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Monday, October 17, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

The Menon Family - Part IV

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:32 AM PDT

Rahul was in the midst of fucking his wife Seema. Seeing the way his wife and Nisha, his 18 year old daughter, had been walking around in their tight figure hugging pants that evening had made him really horny, and now his was getting his relief. Seema was on all fours on the bed and he was thrusting his cock into her 45 year old, but still tight, pussy, and slapping into her fleshy wide butt cheeks as he did so.

Seema had her forearms, elbows and wrists flat on the bed, her back bent downwards from her ass towards her head, which was on two pillows, and her knees firmly planted into the mattress. All this to support the force of her husband's deep thrusts, as his hard cock went into her from behind. She loved every second of it. She had known he would be extra hot and horny that evening and had expected a good 'seeing to'.

She and Nisha had planned their sexy behaviour that evening and, by the way Rahul was fucking her now, she knew it had achieved its desired effect, on her husband at least and probably on her son, Aditya too.

Yes, darling, fuck me – hard and fast" she cried out to him encouragingly.

Rahul responded by gripping the flesh at the sides of her hips more firmly and thrusting deeper and harder, groaning as he did so, feeling the walls of his wife's pussy gripping his dick. After a moment, he leaned forward, cupping and squeezing her large hanging boobs as they swung under her, whilst Seema pushed her ass back into him and wriggled her pussy from side to side as he thrust into her.

Seema buried her head into the pillows and gripped onto the bed sheets with her hands as Rahul went into her even deeper. "Ahhhhhh" she cried out, loving the feeling of him entering her. Then, imagining it was her son, Aditya, sinking his shaft into her, she felt herself going into orgasm. Yes, baby, fuck me, yes, fuck your momm. As she said 'mom' she bit into the pillows below her face so that Rahul would not hear her clearly.

At the same time, Rahul was in a world of his own, imagining it was his daughter's tight pussy he was piercing with his dick, and that triggered his own orgasm as he spurted wave after wave of hot cum deep into his wife's fuck hole. Both started to groan loudly as they reached their climaxes and continued until they were satiated, with Rahul finally collapsing next to Seema on the bed. After a moment's silence,

Rahul said, "Wow, I haven't cum like that in ages

Yes, me too," replied Seema. "I had a fabulous orgasm.

Both did not say why it had been so good, but Seema knew why her husband had enjoyed it so much, as he had probably been thinking about Nisha, as well as enjoying her. Rahul definitely didn't have a clue that his wife had been thinking about their son Aditya fucking her, which had made her orgasm so intense.

I think, I'll be able to manage a second go soon" said Rahul smiling. Seema grinned. "So soon darling?" she said innocently. "I am a lucky girl tonight!" They both burst out laughing. In her bedroom Nisha was feeling a bit frustrated and horny. She had been surprised how much she'd enjoyed behaving seductively in front of both her dad and brother that evening, but now was feeling like she needed some sexual relief.

She thought about what her mom and dad might be doing in their bedroom across the hallway. Then her mind wandered to her boyfriend. She wished he was here now on top of her with his dick plunging between her legs, in her wet, willing pussy. She inserting her fingers into her moist snatch and thought more about what her mom had suggested about having sex with her dad and brother.

She certainly wouldn't mind fucking either of them, she had such a high sex drive and the fact that it was family and 'taboo' made it extra exciting. She had also enjoyed the little lesbian session with her mom and hoped they would have a repeat sometime soon, at least before she went back to boarding school. Her mom had really surprised her, but now she understood where she got her own high sex drive from it was all in the genes!

She continued playing with herself and then had a sudden thought. Maybe she should ask her mom to let her watch dad and her fucking. Perhaps mom could arrange to leave their bedroom door open a little whilst her dad was unaware and she could take a chance and look in after everyone had gone to bed. She was sure her mom would agree and be turned on by the idea.

The thought excited her. Then, still feeling frustrated and looking for a way to get relief, she decided to get up and see if she could hear anything from her parents' bedroom. She took her fingers out of stroking her pussy, and licked them, enjoying the taste of herself. Then she slowly got out of bed. Trying not to make any noise, she crept to her door in her pajamas and turned the handle.

The hallway light was on as usual. All was quiet. Her parent's room was a little way down the hall on the opposite side. Luckily, Aditya's room was on the floor above, as their flat was split level, and she would hear him coming down the stairs if he got up, so she had no fear of being caught by him. She crept slowly along the corridor, trying not to make a noise.

When she reached her parent's bedroom door, she placed her head next to the door. She could hear some taking, but it was not very clear as the doors in their flat were quite solid. She decided to kneel down and see if placing her ear next to the keyhole would make any difference.

To her delight, she could now just about make out what was being said, although still a little faint. Rahul had recovered from his first fuck of the evening and felt like he was ready to go again. He turned to Seema and said "How about round two darling? Yes, please" replied Seema with a naughty smile back at her husband. "What would you like to do? Or shall I choose this time?

You can choose," replied Rahul, "As long as I get to lick that beautiful asshole and backside of yours," he continued. Nisha, still listening at the keyhole, started to get aroused hears her father talk dirty for the first time. Her fingers wandered down to her pussy, which was still wet, as she continued to listen. Ok," said Seema, "I want to suck your cock and balls, and then I want you to cum in my mouth. I haven't had the taste of your cum in my mouth today.

Let's do a 69, and that way you can enjoy my backside all you like, at the same time." Seema climbed on top of her husband, straddling his chest with her slightly chubby, but firm thighs, and her wide ample ass over his face. She knew, after all the years they had been together, just how to position herself right for him and edged herself back a little, so that her ass would be closer to her husband's face, almost but not quite smothering it.

This was one of his favourite positions. Rahul's prick was already standing like a pole, and she started licking up and down it, like she was licking up and down a long sweet lollipop. Rahul looked up and feasted his eyes on the fine gaping lips of his wife's pussy and brown puckered asshole. He loved to lick both her holes and could spend hours doing so, while she licked on his dick.

He reached up with his hands and spread her fleshy ass cheeks further apart, so that he was stretching sides of her asshole open, and then started to lick at it, first around the rim, with fast lapping licks, like he was licking an ice cream, and then darted his tongue inside the hole, deeply and rhythmically, like he was fucking it with his tongue.

Seema, was now writhing her ass on top of his face, loving the feeling of her husband's tongue inside and around her asshole, as she continued to lick up and down his shaft and then around the tip, darting her tongue over the sensitive pisshole. After a moment, she took the entire head in her mouth and sucked on it hard, and then, ever so slowly, took in more and more of the shaft into her mouth, until finally she was deep throating it, a technique she had perfected over the years.

With her mouth full of Rahul's hard prick, she still managed a moan of pleasure from her throat, sounding almost like she was choking, but in reality, not. Outside their bedroom door, Nisha could only imagine the scene of her parents' inside. Her fingers were moving in and out of her pussy and she desperately wanted to see them having sex. Then a thought struck her.

Her father's head would most likely be at the far end of the bed and her mother's towards the door. If the door was unlocked, which it might be, she could safely open it a little and see what was going on. From what she had heard so far, her mother's backside would be covering her dad's face, so he could not see her, and her mom would surely not mind her seeing them after what they had discussed before.

She might even congratulate her afterwards for having the courage to try what she'd done! Nisha decided to take the chance. Still kneeling on the floor, she put one hand on the round brass doorknob, and slowly turned it, so as not to make any sound. Then, the moment of truth, she pushed slowly, with a light pressure, not knowing if it was locked or would open.

Her heart jumped a beat, as the door moved inwards, ever so slightly. It was unlocked! She continued pushing the door slowly. First, open an inch, and then two, until finally it was ajar about six inches, and she peered her head in a little around the door. She met an awesome sight. Her mom, naked, was straddling over her dad's face, which was completely buried under her ample backside, and from where he would never have been able to see her at the door.

Her mom was sucking up and down on her dad's hard cock. This was the first time she'd seen her dad's prick and only the second cock she had ever seen, after her secret boyfriend's. It looked slightly longer and thicker than his – about seven to eight inches in length, as far as she could tell from the distance. Her eyes started to bulge as she watched, and her mouth started to water, seeing her dad's large brown erect cock, with her mom sucking intensely on it.

All of a sudden, her mom looked up and saw her. Seema, paused momentarily, midway sliding her lips up Rahul's still rock hard pole, as her eyes met Nisha's in surprise. Then, being the woman she was, the lust in her took over, and her brain worked quickly, sizing up the situation. She realised Rahul would never be able see their daughter peering into the room from his position. Her wide ample butt would see to that, as well as his love of it!

She carried on sucking momentarily, and then licked around Rahul's balls. Thinking quickly, she had an idea. She raised herself up a little and said "Yes, Rahul lick me, stick your tongue deep inside my asshole and pussy." As she finished the last word of the sentence, she put her index finger to her lips as if to say to Nisha to be quiet, and then, smiling, beckoned to Nisha with the wave of her hand, to come towards them on the bed.

Nisha stayed where she was, a little shocked, not understanding quite what her mother wanted her to do, and a little scared her dad would hear her. Her mother continued a reassuring smile, and pointed down at Rahul's erect dick and then went down on it, sucking on the bulbous head again, and then pointed at Nisha, and then at Rahul's dick again.

Suddenly, it struck Nisha what her mother was saying. She wanted her to come over and suck on her dad's prick. He would never know it was her there. Her pussy tingled even more at the thought, and her mouth salivated at the sight of her dad's incredible hard-on, with her naked mom on top of him beckoning her to play with it. She wanted it too.

Driven by her own lust, she crept over to the end of the bed. Her father's legs were apart a fair way and feet sticking out over the edge of the bed a little. Her mom stopped sucking, smiled again, and with her full wide ass still smothering Rahul's face, pointed at his cock. Nisha bent forward, being careful not to touch her dad's feet, and sucked on the head of her father's cock for the first time.

Rahul was blissfully unaware a different mouth to his wife's was now sucking the head of his dick. His mind was still deep in enjoyment of the taste of his wife's pussy and asshole, moving from one to the other in turn, and, as far as he could feel at the other end, his wife's mouth was sucking on his dick.

It was in fact his daughter, Nisha, who continued sucking on it, and, feeling braver, took more of it into her mouth. Then after a moment, Seema tapped her on the shoulder and she stopped. They'd gone as far as they dared for now. Seema waved to her daughter as if to say go, and then went back to licking Rahul shaft so he would not notice anything.

Nisha had got the taste of her father's pre-cum and was satisfied to a degree, and the danger of it all had added to the sexual thrill! She felt a surge of adrenalin run through her and crept quietly back to the door. She knelt down on the outside and peered in again with the door slightly ajar. She wanted to she her dad cum. Seema looked up momentarily and saw her daughter looking in again.

She realised Nisha probably wanted to watch her dad cum. Seema smiled towards Nisha and then said boldly to Rahul, "Are you ready to cum in my mouth now darling? I want to taste your hot juicy spunk. Yes," replied Rahul, stopping his licking for a moment, and feeling his dick throb at the thought.

