. Meri tango ki jan nikal gayi. Sadia ne mujhe bataya ke picchle 9 saal se woh lund ke liye taras rahi thi. Phir to main use roz chodta tha. Ab to mujhe poori chhoot mil gayi thi.

Kabhi kabhi moka milne per main Atiya ko bhi chod deta tha. Sadia to meri poori rakhail ban gayi thi. Who mujhse bahut khussh thi aur main usse. Halke halke hum dono mein besharmi barhti gayi ab to hum kabhi kabhi din mein bhi shuru ho jaate the. 

Ek din dopeher ke khaane ke baad main aur Sadia ek hi kamre mein so rahe the, mujhko josh chara aur main usko lipat kar let gaya aur choomne laga. Thodi der mein who bhi aawaz nikalni lagi.

Humko pata hi nahin chala ke kab maa aagayi aur usne sab kuchh dekh liya. Us din usne ham dono ko bahut daant pilayi. Lekin hum per kuchh asar nahin hua. Teen saal beet gaye main 20 saal ka ho gaya tha aur sadia 40 saal ki. Ab to yeh haalat ho gayi thi ke ghar mein papa ko chhorker sabhi ko pata that ke Sadia Mehmood ki rakhail hai. 

Ab toh main Sadia ko apni maa ke saamne hi lipat jaata tha aur chumta tha. Maa ne bhi shayad accept kar liya tha. Nayyar ki Shaadi ki baat chal rahi thi. Mujhko Nayyar per kabhi kabhi niyat kharab hoti thi to main Sadia se bolta tha ke mujhe Nayyar ki choot dilwa de, lekin woh mana kar deti thi.

Khair Nayyar ki shaadi ho gayi aur who apne ghar chali gayi. Ab Sadia ki betiyan bhi bari ho gayin thi pehli beti saal ki aur doosri 12 saal ki. Mera man kabhi kabhi unko chodna ka bhi hota. Maine aakhir ekdin Sadia se apne man ki baat keh di. Sadia chup rahi kuchh nahin boli. 

Phir ekdin maine raat mein Sadia ki bari beti Safeena ko pakar liya aur use chodna chaha. Sab kuchh sahi chal raha tha, lekin jab maine apna lund uski choot mein dala to who cheekh pari. Uski cheekh se Sadia uth gayi aur uth kar hamare paas aagayi.

Mera adha lund Safeena ki choot mein tha, aur main uske oopar leta hua tha. Sadia aayi aur kehne lagi ke aakhirkar tune ise jawan kar hi diya, chal ab isko achhi tarah chod. Itna keh kar who chali gayi. 

Phir Maine Safeena ki choot mein lagbhag 1 ghante tak apna lund dale rakha aur beech beech mein dhakke marta raha. Jab baat maa ko pata chali to who bahut gussa ho gayi aur kehne lagi ke papa ko batayegi. Hum dar gaye,

Sadia boli, maa ko chup rakhne ka ek tareeka hai. Maine poochha kya. Usne kaha kisi aurat ka munh band rakhna ho to uske neeche waale munh me dart laga deni chahiye. Maine puchha main samjha nahin, toh usne kaha ke maa ko bhi chod dal. Maa tab 58 59 ki hogi.

Hamne plan banaya, papa tab 2 din ke liye bahar gaye the.Mai raat ko maa ke bed par jaa karus se lipat gaya. maa boli ye kya kar raha hai, mai bola maa mai tera pati ban na chahta hun....teri chudai karna chahta hun.

Woh mujhe maarne lagi lekin maine use nahin chhora. Sadia bhi mere saath thi. Usne maa ke haath pakar liye aur maine maa ke kapre utaar diye. Aur apna lund maa ki choot me daal diya. Pehle pehle to maa mana karti rahi lekin baad mein usko bhi maza aane laga.

Sadia ne maa ke hath chhor diye aur hansti hui bahar chali gayi. Us raat maine maa ko 3 baar choda. Phir 2 raaton tak main maa ke paas hi soya jab tak papa nahi aagaye. Sadia ab muhje kabhi Behan chod aur kabhi Maa chod keh kar bulati thee. Mujhko bara acchha lagta tha.

Sabse zyada maza to tab aata tha jab sadia maa ko chherti thi, kehti ke tumko kya kahoon maa yaa sautan. Maa bhi kaafi mazak karti. Abhi maa ekdum chup thi, papa aaye to maa ne papa ko kuchh nahin bataya. 

Balki ab maa ka behaviour hi mere saath badal gaya. Ab woh mera kuchh zyada hi khayal rakhti thi. Kabhi kabhi mujhko jab dil karta to apna doodh pilati aur phir chudwati thi. Mujhe Maa ko chodne mein sabse zyada maza aata tha.

Ab mera man parhai likhai mein bilkul nahin lagta tha. Papa ke office jaate hi main ghar aajata aur kisi na kisi ko pakar leta aur chodta. Ab ghar per meri chaar rakhail thin, Sadia, Atiya, safeena aur meri maa. Maa zyada to nahin lekin kabhi kabhi mahine me ek baar mere saath so jaati thi, zyadatar din me aisa hota tha. 

Sadia to roz raat mein uthkar mere paas aajati aur mera bistar garam karti thi. Phir jab main 21 saal ka hua to Atiya ki bhi shaadi ho gayi. Ab main Sadia aur Safeena per hi haath saaf karta tha. Ye baat Sadia ki chhoti beti Maryam ko bhi pata thi.

Wo mere papa ke bahut zyada kareeb thi, usne humse kuchh kahe bina ekdin papa ko bata diya. Ab to mano gazab hi aagaya, papa ka BP barh gaya, ghar mein bahut hungama hua aur anjaam ye hua ke papa ka heart fail ho gaya. 

