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Friday, November 18, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Joke: Phudi Da

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:16 AM PST

Har koi karda a armaan phudi da,
Phudi te marda ae insaan - phudi da

Ae Katrina kadun avey gi haath mere
Ae kadun marey ga saala Salman - phudi da

Kinj hovy meri sehat changi
Har raat aa janda ay shaitaan - phudi da

Aey mela phudian da kadon hovy khatm
Koi sipahi aa k kare chalaan - phudi da

Q mashuq thalay nahi aandi
Onu pata a k hovy ga nuqsan - phudi da

Aey SMS 10 lokan nu send kar
Nahi tey Kavey ga tenu saara jahaan - phudi da

Horny Joint Family - I

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:15 AM PST


'Sister: Oh, Bhayya, you are fucking better than daddy. Brother: Yes, that's what mummy says' The above two line joke was popular in our college. Having read several incest stories in humandigest, I thought of spinning a story around this joke and the following is the result. I hope all of you will enjoy it. I do not claim this to have occurred in real life.

On the other hand I suggest you to read it only for a temporary enjoyment but do not think of, or dream to think of, viewing your parents or siblings or children erotically under the influence of this story. Give them all the normal love and affection due from a child or sibling or a parent without any erotic mind. Now proceed with this story.

Chapter 1: The Parental counseling

My name in Radha. At the age of 18, I got married to Madhav aged 20. Within 2 years of marriage we got a bonny son, whom we named Akash, and the next year, a lovely daughter, Meghna. We then decided two children are enough and I got operated. Ours was a very happy family and we showered all love and affection on our children.

We had three bed rooms and as the children grew up, we allotted them bedrooms on either side of our master bedroom, with a common corridor joining all the three rooms. When they were 18 and 17 respectively, we parents were still young that we continued to have sex with all frenzy.

Afterwards I realized that when we were having sex, the children used to peep into our room from their respective bedrooms and watch our having sex and our fully naked bodies. Meghna used to become horny and finger her cunt. One day after some fingering she came out, peeped into her brother's bedroom and saw that he was trying to masturbate while peeping into our room.

She giggled and asked what he was doing. Akash was ashamed and said nothing. Meghna whispered, 'Since we both are excited after seeing our parents fuck, why can't we too try it? Bhayya, let us do it.' Akash took his sister into his arms and gave a long kiss. Meghna removed her skirt and Akash, his pajamas. He tried to fuck his sister by pushing his cock into her cunt.

It did not enter easily. Despite the heavy thrusts the cock did not enter but was slipping outside. In his frenzy he could not control himself and ejaculated outside her cunt. The disappointment of Meghna was clearly shown in her face. Just before that, I had finished my sex session with my husband, came out and saw this act of our children.

I decided that they needed some counseling. During lunch time when we four were at the dining table, I told my husband what I saw and said, 'My children, it is quite natural for two young people to have sex, irrespective of what their relationship is. There is nothing wrong in a brother fucking his sister or a father fucking his daughter or a son fucking his mother.

It is only that the children born out of these acts have a high probability of congenial diseases at birth. That is why such sex is tabooed by the society. So, as long as you take care not to become pregnant, such relationships are perfectly natural and alright. In fact before my marriage I was fucked by my brother and your father too fucked both his sisters.

However pre-sex foreplay is an essential part of sex to arouse the horniness of the sex partner, and having seen your fucking action without any foreplay, I realize you both need proper training in the art of fucking. Madhav, you please train Meghna properly in this direction and I will take care of Akash.

Chapter 2: Mother and Son

I took my son to his bedroom. Saying that any sex act should start with a passionate kiss to arouse the partner, I gave him a deep kiss and asked him to suck my lips and tongue. I too explored his mouth by my tongue and I could see him getting horny and come out of his shyness. Then I sat on the bed and made him lie on my arms like a baby.