Seema increased the pace of her sucking up and down on her husband's shaft. Knowing that their daughter was watching fired her lust even more. She wanted to show Nisha just how much of a hot cocksucker she was, and put on a good show for her. If all went to plan, she would soon one day watch Nisha suck her dad and fuck him too, and she her son Aditya, whilst they were all naked together.

Rahul felt the spunk rising in his balls, and Seema sensed he was ready to cum too, as she continued deep-throating him. Nisha watched in amazement at her mom's technique and the way she took her dad's prick all the way in to her mouth almost to the base, something she hadn't quite yet learned to do with her boyfriend.

Finally, Rahul gasped and groaned as he spurted his hot cum into Seema's mouth. Seema, normally would have swallowed it all, not wasting a drop. But knowing Nisha was watching, she let some of it dribble back down from her mouth over Rahul's dick, so that Nisha would get a look at her father spunk for the first time, the spunk that had given birth to her originally eighteen years ago.

The thought of the incestuous scene they had just gone through aroused her intensely, and just a minute or so after Rahul spurted into her mouth, with her ass still over his face and his tongue still buried in her snatch, Seema also orgasm intensely, and came over Rahul's face. Nisha, who had been watching all this intently, quietly closed the door to her parent's bedroom and went back to her room.

She lay in her bed and played with her pussy, fingering it fast and deeply. Repeating in her mind what had just happened and seeing her dad cum, she soon orgasmed and had to bite her lip to stop herself screaming out loud, it was so intense. She wanted her dad. And she would want her brother too. A raging fire of incestuous lust had been lit in her. To be continued part V

The Menon Family - Part III

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:30 AM PDT

Seema rested herself with her back against the pillows, and thought for a moment, whilst her daughter lay naked next to her. Your dad loves a female backside, he's a real ass man" said Seema with a smile, after a pause. "And if I'm not mistaken, having seen the way Aditya has looked at me a few times, I think he is too," she continued. But that's not to say they don't get turned on by boobs as well, it's just that some men have a slight preference.

Nisha giggled, So, are you saying we should show off our bottoms to them more mom?"

Yes", replied Seema. "It will drive them wild with desire, I'm sure. What I want you do is to wear some tight fitting jeans or pants that will show off the shape of your ass nicely. I will do the same. And when we get a chance, and know that either your brother or dad are behind us and might be looking at our behinds, walk extra sexily and with a wiggle, so that the wobble in our buttocks drives them crazy. It's really sexy to a man to see that."

Ok, mom" replied Nisha, "I'm game for that also," continued Seema, "Maybe we should wear some tight fitting or lower cut tops, just to get them thinking about our boobs as well. That should help spice things up too! But how far should we go mom? And remember, I'm going back to boarding school in a few days," said Nisha. Well, I think we should start slowly.

We want to light the fire of lust in them both, and tease them gently to start off with. Once their lust is raging they will be like putty in our hands and will refuse us nothing! I would say for the next few days," Seema continued, "Wear some sexy clothes and maybe bump up against your dad with your ass and bend over in front of him when you get the chance so he becomes hooked by your fine backside and body even more than he is now.

Perhaps before you finally leave for school again in a few days, we should think of some extra hot tease for him, so that when you come back for the mid term break in a few weeks, he will be primed for the taking. In the meantime, while you are away, I will see how far I can get with Aditya. My intention is to be having some sort of sex with him by the time you return at mid term.

I'll slowly get Rahul to know about it when the time is right, and persuade him to let me continue to have my fun with Aditya, in return for him having you. How does that sound? Mom, you're amazing, replied Nisha seeing how cunningly her mom's mind worked. She was quite happy to go along with this, but would definitely still keep a secret of her boyfriend from her mom for now.

Maybe later if all went to plan and they were all having sex with each other at home, she would reveal it when it would be more likely to be accepted. After all, if the family was going to be having incestuous relations at home, her mom and dad could hardly complain about a proper boyfriend who she was having sex with as well! The plan seemed perfect, and would also help satisfy her high sexual appetite too.

Yes, that's fine mom. Maybe we can both give each other help on what to wear, that would be most alluring. Good idea darling" said Seema smiling, and kissed her daughter on the cheek and we should definitely have some fun with each other like we did just now when the men of the house aren't around – I did enjoy it," she added.

Great" replied Nisha, "I enjoyed it too" and gave her mom's left boob a playful squeeze. Come on let's get dressed before the boys come home," said Seema finally. Let's start now with some sexy clothes, go to your room and pick something out and bring it here," she added. Nisha jumped off the bed in delight and almost ran out of the room.

Seema watched as her daughter's bubble butt jiggled and wiggled as she left the room, with her fine, pert tits gently swaying in front of her. Mmmm lovely,' she thought to herself, 'She'll drive those men wild with desire once we get going,' and smiled secretly inside of herself. Still naked on the bed, she could not resist inserting her index finger inside her pussy and fingering herself gently at the thought of Nisha seducing her husband and she her son.

It sent an electric current of lust through her after a moment, coming to her senses, she got up and went to her clothes cupboard. Browsing, she picked out some off white cotton pants and a tight fitting plain blue top. It wasn't very low cut, but showed off the size of her ample bust. She decided not to wear a bra so that her nipples would show through the material of her top. She wondered how long it would take for the boys to notice.

In front of the mirror, she put on some lacy panties, just to make, she feel more sexy, and then squeezed herself into her pants. She had liked these in the shop because they hugged her ass well without being too tight. They were comfortable, but also showed the curves of her ample butt in all its glory as she walked, as the material was thin, it showed the movement of flesh of her ass as it rippled while she walked, unlike a pair of denim jeans which tended to keep the skin taught.

Jeans didn't really suit her now at her age, but she thought she'd try a pair one day during the course of the seduction, just to see how Aditya and her husband might react. Nisha returned to her mom's bedroom and said as she entered, "What do you think mom?", and gave a twirl as her mom sat on the bed.

Seema looked on with a smile of pleasure. Nisha had put on a tight pair of blue jeans, which showed off her bubble butt in all its glory, and a yellow t-shirt, which although was not low cut, still showed off her pert boobs well.

That's lovely, darling" said Seema. "A good start, I think – not too showy –yet! And how do I look?" She got up and did a twirl in front of her daughter. With her back to Nisha she said, "Does my ass look good in this? It sure does mom" replied Nisha. Those pants really show off the curves of your ass well. Bend over a bit for me so I can see how it looks when you do that?"

Seema obliged my placing her hands on the bed mattress and bent down slowly, sticking out her butt a little and giving her daughter a little sexy wiggle, as she felt the the fabric of the pants stretch against her ass and into her butt crack. Wow, mom, you look really hot. You should bend over like that in front of dad and Aditya a few times and they'll be so horny.

As she spoke she moved over to her mom and knelt down behind her and slapped both cheeks of her mom's ass and kissed each butt cheek in turn through the panty fabric. "I couldn't resist that mom," she said and then got up. Seema laughed as she stood up straight and turned towards her daughter. "Give me a kiss and a cuddle darling. Nisha embraced her mom and they both hugged.

Seema let her hands wander down to her daughter's ass and felt it through the fabric of the jeans she was wearing, letting her hands wander all over the round, full globes of each butt cheek. Nisha responded by doing the same to her mom, feeling the flesh of her mom's ass through the thin fabric of the pants she was wearing and cupping each buttock firmly, one each hand.

Seema brought her mouth to Nisha's and kissed her, inserting her moist wet tongue into her daughter's mouth and Nisha responded, as they both exchanged a sloppy wet kiss whilst fondling each other's backsides. It was quite a horny sight, if anyone had been watching. After a few moments, satisfied at the sensuous touch and feel of each other with their mouths and hands, they let go their embrace. Mmmm, that was good," said Seema smiling now, young lady, let's go and knock 'em out!

That evening after dinner, both Rahul and Aditya had hard-on's as they sat in the living room watching the TV. Both had been incredibly turned on by the evening's events. Both had noticed the object of their lusts even more this evening – Rahul had noticed his daughters fine bubble-butt ass on returning home from work, especially as she seemed to be wearing a new pair of smart jeans, and during the evening her backside.

I had been near his eye level a few times whilst his daughter had bent down to pick things up off the floor she had dropped. She had appeared unusually clumsy during the evening, dropping things as she walked by where he had been sitting, either in the kitchen or living room, but he had not thought anything special about it. He'd also noticed how sexy Seema's ample ass looked in those white pants she was wearing. He was looking forward to eating her pussy and ass out and seeing her butt in all its glory in a long 69 later, when they had gone to bed.

He was going to give her one hell of a fucking and he was feeling so horny after seeing Nisha, in particular, looking so hot again. Aditya, in the meantime, had already jacked off once after coming home from a day out with friends. After he'd showered and put on some fresh clothes, he came into the kitchen where his dad had been sitting, whilst his mom and Nisha prepared the evening meal, and his eyes had almost popped out of his head, seeing his mom's ass in those figure hugging white pants.

Luckily his dad had been absorbed in the paper, or so he thought, and so he was able to watch his moms butt cheeks and they wobbled and jiggled whilst she walked about the kitchen. And Nisha, she looked pretty hot too in her tight jeans too, but wow, his mom really looked amazing. He also noticed his mom's boobs more this evening, and although he couldn't be sure, he thought he saw the shape of her nipples under her top, but he dared not look too closely to make sure.

Once during the evening, he'd gone to get a glass of water and his mom had bent down in front of him to get something from a low kitchen drawer, and the way her ass had looked, as it filled out in her pants, showing off her wide butt cheeks, he'd wished he could have knelt down behind her and kissed and felt up her ass there and then. His dick had been straining in his pants at that point, and he had to go to his room and jack off.

As he came he thought about his mom's ass stretching wobbling and in those white pants of hers and he came a bucketful. Later, as he sat in the living room with everyone else, he had a hard on again. His mom had just been walking around the living room, and had decided to stand over by the bookshelf, picking out something to read. She seemed to spend ages there browsing and showed off her ass again as she seemed to wiggle her butt cheeks, first resting on one leg as she stood and then the other, as she picked out a few magazines.

Aditya tried to be discreet as he watched his mom's backside, as his dad and sister seemed to be engrossed in the TV. Then, his mom went down on her knees on the rug in front of the low cabinet doors, which were at the base of the bookshelf. She opened the doors and now on all fours with her ass in the air started looking for something, which seemed to be buried at the back of the cabinet. Nisha, come and help me find the book I'm looking for" said mom, her head still towards the inside of the cabinet and her butt in the air.

Nisha got up and walked over to the bookshelf and knelt down next to mom, in a similar position, on all fours with her tight jean's wrapped butt in the air. 'Fuck, what was an amazing sight' thought Aditya, at the sight of both his mom and sister on all fours with their sexy asses in the air like that. Then they both started wiggling their butts, as they seemed to try to get a better position to find what must have been well hidden at the back of the cabinet.

