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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Happy Diwali 2011

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:53 AM PDT

Dear Friend, here's wishing your family and you a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali from everybody at We at will try and make sure you have a blast everytime you visit our site. Thanks.

Joke: Let Me Count The Ways - Adult Poem

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:45 AM PDT

3 iron hard dicks
I suck each one
my cunt, ass, and mouth
are all gonna get done
3 sets of balls
for my hot tongue to caress
3 sets of lips
to kiss, lick, and suck my breasts
6 strong hands to hold me down,
make me submit
2 spank my butt, 2 grab my boobs,
2 massage my tender clit
3 curious tongues
my entire body they probe
from my toes, to my neck,
to my labia folds
30 manly fingers
doing their part to make me cum
3 hefty barrels of jizz
my 3 holes are gonna get some.

Krish fucking hot neighbour Poornima

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:43 AM PDT

My name is Krish and I am from Bangalore. This is true incident that happened when I was 17 during my Pre-university summer vacations. This is about my neighbour Poornima who was waiting for her 10th Results. She was a very sweet and busty girl with pimples on her face. Since I used to masturbate, I never used to have pimples on my face.
I was a frequest visiter to her house as both her parents were working and younger brother used to go out to play cricket. We used to get talking and she used to ask me the reason as to my face without pimples. At first, I used to avoid her questions and one day I told her that there is a sexual reason for that. She wanted to know what it was.
I told her that horny people get more pimples. Then she asked me if I was not horny. I told her that even tough I am horny, I masturbate every night. She wanted to know how to do that, and since it was a time that internet was still not as popular as it is nowadays, told her that tomorrow I will explain on how to do that and that she will have to co-operate.
She said its fine. The next day, I went to her house immediately after her younger brother went to play cricket and asked her to lock the door. She locked the door and we went to the bed room. At first I asked her to sit near me and told her that I will explain to her and she has to listen very carefully and that I will not repeat the instructions once again.
Even though I was only elder to her by 2 years she was eagerly listening to me. I ask her to lie down on the bed. She was wearing a T-shirt and bermuda. I slowly touch her boobs with the T-shirt on and slowly started massaging her boobs from the outside itself and asked her to do the same to her other boob. she was doing it and I slowly started pinching her nipples.
She was getting some feelings and was slowly arching her back. I then asked her to take her T-shirt off. She was not wearing any bra underneath and her boobs were like small apples. I slowly took one of the nipples in my mouth and started sucking it and playing with the other boob with one hand. I slowly inserted my other hand into her bermuda.
She was wearing a panty. I slowly started massaging her click from above the panty itself. I stopped suddenly and then she asked why did you stop. I told her to remove her bermuda and panty. There were light coming out from the bedroom window. She said there is light and she is shy to remove them. I told her she has already removed her T-shirt and she is half naked in front of me.
Then she asked me to remove then. I removed her bermuda and panty and slowly started massaging her clit and sucking on her boob. She started getting excited and I slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. It was very tight as she was a virgin. She started feeling some pain and asked me to stop. I told her it will only pain for a few minutes and then she will be okay.
She agreed and then slowly started moving my finger in and out. I took hold of her hand and kept it on my dick. She started massaging my dick from the outside and slowly inserted her hand into my underwear. When she had her first orgasm from my finger-fucking, she asked what the feeling was.
I told her thats what is masturbation and if she does that regularly, she will not get any pimples. I then slowly started licking her pussy and she started getting aroused once again. I stopped and told her to take my dick in her mouth and that we will go 69.
She immediately agreed and she came in my mouth once again and I ejaculated into her mouth which she was reluctant to swallow at first, but gradually did. I then lay on top of her and inserted my dick into her cunt. Since my dick if fat and lot, I found it difficult to push it further as she was feeling very painful.
I slowling started to shake my dick in circles and also inserting little by little inside. She was enjoying the feeling and then when I got to her Virgin wall, pushed in suddenly and locked her mouth with my kiss as for her not to scream with pain as we have neighbours who might come to check. I lay like that for a few minutes for her pain to subside.
Asked her how she was feeling and then started to fuck her. After a few minutes, she was enjoying it and after sometime, I ejaculated once again into her pussy and she had orgasmed twice by then. We both went into the bathroom to clean ourselves and also her blood that she had bled.
We removed the bedsheet and washed it off immedately, wore our clothes and opened the door and sat in the hall talking. In 10 minutes, her brother came back from cricket to have lunch. He had lunch and went back to play. We had one more session after that and we made this a regular activity.
I had purchased some condoms and kept it handy with me as I did not want her to get pregnant and we used to fuck without condoms when she used to have her periods as I know it was safe then.