10-15 din tak main bahut guilty feel karta raha, lekin aakhir mera sex karne ka phir se man karne laga. Maine Sadia se bola to usne kaha ke ye sab teri wajah se nahin hua hai balki Maryam ki wajah se hua hai, who boli ki Maryam aur kisi ko bhi bata sakti hai, isliye uske neeche waale munh mein bhi dart laga de. Main bahut khussh hua. Tab Maryam saal ki hui hogi.

Us raat main Maryam ke paas jakar let gaya. Maryam meri maa ke paas leti thi. Maine maa se kaha ki aaj main Maryam ko chodunga. Maine maa ko bataya ke jaise Maryam ne papa ko bataya tha aise hi ye kisi aur ko bhi bata sakti hai to usne kuchh nahin bola. 

Sardi ke din the, main raat mein Maryam ki razai me ghus gaya aur use chumne laga, who jag gayi aur usne maa ko jaga diya, aur boli ye mama mere saath galat kar raha hai. Maa chup rahi aur usne dusri taraf munh kar liya.

Maine Maryam ko samjhaya ke kuchh nahin hoga aur uski kameez utarne laga, who thoda chatpatai, lekin maine uski kameez utar ker phenk di. Phir uske boobs, jo bahut chhote the unko masalne laga, thodi hi der mein woh tarah tarah ki aawaaz karne lagi. 

Phir maine uski salwar utaar di aur apna 6 inch ka lund uski choot per rakh diya. Maine Maryam ko bola thoda dard hoga, aur ek jhatke mein lund andar ghusa diya.
Who chilla pari aur kehne lagi, mama mujhe mat chodo bahut dard ho raha hai. Itne mein maa uthi aur usne Maryam ka munh pakar liya aur mujhse kaha ke ab chodo. Mujhe aur Maryam ko chudai karte hue dekhkar maa garam ho gayi. 

Maryam ko chodne ke baad main maa ki razai mein ghus gaya aur maa ko us din pura nanga kar diya aur 2 baar chudai ki. Agle do teen din tak main Maryam ko chodta raha. Ab sab kuchh theek ho gaya tha,

Maryam khud aakar mere paas chudai karwati thi, usko ab koi dikkat nahin thi. Is beech ek din pata chala ke Sadia pregnant ho gayi hai. Maine Sadia se kaha ke abortion karwa le to usne mana ker diya. Phir duniya ki nazron se bachne ke liye hum logon ne apna UP wala ghar chhorne ka man banaya aur, Maharashtra aagaye. 

Ab 4 saal guzar gaye hain. Sadia mere 2 bacchon ki maan ban gayi hai lekin abhi bhi utni hi sexy hai, uski umr 46 hai. Safeena ke bhi do bacche hain uski umr 22 saal hai. Maryam 19 saal ki hai aur 6 mahine se pregnant hai.

Maza to tab aaya jab ek din malum chala ke maa bhi pregnant hai, maa to apne bete ke bacchhe ki maa banna chahti thi lekin maine keh kar abortion kara diya. Ab bhi mahine me ek aadh baar uski chudai ho jaati hai. 

Kabhi kabhi main sochta hoon ke duniya mein sabhi larke apni maa baheno ko khullam khulla chod paate to kitna accha hota. Main apna experience bataoon to apni Maa ki chudai karne mein jo maza hai woh shayad Madhuri Dixit ya Aishwarya Rai ki chudai mein bhi nahin.


Posted: 26 Sep 2011 03:00 AM PDT

Hi mera naam Vicky hai aur main 22saal ka hu. Yeh kahani hai aaj se 2saal purani, jab meri badi behan Soni Jo ki 28 saal ki hai shaadi karne ke 2 saal baad humare ghar chhutiyaan manani aayi thhi. Meri behan ka rang gora figure 35-29-37 hai use dekh kar koi bhi pagal ho sakta hai. 

Mujhe yaad hai uss din mein ghar mein akela drawing room mein baitha cd player par porn movie dekh raha thha, tabhi bahar kisi ne darwaaza khadkhadaya mein darr gaya aur maine socha kahi gharwale toh nahi aa gaye darr ke maare maine cd player, se porn movie ki cd nikalkar cd player ke neeche chhuppa di.

Aur main bahar darwaza kholne chala gaya maine dekha ki, meri badi Behan Soni pink suit dalkar apne pati aur 5mahene ke baby ke sath bahar khadi thhi. Mein bahut khush hua aur maine behan aur jeeja ko andar bulaya aur chai paani peelaya. 

Deedi ne poocha ki mumy daddy kaha hai toh maine bataya ki woh toh kuch dino ke liye daadi ji ke paas gaye hai kyunki daadi ji ki tabiyat theek nahi thhi, kuch der baad jeeja ji ne kaha "ki chalo ab tujhe fikar karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai kyunki teri behan tera khayal rakhne aa gayi hai" toh maine puchha kaise toh unhone jawab diya ki main teri behan aur tere bhanje ko tere paas 3 dino ke liye jhodd kar ja raha hun.

Yeh sun kar main bahut khush hua. Uske baad jeeja ji chale gaye. Deedi ne chottu ko bedroom mein leta diya aur khaana banaane ke liye kitchen mein chali gayi. Main bhi nahaane ke liye bathroom mein chala gaya. 

Nahaate waqt maine chottu ko rote hue suna toh maine deedi ko awaaz lagayi par deedi ko awaaz nahi sunaai di. Fir maine jaldi jaldi towel bandha aur kitchen mein chala gaya aur deedi ko kaha ki chottu ko doodh pila do woh ro raha hai. 