I loosened my blouse and bra and 'plop' my boobs popped out in front of his face. I could see him gaping at my large 38 sized boobs. I asked him 'Do you know what these are and what are their purpose?' He replied, 'Yes they are for feeding milk to babies' I smiled and said 'May be when a baby is born like I was feeding when you were a baby. But they are very useful in sex.

Every girl including Meghna, has such large boobs and your sucking and squeezing them would give lot of pleasure to her, making her hornier and wanting more foreplay. This is one of the switches to arouse lust in a girl. Now you can try this practically on me' I pushed one boob into his mouth and asked him to suck it and squeeze my other boob.

I told him, 'When you were a baby I used to feed milk to you like this. You were naughty then and you used to pull out my other boob, press and play with both hands. I now see my adult son enjoying sucking and squeezing the same boobs. Yes my boy, don't feel shy, suck them harder and faster. Squeeze them like I used to make chapathi dough. You are giving lot of pleasure to me.

Continue, don't stop.' After letting him suck it for some time, I moved his mouth away from the boob, made him change his side on my lap, and put the other boob in his mouth. Gradually the pressure of his mouth as well as his hands became harder and faster that I too became horny. He sucked and sucked the boobs for over 15 minutes and when I tried to shift him,

he waved my hand away and continued to suck, confirming that he has come out of his shyness and is now fully enjoying the pre-sex foreplay. I asked him how he felt and he said, 'Yes mummy, your boobs are really fantastic. I am enjoying this sucking and also by squeezing these beautiful boobs by my hand.' I shifted his mouth to my lips and planted a deep passionate kiss on his lips once again.

I noticed a tent like projection in his pajamas, asked him what it was and pulled out his pajamas and underwear. I gasped to see his 9 inch monster which was hard and fully erect. Even my husband's cock was not this huge. Though I had seen my son's cock occasionally as a mother, this is the first time I saw it fully erect.

I was happy for opting to train him because I can derive much more pleasure with my son's monster cock exploring my cunt and womb, than what my husband's could ever do before. I asked him if any girl had touched or sucked his cock earlier and he said no. I said I will do this which will take him to seventh heaven.

Making my son stand naked before me, I played with the skin of the cock for some time, shook it and massaged it in the palms of my hands. I put my lips and tongue to the tip of it and started to lick it. I then took the whole 9 inch monster into my mouth and licked and sucked it. My son was in a frenzy saying, 'Mummy it is fantastic. Please suck it longer and faster'.

He started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and pressed my head hard on to his cock. I sucked it for almost 15 minutes when I could feel sudden reaction in him. He said, 'Mummy I am about to cumm and can't control it. What shall I do?' I asked him to let it go into my mouth. Hot liquid poured into my mouth and I happily swallowed them.

My son asked me if I would become pregnant by swallowing his semen. I laughed and said, 'By drinking semen nothing will happen. It will get digested along with food. Only if the semen enters the cunt then there is a chance of pregnancy. In my case since I already got operated, even if you ejaculate in my cunt I will not become pregnant. So do not worry.'

I sat on the edge of the bed and asked him if he knows what a vagina is. He said no. I asked him 'Have you seen Meghna's cunt properly before trying to fuck her, and as a matter of fact have you seen any other girl's cunt before?' He replied 'Mummy, when Meghna removed her skirt, I did have a glance at her cunt. But I was too excited in pushing my cock inside that I could not explore the inside of it.

But mummy, I should confess one thing. I used to peep when you were fucking daddy and I could see your cunt clearly when daddy was licking it. I saw him pushing his cock into your cunt but I could not see it clearly then. Apart from that I had never seen any other cunt' I said, 'That's OK my boy, you need to be told more about the need to explore the inside of a cunt both with your fingers and tongue.