Sex Advice: Girl bleeding after intercourse multiple times

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:40 AM PDT

Question. I'm a 29-year-old man. I recently started going out with a woman who is 23 years old. When I had sex with her for the first time, there was blood and I know that she is a virgin. When we had sex for the second time, one day later, there was no blood. However, after an hour, she went to the loo and saw that she was bleeding. The same thing happened the third time we had sex. Does that mean that the hymen has not been fully broken? The length of my penis is three and a half inches long when erect.
Answer. The reason for the bleeding should be checked by a gynaecologist. After the hymen ruptures, slight bleeding occurs. But after a day, there shouldn't be any blood. Insert your finger deep into her vagina and you will know if hymen is ruptured properly.

Booby MILF bhabhis showing tits and pussy to tease partners pics

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:37 AM PDT

Hot pics of booby MILF bhabhi's posing nude to show tits and pussy to tease their partners.

Assamese lady lying naked showing hairy pussy tits and sucking cock pics

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:32 AM PDT

Hot pics of Assamese lady lying naked showing her hairy pussy and tits sucking her partners dick during sex foreplay.

Horny Latin college couple caught fucking girl embarrassed MMS

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:32 AM PDT

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Naughty desi college couple caught fucking by guys on hidden cam MMS 4

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:30 AM PDT

Jeans stripped of Indian girls body and showing sexy ass cheeksNaked Indian college slut girl mounting boyfriend showing lovely ass cheeks
Fourth part in which the guy continues to kiss and fondle his babe and then strips off her jeans and black panty showing her lovely ass cheeks and continuing his foreplay.
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Naughty desi college couple caught fucking by guys on hidden cam MMS 3

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:30 AM PDT

Indian college girl lifting top and bra to show tits to boyfriend during foreplayIndian guy sucking tits of girlfriend during sex foreplay caught on hidden cam
Third part in which the guy lays the girl on the bed pulls up her top starts kissing and fondling her tits and later stripping off her top and bra to sucks her juicy tits.
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Joke: High Court Ka Judge

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:29 AM PDT

Ek High Court Ka Judge Kahi Ja Raha Tha Ki Jungle Ke Raste Meun Uski Car Kharab Ho Gayi
Door Tak Nazar Daudayi To Ek Jagah Bulb Jalta Dikhai Diya, Judge Raat Wahi Gujarne Ke Irade Se Udhar Chal Pada
Knock Kiya To Andar Se Aurat Ki Aawaz Aay: "Kaun Hai?"
Judge: "Main High Court Ka Judge Hun, Meri Car Kharab Ho Gayi Hai So Main Raat Gujarna Chahta Hun Yaha"
Darwaja Khula Aur Saamne Ek Sexy Aurat Khadi Thhi
Aurat: "Mere Paas Ek Hi Room Hai Aur Bed Bhi Ek Hai"
Judge: "Aap Chinta Na Kare Main High Court Ka Judge Hun Aapko Koi Pareshani Nahi Hogi."
Dono Jab Sone Ke Liye Bistar Par Pahunche To
Aurat: "Mujhe Sirf Bra Aur Painty Mein Sone Ki Aadat Hai?"
Judge: "Aap Jaise Chahe Soye, Main High Court Ka Judge Hun Aapko Koi Pareshani Nahi Hogi."
Aurat Ne Sare Kapde Utare Aur Bra And Panty Mein Let Gayi Aur Thodi Der Baad Boli
Aurat: "Mujhe Saath Mein Lete Insaan Se Lagg Ke Aur Uske Uper Taang Rakh Ke Sone Ki Adat Hai"
Judge: "Madam Aap Jaise Marji Soiye Mujhe Koi Problame Nahi Main High Cort Ka Judge Hun."
Raat Gujar Gaye Subah Judge Sahab Bahar Baithe Chai Pee Rahe The To Unhone Dekha Ki Us Aurat Ne 2 Murge aur 10 Murgiya Paal Rakhi Thi Jinme Se Ek Murga Jo Langda Tha, Wo Sab Murgiyo Ke Piche Bhag Raha Tha aur Dusra Murga Chupchap Baitha Tha, Judge Se Ye Dekh Kar Raha Nahi Gaya
Judge: "Ye Dusra Murga Chupchap Baitha Hai.. Kya Ye Bimar Hai?"
Aurat: "Nahi … Ye High Court Ka Judge Hai"