To Aditya, his mom's wide ass cheeks looked awesome as the white cotton fabric stretched yet again. He could clearly see her panty line. Nisha's ass looked pretty good too although it wasn't as wide and ample as mom's, which he preferred. Aditya was so wrapped up in watching them that he hadn't noticed that Rahul was watching them too, and had noticed Aditya's ogling.

After another minute or two, Seema seemed to find what she was looking for, and both women got up. That was it for Aditya, and he said his goodnights, as he desperately needed to wack himself off again to get some relief. He locked the door to his room and grabbed a towel he kept for the purpose of wanking off into and lay down on his bed. He started to fantasise about his mom in her white pants as she had been on all fours in the living room. In his fantasy though, he was alone with his mom in the room.

Whilst his mom was on all fours with her ass in the air, he moved behind her and knelt down. He placed his hands on her ass and started to squeeze and feel all over her wide butt cheeks. His mom responded by saying "Oh, Aditya that's so good, feel mommy's ass good. He carried on squeezing and feeling her and then kissed around her ass through the fabric of her pants. Then he reached under her and undid the buttons holding them up and pulled them down in one forceful move, down to her knees.

She was wearing no panties, revealing the flesh of her ass cheeks in all their glory. In his fantasy, his dick was hard now and he unbuckled his trousers and pulled it out, and started slapping it against the crack of his mom's ass and then on each cheek in turn. Then he placed the tip of his cock between the fleshy cheeks and pushed them together so they clamped over his shaft.

He hadn't entered her pussy, but was just waking himself in her ass crack using the flesh of her ass cheeks to rub against. He continued thrusting between her ass cheeks faster and faster, harder and harder against the flesh there , until he finally came with a groan and grunt of pleasure, letting his spunk fill her ass crack and then all over her butt cheeks.

Simultaneously, Aditya came on the towel. He lay back and relaxed, enjoying the after-glow of enjoying yet another fantasy about his mom's glorious ass again. 'If only it could become reality,' he thought to himself, and closed his eyes, relaxing backing on the bed. To be continued Part IV

Fucked Mom With Mangalasutra Still On Her

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:29 AM PDT

Guys! This is sameer and my mom is Rupa. I am 18 and my mom is 36 years old now. We are a family of three. My father has his own bussiness to look upon. He is a busy guy and just travels. Due to some income tax issues he made me open a bank account and do some transactions through them also. Coming to my mother and she is really rupa. I don't know why my father doesn't pay attention to her (I mean in terms of sex)

But my mother is really hot and mature. I started looking at her in that angle when I heard a bunch of guys in a mall secretly talking about her. They were not able to move their eyes of my mother. Then I realised the beauty of her. She is of above average height. She has very less belly fat as she does all her household and the garden work for herself. The diet she takes and the household activities she does made her really sexy in building up her body well.

I completed my 12th and am free for like 4 months until I joined my degree. So, in this time, I made it a point to watch movies. Slowly they turned into blue-films. Even that was not enough. I went to internet centers and started to get acquainted with much other stuff. At this point of time, I come across the site. After that I got an internet connection to my computer in my house and been a regular visitor since then.

I specially don't miss the stories on mothers. I started to look my mom in a sexier look. She wears sarees mostly dark colored ones and always wears mangalasutra around her neck. This really makes her appear sexy. She being fair, the dark colored sarees used to suit her very much. She has firm breasts and good butts. She also ties her saree below her navel.

Whenever she puts her pallu in her waist, her navel would be seen. This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Even when I observe, I make it a point that shee is not observing me. I am a good boy to her. I came to know from the stories that I have read that women after marriage are sex starved ad specifically those who don't have anymore sex with their hubby. I know that my parents are far from sex or rarely have sex.

So, I decided to seduce my mom, my rupa. I took some cues from this site. I listed out step by step process to seduce her. I strongly wanted a brother from her (I mean he would be my son of course). First thing I decided to do is to show off my body. I started wearing cut banians in the house. I am an athelete from my schooling itself. I have sixpack also. When she inquired me why I was wearing only cut banians,

I said that it's too hot and asked her ain't I stylish? "All heroes who have good body like me should expose to hot girls" and laughed. She told naughty boy. I then slowly started roaming without anything on my top. People say that I am really good looking. So, me being good looking and having good body attracted her. Sometimes she is seeing me.

I don't know if she was seeing me as a woman rather than a mother. I now wanted to hug her atleast from the back. So, I started going to kitchen to help her. Now and then I started to touch or rub her and pretend that it happened involuntarily. Slowly, we both were moving freely in terms of movements. Once, while she was preparing food, she was wearing a bit low neck blouse and I could see her more of her back. Instantly

I got a hard on I went and slowly put my hands on her shoulders and made my bare chest touch her back and looked at the dish being prepared. It was chicken. I then exclaimed "wow" and kissed her on the shoulders. She thought it was uniintentional. But I know that she also enjoyed. She served lunch and asked me how it was. I then told her that I would show how the tase is.

She asked me to show. I then stood and kissed her on the cheek. She was taken aback and asked me what I have done. I asked her whether it was any wrong to kiss my mother. But she told me that while kissing I put my hand on her waist and pressed it slightly. I then replied that it was her fault to appear beautifully to a handsome boy. We then laughed. This continued.

I started to occasionally hug her from behind and kissing her on the cheeks and fore head. The intensity of hug increased from the first time to the later times. This was not enough. I wanted her to realise that she is beautiful. So, I started to compliment her daily. She used to blush shyly if my praises increase. I told her that she would look even more beautiful in silk sarees.

She then asked "what is the necessity to appear beautiful?". Then I came to know that I must make her feel that she is missing relationship with a man. So, I started to ask about my dad. Luckily in 3 days it was the marriage anniversary of my parents and as usual my dad was out of town. I called my dad, congratulate him and asked him that I would buy some clothing stuff to my mom and myself on their marriage occasion.

He appreciated me for taking care of the family so much. So, I told mom to get ready for going to the market to buy something. While going to the mall I asked my mom to remove her huge tilak that she usually applies on her forehead and replace it with a shining sticker. Also, I told her to remove her mangalasutra and wear Punjabi dress.

She didn't accept to that. I told her that when she comes home I would decorate all of these to her and told her that this will not be of good style outside. Then she reluctantly accepted it. When we entered the shopping mall, I asked the lady present there to "show some modern stuff to my friend. My mom got surprissed. I laughed at her. The lady there showed some bottoms and tops.

She took the measurements and showed some tops that have short hands almost near to the shoulders and slightly above the navel and bottoms that cover just the knees. My mom was reluctant to take them. I took her to a side and requested to take those saying that they are of new trend and people wear only of that sort outside. I told her that having a pair of that kind is always safe and finally told her that I want my mom to be in good modern outfit and there is no wrong in it.

Then she accepted to get one and she said the she wanted to try that outfit. I asked the sales girl to give a size lesser to the present one and selected the black color. Before my mom went to the dressing room I told her to free her hair. When she came out of the dressing room. She was like bomb shell. The sales girl also said that she was really good in that outfit. I told the sales girl that she would go like that.

I paid the bill and we went to another section having fancy sarees. There without me introducing anything, they were asking me what I would like to see for my wife. My mom was stunned. I whispered in her ear that "told you that you were very beautiful and young. She then reprimanded me and told me to tell the guys there she was my mom. But I said that it wouldn't be good and asked her to tell the same to them.

She then understood the situation and there I asked them to show the latest stuff. All they showed were of highly transparent sarees. She then looked at me in unwillingness. The sales girl understood and told my wife I mean my mom that it was the latest design. I asked a black and green color saree. It was highly transparent and it wa as if no material is there.

They understood my taste and showed us similar kind of stuff in yellow, pink and red. Then we went to the blouses section. There I asked the sales man to show the latest designs. Then he showed some pictures and said that these would suit for your wife". This time my mother felt shy. I took the pictures and selected a design that is a low cut one. I also selected a blouse that is sleeveless and low cut and more bare back.

It is bigger in cloth than a bra. My mom's face turned red in color. Then the tailor said that this is the latest design and suits perfectly well. After the tailor took all the measurements, I took him to a side and told him to stitch tighter. He understood and told me that I wouldn't be disappointed rather come to him one day to thank him. I felt happy. I gave him some extra tip and left the mall and came home.

Soon after I reached the house, mom asked me "what is happening to you?"

I replied "Nothing is happening. You do still not know the world".

I asked her to remind and see how many ladies are in revealing outfits? And she said Almost everyone

Then? What's wrong"
Mom: "But I felt bad"

Me: Nothing to feel bad. Its common Rupa, Sorry mom
Mom: "Why are you calling me with my name as if you are my husband?

Me: "As the people in the shoppoing mall were constantly referring you as my wife, I got used to it"
Mom (mischeviously): "It's better if you leave it now

Me: "Sure Rupa sorry mom hahaha
Mom (mischeviously): "Naughty boy. You told me that you would decorate the tilak and mangalasutra back on me before we left. Remember?

Me: "Alright, I promised that I would decorate tilak and mangalasutra back on you before we left. I am ready to do so
Mom: "No need"

Me: "I promised and I have to"
Mom: "If you really want to do something for me Cut vegetables and clean kitchen tomorrow"

Me: "I will do that also. First let me do this atleast."
Mom: "Its night, so I will not wear mangalasurtra chain just put tilak"

I then took some of it and put on her forehead and inbetween her hair.
Mom: "What are you doing? Only husband should keep in between hair"

Me: "Anyways, I am husband to you for today Rupa! hahaha"
Mom: "Shut up you are becoming mischevious"

During the night I told her that I would sleep with her.
Mom: "Ok

In bed. Me with out anything on my top.
Me: "Mom. To be frank you are very beautiful today"

Mom: "If you want something you can ask me directly. You need not praise me"
Me: "I am frankly saying this. You are very beautiful in that dress"

Mom: "Oh! so it is the dress not me!"
Me: "I mean you are beautifull but in that dress you are damn sexy there was some silence as it is the first time I used the word sexy. She then turned to the other side and covered the blanket. I crept into that blanket and kept my hand around her waist. At This point my bare chest is touching the bare area of her back.

Then I touched her waist with my fingers. She didn't object. I then kissed her nape of the neck. I slowly moved the saree to a side and touched the front part of her belly. She gave a moan. In the mean time we got a call. It was my dad. We talked with him for about 1 hour. She never mentioned the incidents happened in the mall. Then I came to know that even she likes it. It was late and we slept.

Next day and she was in a slightly transparent saree and a tight blouse. I could clearly make her back as she tied the saree very tightly and was working. I couldn't resist crushing her from the back but I had to control. I asked her to make cake. As all the things required for cake are in the store room and she asked me to bring them down from the store room.

I suggested that it would be better if I lifted her in my hands and she removes them. Mom and I know that it is easier for one person to stand on stool and remove them. But she accepted it. I then came to know that even she likes me touching her. I was in a T-shirt that time. I removed it immediately. She asked me the reason. I gave a silly reason saying that if any dust falls while removing the T-shirt will be spoiled.