After some time I will show you clearly the inside of my cunt but before that let us go to the next step. Keep licking below my boobs and move your tongue and lips to the lower parts of my belly. Play your tongue inside my navel for some time and then go down to the hole inside my pantie, which is called the vagina and also the cunt or the pussy. I will show you my cunt now which is the gateway for peak sex'

I removed my nighty, skirt and panty and we both became fully naked. I showed him how to finger the inside of the cunt first and then to lick and suck the cunt lips, the clitoris and the inner parts of the cunt. Then I sat on the edge of the bed with wide spread legs, held his face by both hands, brought his mouth near my cunt and asked him to lick the inside from bottom to top in circular motions.

I showed him the clitoris and asked him to rub it with fingers and suck it with lips saying it is the main switch for arousing lust in a girl. I also taught him the art of tongue fucking, that is pushing the tongue in and out of the cunt. I showed him practically how these actions would make the cunt to ooze out precumm that would lubricate the cunt and make the cock insertion easier.

By these cunt licking actions of my son I myself became very horny, and started pushing my hips against his face. I was yapping, 'Come on my son, come lick your mother's cunt, faster, faster......yes.....I'm enjoying it very much, it more, lick it faster and harder. Very good....yes, yes, yes.....I will be cumming now and when juices come out drink them like ice cream'

Suddenly my hip movement picked up speed and I released a jet of fluid on to his lips and into his mouth. I asked him to lick and drink it fully. I then asked him if he liked licking my cunt for which he replied, 'Oh mummy my heart was pounding and it was a great feeling to touch with my tongue, your beautiful cunt which is very soft and wet inside. It was marvelous to lick it and suck the clitoris.

The aroma of your cunt is so exciting and I feel like smelling it forever. By the way mummy, what was that hot jet which was so sweet and juicy?' I told him 'You have been masturbating very often and at the end you get some fluid through your cock, isn't it? Just like that a girl releases these fluids after experiencing the peak in sex.

Whether I swallow your juices or you swallow my juices, they are very harmless and get digested in the body. On the other hand licking and swallowing it gives a lot of pleasure to both.' I thus made him realize that by these foreplay actions, the partner's lust could be fully aroused and derive the full pleasure out of sex.

I then pulled him on to me and gave a deep passionate kiss with our tongues playing with each other. I told him that I will now show him the climax of the peak sex act which is cunt fucking. I took his cock and rubbed it against my clitoris and asked him to push it inside. He started slowly but since my cunt is already wet, the whole 9 inch thing slid straight deep inside.

I asked him to fuck me by moving his cock in and out of my cunt. As he did it, his cock touched the innermost parts of my cunt. I asked him to increase the speed and thrusts. I started moving my hips against his cock for each of his thrust. It is amazing that the same boy who came out of my womb through this cunt is now trying to enter into the womb by pushing his cock through the same cunt, his own mother's cunt.

I quivered and started yapping incoherently. 'Yes my dear son, move it faster. You matherchod, fuck your mother harder and faster. Don't spare my cunt. Break it into pieces. Let your monster go deep and touch the end of my womb. Let it break the womb and enter my tummy. Ohhh… I am not able to control. Fuck faster, you motherfucker. I am cumming and you too cumm in my womb at the same time.'

I started raising my groin smashing it against his cock in upward motion. The sound of thup, thup, that is my cunt hitting against his cock made us more horny and we cummed at the same time. We slept for some time with his cock still remaining in my cunt. After a while when I woke up I felt something moving inside me. It was my son's dick which he was moving it slowly but firmly inside my cunt.

He said 'Mummy you look like an angel in your sleep and I wanted to enjoy fucking you while you are asleep. Oh, it is a great feeling.' I responded by keeping myself still as if sleeping and enjoyed his fucking me like that. After sometime as he increased his speed, I regained my horniness and started raising my groin so that we could cumm again at the same time.

After lying like that for some time he took his cock out and licked my cunt clean of his own semen. I too licked his cock clean and we got up. He said 'Thank you mummy I really learnt a lot from you. I assure you that next time I fuck Meghna, I will make her fly in heaven with this new art of fucking.'