Ruchi Fucking Sisters Husband - I

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 11:28 AM PDT

My name is Ruchi, I live in one of the Metropolitan city of the India; married, but have no children. To detail my appearance I will say that I am 5.4", bit over weight as compared to my height with nice luscious body. I don't have flat tummy. I have become bit plump after my marriage. I am fair in color, big eyes, and sharp features with a sparkling smile on my face.
It's not that I am very beautiful woman, yes, but sure, my fairness and sharp features with expressive eyes and last but not the least my smile can make people look at me again and again and I really love that. I try to enjoy each and every part of my life, as it keeps me happy. I try to live to the fullest with whatever I do, and this is one of the my lives experience which I really like,
and that is why I am writing it down, just not for this blog or readers of the blog but for myself. It's about my sexual encounter with someone other than my Husband and I was really intended to do that rather it was me who really made it happen. To get into detail of that I will say that from last few months I wanted to have sex with someone other than my husband, just to get even with my husband.
It may seem funny to many of the readers but it is true. All this started when I came to knew few facts about my husband. Actually being on the high post in corporate sector, he was in the regular practice of exploiting his juniors, and it was really very unfortunate for him that he tried to exploit one girl who was my old friend.
She knew this fact that the person who is giving indecent proposal to her is my husband and after a long tussle with in herself she told me this fact that, my husband is trying to get her on bed. That day I really had a big fight with my husband but it really did not moved him even a fraction and he just gave a lousy statement after every argument that this is part of corporate world.
Finally after a long personal tussle, Manish my husband said sorry to me for that and promised that he will not repeat this again. But later I came to know that he was still doing all that but consciously, so I stopped talking to him in this context, as if I don't know anything about this. But from that day something was running in my mind that I too have to have sex with someone to get even with him at least ones, but things really did not went well in my favor for long time.
Many men came in my contact after that, like few of my Husband's friends, couple of neighboring guys, few of my friends husbands and for once or twice I thought about them in that perspective, rather many times I masturbated with my finger in shower thinking about them, but never dared to go ahead in this.
Somewhere I was feeling some sort of insecurity that I may get into big trouble while doing that casually, and since then I was in search of right person to do that, someone who will not black male me in future to do it again and again and with whom privacy can be maintained as well.
Time passed like that and with that my desire of having sex with a other male rose, but always ended either with masturbation while assuming somebody fucking me or after having sex with my husband. Time moved a bit and I continued day dreaming having sex with someone just like that. After some time when I visited another metro to attend one marriage and I was suppose to stay at my cousin sister's house.
At one time before our marriages me and my sister Deepa were really close, just like real sister, unfortunately I was not present at her marriage as it went so suddenly and I was little far from there with my husband to reach there. Anyway Deepa my cousin and her husband Arun were married from last 5 years and were living alone in the town in a two bedroom flat.
First day when I saw Arun live, when he and Deepa came to pick me up early morning from railway station not for a fraction I gave a thought about him in that way. Formally it was our first meeting as I said I was not present at their marriage, and I knew him only through photographs, neither was I much in touch with Deepa after her marriage just through facebook and occasionally through phone.
In a very first meet after bit of conversation I found that Arun is very soft spoken and bit shy in nature, and physically he seemed fit to me, good height nice built and He was quite good-looking, too, with thick, dark hair, a straight nose, a wide mouth and a square jaw. He sported a dark mustache, but his cheeks and chin were clean-shaven.
Anyway in the very first glance I did not gave a thought to him in that way but things really turned in that fashion in my mind at the same day when after reaching home Arun started getting ready to go to his office in hurry and I got glimpse of her bare chest, when he was going to Bathroom to take a shower. White color towel was tied around his waist, up to just below the knees.