She asked me to lift. I bent down and hugged her from below the buttocks and lifted her slowly. My lips are exactly infront of her navel. When she removed everything from there, she asked me to bring her down. I told her to check if she removed everything from there. While doing so, air from my mouth touched her navel and I knew she felt it.

She replied that everything is removed. I exclaimed "good" and kissed her navel and slowly started to bring her down. As it was a great chance, I crushed her while bringing her down. Even after putting her down I was still hugging her. And she mischeviously said that "Excuse me Mr! I am already down. We both laughed and went to our work.

2 days later, we received the stiched blouses. The black one was awesome. The next day was the marriage anniversary. I brought mom to the hall, asked her to close her eyes and put two gifts in front of her and told her to open her eyes. She opened and was excited to know that I bought gifts for her. In my parents married life, as far as I remember there were no gifts to her at all.

I asked her to open the first packet. She was happy to see it. I was gold chain mangalasutra with threads at the two ends that are to be tied. She looked at me with a questionmark face. I told her that mangalasutra is the best gift on the occasion of a marriage anniversary. She felt happy and slight tears of joy came from her eyes. She opened the seccond packet. It was a golden waist bracelet.

I know that ladies are very fond of jewellery and my mom doesn't have a waist bracelet till now. She was spellbound happy and hugged me from front. I felt heaven and hugged her back. She asked me "what gifts does my dear want from me on this occasion?" still her hands round my neck.

Me: "you must wear the black saree with the black color matching blouse that we ordered in the mall and spend today's complete time with me".
Mom: "That I will any ways have to do as we bought it with lot of cost. Ask for any other wish I can do".

Me: "Ok then, allow me to decorate you the gifts that I bought. In that way I feel lot satisfied"
Mom: "So sweet. I will any other wish?

Me: "You must not be dull as dad is not here on this occassion. Forget him for today and see dad in me for today and be happy as always".
Mom: "Ok dear."

Mom put the mangalasutra and gold waist bracelet in front of God and prayed him.
She went to take bath and got ready in 1 hour. In the mean time I bought lot of flowers from the market. She wore the saree in the sexiest way possible to make me happy. She also wore the mangalasutra that dad tied around her neck 18 years ago.
I can see her navel through the saree.

She tied it 4 inches below her navel. Oh my God it is explainable. The blouse is very tight on her. The blouse is crushing her voluptuous breasts. I can see the upper part of her breasts and the crack front the saree clearly. She just turned back and moved her hair from there and I can see the bare back. She tied saree very tightly. So, her butts lining can be clearly made.

She turned forward and I hugged her and wishpered thanks in her ear. I asked her if I could decorate the gifts. Mom said "Very gladly I made her stand in front of the mirror. I came in front of her. Removed her pallu and she felt shy. Took the waist bracelet and standing in the front I tied it at the back. After tying, I kissed the soft white skin of her waist and the navel.

She moaned. I stood up. I shy she immediately covered her breasts back with her pallu. Anyways, it is waste to cover also. As the material is verymuch see through. Her tits became hard and want to come out of her blouse. Here, I asked her if I can take off the mangalasutra that dad tied.

She said "Yes darling I removed the knots that dad tied around her neck, put that chain down. I took the newly bought mangalasutra and said that I would tie it.

She said"Actually only husband has an authority to tie"

Me: "For today treat me as your husband or new husband rupa!"
Mom: "Ok

While I wwas tying it aroud her neck, she felt shy. I put 3 knots. I said, now you are my wife Rupa! She gave small shy smile. I then kissed the part where the mangalasutra touches her neck. She moaned I showed her flowers and she turned back. I put them in her hair and kissed on them. I then took the other Mangalasutra that dad gave and tied that one also. I said" I want dad also to have fair part

She now closed her eye I took bindi and put on her fore head. Kissed the bindi Kissed her eyes, ears. I asked her to call me husband. She touched my feet and said "Dear husband I am yours from now, I then removed the loose end of the saree. It fell down. I kissed the part where mangalasutras are hanging. Kissed the breasts moved down and kissed the navel Mom moaned "husband.

I said "Rupa my darling." I then kissed her juciy lips. We now forgot the world. We kissed each other passionately for 10 minutes in seconds I removed the hooks of her blouse. She was topless. I also removed the petticoat and panties. I also became nude.
We were now in deep love and hugged each other so tightly that my lovely mom crushed in my hug and no air is between us except the Mangalasutras.

I kissed on her Mangalasutra and again on lips. In no time my penis was near her vagina.

She asked me "What are you up to?
I replied "I want a brother and a son, we now kissed passionately.

I entered my penis into her vagina (my birth hole) she said "Fuck me hard dear husband. I am your slut now. I fucked real fast. I loaded kgs of cum inside her. In mist of the time our lips were locked only. After the session I asked mom whether she would become pregnant.

She said that she definitely will in some more sessions from now. After that she told me that she would once fuck father and blame the pregnancy on him. We still fuck each other. My mom is carrying my baby now. Girls please do not e mail me. I am not interested in sex with anyone except my mom

My Mom Snaps

Sexy Sister In Law Poonam

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:26 AM PDT

Hi to all readers Vikky here again with my real incident with my sister in law. I am not a good writer so sorry for mistakes first of all I will like to introduce myself. I'm 41 years old from Delhi and like married lady. I don't believe in emotional relations except my wife belive in Fuck and Forget. This real incident happened around 3 months back.

In my last story I told you how I made relations with the wife of my brother in law. Now as I promised you to tell that how I fuck her sister too, I write here. I made my relations with my sister in law Suman many times. 3 months back I have to visit officially at her town for a day only. So I decide travel to her town by my car (200km away) but till evening I could not finish my work in office so after talking my MD

I decide to stay there only so that I could finish my work next day. Then I ring to my wife and told her the situation. Then I visit to house of my in laws for stay. But did not inform them so that I could surprise them and when I reach there elder sister of my sister in law (Poonam) open the door. She wishes me and we reach inside. When my sister in law seen me, I feel she her more then happy.

I could not understand first. But when I ask for my brother in law, she informs me the he had gone out of city for 2 days. Then I understand but also disappointed that I got so good opportunity but will be fail due to her sister. Then we had chit-chat for some time. I will like to tell you about her sister (Poonam) also, I will not say her sex bomb but good looking married lady after chit-chat around 1 hrs.

We take dinner. When Poonam goes to bathroom, Suman told me that she will reach in my room after sleeping the Poonam. I was happy for that. Around 11pm we leave to our bedroom. They both were in her bedroom and I was in another. After waiting around ½ hrs due to tiredness I sleep but both of them having some chit-chat till that time. I night Suman came to me and arouse me.

We huge and kiss each other. Both of us were waiting for this time and involved in sex. But unfortunately she forgets to lock the bedroom. After some time we made necked each other and go for 69 position and she was moaning. We involved in each other so much that we could not recognize that her sister also awake and I was outside our bedroom. After listening our moans she stay outside and seen us involving in sex.

I came to know latter that she was standing outside around 15-20 min before entering the room. When she enter the room and seen us in bed necked, she shout her sister. What are you doing Suman have any ashamed? After listening her voice be both scared. Suman told sorry to Poonam and begged her for not to say her hubby or any other person. But Poonam shout again to her as well as me. I was quit on bed. I see that in between she was seeing my thick cock from her side.

After requesting around 10min. Poonam told that she will not say anything to anyone but there will be one condition. Suman agreed for any condition. Then Poonam told that only and only condition is that Suman will stay in her bedroom and Poonam will stay in my bedroom all the night. We both were surprised. We see lust in her eyes. Listening that I jump to Poonam and lip-locked

Suman also requested to stay in same bedroom but Poonam shouted her again. After requesting so many times she agreed but told that she could come in this bed room only after 3 hrs and told her if you want to see us we will not lock the room and can see us from her bedroom. After which Suman leave us and we both hug each other I kissed her neck and press her large boobs from her top.

Then slowly I removed her top and suck her nipples, in between I loosen the thread of her salwar. Which was slipped down I see her without any bra panty (fully necked). She was looking stunned beauty. I kissed her again and suck here boobs for some times. She was playing with my cock. After some time we were in 69 position. She was moaning loudly.

Because she knows that now one is in home except Suman. Who knows all and we were around 1 hrs in 69 position. She cum 3 time in between and I cum once in her mouth. She says that her hubby never sucks her and neither she sucks him. She was crazy then I leave her request her to allow Suman also to come in room. Then we call to Suman also in the room.

But Poonam already told us that I will not fuck Suman today night. Now I was ready to fuck Poonam. I position my cock at the entry of her pussy and push slightly. Head of my cock goes inside in slippery pussy but stuck then. On pushing heavily my cock was inside her pussy completely but she shouts loudly "bahanchod fadega kya? Itna mota lund liye huye hai.

On listen these words I was excited. I begin to move slowly first and then faster. She was moaning loadly. In between Suman come and sit in her head facing to me. Now I was fucking hard to Poonam and Poonam was sucking Suman's pussy and Suman was lip-locked with me after fucking hard around 25 minute. I came inside her pussy in between Poonam cum 2 times and Suman 3 times. After that we slept on each other around 10 minute then

Suman requested to Poonam to allow her to be fucked once with me. She agrees and then I fucked all the night both of them and slept necked around 5am in the morning for 3hrs around 8 am Poonam awoke us. We all were nude in bed. I huge both of them and leave to bathroom. Then we bath together. There I again fuck both of them and come outside. Then they leave to prepare breakfast.

I have leave for my office so I agree but told them to be necked till I leave to office. They both agreed and told me also to be necked. The both preparing some snacks I goes to kitchen and seen them necked. I was horny again. On seeing my cock Poonam smiled and say that your Jr. seems hungry till now. Listening this I come on back on Poonam and kissed her. She takes support of kitchen slab and pushed her ass on my cock.

Now her pussy was in front of my Jr. again. I pushed hard in the pussy and fuck her again. Till then Suman completed the snacks and told us to come to dining table. We sit there and begin to take our breakfast. In between Suman comes to me and sit on my cock. Now I was pressing her boobs and finishing our breakfast. She was rubbing her pussy on my cock. After some time my Jr. was probing her juicy pussy.

I push my Jr. to her pussy. She turned immediately and sit on my cock facing me. Now she was fucking me hard. We both were moaning load and Poonam was enjoying our seen. She fucked me some times and we both cum together. After washing us I leave to office around 12 in noon. This was awesome tour of my life. I will like to get your responses specially female mail me at

Day With My Aunty

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:25 AM PDT

 Hi readers this is naughty 21 m 5 feet 5 in from Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. This story is about me and my aunt named Moni (name changed) I was very naughty from my child hood. I use to watch dirty posters of movies in papers and actress from my child hood as sexual hunger was there in me from my child hood from 8th class only he he.When I was in class 10 there was a friend of mine called Tharun he used to watch porn pictures on net

He used to talk about sex and at that time I came to know the word fuck.One day he gave me some nude pics of girls in a floppy disk and later some sex scenes which grow the lust in me .Coming to my Aunt now she was my mothers younger sister .She was Not very fair in colour but wheatish 5-3 in height and figure was awesome I don't know numbers am not writing .When I was in class IX I went to my aunts home as I usually did to play with my cousin.