I hugged him hard and rubbed my boobs against his chest to get them crushed and said, 'It was my pleasure too and I reached heaven today by my dearest son. Your cock had touched the deepest parts of my cunt and gave me a lot of pleasure. In between fucking your sister, do spare some time to fuck your mother to make her also fly in heaven.

Let us continue these fucking sessions every day.' He replied, 'Mummy you are too good in fucking. Though Meghna's is a young cunt, yours is a very experienced cunt and anyone who fucks you would have maximum pleasure. I want to fuck you every day whenever you finish fucking daddy.' We kissed each other passionately again, dressed up and waited for my husband and daughter to emerge out of their room.

Chapter 3: Father and Daughter

In the meantime, my husband took his daughter to her bedroom and said he will start with the art of kissing. He hugged her hard and gave a deep passionate kiss on her lips and sucked her lips for some time. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and asked her to suck it. She did so and said 'Daddy I like it, let us do it for some more time'

The longer they did it, the hornier she got and then he told her 'Let us practice some more acts which will give you more pleasure'. He started kissing her harder with one hand squeezing her boobs. She moaned 'oooo' with shivers running through her body. She said 'Daddy, I used to squeeze my boobs myself sometimes, but I never got this amount of pleasure.

Please put your hand directly inside the bra and squeeze them more'. He removed her top and bra and while squeezing, took one boob into his mouth and started sucking. She became horny and pressed his head hard on to her boobs. 'Daddy, please don't stop sucking. I like it a lot, oooooom-- Suck them harder and bite them into pieces' she whispered.

He moved his finger slowly down her navel and tickled her there, for which she giggled and whispered 'more and more'. He moved his lips to her navel, cupped around it and started sucking it, probing the inside of her navel with the tongue. She kept giggling and said 'you are tickling me daddy. It is very nice.' She started twisting and licking his earlobes and then pinching his nipples.

He moved his hand further down and rubbed on her panty which was wet. He said 'My dearest baby, your panty is wet, you know why? When you are undergoing a lot of pleasure, semen oozes from your vagina which is also called cunt or pussy. He pulled her skirt and pantie down and with his finger widened the pussy hole and then the inner lips and rubbed slowly touching the clitoris.

She gasped mmmm and said, 'Daddy your rubbing it now gives me more pleasure than when I finger my cunt myself. Please do it more and harder. Rub my whole pussy with your finger, ooom, put it deep inside'. He said he will do something better, made her lie on the edge of the bed, knelt down and licked her cunt enjoying her precum.

Then he sucked her clitoris with lips and inserted the tongue deep inside the cunt. She kept on moaning saying "Daddy more and more', pressing his face hard against her pussy and putting her legs around his shoulders. In that position he held her waist, gradually lifted her and stood with her crouching on his shoulders. His licking her cunt continued in this standing position.

He sucked her clit and put the tongue deep and pushed it in and out, a sort of tongue fucking. She went into a frenzy and started yapping 'Oh daddy do it more. Fuck me faster. Suck my clit harder. Bite my cunt into pieces and eat it. Oh. I am enjoying this very much. Hey daddy something is happening to me. I am cumming. Ooooh. I am cumming.

I am cummmm…"She released a jet of juices on his tongue spraying some on to the face. After licking her pussy for some more time he put her down on the bed. She took his face by both hands and licked it clean of her own juices. She then hugged him hard and giving a deep kiss said, 'Daddy, you are my God. You showed me heaven today, which I can never forget'.

She spotted a tent like projection in his pajamas and said 'Daddy, you made me naked. I now want to make you naked and see what that projection is. She pulled down his pajamas and underwear and gaped at that fully erect hard dick. She took it into her hand and played with it sliding the skin. 'Daddy I want to confess one thing.

I several times peeped into your bedroom when mummy was sucking your cock. I want to do it now'. He said 'OK My child, as you please. After some time juices will come out. You taste them and swallow the whole thing like ice cream.' She took the cock, her own father's cock, into her mouth and started sucking it. 'Harder and faster' he guided her pressing her face hard against his cock.