His shoulders were wide and strong, His chest was broad and deeply cleaved, and his belly was hard and flat. He seemed really strong to me, and next second I thought about him in that perspective, the way I use to think about my husband's collogues and friends. And just then frisson of excitement stabbed me deep in my belly. I imagined how Arun's hands would feel like on my breasts and nipples.
His tongue would be moist and swift to explore my mouth and cunt. And his cock his cock had to be big and thick and heavy. It would take long to arouse and would last erect for a long time while he will invaded my mouth and plunder my thirsty cunt hard. And in a fraction, desire of fingering my cunt rose in me tremendously, but I sat there only in living room, tea got served to me by Deepa.
I was waiting for Arun to come out; I wanted to see him again, at least in same state, half naked from upper half. After few minutes he appeared again. In the same state but for very few seconds, he just went inside his room after coming out of bathroom, wearing nothing above waist and same towel was tied around, he was wet and feel of water was increasing his sex appeal.
After 5-10 minutes he joined us for breakfast and had little discussion with Deepa about the schedule of the day and then just rushed to his work place, without giving a glance to me or my body in the way I was expecting. That day Deepa took off from her work and as scheduled we went out for some shopping after mid day. I spent plenty of time with Deepa and some how talked to her about Arun and her married and sex life with Arun.
Though not much of sex topic came in our conversation but I came to knew many things about Arun and almost all of them were going against my favor. Arun was very shy person, very reserved with very less sense of humor. Finally in the evening Arun picked us and we sat in a good restaurant to dine.
Deepa was very true, Arun seemed very serious and reserved, also very polite to me, and from his gestures while talking to me, I could see that he was one woman man, he was addressing me Didi, means sister, though we did not had much age difference, hardly an year, even though Deepa who was more than three years younger than me was addressing me with my name Ruchi,
and his this reserve ness and shyness was really tempting me towards him, though I did not liked him calling me Didi, as I was thinking about him in other way. Other than that I was falling for his every style, his way of talking, and everything. I was trying to steal his glimpse without his attention while sitting on the dinner table. Couple of more times he addressed me Didi and I tried to stop him calling me Didi saying "please don't call me Didi, we are almost of the same age".
After dinner we came back home and soon went to bed as both Deepa and Arun were tired, I was also tired but as I was feeling more lusty over my sister's husband and that is why I wanted to sit for some more time to chit chat but it really did not happened. That night I was really feeling very lonely, some different type of desire was rising in my body, I felt never like this for any man,
not for even my husband before marriage or just after marriage, neither for any other males about whom I use to day dream that they are making love to me or some times fucking me hard. After a certain time when my eagerness went so high that I could not sit alone in the room, I came out and tried to peep inside Deepa's bedroom through key hole. I could see almost there whole bed but as such nothing was happening.
I could see Arun sitting resting his back on back of the bed reading something and Deepa must be sleeping next to him. I got disappointed and came to living room and switched on the television and started changing channels. After around 5-10 minutes, Arun came out as he would have heard voice of television. I turned to see him, he was wearing shorts and undershirt, Up close,
Arun was even sexier than my earlier glimpse indicated. He was very muscular and I could see the sinews in his thick biceps and broad forearms. As I mentioned earlier his chest was wide and deeply cleaved, the twin pectorals hanging like broad slabs of rock. His nipples were small and dark, as I was getting glimpse of them also.
I was in my 2 piece nighty, means a shorter one above my knees and a bigger one over that tied with a belt around my waist. He just smiled at me and I replied with a smile initially and then spoke, "mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi". Once again he just smiled and went back after saying "that's fine". As expected that night I masturbated twice in bed before sleeping and cummed intensely while fisting my cunt.