Par deedi ki nazar meri nangi chest par hi chipak gayi. Woh 2min takk mujhe ghoorti rahi mere dubaare kehne par woh chhottu ke paas gayi.

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Deedi ne kaha tum jakar naha lo main nashta banaati hu. Maine poocha "deedi chottu kaha hai" toh unho ne kaha ki "woh doodh peekar so gaya hai" main jaldi se naha kar bahar aa gaya toh maine kaha "deedi nashta bann gaya kya" 

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Mein samaj gaya ki deedi mujh se naraz ho gayi hai aur usko pata chal gaya hai ki mein uske ghasse maar raha thha (ass pe lund ragad raha thha) Uske baad mere mann mein aane lagga kahi deedi kisi ko bata na de mein darr gaya. 

Aur doosre kamre mein ja kar baith gaya aadhe ghante baad deedi ne ukhde hoye muh se kaha ki maine khana bana diya hai ja kar kha le, main chup chaap udh kar kitchen mein chala gaya mein samaj gaya ki deedi mujhse gussa ho gayi hai. Maine khaana khaane ke baad cd player pe I'm sorry naam ka english gaana ucha karke laga diya.

Par deedi ka koi reply nahi aaya, toh bahar gaya aur market mein se I'm Sorry ka card lekar aaya, aur ek gulaab ka phool todkar leke aaya. Aur maine card mein likh diya "soni deedi I'm sorry mein aaisa nahi karna chahta thha, par pata nahi achanak kya ho gaya mujhe maaf kardo, 
i'm really sorry plz aap mujhe choddkar mat jaana mein kabhi bhi apne aap ko maaf nahi kar paunga Ho sake toh apne bhai ki iss galti ko pehli aur aakhri galti samaj kar maaf kar dena Plz plz don't leave me alone I'm gonna die without u" yeh sab likhkar mein deedi ke kamre mein jaane laga toh kya dekha ki deedi ne kamra andar se band kara hua thha.

Toh main niraash hokar apne kamre mein aakar lait gaya. Laite laite mujhe neend aa gayi jabb meri neend khuli toh maine dekha ki deedi bed ke samne baithi hai aur uske aage card pada hai. Woh meri aankho me ghoor rahi thhi maine uss se maafi maangi. 

Toh usne kaha idhar aa tu mera pyaara bhai hai i'm sorry agar maine teri feelings hurt kari. Par tu mera bhai hai samjha kar. Mein ronne lagg gaya toh meri aankho se aanso nikalta dekh usne mujhe galle se laga liya aur mujhse kehni lagi. "Teri koi gf hai" maine kaha "nahi" toh deedi ne kaha "phir main samaj sakti hoon teri halat par main teri behan hu"

Maine kaha "deedi aap mujhe pasand karte ho ki nahi" deedi ne kaha "ki ha pasand karti hu par ek bhai ki tarah" Maine kaha "plz deedi koi farak nahi padta" toh soni ne kaha "yeh galat hai hum dono bhai behan hai iske baare mein sochna bhi paap hai" 

Toh maine Soni ko pakad kar apne upar kheench liya aur kiss karne laga woh chillane lagi phir maine jaldi se uski salwaar kholdi aur uski fuddi (choot) chaatni shuru kar di thodi der baad uski cheeke siskiyon mein bhar gayi aur woh shaant ho gayi aur moaning karne lagi main uski choot 15min tak chaat ta raha uske baad usne cum release kar di.

Phir woh bhi mood mein aa gayi maine uske kapde utaar diye aur hum dono bed par nange ho gaye main uske momme choos raha thha woh mere nipple choos rahi thhi phir maine usse jorr se hugh kiya aur humne french kiss karna shuru kar diya. 

Thodi der baad Maine fridge se icecube 3beer ki bottle nikaal li uske baad maine ko beer di toh Soni ne kaha ki usne kabhi nahi pee toh maine kaha usne pehle apne bhai ke saath sex bhi toh nahi kiya woh hass paddi usne thodi si pi aur kaha ki kadvi hai toh maine kaha ki koi baat nahi thodi thodi karke pee le. 20min baad humne ek ek beer ki bottle pee lee thhi.

Uske baad jab maine teesri aur aakhri bottle kholi toh Soni ne mera lund apne muh mein daal liya aur choosna shuru kar diya wah kya maja aa raha thha thoddi der lund choosne ke baad maine use bed pe laita diya aur muh mein ek icecube daal li aur uske pett par ferr ne laga.

Maine uske dono hath pakad liye woh jhatpta rahi thhi phir maine aapna lund uski fuddi mein daala aur usse pagalon ki tarah fuck (chodne) karne laga woh jorr jorr se moun kar rahi thhi "ah ah ah…oh h.. h" yeah chotte bhaiya ya…

Aah ha hh" oh h h eeeehhh" lagataar 15min chodne ke baad main thhakk kar uske upar girr gaya par beer peene ke kaaran mera ek baar bhi cum nahi choota thha uske baad main neeche lait gaya aur Soni mere lund ke upar baith gayi 

Aur woh ahista ahista jump karne lagi maine usse kamar se pakda thha uske baal khule thhe aur woh continuesely jump kar rahi thhi aur enjoyment mein moaning kar rahi thhi "ahhh ooooh uh uh uh ouh uh uh ahhh yeaahhhh…..aaah" mera lund uski fuddi ki gehrayion ko chhoo kar vaapis

Aa raha thha koodte koodte uski choot mein se paani nikalne lagga aur jorr se jorr se awaaze aane lagi "pachak pachak kkk chik kk chikk pachikk" aur thodi der baad mera bhi cum release ho gaya aur maine usse kheench kar apne upar leta liya.. 