She increased the speed and took the whole thing into her throat and was fully enjoying it. Her father was in seventh heaven and within 10 minutes ejaculated fully into her mouth. She gladly swallowed the whole thing and licked the remaining from the cock putting her tongue deep into the slit of the cock and also from the sides.

Even after the cock became limp and small, she continued to lick it and in no time it became hard and grew large once again. She was all smiles and happy at observing the cock grow from a small limp thing to a large hard thing. This made her father erotically intoxicated and wanted to fuck his daughter then and there. He laid her on the bed and mounted on her.

She took his cock into her hand, rubbed it against her cunt and asked him to shove it inside. He rubbed it against the cunt walls till she had precum and kept slowly moving it inside. She was not satisfied. 'Push it harder and faster daddy. I want all your juices in my pussy'. He pushed his cock hard into her cunt. Both of them became extremely horny and he fucked her nonstop for 15 minutes.

He held his ejaculation till she reached her peak. Suddenly she became frenzy and raising her cunt up against his cock, released her jet. He too cummed at the same time. They both slept on the bed for some time with his cock still lying in her cunt. After some time they woke up, regained horniness very fast and continued to fuck nonstop for another 20 minutes. After licking and sucking each other to clean the juices, they got up.

Then he taught her the 69 position. She lied on her back and he crawled on her in the reverse, with the cock on her mouth and her pussy under his mouth. She took his monster in her mouth and sucked nonstop. He too started sucking her clit, licking and fucking her cunt with the tongue. This went on for over 15 minutes and both cummed at the same time.

Each licked the other clean and swallowed the juices. 'Did you like this my baby?. 'Yes certainly I did. I want you to do it once again. I now find these juices really sweet and tasty and instead of milk I want to drink this daily from you and also from Bhayya. Daddy you are a God for me. You not only taught me how to enjoy sex but showed me heaven today.

In fact in the morning when bhayya fucked me his cock did not enter my cunt at all and I did not have any pleasure." He kissed her passionately and crushing her boobs against his chest, whispered 'You are an angel my child. You too showed me heaven to day. I am ever grateful to you. Let us continue these fucking sessions daily'.

He continued, "My child, by this time your mother would have trained your brother well enough to fuck you fully and properly unlike today morning. So from today onwards, all four of us can fuck each other. You will have the pleasure of being fucked alternately by your father and brother.' With this both dressed up and left the room to join myself and our son.

Sex Advice: Man wanting to improve performance during oral sex

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:14 AM PST

Question. I am a 26-year-old man and my girlfriend is 25. We enjoy a very healthy physical relationship. Sometimes when she performs oral sex on me I ejaculate within one-two minutes. Then I feel bad about it. But when we are trying normal sexual positions such as the woman-on-top or the missionary position, it takes me a good six-seven minutes to come. I have tried the stop-and-start method and it has helped me to improve. Can you please suggest medication I can take to improve my performance during oral sex?

Answer. You are doing well. Practise a little more on the stop-and-start technique and you should be fine.

Naughty desi babe posing nude showing tits ass and hairy choot teaser pics

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Booby Arab girl showing nakhra kissed and fucked by boyfriend MMS 3

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Horny Marathi couple having anal sex and wife moaning MMS

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Horny Joint Family - II

Posted: 18 Nov 2011 05:10 AM PST

Chapter 4: Lesbians and gays

This maderchoding, betichoding, behanchoding along with the normal bibichoding continued in our family for a long time. We parents also taught our children how to fuck the ass, which they enjoyed very much. Needless to say that both we parents too derived maximum pleasure out of this ass fucking.

One day on the dining table I expressed my satisfaction and happiness at what is happening in our family. I suggested that since we tried all combinations, why can't we try lesbianism and gayism? All accepted this suggestion immediately. After lunch I took my daughter to one bedroom and my husband took his son to the other.