Through out night I was uneasy with his thoughts and again and again found myself thinking about me and Arun in bed together to have sex. I was really getting desperate to get him inside me, but on other hand I could not dare to think of trying anything like that, more over I could see that he was not at all flirt kind of person who will be thinking about me in that perspective, and my any such try to attract him physically towards myself, can lead to huge embarrassment for me.
You can say from the time I have started thinking about having sex with someone other than my husband, Arun was the only one who literary floored me in every aspect. Physically he was really good looking hunk, seemed really powerful to sustain long while fucking any girl, and other way he seemed very gentle and calm to me who can be trusted.
But truly speaking I did not had courage to approach him and more over I did not had much time to do all that. I was there just for few days, to attend marriage and in couple of days I would be going to my relatives place everyday where all functions were held. Anyway somehow I slept that night and as I said I was very uneasy through out night, I could not open my eyes in the morning even around 8, when Deepa came to my room to awake me.
She was ready to leave with Arun for her job, and she just told me that breakfast is ready on dining table and I just had to make tea for myself. I just said ok to her and try to sleep again, but just then I realized that I want to see Arun for one more time so that I can think about him in bed with me for the whole day and I got up quickly and tried to say bye to them.
Unfortunately I failed as I took some time to wear my long nighty over that thigh length short nighty and even after looking down from the windw I did not got the glimpse of my dream boy, as he was sitting in car waiting for his wife and my sister to come. I came back disappointed and took off my long nighty and went inside toilet and came out and then went inside kitchen to make tea for myself.
At that time I was just in my short nighty which was till my thighs, and truly speaking it was never expected by me whatever happened next though I liked that a lot. As I came out of kitchen holding my mug of tea, suddenly I got banged hard by someone, and none other than Arun, he was rushing towards his bedroom in hurry to get something, unknown to the fact that I am coming out from kitchen.
Whole tea got spilled over him mainly, thought I got hurt too with a hot tea but he was literary burnt by the steamy hot full mug of tea. In this collision I fell on him but that hot tea did not gave me much time to feel his body as he screamed because of heat and immediately pushed me aside and ran in the bathroom while taking off his shirt. I jut got up and washed my hand as bit of tea was spilled over my hand.
Everything happened so fast that I could not think of doing anything, I just stood the in my short nighty waiting for him to come out. Arun came out without wearing anything over his waist and once again I got some time to cherish his body. "are you all right" he asked me wile looking at me, I just replied in "ya" and then spoke again "and you?" "ya I am fine" I could see that there was redness on his chest,
but he did not seemed bothered about that and rushed into the bedroom. I walked after him, he took out fresh undershirt and then shirt and picked up something for which he was back and took a leave in hurry. "I am sorry" I spoke from behind and came to the door to see him, "I am sorry, it was my mistake" he replied while getting down while looking at me.
For a fraction I thought that he has glanced my half uncovered body, my sexy legs and thickness of my fleshy thighs and my big breasts making deep cleavage because of tight bra. Instead of making tea again I went into bathroom and took bath, cherished my collision with Arun, I could recall that while pushing me aside in hurry he was holding me from my big breasts,
I really rejoiced that feeling of falling over him in shower and once again that ended with masturbating while fantasizing about having sex with my younger sister's husband. Deepa came back early from office to give me company and as expected our conversation started with morning's accident.
Deepa laughed a lot on that and took all this casually, but at my end I was getting crazy and slowly this sexual fever was taking my life. I casually asked few personal questions from Deepa about her sex life and she replied while being in limit. Once again after dinner we all were in our bed, and once again I was burning in desire to get Arun on my bed, and as expected once again I got up and came out,
once again I tried to peep inside Deepa's room and fortunately it was my day, as I said earlier from that keyhole I could see almost whole bed, I was getting side view of them as I was on the right of Deepa, Arun was standing top less on his knees on the bed and Deepa too was standing in same fashion facing him, she was putting up some cream on his chest and the best part,