Phir maine usse kaha mera gala sookh gaya hai toh phir usne apna momma mere muh mein daal diya aur mujhe apna meetha doodh pilaaya. Aur doodh peene ke baad hum dono nashe mein vaise hi so gaye. Jab mujhe ek ghante baad hosh aaya toh dekha soni mere upar laiti thhi aur mera lunn uski garam choot ke andar thha.

Maine Soni ko udhaya aur use ek french kiss diya "mmmuuuhhhaa" uske baad maine uski choot chaati aur usse fir se mood mein le aa ya usne moaning karni start kardi "ahhhhhh ohhh yeaaa aaah ah ah ah oh bro oooh yeah meeaaa h yeah" fir kuch derr chut chaatne ke baad maine uski left leg apne left shoulder par aur right leg apne right shoulder par rakh li.

Aur apna lund uski garam choot me daala diya aur usse chodna shuru kar diyan woh maje mein moaning karne lagg gayi "ya ooooh fuck me yeah aaaaaah come on fuck me harder yeeeeaaah ah ha umh haaa eeeeh yeaah" kuch der chodne ke baad usne kaha ki uska…

Chhoot raha hai" toh jaisi hi maine apna lund bahar nikala uski fuddi mein se ek tejj white dhaar nikli aur mera lund aur dono tatte(balls) poori tarah uski cum se bheeg gaye. Mere bheege huye lund ki taraf dekhkar woh hassne lagg gayi aur boli… 

"hee hee shayad dhaar kuch jayada tejj ho gayi hana" Maine use kaha "teri cum bahut hot hai" toh usne kaha "main bhi toh hot hu na" phir maine apna bheega hua lund uski garam aag ugalti geeli choot mein daala aur usse phir se choddna shuru kar diya geele lunn aur geeli fuddi ke kaaran phir se pyaari awaazein aani shuru ho gayi "pachak chak chak chuk chik chik chak pachak pachak"
Chodd chodd kar maine uski fuddi suja di thhi uske baad jab mera cum release karne ka time aaya toh main apna lund uski fuddi ki gehrayion mein le gaya aur uski choot ke andar apni super hot cum release kardi Soni ne kaha… 
"mujhe apne pett ke andar tumhari garam cum mehsus ho rahi hai" fir maine apna sooja hua lund bahar nikala to sony ne mujhe kaha "bhai tumhare lund aaise lagg raha hai jaise kisi madhu makhi ne dang maara ho" phir usne mera lund apne muh me daalkar usse 10-15min takk choosa aur usne kaha….

Bhaiya lo maine tumhara lund phir se laal kar diya hai" uske baad maine usse oolta leta diya aur uski peeth par kiss karne laga phir main uske upar lait gaya aur maine apne lund ko Soni ke tight ass mein fassaya tabhi soni boli 

"yahan par mat dalo yahan par aaj tak kisi ne nahi daala plzz" maine kaha "main toh yahi par daalonga" jaise hi maine lund daala abhi aadha hi gaya thha ki Soni jorr jorr se cheeke maarne lagi aur bed ki chadar ko apni muthi me machal ne laggi aur boli "plz bhai yahaaaa mat daaalo aaaah plzzzzz yeaaaah mmmmmm eeeeee i beg tooooo u mmm aaaah"

Soni ke bahut bolne par maine maine apna lund vapis bahar nikal liya phir maine usse sedha kiya aur 69position yaani mera muh uski fuddi ke upar tha aur uska muh mere lund ke neeche. Phir humne ek doosre ka samaan(fuddi and lunn) achhi tarah se chaata. 

Hum 1ghanta chaat te rahe aur ek doosre ka muh cum se bhar diya total maine 3 baar aur usne 2 baar cum release kiya phir maine apna lund uske muh se nikaal kar nariyal ke tel mein dubba diya aur uske ass ko doggy style mein achhi tarah se choda uski cheeko se kamra goonj raha tha "

Aaaah aaaah plzzzz bahaaar nikaaal lo plzzz main marr jaungi plzz bro baahaar nikaaal loo haaaye margi" par iss bar maine uski ek na suni aur jum kar chodda. chodte chodte mera lund dard hone laga par mein na ruka Soni mujhse rukne ki bheek maangti rahi par main na ruka aur usse aadha ghanta chodne ke baad jab mera chhuttne laga toh maine jaldi se apna lund uski choot mein daal diya…

aur apne lund se cum ki dhaar pichkari ki tarah uske andar jhodd di aur phir maine usse lip kiss diya. Maine usse apne lunn ki seemao se aage jaakar choda dil bhar kar choda jab tak chod sakta thha choda humne time dekha toh 4:37pm huye thhe yaani hume sex karte 6 ghante se upar ho gaye thhe. Akhir mein Soni ne kaha

Kaisa laga" toh maine kaha "bahut achha" aur maine usse kaha "u r the best sister in this world" aur uss ne kaha "U r my sweetheart and i'm gonna love you till my last breath" phir maine apna lund uski fuddi mein daala usse lip kiss diya aur uss se lipat kar uska doodh peete peete so gaya….! 

Agle din mera jeeja meri jaan ko lekar chala gaya kuch mahine baad Soni ne mujhe bataya ki woh pregnant ho gayi hai aur main uss baby ka baap hu!!! 19SEPT 2009 ko meri real sister ne meri beti ko janam diya I was little worried bcoz i read it on internet that 60% of incest babies are born with physical capabilities. But thank God My Baby is alright and healthy. Parr mere aur meri deedi ke ilaava kisi ko nahi pata ki woh meri beti hai.