I didn't use to look my aunt with that view any time but one day in the midnight when I went to drink water I heard some noise coming from my aunties room I bought a ladder and peeped through the ventilator to my surprise my uncle and aunty were nude and my uncle was on my aunty kissing her and moving back and front ah what a sight it was from that day I used to look my aunt in a different way with an evil eye.

I used to watch her breasts and ass when she was near and it was the first time I saw Porn XX on tv on ZMGM that made me more horny I use to watch and use to mastrabute in the morning or night thinking of my aunty in the bathroom.When we use to have lunch or dinner I used to sit beside her so that I can mistakenly touch her feet or feel her legs but she use to move her legs and behave normally cause

She didn't have any thing like that for me but she liked me very much. She use to kiss my forehead and even hug me some times ah what a feeling it was I could feel her breast but till that time she didnt noticed any thing in me and after 9th I went 2 hostel from 9-12 in these period never got chance just used to have eye contacts with her which showed that the way in which she looked had changed I Saw some lust in her eyes.

And when I completed 12 my uncle had gone to UAE and my aunt was there at my home oh I forgot to tell she had a son. So they shifted to our home cause they had to stay alone at their home so they were sleeping on my bed when I came I used to sleep in the corner in between my cousin bro and in the other corner my aunt. So one day all of a sudden I woke up in the night I saw my aunt sleeping ah my dick got erection and I was out of control.

I slowly took my feet and putted it on her feet ah I was feeling so nice ah I massaged it slightly and I think she felt it and she moved again I did the same thing but this time she didn't moved this showed a positive sign to me so I kept it for much longer time and in the excitement don't know when I slept. Next morning I woke up every thing was normal except the view with which my aunt saw me was more changed she started looking at me more often and smile at me and look

My crouch area which gave me positive sign and so the next night I got more courage I woke up again somehow don't know how and again my dick was erect this time I got little more courage I planted a soft kiss on her lips first but before kissing I touched her lips and saw whether she was awake or felt asleep she didnt move so I planted one and again same foot massage and same thing.

But the next night dont know how my brother wanted to sleep in my place and told my aunty but my aunt said no but when he asked me I said yes and we slept when in night I woke up again my dick was rock hard I was very close to my aunty in fact my dick was touching her ass and my legs were on her legs I just wanted to be in that position for hours and I did kept my self there for about half an hour but when

I started moving through and fro my aunt moved so I also moved and slept fearing she would get up and thrash me. So the very next day again same eye contacts and naughty smiles but this day in the night she was cooking food and suddenly the light went off and I stepped in the kitchen and I touched her ass with my dick and was more horny she didn't said anything it gave me more courage and this time I kissed her neck and held her from back

She was moaning aaah and suddenly my bro came from back to spoil our love but he didn't saw us as it was dark so it ended up there. That night was the night I was waiting for I thought, I should have said my aunt before that I want to fuck her tonight but I couldn't so when we were on bed my bro was in middle and aunt in the corner what I did I slowly made him move and the door was open so I slowly closed the door.

And we where in blanket I placed another blanket on my cousin and I slowly crept in the blanket and some how got courage and slowly climbed on my aunt and this time my dick was touching her pelvic area and I started kissing slowly first I touched her lips with my tongue I was on the cloud 9 and slowly kissed her and this time for long and to my surprise she was co operating little bit with me and she opened her eyes I started kissing her madly this time and even

She, I kissed her all around starting from four head to toe and more on her neck and lips and slowly removed her shirt first she resisted but later on I removed her bra and sucked her huge breasts like a wild beast for 10 to 15 mins and now it was time for huge action so I removed her salwar forcibly and used my XXX experience placed my dick in the vagina by rubbing the vagina lips and sliding it wasn't going in that easily

I used my spit and she held my cock with her hand and guided it in and she moaned aaaah and I was very eager to fuck her but I started slowly and then started to stroke forcibly but she started moaning loudly so I stopped and fucked her slowly it gave me fun and was sucking her lips and breast simultaneously while stroking she was also kissing me back and after 15 mins I cum inside her so I cleaned my dick and washed it and made her suck and we did 69 position for few more mins and

Later after some time I took her down on the floor and there was a bed there again we fucked for few more mins this time I fucked her hard with hard strokes and to stop her moaning loud I kept my mouth on her and was sucking her tongue and fucked her for more 20 mins I suppose then I fucked her big ass it was more fun fucking her on the ground and again cummed inside her gaand and this is all what happened and we had many more fucking sessions like this but until she left UAE we had fun now am left alone I miss you Neha Aunty for feedback , plz comment

Only Once With Sister

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:23 AM PDT

Hi, Readers, this is a new member navamandmadhudu011. I am from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I am 40 years old now. But, this story took place twenty years ago, when I was just 20 years old. Our family consists of 3 members, my father, mother and my elder sister. My elder sister was 25 years old then.She completed her P.G. and my parents are eager to get her married. But, as they were looking for a match of NRI (USA)

It was getting late and so my parent's burden was increasing steadily year by year. She herself refused to marry a few NRI boys as they weren't good looking. My sister is pure white and very beautiful and every body gets tempted to fuck her atleast once in a life time. At first, I didn't have any sexual feelings on my sister except the great pride I was having for being the brother of such a beautiful sister.

But, I suddenly observed her un-usual interest in buying carrots. She went to the market and keenly selected some carrots and used to keep a few long ones with her for eating. We took this as usual. But, some thing un-usual observed by me for a few days. I observed her taking a carrot especially at the time of taking her bath and bringing it back after a while.

I grew intersted to know why she was consuming it in the bath room very often. Besides, as our both rooms are side by side, I heard a few rythemic sounds at the time of taking my bath when she was doing hers simaltaneously. I luckily found a small hole in the wall between the two bathrooms and one day as I heard the un-usual sound I got curious and peeped through the

hole. I was shocked when I found that my sister was sitting nackedly on the tub, spreading her legs and inserting the carrot in her cleanly shaved pussy, and moving it faster in, and out of it. She was moaning a little bit, and increased the pace and soon she inserted in hard into her wet pussy and gave a small groan. She closed her eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

I couldn't control myself and seeing her beautiful figure nackedly I started musterbating. At that moment I started craving for fucking her at any cost. From that time onwards, it became a routine for me to musterbate while watching her doing it with a carrot. One day I did musterbating while watching her excellent performance. That day, after her work is finished she went away, but, as I did not get satisfied with once,

I started doing it for the second time while fantasizing her gorgeous body and beautiful face. As I was slowly reaching my climax, I just heard the door of my bathroom opened at once and to my shock I found my sister was staring at me in surprise. I still held my cock in my hand and giving finishing touch. I found myself in such a sarcastic situation of holding my cock tightly in my hand and cuming.

She looked at me seriously and shut the door. I got worried very much as I feared that she would scold me or tell the same to my mother. But, every thing went as usual and nothing serious happened. That night as I was about to go to bed she entered my room seriously and asked me to close the door. I did as I was told and stood before her with my head was down.

She lifted my face with her hand and looked seriously into my eyes. I started shivering. At once she laughed aloud and pinched my cheek. I felt a bit ease and smiled at her shyly. She asked me how long I had been doing what I was doing then. I admitted that I just started doing it only for a few days. She asked me whether what made me horny and whom I was fantacizing.

 At first, I didn't tell her any thing, but after a lot of force I admitted that It was none orther than my cute sister that I was fantacizing. She got a little shock and told me that I was lying. Then I told her that I had watched her musterbating with a carrot every day. She was more shocked and found that she was being caught. She felt blushed for a while and avoided looking into my eyes out of shyness.

This sudden change in her made me a bit bold and I slowly told her my craving for fuck her even once in my life time. At first she opposed the idea strongly saying that it was a sin to think like that with a sister but as I told her that I even like to die after I get a chance to fuck her, she partly agreed to it but told me not to hope to fuck her with my cock. I accepted it and she came a bit close to me.

We both hugged each other tightly and started kissing each other. There was atleast a lip-lock for 15 minutes. I felt that I was in heaven. We sucked our tongues for a long time. She bit my lips and sucked them with hers. I held her beautiful face in my hands and kissed her eyes, her beautiful long nose, cheeks, ears and for another 10 minutes. Her face got completely wet with my saliva.

I slowly made her sit on the bed and pressed her boobs slowly. I removed her clothes slowly and she was blushed when I made her stood stark naked before my eyes. I first looked at her big and deep navel and kissed it deeply and put my tongue in it and sucked it. She moaned a bit loud and started undressing me. After sucking her navel I went for her pussy.

I had no doubt that she was still a virgin. I slowly placed my finger in her virgin pussy and started moving it in and out. She was moaning deeply. As I started finger fucking her she took my long dick in her hand and started shaking it slowly. We took the 69 position and she took my dick into her mouth and sucking it as I was licking her pussy. After some time we both cummed in the others mouths and again hugged each other tightly.

After kissing each other for a while, we both became hot again and this time I urged her to allow me to fuck her. She thought for a while and accepted it. I again kissed her face and deep and big navel and liked her pussy for some time. She spreaded her legs and opens her hole, I slowly inserted my dick and she cried a bit and forced me to take it out. But, I wisely closed her mouth with mine and pounded my dick into her pussy once.

She shouted at once. I lay on her until she gave me a signal to proceed. Soon her pain was reduced and she forced me to fuck her more and more fast. I told her 'Akka neenu chaala lucky fellow, neelanti danni denguthunnanduku Naa janma dhanyam.' ( Sister, I am very fortunate to have a chance to fuck a beautiful sister like you.) She encouraged me by saying 'thammudu, inka naaku carrots tho pani ledu.

Nuvve naaku pedda carrot, naa pelli eppudu ayina paravaledu, nannu nuvvu ilage dengu roju'(Brother, I don't need a carrot hereinafter, I don't mind when I will get married, as you are fucking me like this everyday.) I increased my pace and she also responded to my thrusts. Soon we reached climax and I un-loaded lots of my cum into her pussy and hugged her.

She held me tightly and had her orgasm. We both lay there and slept for a long time. Until then it was a daily ritual for me to fuck her until further 2 years. And I used to fuck her at least daily twice and often 4-5 times continuously. I hope you like this first story of mine and I want to send your feed back . Have a nice day and an excellent fucking session with your sister or brother.

Little Sister Pinky's Virginity Lost To Me

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:21 AM PDT

Hi readers this Raj, and the story which I am going to tell is in fact a real story which happened with me which pulled me into incest. It is this experience which made me write many stories here. It was with me and my cute little sister Pinky and our sexual relationship.

