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Sunday, November 13, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Joke: Oral Sex Lot Like Having Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:19 AM PST

One Tuesday, this guy picks up his teenage son and they drive to Kentucky Fried Chicken and pick up a couple of snack packs. On there drive home the son sees this lady sitting on this bench with her legs spread open, a guy kneeling on the ground just before her with a coat covering them half way. Hey dad check this out! The dad looks and says wow aren't they brave. The son replies, what a place to have a snack.

They get home and sit down at the table and start eating and the son asks this question his father knew he would ask after the drive by the park. Hey dad whats it like having oral sex with a women? The dad kind of smirks and says well son, its a lot like Kentucky Fried Chicken because, after your done with the breast and thighs all you have left is a greasy box to put your bone in.

Sumit and Riya on honeymoon in Bangkok - V

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:17 AM PST

Sumit rubbed his eyes to adjust to the morning light, the blindfold on his eyes being removed for the first time in 3 days. Though he had been talking, shouting, questioning for days no one had cared to response back. He haven't eaten for days and the sight of food in front made him mad and he grabbed the plate greedily and started taking the food like a hungry dog. It was finished in moments and he drank almost a bottle of water to quench his thirst.

Where is my wife" he asked once his hunger and thirst were now taken care of but no one replied. He asked again and again until one man, Xiao's assistant, came in. "She is with us, we will take you to her in the evening" he said before leaving him in his bonds again but with a promise to take him to Riya in the evening. She was again bound against his protests and was left back in the room alone and in dark.

Riya waited in anticipation and fear guessing what would be in store for her for the day, Janice was booked for some private show in the night which meant she had to go through the evening without her support which made her fear it the most. She saw Janice and Madam Kim come towards her having some discussion and Janice nodding to what Madam Kim was saying.

Both of them stopped upon reaching her and Janice told Riya that since she has to leave at 4, Madam Kim has decided on someone who will take care of her for the evening. Mao was an experienced pimp, he will take Riya out on the streets to arrange for customers and Riya will be given a key to one of the room at the basement where she need to lead the customer to and spend the time with him.

Mao was experienced and knew all about pricing so being he first she need not to worry about the deal. Later when Madam Kim was gone Riya expressed her fears to Janice which was mostly because of her absence, but she comforted her and made her to promise that she will do whatever necessary to satisfy the customers and won't look like being forced or blackmailed.

She had to be reminded of the number of days left before she wept within herself and promised to be good. Janice left the club at 4 leaving Riya still asleep at her afternoon nap while Madam Kim woke her up at 6 and asked her to get dressed. She was given a tight white shirt which complemented her figure very well and a black short skirt and white panties to wear beneath.

Mao met her at the corridor and smiled at her realizing the potential she had and the money they will make today. Mao of course would have a stake at the money they would make and often pimps are the ones who drive the whores for more for the money. They collected the key for one of the basement room before showing her the ways leading to room 09 from the streets through the alternate gate meant for the hookers and their customers.

And by 7 both of them had hit the streets to take up a vantage point to attract customers. In the meantime back at the basement Xiao's men came to take Sumit along to meet Riya. He accompanied them unquestioned with the relief of being able to see his wife and know what she had been through after being captive for so long.

They took her up one level to one of the less visited corridors and took her inside a room. It was a small and cramped room with just a chair in the middle and a glass at the other end with the room adjacent to it in clear view. They left him inside saying Riya will be brought any moment and locked the door from outside.

He waited inside impatiently not knowing when and in what state Riya would be brought in and prayed to god to keep Riya safe and brought with dignity. What he didn't knew was the cruel plan Xiao had in his mind to torment him, the room he was locked in was the room adjacent to 09 which was given to Riya and Mao as a part of the plan.

The room 09 had a big bed, a table, a couch placed neatly inside, the end adjacent to the other room looked like a mirror from 09 but from the other end it worked as a viewing gallery which they often use to put new girls in to learn a trick or two. But that day it was placed so beautifully in Xiao's evil plan which he devised to break Sumit down for some unknown cause.

It hadn't been much on the streets before people stopped by trying to strike a deal with Mao. Mao well aware of the money she deserves shooed away the small timers looking for bigger fish. And finally after a small wait a Russian tourist waved approached Mao. He was more than 6 ft tall, fair and heavily built and as Mao negotiated the price,

Riya assessed the ways to make him happy and tried remembering a few tricks Janice had taught her and wanted to use some of them on him. Finally Mao closed the deal at 780 and winked at Riya as a signal to take it from there. Riya smiled at her customer who returned back a warm smile, already assessing her from top to bottom.

Both of them walked back at the club through the alternate door and the stairs down towards the rooms before stopping at 09 to open the door. Sumit was getting restless waiting for long and was sitting with his eyes closed when he heard the doors being worked on. Elevated with the hope to see his wife he turned around to see the noise was not coming from the door he came in from, listening carefully he understood it was coming from the other room.

He looked at it to see what was going on and for a moment couldn't believe what was going on. The door to the 09 opened and suddenly his wife walked in followed by the Russian. He was appalled to see her in that sexy outfit and with the man he came in with. He shouted to her but she couldn't listen.