Accidental Sight Of My Hot Mother

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 02:56 AM PDT

Sometimes things which you thought would never happen can announce themselves and surprise you. Rarely things which you were dreaming become a reality one day and leave you just wondering. One fine day, in fact one fine night, iniesta scored a wonderful goal which made Spain lift the world cup trophy. It had made the joy for Spanish people uncontrollable and the very same night was the one when I first doubted a thing. May be mom cannot control her pussy. May be she too is human and needs some meat inside her hole so as to fill her with joy, may be she is cheating on my dad and may be she is a bitch. I went through an incident which should have made every man have this doubt.

I had told you somewhere earlier that my dad worked in Dubai, yes, and he visited our place, 2 months an year. Me and mom had already visited his place thrice in Dubai during my summer holidays. But my dad was used to coming here at the months of December and January. This doesn't necessarily mean me and mom were all alone all through the months. Uncle, father's brother had his business works in our place, and we were always privileged to have him stay at our home when ever he visited our home. And "whenever he visited" means he had his visited on an average 3 times a month. I would say each visit would last 4 odd days.

We lived in a single house; we had a big hall, a dining room, a kitchen in the side of the hall, and the big posh master bedroom which mother used. I had my room upstairs which was in the corner of a balcony. When ever uncle comes he used to sleep in the hall downstairs. Since I had a good amount of privacy up in my room, I was used to doing a lot of mother-chats online. I had much regular chatters who used to share the specifications of their mothers as they hear from me. So my mom's pictures will be there in some people's hard disc too. "Dude how much do u think your mom charge for a fuck?", " well may be a 1000 rupees for two hours, what do you say?", "that's a bit costly bro I guess 500 is enough for my mothers pussy, she seems to be a cheap slut.", " oh, if you have a cock with much meat. I guess my mother can also come for 500, lol". We talk as if our mothers are all cheap rated sluts who have body made for fuck, but as long as it can get you cock hard everything goes in the chats.

And then, there was this night, the night when I was biting my nails watching a live stream of the football world cup finals, and the match ended. I wanted to see the presentation ceremony which was not going to be streamed. The only way left is the television downstairs, in the hall; mother was very strict to keeping it switched off after 10. She never liked late night watching. But how can I miss, I knew uncle will be sleeping there, but he always behaved as my friend, I can easy tell him and watch it. 

I just tip toe to the hall, and switch on the lights, and what did I find, uncle has absconded. In fact he was nowhere, not in the kitchen, bathroom any where. And I knew the only place that I would find him is my mother's bedroom and it was closed. We always had it closed due to the air-conditioner. His bed and pillow were lying down on the floor, was he having sex, had my mother showed too much hospitality by presenting her pussy to him, I just thought and smiled. Yes, I never believed, I even did not take it seriously; I just went on with my work of seeing the television. And I knew one think I have a fantasy of watching my mom get drilled by her husband's brother.
And then the next day, I chatted about my uncle's cock inside my mother's pussy. It seemed a nice imagination, giving more fuel to shag. And I did cum lot when I chatted about it. And the very next night I could not resist but come down check if uncle was there and I still find him missing. Is this real, is my imagination true, if you had been in my position you would not believe it as my I was close to my uncle and I knew him well. Mom also knew him and that's why he was sleeping with her, I mean just sleeping. But why cannot he sleep in the hall. I knew there was chance of something happening. The next day we were having our breakfast as I reluctantly managed to utter, "uncle are you not sleeping in the hall these days, I came down for a pee yesterday night and found you missing." I looked at him and realized he had the breakfast in his mouth and he was trying to swallow so as to speak. "Beta uncle wanted you have some air-conditioning, he was sleeping in sweat in the hall and I called him in". I knew there has to be a purpose mothers are not what you want them to be, especially when you want them slutty.

It was a holiday and conversations were exchanged in the net, it was my regular chatter biggy or the big cocker as he called himself, 

"dude biggy you know what, I checked uncle yesterday night and he still had gone into my mothers room", 

"wow, man I think there is something going on, something must be there, why don't you casually ask him.", 

" I already did that man, he wanted ac in the summer and my mothers room has one" , 

"ohh, I guess if he feels cold in the ac then your mom may heat him up with her pussy, you have seen he slept two days with her, one day her pussy, another her ass", 

"ha ha, I guess he will stay with her for more days man, mom has lot more to offer.", 

"dude wait a minute, you say that your uncle sleeps in the hall right, did you see his bed in the hall yesterday?",

"ya I saw it, why asking all of a sudden",

"it means that he sleeps in the hall to start with, like, when you are awake he sleeps in the hall, and all of a sudden he needs ac and goes into your mothers room"

"dude biggy what are you trying to say?"

I knew what biggy was trying to say, it made a lot of sense. In fact it was a cute observation, why would uncle start it up in the hall every day and lock himself up with mother in the bedroom. Why cannot he sleep straight away? And this can infer uncle is sleeping in the hall so as to fool me, once I sleep at some time in late night he is going for mother. Mom told me he saw him sweating and called him inside, but for two days uncle started sleeping in the hall and went inside her room in the night, why can't he start sleeping in her bedroom the second day at least. Now I seriously believed something went between them. I though of some thing to do, I can just wait in the stairs in the dark and see what actually happenes when my uncle goes inside, may be my mother can come out and they have some romance there itself as they go inside, I was just optimistic.

That night during dinner my plan was dumped, "uncle will here after sleep in my room beta" mom announced. There was no purpose for this statement, we weren't talking about this at all, and I knew mom tried to seen too casual as she spoke, and I saw a sense of relief in her face when I did not say anything for that. It was a "thank god he did not mind" sort of expression. Now I was very sure that that may have an affair but how can I confirm, more than me confirming I wanted to see them together, see my mother getting fucked.
"Hmmm raji this is awesome I always wanted you in doggy style with your ass lifted up in the air, its like two globes, I can draw a world map on them",

"ohh yes santosh, I guess all from your family are fond of asses and doggy style, your brother has his face glued over my ass from our first night, I wonder what's in it to get you guys going",

"Its nothing to do with your husband or his family, any one in this world to whom you offer a fuck will tell the same, it's a huge ass you have in there".