Pinky was in her 10th standard and I was in doing my intermediate. We were residents of busy streets of Pune. To begin with I didn't have any sexual experience and I was very much obsessed with sex and female sexual organs and everything. It was because of my traditional family I guess. Our family to traditional and was always careful in controlling me and my emotions towards anyting related to sex or nudity.

My mom and sister Pinky used to close doors of the room when they are taking bath in the bathroom and didn't open until they got dressed. This was the situation at my home. Though I was obsessed with sex I used to watch for cleavages in around the city like any average guy. I used cut pictures of exposing actresses from magazines and keep them in my wallet.

This was for masturbation tonight or in the shower. We were a middle class family I didn't get enough money to spend in watching blue films not I had a computer at my home since this happened long back. Even in these circumstances I never thought I would think about sister as a sex object. But it happened as a miracle since even my little sister Pinky didn't resist to do adventures with me.

One day, my sister along with her friends was practicing a dance rehearsal at our home which they were performing at their school. Since our house had only three rooms our hall was the largest so they were dancing in the hall. And i was watching TV by lying on the floor at a corner. My dad was not at home and my mom in kitchen.

These girls were wearing short skirts and tight t-shirts which was their costume for the dance too. Actually I have never seen my sister in Skirts except in school uniform or in chudidhars. So I did give her a look but didn't concentrate much. As they be dancing and I was lying on the floor it happened that hey need to do a dance step which included of spinning their bodies in 360 degrees.So this made their short skirts float and revealed their thighs. I was awestruck with this view. It was so amazing to see the beautiful clean shapely thighs and tight revealing asses out of their panties of these young girls. Now I started watching them all in a sexual angle but what was more astonishing was that out of all the girls my sister Pinky had the best thighs.

And this made it impossible to take my looks off her. Pinky had a good figure of height at time around 5'4. Her thighs were in very good shape with smooth calves and fair thick thighs especially round ass covered by a thin panty. I started imagining touching them and licking them and also smelling them. As these feelings made it worse and from that moment my view and perspective changed altogether.

Now I started looking at her swinging youthful breasts held by the tight t-shirt. After watching her for some while new thoughts kept on running in my mind. I wanted to smell her inner parts which are a common feeling of that age. So quickly went into the bathroom and picked up her worn underwear and started smelling them. It was like heaven for me.

I started collecting her bra, panties and petticoat to smell it while sleeping and masturbating. Of course I never picked them when she had periods (lol) the smell of her vaginal fluids mixed with her sweat was unforgettable for me. The best thing was we never used perfumes at that age which made the smell much more relevant.

So I was not satified with just smelling I wanted to do much more, but I kept on thinking and thinking in my mind for like a month after the main incident and one fine auspicious festival day I got chance like I said we were from a middleclass family so we bought a new camera which my dad bought me as a present and only I was authorized to use it since it was (considered) expensive.

My dad always told me to take a hold on number of pictures because in those days like in early 2000's we have to develop the photos in the studio which cost extra money. And my sister used to always request me to take a snap of her. I initially used to refuse but since my perspective changed towards her i started taking snaps her more often. So on this festival day my sister was wearing new Gagra so she asked me to take many snaps of her.

Now I wanted to use this as a bait to do somehting more. My dad and mom went out to relatives to meet and wish them on the festival day so we were alone. So I asked Pinky to come inside my parent's room since it was litte clean and pictures would look good. She accepted. Then I shot two pics of her and told her that it was over. Saying that I went on my parent's bed and sat over there

Now Pinky came to me and started forcing me to take more pictures. She went like Bhaiyya kay hua, lets take another few snaps please, I need to show them to my friends" etc. I asked to sit beside me, so she did but she actually went on lying on the bed. So I said I will teach her how to operate the camera so that she can take her own pictures. She said ok and was excited and then I gave the camera into her hands 

And she was observing all the options and I with almost bursting heart slowly kept my hands on her feet. She didn't react and then I was pretending as if I am explaing some shit to her and kept on moving my hand up towards her thighs inside her gagra. She was busy looking inot the camera and taken away by my words. Also she was little innocent and immature to notice such kind of behaviour.

But I was now almost rubbing my hands on her thighs and my shivering fingers suddenly touched her pussy. She shook in a jerk. And said Bhaiyya what are you doing. Why are you trying to touch me over there. Then I said if you want to knw camera and take more pics of yourself just be quiet. She first said this and that and finally she said ok. It was her pure ignorance and she didn't know what mistakes and pleasures that single yes meant.

Now she was holding the camera and I started feeling her thighs openly by lifting her gagra above her waist. She was feeling shy and smiling. Then I pulled her panty down and felt her cute pick pussy lips which were covered by mild hair. It was like silk and all of the sudden we lost power at our home. Since it was around 8 o clock in the night, our room went dark and beast inside me pushed my head into Pinky's crotch.

I kept my tongue on her pussy lips and licked them good. It was clean and soft. I went deep and deep. She now kept the camera aside and started enjoying the moment. I don't know how it happens but Sex is a natural process and it needs no training. She was holding my head and pulling my hair as i licked her pussy. Then i pulled her down by holding her legs and started kissing her on her lips.

She was more than happy to do beacuse its all pure sexual instincts acting over there. She didn't have any experince neither do I. But we were like a hot young couple on the bed. I kissed her for sometime and simultaneously put my fingers deep into her vagina. Then suddenly our phone rang. We both were jolted. She moved away from me.

Which was a natural reaction and then I picked the phone to hear that my dad saying that, my mom n him will be late and they will reach home by something around midnight which left me a window of 4 hours. I went back to the dark room and my sister Pinky was on the bed all wrapped in the blanket and on the corner of the bed.

Then I thoguht I should first make things clear because I knew I was about to do something big in next few hours. So I went close to her and asked her. Pinky, did you like what we just did"? She said smilingly yes in a cute romantic voice. I again asked will be comfortable if we do it again and again daily"? She said yes and then I asked her.

She really like it then asked her to remove all her clothes. Meantime I went and closed our main doors. As I walked in our power at home came back and lit the room in bright light exposing Pinky in all nudity. She was standing in front of the bed naked and her gagra panty and bra were at her foot, which I realised that she just dropped. Her boobs were sprouting out with long nipples in dark pink color.

She had little hair on her pussy so it was clearly visible I stripped off my clothes and slowly grabbed her ass and lifted her and made her lie on the bed and started exploring her whole body. She was murmuring and moaning throughout the process. I kissed her for long time like a lover and we played with our tongues by biting them and stuff.

Then i kissed her neck and took her nipples into my mouth sucked them good and hard. I played my tongue over her both nipples rapidly. Then kissed her navel and licked her pussy again whihc was drenched with her orgasm. She was having her first orgasms of her life I suppose and also she had multiple of them. Then my dick was hard enough now. I made her feel my huge hard penis.

It was first time for both of us so it was all pure sexual feelings. She held it hard and felt happy, surprised and excited. I asked her to suck it, she said yuck, but then I forced and convinced her saying that how I sucked her pussy and stuff. Then she accepted and sucked it nicely throughout. She didn't do it properly but picked up very fast in doing it right.

I was enjoying while she did it. Then I inserted my fingers into her vagina and played with it for a while so as to make it enough wide and used to large sized objects. Then asked her to bear any pain caused and not to shout in any circumstances and then I pulled her legs wide and arranged her position into the missionary position and then slowly rubbed my dick on her pussy lips. She said it was not paining but it was tickling and smiled about it.

Then I started pushing my thing inside and she was ok untill half of my rod was inside her but she felt the pain when I inserted my whole penis into her vagina. She was about to shout but I closed her mouth tightly. She was becoming restless as I increased my thrusts. She was sweating and she was like in another world while the fucking progressed.

She was holding me tight all the time and I was enjoying the fun in exploring her tight virgin pusssy. It was tight in the beginning but later it was all smooth for me. While I was about to cum I asked her to point her mouth and splashed the loads of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it and said it was nice. Then to my surprise she asked me to do it again. Then we did it for 3-4 times that day before my parents came. She was tired that day and also affected by fever.

But later we continued the sexual relationship for many years. We explored many fantasies as we grew older. I also convinced her to do anal and much other stuff. Since we started our sexual relationship at very early stage we are now experimenting our relationship in threesomes and sister swapping kind of fantasies so that we are always excited and not bored of each other. She is now married and even iam married now but we still do maintain a very good healthy Sexual relationship.

Son Is The Best For His Mom

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:20 AM PDT

Hi friend I am new for this site. I never post any stories here. But I read los of stories from 2008. I am 22 year old boy, live in Kolkata. My name is Mithun Banerjee. My father is Govt. service holder now stay at Delhi for his job. My mother is a sweet housewife. Father age is now 44. Mom age is 41. Before marriage my father was very poor. My father marries my mother due to his job. My mother is not looking good.

She is dark color and fatty. Now come to main story. Father transfer Delhi 4 years ago. From then mom and I live Kolkata. I have aunty mom's sister who take care us, sometimes she comes to our house or over phone. One day when I came back from collage mom speaking with aunty over phone. Mom was crying. I reach mom room and follow her speak what she tell to aunty. Mom telling about their relation to aunty.

Dad never behaves well with mom etc. Hearing this I felt very upset is dad does this with mom, how it is possible. After a while I knock the door mom fully off from crying and open the door. After freshness mom give me food and we speak normal thing. I like matured lady with big boob large ass always follow big ass lady when walking on the street. This is my fantasy. But never think about my mom.

After mom and aunt conversation my mind fully changed how I satisfy my mom. Dad not a good man he treat my mom as a servant. Thinking this my mind grow incest. My mom color is dark but figure is so good. One night I bring mom bra and measurement it. Mom bra size is 40. Big size and panty size is 36. Seeing this I fully aroused what a figure. But mom butt also very big.

From then how I convince mom thinking every day. In the mean time I was purchase a form from railway book stall there I found some adult stories book I purchase it. In midnight I open it and found lots of mom son fucking stories. Out of that one stories like my story "kalo mayer valo cele" same as mine. After reading this story I masturbate three times.

My cock size is 7 inch long. But I am unable to find way how I convince mom. After a few days I put that book on my table and go out for evening. When I came back home at 9 pm. There is no change. But after dinner I am sitting for reading mom come to my room. I asked mom you not sleep. Mom said no I have some conversation with you. I asked about what.

My mind is throbbing. Mom said what you are doing now a day. I said nothing only prepare for exam. Mom said doesn't forget I am your mother. I said what mom. Mom said I saw a book today here in your table why you purchase this type of book it's broke your life. I said sorry mom this not mine Amit my friend give me this book. Mom said its ok you refund this to him and broke friendship with him.

I said ok mom. Mom said it spoil your life. I said no mom I am growing man. Mom said no baby you are my only way for alive so please do not do this again. I said mom you read this book. Mom no responds. I asked mom is it really happened. Mom said no it ever happen some perverted person like it. I said so you read it. Mom become angry and said you are very bad manner talk with elder without any sense.