Arun was rubbing his hands on Deepa thighs as she was also wearing short nighty till her thighs. Deepa was smiling a bit and saying something which I could hear. After a minute Deepa finished doing that and threw that tube somewhere on their study table and on very next moment Arun lifted Deepa's nighty and tried to take it off, Deepa stopped but after few words she lifted her hands up and Arun took her nighty off.
My sister was just in Panty, she was not wearing bra underneath, her jugs were also good in size, can say Deepa had medium sized boobs, any day smaller then mine. If I had to define Deepa in words then I will say that Deepa is also medium height same as me, bit dusky skinned female with petite body parts, she was thinner than me with a flat belly and medium sized boobs,
her hips were flared to softly delectable buttocks and as compared to me she does not have much extra flesh around her hips, arms and thighs. Her arms and legs are smooth, slender, nicely turned, and her hands and feet are shapely and elegant. Anyway they started making love, Arun kissed her nicely and she lied down on bed, Arun lied over her, and started sucking Deepa's breast.
I was enjoying the sight, though I was not getting proper view but it was more than enough for me to arouse and to rub my cunt over panty. I could not see thoroughly but after 2-3 minutes of breast play they both lifted themselves while lying like that and Arun took off Deepa's panty. As I said earlier I was peeing from on side, so I could only see Deepa's parted thighs, and Arun was laying between them,
and just then Arun lifted himself a bit and took off his shorts and I think underwear too along with that. I wanted to see Arun's cock but for this I remained really unfortunate, till the end. Anyway once again after getting totally naked, my younger sister and her husband again started kissing and once again Arun sucked Deepa's nipples for a while, and then once again Arun got up a bit and I could guess that he was about to enter into my sister's fuck hole.
Deepa parted her legs bit more for that and then suddenly arched her head and bit her lower lip and moaned with an open mouth as the huge cock-head burst into my sister's cunt. Arun gripped her fleshy hips and lifted them up a bit and drove his cock deeper into Deepa's body. It would have surged inward, crushing through her molten cunt-flesh, mashing her gorged clitoris in its passage.
It was really very erotic view; I was watching my younger sister and her husband while making love. Arun kept fucking Deepa with his steady thrusts, ramming and reaming his huge cock ( I assumed that Arun's cock is huge, as at that time I could not see it) into her cunt, squeezing her breasts nicely, and Deepa loved it, I could see Deepa's facial expressions from one side,
and just then Arun jammed his mouth to her, kissing her deeply, thrusting his tongue between her lips. His buttocks continued squirming in her crotch while kissing her, and slowly he broke the kiss and adjusted himself a bit while keeping his cock in my sister's cunt, he was resting on his elbow now may be gripping her other breast.
Arun lifted bit more of Deepa's buttocks and my sister further folded her legs around her husband and with a quick jerk, he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again, jerking his body down against my sister's. Deepa cried out sharply, her face twisted in a renewed paroxysm of lust.
"OHHHHHH OHHHHH!" This time I could hear her pleasure cry, it was crystal clear to my ears, and I could feel the pleasure which my sister was getting while getting fucked by her husband. Deepa's cry made them bit conscious, as it was extreme silence, and Arun kept his hand on her mouth and continued fucking my sister, chuckled a bit, did it again and yet again.
Deepa's body jerked under his, her breasts were jiggling and wobbling with his savage pillaging of her cunt. Arun grunted and began to fuck her with steep, jabbing, ramming thrusts, moving his body back and forth, skewering her cunt with a length of his massive cock. I could see from there gesture that Arun is reaching on his peak and suddenly his fucking strokes into my sister's fuckhole became shorter and shorter,
Deepa's broken sobs of pleasure were almost silent, but I could feel her condition from her open mouth. I could see that she was also on the verge of a wild orgasm. Finally Arun stopped and buried himself deep in my sister's fuckhole and Deepa griped his naked body between her arms and thighs and seemed as if she is also cumming heavily.