I had some how forgot to tell you my mothers and uncles names, they are raji and santosh.
I really wanted to see and hear something like that, and that's why 12oclock in the night I had my body stuck to the locked mother's bedroom.

I came down to the door at 10:30, almost immediately after they went in and the lights were off. I heard some tables sound for the first few seconds, some opening of drawer but then there was nothing much to hear. I cursed the builders for missing a door hole to the rooms once again. It took some 15 minutes to hear something, it was he bangles, she wasn't walking but it was like the sound they made when people change legs in sleep. I would occasionally hear the bangles making noise, the bed is in the farther side of the room and it's a big room, so I knew I cannot hear if they were purposefully silent. I realize it was around 11 and all I hear was some mild bangles. I saw my watch to realize I had stood that long. I did not give up, I sat near the door and started playing with my mobile so as to kill time, I thought I can be lucky and hear some moaning. 12oclock it as and for the last half an hour it was silence, not even the bangles, I could say they ere in deep sleep.

I got up, totally upset, I expected much more. I yawned as switched the kitchen lights on and got myself a glass of water. My eyes were still on the bedroom door as I drank, and suddenly I saw a ray of light from the bottom slit of the door. Some one has switched on the bedroom lights and the light made their way through the bottom of the door. I was sanding with the water bottle as I heard the lock of the door opening. That meant some one will come out in a moment. Next moment, I was it my mother who made her way out.

She still had the same blue saree, the one she had the whole day. She was in half sleep and she was doing something with her lock in very slowly. The door closes automatically so we have a wooden piece to hold it on, I saw my mom dragging it in her leg and keeping it in position. I moved further left and managed to see her fully. She was yawning, her hairs were untied, they were pretty messed up. Not just her hairs even her blue cotton saree, I never seen my mother in such a uncared saree dress up. Was it the sound sleep or was she rolling with him in the bed to make her saree crushed. Mom yawned again and tied her hair again, I observed she had saree tied differently, women usually had neat folds near the hips and the pallu would be a strip covering their mammoth boobs. But now her pallu was like a full cloth which was completely covering her front, even her neck was covered, and it appeared she tugged the pallu on her side hips. Mom kept the door in a very partially closed position which limited the light thrown on her.

Then she kept a step slowly, it seemed she was walking towards the toilet, even before she kept the next step she saw the kitchen lights on and me standing with the water bottle. We met the eyes, and hers were shocked, one reaction which said what are you doing here. I saw surprise, fear and shiver in her look. The next thing she did was to take a step back and close the bedroom completely, she did not go in but just closed it behind her, I thought she had nice presence of mind cause, may be uncle was naked there and I see it as the door is open, just may be.

Mom was covered by darkness as she closed the door, and I sensed she was walking towards me, she indeed was. I took another gulp of water. Mom came near the kitchen door and she was in the lights again. Yes, her saree was worn in a peculiar manner and she had her saree tugged up in her hips, exposing some of her legs. It was the way women tug the saree up their hips when they work to prevent dirt or water. Her right knee was visible. Mom was adjusting her saree as she walked to the kitchen, I noticed she was not bothered about her exposed legs but she was stretching her pallu further, her pallu was like blanket now. "Drinking water beta", she yawned again as she asked, how can she remain so calm, at that time I already was damn sure that they had an affair. The look on her face when she saw me said all, and the way she hurried and closed the door confirmed it. "yes ma, its hot right?", I again scanned her legs as I asked. Mom un-tugged saree down covering her legs, "you go dear, ill drink and switch of the lights". 

I said, " goodnight" and walked away, I knew what has to be done, I just ewnt near the stairs, which had complete darkness and hid myself there watching my moms dress and face. I saw her from her side as she drank the water, even her sides were blanketed by her saree. And then I saw her back as she put the bottle and closed the fridge, I knew some thing was too strange in her back, I rose up lightly. Mom made her way slowly in half sleep towards the kitchen switch. This time she had her back to me completely.

The blue saree was a contrast to her white body, saw her pallu which was covering her full front, was a tugged at the back of her into her ass portion. And then I noticed the part which had my man hood rising, one part of her back from the neck to her hips was exposed. And yes, it was bare, naked skin; she was not wearing a blouse, not even bra. This meant there is nothing covering her body above her hips apart from her saree. I realized why her saree was tied like that; if it was tied normally I would have easily seen she was blouse-less and bra-less from the front itself. And mom was making her slow walk towards the switch box and even in her sleep her ass was active swaying like a pendulum.

Mom scratched her bums, she had the habit of doing this act occasionally, they had real big volumes to be scratched but I love the way she bended her hands and draw her nails over her globes. It was just sexy. Mom had her hands over the switch and then there was darkness, her anklet had its sound and I sensed she was not heading towards the bedroom. Indeed I remembered she wanted to go the toilet first. She had to walk past the stairs and so I climbed up one or two steps and settled down. My heart was racing as I heard her anklets past me. Mom then switched on the light of the space neat the toilet, and I leaned over the stairs to watch her, she was tugging her saree again, I guessed it was falling from her as it was worn for the sake of wearing. And in a flash she was inside the toilet and back again. A lot of thoughts on how uncle would have enjoyed her were going through to mind. Mom has a lot in her body to be enjoyed, her big boobs, plump bums, and yes her pussy, yes that hole should be hot enough. And I knew since I had confirmed that she was fucking around with my uncle, I knew I was one step closer to fucking her. 