I said sorry mom. Mom said ok. After few minute mom said ok now sleep I am going to sleep. I said mom please wait more few minute I have some mom said what some. I said I here conversation with aunty about you and dad. Mom said what. I said you know what. Why dad transfer Delhi. The relation between you and dad is not sound. Mom said no need to know.

I said ma please why dad do this. Ma said you don't know, because I am dark color and he is good looking for this. Mom began cry. I said ok mom please forgive me for hearting you. Mom is crying without sound. I said ma I will speak with dad. Mom said no need I am well without him. Mom said you sleep no need thinking about me. Mom goes her room I am sitting on chair for an hour.

Mom come back again and said you still sitting here why you not off your light and goes to bed. I said mom there is no sleep in my eye. Mom asked why. I said I don't know. Mom said please you not spoil your life thinking about us. I said mom if I get a job we leave dad and we go another place. Mom said why. I said I will punish dad by this. Mom is laughing.

Ma comes here further why I thinking in my mind can I approach her. Mom said what you are thinking. I said nothing. Mom said no something in your mind. I said mom if you don't angry can I say something. Mom said why I become angry you tell. I said mom if you agree like that stories "kalo mayer valo cele" Then we teach dad you not finished. Mom hearing this she shouted how you dare say that.

I said sorry mom please forgives me. Mom you are thinking this. I said yes mom. Moms slap on my cheek and leave my room. I am crying why I tell mom what I do know how I show my face to mom. After few minute I bring a rope from stair room and think I will hang on ceiling fan. When I close the door and light off mom knock the door. Mithun open the door. I said no you go I will sleep.

Mom said no you open the door. Please open the door. When I open the door mom come to my room and take the rope and asked what is this, hug me and said please baba you don't do this how I alive without you. I am sorry baba. I began cry. Mom said you know what you want it is sin. No mother and son could do this. I said ok leave it I am not pressuring you.

Mom said why you bring this rope. I said I will finish myself. Mom said no baba please don't do this. I said ok you leave me now. Moms are standing near me. I sat on bed. Mom said please baba forgive me. I said ok no problem you now go. I will sleep. Mom said how I agree you are my own son. I said Amit my friend he also do this with his mom, his mother a widow they both mom and son are very happy.

Mom said you really want me. I said of course. Mom said you ok come on son your mom ready for you. I hug mom within a second and kiss on her lips. Mom also kisses on my lips. I open mom shree with kissing her lips. Mom said road side windows are open please close somebody may see us. I close the windows and hug mom again now mom only on blouse and petticoat.

What a boob I hold with two hand and press tightly. Mom are moaning and said ahh. I unhook mom blouse, mom wearing also bra. What size mom. Mom said too big you like it. I said yes mom I like big boob. Mom said please open bra it hearting me. I unhook moms bra. Now mom lovely boob open to me I began sucking it. What a nipple like a dead.

I suck and squeezing mom boobs softly. Mom become mad, and holds my cock in my shorts. I unhook mom petticoat. Mom is not wearing any panty and shaved pussy. What a scene I have ever seen. I finger my middle finger it is fully wet. Mom said you see your mother full nude but I can't see anything. I said ok mom you open my short. Mom down my short and my 7 inch cock come out from my short.

Seeing my cock mom said what a size. I asked mom its ok for you. Mom said very big bigger than your dad. I said come on mom now we fuck. Mom hugs me and said yes son your mom so hungry please fulfill your mom pussy. We both ride on bed and mom sleep on bed spreading her leg and call me come on. I sat between her two leg and put into her pussy and press it enter into mom pussy.

Mom said ah after a long time I get it. I asked mom how you feel. Mom said I never describe how I feel only pleasure and pleasure, please fuck me harder please fuck me harder. I said ok mom ah mom its very pleasure it make me heaven mom. Next in Bengali ma kemon lagse balona. Ma ballo baba emon such ami er age paini please jore jore chod tor make chude chude gud fatiyee de baba.

Ah ki aram lagse baba de de jore jore de aaaaaaaaah eto such dibi ami bhabini baba de de aro jore de oh ki je such bole bojhate parbona baba. Ma amar dhoner size thik acheto ma. Ma ballo ha re sona amar navi porjonto dhuke gachee baba. Ami bollam ma baba tomai keno chode na bujhte parinia tumi ato sexy tarporo baba tomai chode na ma ballo or chai kochi mall forsa kalo or ekdom pasondo hi na.

Ami tomai chudbo ma baba je annyai korese ami tar sob pusiyee debo tomai chude chude. Ma ballo ha tai dibi. O ma ebar sotti balo ma cele chodachudi kora jai to. Ma ballo ha jai amara to ma cele te chodachudi korci. Ma ballo jore de sona ami r thakte parcina jore aro jore dhoka aaahhhh mago amar cele amai ki such dichee re baba ohhhhhh aaaaaahhh galo baba galo.

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Fucking Of My Beautiful Mother - Part III

Posted: 17 Oct 2011 08:18 AM PDT

Best wishes to all readers. Raja is back with continuation of fucking of beautiful mother part II. I came back from the flash back.(In the last episode I went to flash back of fucking session had with my mother in early morning ) I could hear the voices of my mother and servant maid out side of my room. Immediately I dressed up and went to toilet and after finishing my morning urges I went to dining room for breakfast.

Having breakfast I told to my mother that I would just go outside and returned within an hour. I returned to home with certain things I purchased and the servant maid was still there, I went to my room and lay down on the bed. After 10 minutes my mother has come to my room with smiling face and told me "servant maid has gone and now we are free.

Just I starred to my mother and she has dressed up with red sari and red blouse, sporting hairs on shoulders and back. She was looking very beautiful like a love angel. I could not remove my eyes from her. She came and sat on the bed and I also made myself to sit and I put my two hands on her shoulders.

Mother: What are you seeing me like this? Am I new?

Me: Today you are looking amazing with this sari.
Mother: Thanks my darling. What is the program today?
Me: Programs will not be revealed now itself but go on see one by one as I have lots of Programs today, now first let us have some beers.

Mother: That means you want to make the events most colorful today.

Me: Exactly amma I had brought 2 bottle beers when I was out, now I opened the same and poured into glasses and I gave one glass to my mother and said cheers. She asked cheers for what? I told cheers for colourful fucking mother laughed ahhhhhhaaa we have finished our quotas.

Now we were under influence of alcohol. It made us some what sexy and hot. I held her face with my two palms and she also held my face with her hands. Slowly I brought my lips into her lips started to kiss gently. But she was very eager. Immediately she went for deep kissing. We ate our lips each other. I took her tongue in my mouth and sucked, she also made same thing.

We ate our each other's saliva. Our kiss ended after 10 minutes. Then I told to stand on floor and I went near her started to remove her clothes. First I removed her sari then unbuttoned her blouse and untied the petticoat. Now my mother was with bra and panty. Wow! What a beauty. Then my mother started to undress me. Now I was completely nude and my cock stood like a pole.

She was gazing at my cock and smiling showing her hand to my cock. Then I removed her bra and panty. I was observing every part of her nude body and enjoying it with my eyes. The huge white breasts with big brown nipples, little fat belly, her shaved pussy, thighs and the most beautiful buttocks. I was caressing every part one by one.

Immediately she has hugged me and started to kiss deeply. My cock was throbbing her belly. After 5 minutes of our lip lock, I sat on the cot and told her to stand on the cot and took her buttocks to my face. As I already expressed her buttocks may measure 42 inches, white big but rounded well shaped. Really I was mad of her buttocks. Not only have me will every one who sees her buttocks become mad.

How nicely it is giggling while walking, I cannot explain. I put my two palms on that and making circle. I pressed it, felt the butter softness. I could not control my self, immediately I placed my mouth on it licking, biting pressing my face on every space of the asses, ass crack. I continued it for 5 minutes and then told to spread legs and just to bend.

I made stretch to asses, and found ass hole. I placed my lips on it for a while and put spit on it and started to lick. My mother started to moan slowly holding her one hand to her waist, another she brought back and holding my head and pulling towards her ass. I tried to my tongue go inside the ass hole but not succeeded. I kept licking for some time.

Afterwards I parted my face and taken the packet from the table, mother asked" what is this? I told just keep watching it was the butter packet which I brought today morning. I have taken some butter with my fingers started to apply on the asses, mother was watching with surprise.

After pasting butter on the ass fully, I started to lick the butter and I swallowed entire butter applied to asses, I told her to just bend again and I put some butter on asshole and licked it, I pressed my tongue into asshole and now about half inch gone inside of asshole and I kept licking for some time and mother moaning with pleasure. Then I brought my tongue just below and I got her pussy and I found it was wet,

I drank the juices which were oozing out from the pussy, ohh it was tasty tasty and kept licking, mother moaning ahhahh I asked mother to sit on the bed. We were looking each other's eyes with love, affection also lust. Mother started to kiss me again, this time she was kissing on forehead, cheeks and lips everywhere. Then I asked

Me: Amma I want to ask you one thing.

Mother: common, ask me my dear 
Me: Amma you have a very beautiful ass like porn star. I want to fuck it, can I?
Mother: What? my ass? No chance, even your father did not use my ass.
Me: please amma, it is my great desire, I am mad of your ass amma, whenever

I see your ass I could not control myself, please allow me to fuck your ass.

Mother: See son, your cock is very big, definitely it will tear my asshole it pains me.
Me: No amma, I wont give you pain, but I will give you only pleasure that is why I
brought butter to use as lubricant, if you feel pain let me know, I will stop fucking.
Mother: You ass fucker, you will not leave me then.

Me: Amma, I will stand on the floor, you lay in a doggy style on the bed it is easy for me to fuck your ass.