They lied there for a while and then Arun got down from the top and just moved to his right and lied there, that was my last chance to see his rod but somehow I did not got even the glimpse of it and failed to see Arun's size. Deepa got up, and started wearing clothes. Expecting that now she will be using toilet and as they did not had attached toilet she will be coming out, I simply moved from there to my bedroom.
I was right just after a minute I heard bit of noise, and then again there door got closed. After few minutes once again I came out, peeped inside again, but both of them were laying and were on the edge to sleep. Opposite to them I was no where closer to that. That night I took off all my clothes and after fisting myself I slept stark naked and once again early morning I fucked myself while thinking about my sister's husband.
Once again through out night I was very uneasy, I was really getting frustrated because of all this, and after watching my sister getting fucked by her husband nicely the way I like to get fucked and by the man with whom I too wanted to get fucked I became more uneasy and felt depressed.
Lust was rising in my nature and I just wanted to do it with Arun, I was dying to get stuffed down there with his rod, and somewhere I was jealous of my sister for that. That night I thought about many ways to give hint to Arun about my demand but in the end I ended up with no to it as it was really very dangerous for our family's reputation.
Next morning once again we got up early as my mother was also coming to this marriage occasion and I companied Arun to railway station to pick my mom and Deepa remained at home. I chit chatted with him, and asked him is he working out as he seems in a good shape. In reply he blushed for a sec and spoke that he use to little time back, now he just control his diet and eat only nutritious food.
Anyway I enjoyed whatever time I got with him though it was not much because train was on time. On my mom's arrival whatever hope I had, to sleep or to get fucked by my sister's husband seemed getting shattered, because now we two were in that bedroom, me and my mom. That night once again I wanted to peep inside Deepa's room but as my mom was with me and she just started chit chatting with me and finally we both slept.
Next day we all were suppose to go to our relatives place to attend Mehndi Raat, and were suppose to stay there for the night because generally this whole functions ends very late at night and distance between that place and Deepa's house was bit too much. I was really very happy as Arun was also suppose to be with us,
and I knew this fact that he will be looking for solitude in that crowded place as is a shy person and opposite to that Deepa was very mixing, so she will be dancing and enjoying the occasion and because of that I was very positive that I will be able spend time with Arun in peace, though I was sure that in any case I will not be able to say anything about my desire to have sex with him.
I don't know what was happening to me, it was some sort of hypnotism, I was getting crazy about Arun, though it was very immoral, I was seeking something forbidden and that is with my sister's husband, but I was enjoying my mental state. In the morning both Deepa and Arun took leave for their work place.
Deepa turned back by afternoon, and later around 2 bad news followed, that Arun will not be able to make it. He called and spoke to Deepa that he is stuck with some machine which has gone bad and he may have to stay in the factory till the technicians are working and it may take whole night. Truly speaking more than Deepa I was disappointed, this just broke my heart.
Anyway Deepa booked a cab for us as she was really very excited to go and stay there and spend night among relatives while dancing and laughing and just opposite to her I was not at all intended to go even. I was getting depressed and wanted to be alone, and truly speaking wanted to masturbate on bed, laying completely naked, while thinking about Arun fucking me with his big and hard cock.
I knew this for sure that I will not get any chance to masturbate peacefully in that house as hell of people will be there. Don't know how it came in my mind and I started pretending that I am not well, but I continued getting ready and somewhere after getting partially ready I and asked Deepa if we can cancel today's program.
Intentionally I never said that "you go I am not going" I asked her to cancel the whole program because I am not feeling well. Somewhere I knew that Deepa is not at all going to stay, she was really very excited to go there, as few of our other cousins were also there who use to live out of town, more over it was really very important for my mom to go because being the one of the elder person of the family she was suppose to do some customs.