Some where some one told me, "A pussy which opens itself for one cock other than its husband can be easily opened by 100 other people."

After I shagged thinking about the incident and the blue attire of my mother, I lay in my bed wondering how I proceed from here. I figured there are two way to get on, one is to create a situation and embrace my mother, since may be she loves cocks and she had already cheated on my dad she would allow me too. Other way is to tell her that I saw u cheat on dad and that too with his own brother, which should be like demanding her pussy for not letting my father know her lust for uncle's cock, in a singe word this can be called blackmailing. Other way is to go about approaching her first and if she resists I can tell her that she needs to open her up to me other wise ill tell dad. Either way it should end up in blackmail, so I knew that was the way. How should I start it, when should I start. I did not have any clue.

The next day, the man whose words led me to find this affair was typing in the chat again, it was my friend biggy with his valuable inputs. 

"dude you think u can just go there threaten her and get her body for that, in your dreams man, she is a socially successful woman and she can overpower you easily, what if she says she never had such things and that you are telling a lie, not much people can belive you on that, they wont believe when you say you mom has her mouth on your uncles cock."

"Then what is the way forward biggy, I cannot be satisfied by just imagining what they will be doping there inside the room."
"Dude you need some proof man, do u understand what I tell you, some thing like photos, even videos, since you say they lock themselves up why cannot you try a spare key?"

Once again biggy was bingo, another simple and effective idea, the spare keys, how can I not think about them. The process was clear, we finish the dinner in the night and I say good night to them and go upstairs, they lock up in the bedroom and go about their fucking and sucking. They must eventually fall into a sleep after sex and that's when I make an entry with the spare keys and try taking photos of them. I imagined my mom and uncle with little amount of dresses hugging each other in sleep.

My uncle was scheduled to leave the next day which he did. I was not too worried about it, I knew he would eventually come back after a couple of weeks. I thought I was an advantage as both of them would not have met for some time and may be mom would be more starved of a cock. So when he comes after some days, I would eventually lead to a awaited sex, more the sex they have at night more they may get tired and I can easily sneak in when they sleep.

It took 15 days for a call to come from uncle saying he will be there the next day evening. I had my camera and the spare keys ready.

How I find My Mom is a Slut

Posted: 26 Sep 2011 02:52 AM PDT

Hello Readers, this is Rajeev (name changed) here again with my incest story. I am another one of you guys who is fascinated by his mother, yes; my own mother. She was the one who opened her glory hole- her pussy, once lustfully in the bedroom with my father and then painfully in the hospital with the doctors to let me out of the world. That does not necessarily mean I should not be fascinated by her assets. I write this story when I am 21, my mother is 40.Forty? That's a bit too old. Yea may be she is old but there are women who have the strange sexiness, the x-factor at this kind of an age, and my mother belongs to that category. 

My mother is one who you would call a social success; she had an attractive resume, lost her father at 17, married at 18 when she finished school, joined college at age of 19 in spite of marriage, giving birth to me at her early twenties. Completes in mathematics, 2 years work as lecturer at a private college, and then goes for a bank job as the senior accountant. Not satisfied with this, does mba in a reputed college (not in correspondence, mom said it's of no use). Now she has ended up as the finance head in a health care institute. My dad works and Dubai and mom just doesn't want to enjoy what he sends but wants to work more. 

Mom not only cared about me and the house but also she cared her health. She always loved working hard, even though we had the household chores did by the servant, she never would sit down and enjoy laziness. She starts her day with a long jog in early morning. Does some yoga and gets ready for office, she would return and spend some time with her free tuition classes for the neighborhood, follow it up with yoga again and then sleep. Though she looked after the finance in the health institute she never hesitated to give me long descriptions about the calories and food when ever she got a chance. I was always two lazy to accompany her in her jogs and yoga. I make sure I get up early in my vacations just to accompany her in her jogs not for the health but for her lovely ass-shaking view from behind. She had a round big ass and indeed she shook it well, really well.

My mother was also successful in another thing, and that is to not develop a tummy, and she always boasted of it. Ya this made her sexy, she had quite a big body her arms her things and occurs her boobs and massive ass. Her work in her gym and her yoga had made her one piece of flesh for a fuck. I knew my mother definitely was one fucking flesh piece. I though she might have developed wrinkles in her body if one saw her naked but when u saw her with her dress she was a lusty feast for the eye. And one thing that added to her lusty body was her face, she had a pretty face, and her face has turned into something which on seeing you would think was the face of a woman who can come to bed with you.

It's very obvious that in her days when she was teaching college students, when she studied mba with younger people and now when she worked, she would have dealt with a lot of males. I knew many of them would have had an eye for her. The best angle to look at my mom is from behind, especially when she jogged, she had a prominent waist ass difference. One can imagine the comments which would have flown from the back bench boys when mom was seriously teaching. She would have been in her late twenties when she taught and her ass must have attracted a lot of attention.
My lust for my mother's body was not gradual it happened all of a sudden, I still remember those scenes, it was my twelfth grade vacation. I remember the evening when I was busy watching tv and mom was getting ready for a function. My mom had called me twice and I reluctantly went to her room as I was watching some of my favorite shows. Just as I went in I couldn't help but open my jaws in astonishment. My mom was in front of the dressing table and what was wrong in that? The thing was that she did not have a saree to cover herself. She was in her blouse and petticoat, the door of her room is at some 30 degree angle to the dresser, hence she was facing away from me when I went inside. For the first 20 seconds or so she did not even recognize I was there, she was busy doing some thing in her blouse.