Mother: Okay son, but be slow. We were in position. I took some butter with my finger and pasted fully around my cock and put some butter on the asshole of my mother. I inserted my finger slowly into ass hole, it is going inside

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Hello all, My self is Honey(nick name) I was a big fan of I daily used to read all the stories and watching the sex clips. Finally today I got a chance to share my experience which was happened very recently and forgive me if my literature having grammar mistakes because I have written this story by sitting in bus.(bcoz strike going on in Hyd so I got only bus to travel) I think to expressing, feeling is more important than grammar ha haa..
I am sharing my story in short and simple way. let me introduce my self My name is Honey. I am basically from Rajahmundry and doing job at Hyderabad as software engineer.I am looking little bit good, having good physic, 5.10 feet height and not too fair in colour.. I had a friend name Souji (Nick name) when I was studying my B.Tech. she was very good and having charming face.
now I will tel me past story and how this things will started. we were good friends and our friendship is bit cross beyond normal one. after 2 nd year of we slowly talking about our personal things so that our friendship has became too strong. normally we speak in cell phone for more time after college.
After few days I started talking dirty words, some times she ignored my words and cut my call also, because she was good in nature as I mentioned but every time I forced her. this thing was keep on running for few months after that she like my words. We used to do phone sex and one day I asked her that I want to fuck u.
she simply rejected and said, "I gave u much lenience if u go beyond this I will leave u". so I dint force her because I dont want to loos her friendship and more over she is very good in nature.. and finally I got success upto make her to do musterbate during my phone talk..and after that I start sending some links of sex movies, when she is in mood I got a advantage to have nice phone sex.
I want to fuck her for real, I even asked so many times but I got same reply " NO". you wont believe that I dont have even single nude picture of her..This thing was happen till the end of my 2010. I even know all her sizes. she having small boobs, 32-26-38. I very much like her back, its looking like Illiyana ( actress telugu). my thrust cant filled out But My was over.
After we cant do more and we dont have time to even speak, but when ever there was a time we normally speak about personals and romance. 1 month before she said her marriage got fixed. I feel sad and even she because we are too close.we even want to love and marry but its not possible for so many reasons..( I dont want to waste time by mentioned all)
She said she having engagement after dussara and then marriage on November 1st week and all cards are ready given for printing also. As I am coming to dussara to my Home Rajahmundry and I asked her to meet but she refused and said my marriage was fixed so I cant meet u openly. so 3-4 days back she call me and said that she want give me invitation card.
I think it is our last meeting to see her face. I said your always welcome my doors are always opened for you. 2 days back it was my fate that she call me and said she will come today to my home. she is clever enough and asked me that is there your parents in home???....she knows that what can I do if she come infront of me alone.
luckily my parents were gone out side and they will come after evening. So I am very Happy that I can atleast Hug for last time. and cleverly I said Yes my parents are at Home. She said she is coming in 15 minutes and she is near to my Home. So many thoughts are coming into my Mind.I am 23 years old and hungry for sex.
So I want to take advantage of this time.If my fate is support me then anything can be happen. I immediately took my bike and buy a condom packet at Appolo medicals which is next street to my House and reached back. Finally she came and first question she asked where my mom, bcoz she know how naughty I am.
I initially said mom is doing work at downstairs and we start speaking emotionally that it was our last meet and after marriage there may not have a chance of meet etc... she started crying, I asked why? she hugged and said I love U... I surprised and said I too love u and asked what happen, she said she dont like that guy and she expect guy like me.
Then I said dont worry you will soon start liking after your first night.then she said thats why I like you. after long time I saw her, I think after 6 -8 months. I asked her that your size is increased. She replied ya 34.. again I started speaking sadly that its our last meet bla bla bla.... She became emotional and Hold my hand and kiss on my hand By her kiss I got erected.
because my mind is mentally fixed that I have to do romance..Then I Hugged her tightly and start kissing on her neck. because I know its her weak point during my phone sex. she start responding and suddenly asked that your mom is at Home. I said my mom is not here, she understand that I wont leave her and I start kissing her neck and slowly on lips.
I kept my hand at her boobs. initially she throw my hand and after some time she liked it.. and we kissed like hungry people who doesn't have food for 3 days and just now got... then after I kept my hand at her bottom and took her to bed.we kissed for 15 mins then I slowly lifted her top salwar.
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I was waiting for a blood which come from vagina. But it was not came. I surprised and start ramming in and out, She is sounding and moaning like anything but the virginity losings blood is not came. but I can see very little drops are appear on my condom. I asked her that u should get more blood while first fuck. She said she got blood while she doing musterbating with two fingers.
while I was doing phone sex I said her to do with 2-3 fingures and even she did that. So today I got a new information that a gal who do musterbating with 2-3 fingures can also lost virginity and got blood. I dont know guys wether it is correct or not. I am fully confused with that concept and my cum has came for second time. and after I even did 3rd time after half an hour.
This is my real time experience and it may be my last meet with her. Next day she call me said she got some blood vagina while she doing pissing. So guys I hope you enjoy by reading this story of mine and once again sorry for my grammar which I used. please clear my doubt that if a girl do musterbate with 2-3 fingers can get blood and wont get blood while having sex.

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Pahle Hum Hanse Phir Nain Hanse, Phir Nainan Beech Hansa Kajra
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poochh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Daba-Daba Ke Bakshon Ko, Usne Mujhko Madhosh Kiya
Phir Choom Liya Aur Chat Liya, Phir Tarah Tarah Se Choos Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Angan Se Ragdat The Angan Ko, Sab Angan Pe Jeebh Phirat Rahe
Sarwang Mere Behal Hue, Mujhe Mome Ki Bhanti Pighlay Diya,
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Aage Chooma Peeche Chooma, Choom-Choom Mohe Nidhal Kiya
Ubhre Angon Ko Sajan Ne , Daton Ke Beech Dabay Liya
Main Kaise Kahoon Tujhse Ae Sakhi, Ang-Ang Pe Nishani Chhod Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Mathe Ko Usne Choom Liya, Phir Aankhon Ko Usne Chooma
Hothon Ko Lekar Hothon Me, Sab Ras Hothon Ka Choos Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Chumban Ki Barish Sun Ree Sakhi, Uper Se Niche Badtee Gai
Main Siskari Leti Hi Gai, Wah Amrit Ras Peeta Hi Gaya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Apna Tan Lekar Wah Ri Sakhi, Mere Tan Madhya Samay Gaya
Phir Spandan Ka Daur Chala, Tan Manthan Yog Me Doob Gaya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Spandan Kramsah Tej Hue, Maine Bhi Nitamb Uthay Diye
Main Leti Gai Wah Deta Gaya, Ab Seetkar Ullas Hua
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Khatia Kee 'chu-Chu' Ki Dhun Thi, Aur Spandan Kee Thap Sakhi
Uski Sanson Ki Hunkan Ne, Anand-Agan Ka Kaam Kiya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Main Pust Hue Wah Pust Hua, Uska Takiya Mera Baksh Hua
Gahree Sanso Ke Toofano Ne, Kramsah Bayar Ka Roop Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Main Upper Thi Wah Neeche Tha, Stan Wah Muh Me Bheeche Tha
Dono Hathon Ki Unglion Se, Wah Mere Nitamb Dabata Tha
Satn Ko Unsne Sun Ree Sakhi, Daton Me Jor Se Bheech Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Janghaon Ko Usne Sun Ree Sakhi, Kammar Ke Beech Lapate Liya
Dono Pawon Se Nitambon Par, Kuchh Aisa Daab Banay Diya
Sarwashwa Uska Jaise Ri Sakhi, Mere Andar Madhya Samay Gaya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Phir Usne Chalna Shuru Kiya, Mai Sthir Rahkar Thi Naap Rahi
Aidion Se Mere Nitambo Par, Wah Daab Bipreet Dabata Tha
Ras Se Bheege Mere Ang Ne, Uska Stambh Sambhal Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Uski Chalon Ka Pratiuttar, Maine Bhi Dena Shuru Kiya
Wah Ek Chaal Chul Paata Tha, Main Do Chaalen Chal Deti Thi
Phir Sajan Ne Mujhko Aye Sakhi, Ghode Par Jaise Bithai Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Mere Stan Bheeche Chhode, Main Ghode Par Thi Daud Rahi
Ghoda Itna Sarpat Dauda, Sajan Ne Aakhen Bheech Lai
Girne Se Pahle Sun Ree Sakhi, Maine Sajan Ko Bheech Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Main Nischal See Sun Ree O Sakhi, Uske Shareer Par Let Gai
Usne Ungliyan Dheere Dheere, Mere Balon Me Pher Dai
Maine Bhi Aise Sajan Pe, Apna Sarwashwa Bikher Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Wah Darpan Tha Aur Yah Hum The, Darpan Me Humre Pratibimb The
Wah Behad Hi Masti Me Tha, Mujh Par Bhi Mad Ki Masti Thi
Maine Dekha Un Angon Ko, Jin Par Sajan Ne Pyar Kiya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Mai Letee Thi Woh Leta Tha, Ang-Ang Ko Usne Chooma Tha,
Hothon Se Usne Sun Ree Sakhi, Mere Najuk Ang Ko Jhakjhor Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Ek Kiran Ushma Ki Jaise, Mere Tan – Man Me Daud Gai
Maine Bhi Uske Ang Ko Sakhi, Apnee Muthhi Me Kar Kaid Liya
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Sir Ke Neeche Mere Takiya Tha, Aur Aankhen Thi Darshak Meri
Wah Uttejit – Bibhore Sakhi, Mere Man Ko Tha Bharmay Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Maine Garden Ko Utha Sakhi, Usko Muh Mahi Kheech Liya
Mujhko To Do Sukh Mile Sakhi, Usko Jiwha Se Saras Kiya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Woh Stan-Ghati Se Utarta Tha, Uuh Gufa Me Jay Samata Tha
Maine Hothon Ka Alingan, Aur Jihwa Ka Use Dular Diya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Anubhav Shukh Ka Kuchh Aisa Tha, Mujhko Besudh Kar Baitha Tha
Lagta Tha Yug Yun Hi Beeten, Tham Jaye Samay Jo Beet Gaya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Saajan Ne Kai-Kai Aah Bhari, Aur Apni Akhiyan Mund Laein
Mai Besudh Thi Mujhe Pata Nahi, Kab Jwalamukhi Tha Foot Gaya
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Muh, Gaal, Stan, Gardan, Sab Anand Ras Se Tar The Sakhi
Wah Garmahat Wah Shheetalta, Kaise Me Karun Bakhan Sakhi
Mere Man Ke Is Aangan Ko, Wah Kamsudha Se Leep Gaya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

Anand Ke Sahbhagi Sajan, Main Pun-Pun Yah Sukh Chahu Sakhi
Bujhi Charam Agan Bujhi Charam Jalan, Maine Adbhut Anand Liya
Us Raat Ki Baat Na Poonchh Sakhi, Jab Sajan Ne Kholi Angiya.

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Question. I am a 16-year-old girl. I rub my private parts and my nipples when I masturbate. I also have this habit of pressing my vagina with my legs crossed. Is this normal? I do this thrice a day. I get frequent headaches, and sometimes my legs (calf area) pain. Is this harmful? Please guide.
Answer. What you are doing to satisfy yourself is a common method of masturbation. But you have certainly gone overboard in your frequency. Learn to have better control and do it only when you are sexually excited. The pain you are experiencing is because of excess masturbation.

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Ek Bus Me Sab Seats Pe Mard Baithey The
1 Ladki Khadi Thi.
Kaafi Der Baad Wo Boli:
Kaisa Zamaana Aa Gaya Hai....
Chut Khadi Hai,
Lund Baithey Hain...!!!

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Hi I am a regular reader of stories, this is an incident of me and my massi, this happened a few years back, I used to always fantasise about her since a very very long time, since we stayed in a small city and since she's my massi could never think of goin nywhere further, let me tell you her vital stats she's a hot hot babe,dosent look married and all, a bit small boobs but used to love to see her in a skirt.
this happened when my mausa was travelling out of town,i had an oppertunity to stay with her at night since she was home alone, I reached pretty late at night around 2am with a few pegs down, was in school at that time, after she opened the doorshe said its too late and slept, I changed and lied on the bed, could sleep cuz was toooo high thought what do I do now,
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