I gave a long passionate kiss to my daughter and asked her lie on my arms like a baby. She said 'Mummy, this time let me hold you in my arms.' She sat on the bed and made me lie on her arms like a baby. She undid her top and bra, pushed her boob into my mouth and made me squeeze the other. I squeezed and sucked them hard and fast, one after the other.

While I was sucking her boobs, she lifted my boobs, bent her head down to reach my boobs. She started sucking and squeezing them. It was a pleasure that both the mother and daughter were sucking and squeezing each other's boobs at the same time. I then made her sit on the edge of the bed and started licking her cunt sucking her clit hard.

She stretched her hands to reach my boobs in that position and started squeezing them hard. I put my tongue in her cunt and pushed it in and out like tongue fucking. She became horny, pressed my head to her cunt and kept moaning. Within 10 minutes she ejaculated and I licked her cunt clean and swallowed the juices. I enjoyed a lot in licking and sucking her young and fresh cunt.

Then we changed our position and she fully enjoyed a lot in licking and sucking my cunt. Later we went to the 69 position and did the cunt licking and boob squeezing acts simultaneously. Then with both hands I held her right boob and my left boob together and started pressing and rubbing these boobs hard against one another so that they get crushed.

Similarly she pressed and rubbed my right boob against and her left boob. This we did while simultaneously licking the other's cunt. We enjoyed this novel act very much and within 20 minutes we cummed together at the same time for a third time. We derived maximum pleasure in rubbing our naked bodies against each other, sucking the other's boobs and licking the cunts at the same time.

We then played by embracing and rolling together on the bed. I remembered my husband's ass fucking me and told my daughter that I will show her another heaven. While tongue fucking her cunt, I slowly inserted a finger into her ass and started moving it in and out for its full length. Then I inserted two fingers which went deeper.

She was very ecstatic and said 'Oh mummy, I am in heaven with both my pussy and ass being fucked at the same time by my darling mother'. She then inserted her fingers into my ass and fucked my ass. We continued this boob squeezing, cunt licking and ass fucking for the whole afternoon and slept with both our fingers in the others' ass. After some time we got up, dressed and waited for the other pair to come out after their escapades.

Soon after they went into the bedroom, the father and son undressed and were engaged in a long passionate kiss. The father asked the son to lie on the bed, crawled on him in the reverse and took his son's cock in his mouth and started sucking it. The son too did the same thing to his father's cock.

After 15 minutes of sucking and masturbating each other's cock both ejaculated into the other's mouth at the same time. They swallowed with pleasure and licked the cocks clean of balance juices. They slept on each other for some time with each cock still in the other's mouth. When the father woke up he saw his son's cock was already erect and being pushed into his mouth.

They repeated the cock sucking once more and ejaculated after 15 minutes. The father then said, 'Having ass fucked your mother several times, I will show you the best way to enjoy it'. He applied pure ghee to his cock and his son's ass and slowly inserted his cock into the ass inch by inch, withdrawing the cock after every inch. Gradually the full penis went inside and he started moving it in and out.

The whole ass became wetted with ghee as well as the father's precumm. Both were highly horny and the aroma of pure ghee adding to that. My husband fucked his son for more than 15 minutes. The son got into a frenzy and kept yapping, "Oh daddy it is very funny and I like it. Do it faster and harder. Let your cock enter my ass fully. Move it faster, oh oh faster daddy – faster, don't stop'.

He stretched his hands back to hold and guide his father's hands to masturbate his cock and pressed the father's hips towards his ass. 'This is best moment daddy. I am in heaven with both my ass being fucked and my cock being masturbated at the same time by my father.

Oooh, I am cumming, I am cumming' He was told to hold on for some more time till both cummed together, the father into the ass of his son and the son into the hands of the father. Both licked the father's hand clean. Then they changed their position and the son ass fucked the father, who enjoyed it more because of the enormous size of the cock.

The son also masturbated his father's cock and both licked his hands clean when the father cummed into his hands.

Chapter 5: Welcoming new additions to the family

Our family derived maximum pleasure out of the above orgies for about two years. Then we thought it is high time that our children get married. They too agreed, perhaps as they wanted to have a variety in sex partners. We advertised in newspapers for which we received lots of responses.