Riya locked the door back and looked back at the Russian with a smile and naughty look. He smiled back waiting for her to make the move, Riya realized this and walked closer to him and lifted herself on her toes and leant forward to kiss on his lips. He held her at the waist pulling her closer and kissing her back passionately. They started sucking each other's lips while moving their heads in angles to enjoy every part of each other's lips.

Sumit was hoarse shouting her name unable to bear what was going on and unaware of what is about to come. Riya pushed him on the couch and then climbed on top of him. She faced towards him and placed her knees at the sides while settling on his lap before leaning forward to kiss him once again.

While kissing she slowly worked on the buttons of her shirt to get them undone, one by one she unbuttoned each of them before he put his hands in to feel her bare back. She smiled looking at his eyes as slowly he rubbed his hands at his back bringing them around through to the front to cup her breasts and pressing them.

He pulled her down from his lap and stood behind her slowly pulling the shirt off her body. She leaned back on his chest and rested her head on them closing her eyes indicating her permission to do whatever he wanted with her body. He turned her face slightly to kiss on her lips again while fondling her breasts lightly to feel the soft and warmth of those firm 34 sized sugar pots.

Slowly he explored down to her skirt and unhooked them to take it off as well. Riya stood leaning on her chest in just the panties while he fondled her breasts with one hand and rubbed her belly with the other to feel the free flowing milky smooth skin of her. His hands came to stop at her panties as he slowly lifted them slightly but enough to slide his hands in and moved further down to feel the cunt hairs.

Her heart started beating faster as she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth while her hands were at work at her breast and on cunt. He rubbed the mound on her cunt with all his fingers together while fondled her breasts with the mix of hard and soft squeezes. That was enough for Riya to start moaning as he varied the pace and movements by which he rubbed or pressed her private parts.

She withdrew herself from him and turned around and looking into his eyes she bent down and pushed her panties along down her long beautiful legs to take it off her body. He smiled in a silent appraisal of the things inside. Riya smiled back as she walked up to him and knelt in front. She felt his cock from the top of his pants and rubbed his cheeks on it making him moan out in pleasure.

Then slowly he pulled his pants down along with the knockers to release his 8 inch cock free. He took his tees off too to get completely naked while Riya took his cock in her hand and started stroking it. He walked back and settled on the couch as Riya crawled up to him holding his cock again before stroking it further.

And when she made it completely erect and throbbing she licked the head with her tongue followed by a lick at its sides before slowly wrapping her tongue around it and closing her mouth around. Pausing for a moment to soak all those pre cum in her tongue she started suck it. He leaned back at the couch moaning from the divine feeling, and having his entire money worth for.

He grabbed her waist with his legs squeezing them hard as she continued sucking the cock making him ooze out a continuous supply of pre cum. Finally he stopped her and pleading her to do no more he lay back on the couch itself. Smiling she stood up and took out a condom from a drawer, she took out the rubber and placed it on top of his cock and then rolled it down with her fingers feeling the hot throbbing piece of meat which will be ploughing her in no time.

She climbed on top placing her legs at both sides of him and placing herself over his cock. Holding his cock slowly she rubbed it against her cunt before pushing the head slightly at the opening of her vagina. The rest was done as she lowered herself taking the full length of her cock in her and moaned out in pain and then pleasure as she bent forward to kiss him.

He wrapped his hands around her back keeping her glued to him and kissing while she stroked his cock by moving her hips up and down. Soon they both started moaning as she worked her hips faster and faster. They kissed, sucked and bit on each other's lips in a mad rage as both of them worked their hips in synchronized rhythm for the ultimate pleasure.

Sumit was crying uncontrollably seeing his wife naked and being used by a stranger in front of him. He couldn't look at them at most of the time. He closed his eyes when he saw her move forward and kissed him, and then couldn't believe how she climbed on his lap and offered her breasts up, then how she moaned when the guy played with his breasts and cunt.

She couldn't bear it when she saw her climbing on him and fucking herself like a cheap whore. He realized where his kink and recklessness had brought them to. Back at 09 the Russian had now pulled Riya down from his lap and had put her on the bed. She spread her legs to open her cunt wide. He rubbed his palm on his tongue before rubbing it on her vagina and then feeling her hot wet juices he bent forward rubbing his cock all over her cunt.

But then slowly he guided to the right area and pushed it further to be consumed by her hungry pussy. He paused for a moment before starting to bang her in a hard and fast movement. He grabbed her breasts as she started moaning and pressed them hard and soft to make her feel even crazier.

He kept fucking her at a good speed while playing with her rest of the body by pressing her breasts or pinching on her nipples or simply by dragging her nails on her skin leaving behind a reddish trail. He kept doing this to her as she continued moaning like a bitch. Soon she realized that she was nearing an orgasm and before she could feel anything her juices broke the barrier and started flowing like a river on flood.