And this time thing worked in my favor and the verdict was that I am going to stay in the house alone, and both Deepa and my mom will go to the function and will stay there in the night. My mom was little worried about me but I convinced her that I am little tired and If I will get a sound sleep then I will be fine by morning, as attending a function on next day was more important as it was main marriage party.
Finally around 5 Deepa and my mom took leave and I was all alone in the house. I just wanted to be alone like that, I was enjoying Arun in my thoughts, recalling everything about him was fascinating me, the way I fall on him with a cup of tea and he pushed me holding from my breast and the way he was fucking Deepa couple of days back.
I spent more than 2 hours here and there sometimes looking at the things in Deepa's dressing table, trying to find out condoms, as I wanted to see whether they use it or not, just to arouse myself I tried few unmarked DVDs assuming them porn movies and later spent time while laying on couch, changing channels, wearing just blouse and petticoat and over that long night gown,
as I was half prepared to go to the party and was suppose to wear saree. And as expected I was totally drenched in Arun's thoughts and rubbing my cunt between my thighs to get pleasure. Intentionally I was not masturbating properly as I was enjoying this mental state, getting there step by step.
Finally I got up to make tea for myself, came out with a mug and stood near the window through which I could see the people and cars coming in and going out of apartment. Nearly after 15 minutes, I saw Arun's car trying to get into the gate, initially I could not believed it I thought that it's someone with the same make of car with a same color but at that time watchman was missing from the gate and Arun just came out of the car to open the main gate,
just then watchman came and opened the gate. I can not write what was running in my mind at that time, I just went crazy and ran inside my room after a minute, I could not decide what to do, I wanted to do something to use this moment of being alone with him but could not gather courage.
Time was running as soon he will be here, I decided to cause deliberate accident like it happened couple of days back. I took off my long night gown and decided to go in front of him in blouse in petticoat, but then for few seconds I gave a thought to it and took off my blouse and also petticoat with trembling hands.
Everything was going so fast that I could not think it properly, I had very less time, I knew that he will be having his spare keys, he will open the door himself and come in. by now I was standing just in my bra and panty and my ears were on the door, my heart was beating very high, I was about to do something which was morally wrong but something was forcing me hard to do it.
Don't know what happened to me at that time, as along with fear lust in my body was also rising and when I heard bit of voice on the door, I simply took off my bra too and got top less it was fraction of second in which I did that without thinking anything, and as I heard that door is now opened and Arun must be in the living room, I quickly came out give him a unobstructed view of my luscious boobs.
Don't know how everything went so perfect that as I came out topless just in panty Arun was almost there to get a perfect sight. For a fraction I remained stunned to give a natural reaction and then covered my breast with my arms and screamed and ran back in my room and closed the door.
It was a matter of hardly 1 minute or may be even less than that, and as I could see Arun was also shocked to see me almost naked. I rested on the bed for a while, wore my Bra and then that short nighty, which was above my knees. Tried to calm myself down, it was very mixed feeling, apart from being aroused I was also bit worried over what I did,
but I was sure that I have made it in a way that it will be considered as accident. Truly speaking I could not believe over what I did, everything happened so fast and in just fraction of time I took spit decisions, initially to get in front of him in blouse and petticoat and then in next seconds decided to get into bra and panty and after that just in panty,
don't know if I would have got few more seconds then surly I would have taken off my panty too to give Arun complete sight of my fucking body from head to toe. While sitting on bed and thinking over whatever happened, I was completely lost in thoughts, I didn't knew if Arun would have informed Deepa that he is going home,
didn't knew if he is suppose to go back to the unit, or had a plan to go to the function, and Deepa may have informed him that I am alone at home. Lot of things were running in my mind at the same time. I could not decide what to do next and what Arun will be doing outside this room.

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