We zeroed in on Kishore, a software engineer from a respectable family for Meghna, and Trishna, an MBA graduate for Akash. We performed their marriage on the same day in a grand style and their nuptials in five star hotel suits. Kishore's strong body and manly appearance attracted Meghna.

On the first night when they entered the hotel suit specially decorated with flowers and erotic paintings, Meghna was initially apprehensive if her husband can satisfy her as much as her brother. Kishore first hugged her passionately and gave a deep kiss which she too responded. He did foreplay slowly and not in a hurry since they had the whole night ahead.

Meghna liked this and started liking him sexually also. Both became highly horny and each undressed the other. She peeked at his cock and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a fat cock. Though it is not as long as her brother's, it was more than 2 inch thick, which she had never seen before. Continuing to squeeze her boobs, Kishore knelt down and started licking her cunt with his rough tongue.

She pulled him onto him and started rubbing his cock on her wet cunt. It was initially painful since the cock was larger than her cunt size. But as the cock penetrated deeper slowly, her clit got crushed which gave her a lot of pleasure that she never experienced before. They fucked for about 15 minutes and both cummed at the same time.

After Kishore licked her cunt clean, she took his cock near her lips and gave it a passionate thanks-giving kiss before sucking it clean of semen. He liked the way she crushed his cock by her lips, became horny and fucked her mouth fast which she responded by sucking harder and making it erect again ready for another session of unt fucking.

They kept repeating these acts till early morning and then slept lying naked alongside because the cock slipped outside when the erection is lost. Trishna's beauty and her buxom body besides her gentle manners attracted Akash. On their first night, her freshness and naivety in sex attracted him more. During the first fuck the breaking of her hymen proved her virginity.

Though naïve she learnt fast and cooperated fully in sex both in the foreplay and in the post-play acts like cock licking. She became very horny due to the cock touching the innermost parts of her cunt and responded equally in violent sex. She thanked her husband later, 'Dearest Akash, I never knew what and how sex would be.

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Chapter 6 : Son-in-law and daughter-in-law

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The only problem was that her husband was fucking her day in and day out that she has no time to go to her brother. Similarly, Akash's wife Trishna too was so much enamored by her husband's monster that she rarely left him alone. So Meghna devised a plan along with Akash to get Kishore and Trishna hooked on to each other so that they can get some free time for themselves.

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But since the sofa was narrow, Kihore and Trishna were left rubbing their half-naked bodies during these erotic actions. In the middle of watching the Video, Meghna and Akash slowly left the party as if going to the bathrooms leaving the other two alone in their erotic minds. When his wife did not return for some time, Kishore gradually put his arms around Trishna.

She did not object to it since she too was in a horny state of mind. He took her boobs, which were already out, into his mouth and started sucking and squeezing them. She too responded by pressing her boobs hard against his face. She unzipped his pants, held his cock by her hand and started masturbating it. He lifted her up in arms and carried to his bedroom.

They both undressed and making her sit on the edge of the bed, he licked her cunt and sucked the clit hard till she ejaculated. After licking her cunt clean, they exchanged positions and she sucked his fat cock and in 15 minutes he ejaculated which she swallowed and licked it clean. Then Trishna lay on the bed and pulled him on to her. He rubbed her cunt with his fully erect cock and slowly inserted it.

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They then remembered their spouses and started looking for them. Where else can they find them other than in the second bedroom? The siblings were in the peak of their fucking session. Both Kishore and Trishna then realized that the siblings' slow disappearance was only for this fucking session. Nevertheless they were happy that in this process they themselves had a great pleasurable sex with new partners.

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Meghna embraced Trishna and asked her if she enjoyed her husband's fat cock. Trishna smiled and thanked Meghna for her scheme and for gifting her the fat cock. She said both of them can now equally enjoy both the monster as well as the fat cock alternatively forever.

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