He also realized her reaching the orgasm and so started stroking harder in order to cum together. Within minutes his muscles got tensed and he got vocal in his moans and before she could prepare a few hard and deep strokes followed signaling the ejaculation in him. He stood lump allowing all his cum, a heavy load, to get drained before pulling his cock out and bending forward to reward his whore a kiss.

Riya was also exhausted but returned the kiss warmly as she stood to get dressed. She put on a robe while collecting the money, 850 baht which contained some tips as well. And both of them left the room, he left towards the door after getting dressed, and Riya left towards the washroom to get clean and dressed.

He pulled her closer once again before leaving and kissed her while sliding his hand in the robe and squeezing her bare ass. They both smiled at each other and parted. Sumit was finally taken out from the room and her torment and he remained silent and followed the guards back to where they led him. The images of his wife being explored naked and ploughed in all positions were still fresh and running in his mind.

Back at the other side Riya cleaned her and got dressed ready for her next customer. She put on a white tee and short jeans over the panties and walked out to the streets and found Mao and then walked back looking for the next. This time they finalized the deal with a young college guy at 560 baht and she led her back to the room and closed the door.

He sat on the bed and pulled her on his lap and started kissing her lips while rubbing his hands all over her body. He pulled her tees from over her breasts to feel the softness of them and pulled it further down to expose her nipple to lick it briefly while he pulled out the breast and pressed it good and hard before kissing and sucking that too.

He had his hand around her back when he left her breasts to kiss her lips again while his other hand reached her thigh to rub it and spread them to feel the cunt over her jeans. He grabbed her by the shoulder to keep her face glued to his as he kept sucking her lips while his other hand rubbed her body up and down from her cunt to her breasts. And finally he unbuttoned the jeans and she stood up to help him pull the jeans off.

But immediately he pulled him down on his lap after removing the jeans and lifter her tees to kiss on her belly and lick at her navel and at the same time he rubbed her panties over her cunt. Once again he held her shoulders and pulled her closer for a kiss while kept rubbing on her panties. She was now completely aroused from that wild treatment and was moving her hips to complement the rub she was getting on her cunt.

Feeling her growing restlessness he quickly grabbed her face by both hands removing any strands of hair to kiss her lips deep once again. They kept sucking and nibbling at each other's lips for long before he pulled his breasts out once again to fondle them. Suddenly he asked her to kneel on the floor while leaning at the bed with her hands spread out.

He imposed himself on her and continued kissing. He grabbed her shoulder to keep her glued to his lips while explored her neck, chest, cleavage with his other hand. He pulled her breasts wherever his hands reached them and fondled them while chewing on her lips and occasionally exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Finally he slid his hand in her panties and rubbed her pussy to find it wet already, he pulled his hands out and pushed it in her mouth to make her lick her own juices. He did that a couple of times reaching down to her cunt while rubbing her body in the way, rubbing his hands on her cunt to make them wet and the putting them in her mouth to lick them clean.

He reached down once again and started rubbing her cunt from inside but didn't come up and instead continued rubbing it harder. She leaned back unable to withstand the pleasure and her moans became louder and louder. He looked at her eyes constantly to see the effect of the rubbing. He pulled her tees again to fondle one of the breasts while his hands continued rubbing her cunt.

He bent forward once again to kiss her and pull her hands out but only to pull her panties off from her body. She cooperated as he pulled it out quickly and threw it aside. And keeping her in the knelt position he spread her legs to open the cunt even more and continued rubbing them freely now. She pushed a couple of fingers against her clits and rubbed them in varied speed and motion.

Soon he started feeling a warm liquid flooding her cunts as she squealed out like a pig. He smiled within and stood up to take his cock out and offer it to her. She leaned forward like a bitch on heat and took it in her mouth instantly. It was now his time to feel the pleasure as she repaid him back with equal enthusiasm. And soon he started moaning from the treatment.

For minutes she kept sucking him with same pace and passion while he kept playing with her breasts, fondling and pinching them in turns. She paused briefly to allow him to pull her tees off from her body and resumed again as he started pressing them freely now. Both of them had grew wet and hot from the sucking and rubbing and by the time he pulled her up on her feet she was dripping wet down at her cunt.

Wanting the need to relief himself, he pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and then rubbed his cock on her cunt for sometime before pushing it in at one go. She shivered in pain but moaned in joy feeling his thick cock fully erect and throbbing in her.

Sex Advice: Can a woman pass urine while having sex?

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:16 AM PST

Question. You said in one of your answers that squirting means that excess lubrication comes out. But I want to know if a woman can pass urine while having sex or while penetrating?

Answer. No, nature has a valve to prevent the passing of urine during intercourse.

NRI babes bachelorette party naughty leaked pics

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:15 AM PST

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Delhi cheater wife seducing and fucking neighbourhood guy pics

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:15 AM PST

Hot pics of Delhi cheater wife seducing and fucking neighbourhood guy who fingers her clean shaven choot and pumps her while husband is away.

Horny Arab office couple sucking and fucking after hours MMS

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:15 AM PST

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Horny Arab couple fucking hard till the guy cums hidden cam MMS

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:14 AM PST

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Mallu girl showing naked body to lover and wearing black bra MMS

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:14 AM PST

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