I figured out she was taking one of her jewels and her mangal-suthra which were stuck in her blouse buttons. In my view I could see her petticoat covered ass and her hips. I realized my mom was a sexy woman indeed. As she was at an angle I could see her left boob, my goodness I was seeing them without her pallu and they were real big, she had her head bended concentrating on her blouse and its hooks, and I saw her front view in the mirror. Mom was dressed red that time, half of her navel was visible, her hair was loose and she was fresh after a bath, her boobs as I see in the mirror were round, and her operations with her blouse made some of her cleavage visible. I just stood there astonished, I concentrated on her left boob which was visible from the side I fixed her left nipple, I could guess she wore a black bra, the red blouse was a bit opaque but I sensed her bra. I was lost in her boobs when mom shouted again, "Rajeev! Where are you? ". Her voice made my body shake; I came back to my senses. "Mom, yaw I am here" "oh! How many times you want me to call you ehh? What is there in the tv to make you get stuck to it." "Err…..sorry maa". Those were the only words that I could utter. 

Mom did not know it wasn't the tv show I was immersed in. And mom did not even care her state of dress with me in the room she was normal as usual. "beta, just help me with my chain first clip it over my neck". I was surprised about my moms casualness with me, may be she never expected her son to eye her assess. As I went near without a word she took a chain from the bed and placed it around her neck. "Just clip it dear, do you know how the clip works?" I knew how to clip the chain, she held her chain in its position until I came behind her, the scent of the soap was prominent from her freshly bathed body. I took my position behind her, and I held the chain. 

Mom took her hands from the chain and asked me to hold it for a second, she then held her hairs over which the chain was worn and took them out of the chain. She let her free hair fall on her front, lucky hairs they touch her boobs now I thought. I also admired her wonderful neck, she was white and the red blouse was sensual for her color. I started clipping the chain; I could not help placing my palms over her neck as I did it. Her hairs as they were put in her front stopped me from an attempt to see her cleavage. 

I just finished as she said, "beta, also joins the chain with the mangal suthra using the pin, the pin is in the bed." I knew mom always did pin her chains together, I went to the bed the saree which she was about to wear was spread in it, near it was the pin. I took the pin and turned towards her, and what a sight mom was adjusting her petticoat she untied it and she was on the process of tying it again, I saw her hipps the bulge in they made, and I also got a view of her black panty as she tied her petticoat. 

The scene was awesome that I pretended to search for the pin in the bed. "Its near the saree, quick" mom turned back to me as she spoke. There they were her boobs, and what pair of boobs, I noticed how they moved as mom pointed to me the area where the pin was. "I got it" I replied as I walked towards her. 

Mom once again had her back towards me and her hairs cleared of her neck. This time I had recovered from the excitement, I just went near her took a look at her hips and her ass as mom cleared her hair. I went close to her as I pinned that chains and made sure my body met hers in the process. I just wore shorts that day and my cock felt her ass. "Thanks beta and one more help, please take my bangles from the drawer I forgot to take them and now ill make my dress messed up if I climbed to take them." 

She wanted me to climb on a chair and take some bangles from the top drawer. Why not, as long she remained there shoeing her blouse- covered boobs and ass to me I can remain there for ever. She was busy looking at her chains from the mirror as I took a chair from the room. As I walked past her with it I made sure I gave a nice touch to her ass and hips. Now I climbed up and got an exact side view of her boobs, I could see the mirror also. 

Pretending to search for the bangle case I looked back, mom was tying her hairs behind, she working with her hairs and in the process her boobs came up as her hands were folded behind. What a sight, I almost came; I realized some non nude poses added more fuel to the cock than the nude ones. I stood there as long as I can stand and got down. Mom thanked me and she had started putting her saree already. I came out of her room with some sweat.

This is one of those incidents which on reading you would say, no big deal, you just saw your mother without saree, what's new here? But yes, this is where it all started, that was the minutes when I realized my mom was a cunt, she was a meat which can fill you with lust, from that day I was a fan of her, her body, her round boobs and of course her prominent massive ass globes. As it was my vacation the very next day I never wasted time in telling I want to accompany her for her jog in the morning. Mom was happy and surprised on hearing this. "Finally you have some concern for your health" she said but little did she know it was her big swaying ass that dragged me onto the jogging bisnuess.

She indeed shook her big ass well as she jogged; wearing a t shirt and a track suit she looked awesome with her sweat flowing all over her body. I would just come behind her admiring how her ass globes swayed with a harmony in them. And then the yoga, I should search for adjectives to appreciate the person who found some asana, especially the ones where mom would arc her body upwards exposing her nipples which would protrude out of her breasts, as she went through with the asana I noticed how her boobs contracted and expanded as she bended front and arched back.

And then there was the "doggy-style" asana, the one in which she literally takes a doggy position, as if this was not enough she would arc her back inside, lifting her ass up into the air as if she was inviting some cock to com inside her shit hole, I enjoyed this pose epically when I stood right behind her.

I gradually started to indulge myself into the incest world; of course it started with the stories, and then the chats over the net. And then I understood that I was an incest armature, yes the chatters almost all of them said they have seen her moms naked, in bath through door holes; some even said they hear their parents fuck. And there are some who claim to have seen the milk man thrusting his 9 inch cock in their moms pussy and tasting her milk and saying, "bitch your milk is more tasty than the cows" I always knew it was a fantasy how can it happen, even if it was true no lady can be such careless to let her son watch her pussy in work.

I never expected this sort of a thing to happen in my home, nor was I thinking like that? The future had its answer and the answer was so breathtaking…….

To be continued

This is a beginning of the plot, and introduction, more erotic and of course more fucking to happen. Please post your comments here


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