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Friday, November 25, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

All Fucking In The Family - I

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 08:07 AM PST

I am Savita Devi, age 36 years married with three children. Eldest Sonu 17, and twins Radika, and Rishi, 15 and a half. My husband, Ashok, 45 years is a drunkard. He is the only child of very rich family while I came from an economically poor family, so when a proposal came from them for my hand in marriage, it was promptly agreed to without checking to see the habits of Ashok.

The only redeeming factors were that my husband was not a violent man and that my parents-in-law were very kind to me. In fact on my father-in-law's insistence that I completed my school education. I did not go to college, though my Father-in-law had wanted to because of the birth on my children in quick succession and the death of my mother-in-law.

My father-in-law however got me to help in his business. Before, he passed away he left all his property, business and bank fixed deposits and money on my name except a amount that came from the farm produce to his son. The children grew up nice and handsome.and good in studies. I had not been fucked for over 15 years. In fact after the birth my twins.

Initially, it did not bother me as I was too busy bringing up the kids so sex was the last thing in my mind but once the kids got more independent, I had more time on hand. The internet got me into sex oriented sites and the blue films being shown had me wondering how my husband fucked me.

As I remember, I slept only in Maxi ( no bra no panty) and whenever he had the urge to screw me he would start to pull up my maxi. There was no conversation or foreplay as shown in the blue films. I would get on my back pull up my maxi to my waist spread my legs. He would climb on top of me and put is lund into my choot, go up and down a few times drop his load into me, get off turn around and go off to sleep while I did the same.

It was an unpleasant duty I had to perform and was thankful this activity took place once a month at the best and also that it took place after the children had gone to sleep and always in the dark. So in the process I had never seen grown up man's cock leave alone touch one. The internet sites heated up my loins and I started to masturbate while watching the big cocks of the studs as well as the juicy cunts of their partners.

I also saw the various techniques used to get maximum enjoyment, including use of vulgar words to add to the enjoyment. I got addicted to it. question of being fucked by my husband did not arise as he came home late drunk and when he got up he got ready to go out to his drinking den and buddies; besides we all slept in one bedroom, having converted the second bedroom into a study room.

My husband & I slept on the double bed with Sonu sleeping to the right of the bed closer to the door and the twins on the left of the bed with Rashmi sleeping closer to the bed I looked forward to have sex with somebody -anybody but had no guts.

For any women who has had a very fun-filled sex life but is devoid of it now for whatever reason or like me had an undistinguished or no sex life but has now got addicted to it through internet will appreciate the pressure that the small, split in two, thing, tucked between women's leg puts in our emotions and thoughts that it becomes difficult to control one's self.

As for myself I am very busty 36 incher with an equally large arse to keep my balance. My waist is not so big, though I do no exercise except masturbate in various ways. My tits are long, but now are more facing the ground then the sky, but my cilt is super class a little over an inch and thick and very, very sensitive, I keep my pubic region clean shaved - shaving every alternative day.

One morning after the twins had gone of to school I went to have my bath. Sonu had finished his tenth and had applied to various junior colleges for admission. He would, therefore, leave at his own time on his new Motorbike. Hubby after a quick breakfast had pushed off. As the weather was hot and I intended to shave my pussy hair under the fan I had locked my bedroom door.

I brought my razor, soap and mug full of warm water and sat on the bed facing the door, after stripping off all my clothes. As I was coming to the end of my shaving, I noticed a streak of sunlight that was coming through the crack of the door was blocked for a split second. I thought that Sonu was leaving.

However,after a minute or so it dawned on me that I had not heard the motorbike starting. Then I noticed that the streak of light that was entering the room had also been blocked. Could it be that Sonu was peeping at me? It got me very excited at the thought. I spread my legs wider so that he could have a better look at my now clean shaven pussy.

After a while I got up and pretended to go to the bathroom, instead I went along the wall to the door and quietly unbolted it and with jerk opened it. Sonu on his haunches is shocked and falls down, I noticed that he had taken out his cock from his flap and playing with it while watching me. I walk away and ask him to come in. He tries to cover his manhood with his hands but is not very successful.

"I am sorry" he stutters. I am still naked and making no attempt to cover myself. Sonu remains a respectful distance from me: I take a step towards him. " Don't be afraid" I say and hug him. He does not move his hands. I take his hand and put it on my tits, "Khelo (Play)" I tell him. I then reach down and hold his cock which had started to go limp. With a little coaxing it begins to rise again.

I am excited as it is the first cock I am holding and seeing. It is not hard as I had imagined but very stiff and comfortably warm. Sonu starts to relax and now is kneading my breast. After a while he bends down and starts to suck my tits. If my leaking my fluid was like a drizzle till then, it had become a torrent now. I make Sonu lie down and lie down next to him with my head near his cock.

I intend to study this beautiful piece of architecture and it's attachment as it would be the first time I would be seeing a grown up one in all it's splendor, It is such a wonderful piece of art. A red head was trying to peep from within the foreskin like a new bride with her head covered peeping through her "parda".

A large blue vein running along the length of his cock is throbbing violently and a beautiful pearl is getting formed on the top of the red head. I lick it off. The cock from its base touches the navel. I do not know if that is big or not has I have no knowledge to compare but it's length and thickness looks formidable. Sonu lifts up my one leg and then kisses my pussy.

I nearly climax; the gushing of the liquid from my cunt increases. I wonder if I am pissing or what. But Sonu continues to lick and suck my choot. I take Sonu's lund into my mouth and nearly choke. so I withdraw it a little and start to lick it like I am licking ice cream cone and every now and then I suck it. I take his balls and give it a gentle suck. The door bell rings.

It is time for the maid to come but neither of us are ready to leave our sucking.The doorbell rings a second time. Finally I get up and tell Sonu to open the door and I go to the bathroom while Sonu tucks his masterpiece inside his pant. I tell Sonu to come early, before the twins come. I go to have a bath while Sonu goes off on his mobike.

After the woman finishes her work, I quickly cook up the food, all the time thinking of the screw I am looking forward to. I shave again and perfume my pussy. I put on a sex site on the computer and watch a sex movie. I am obviously without a stitch on me. My whole body has been perfumed. Finally after about two hours I hear the motor bike coming.

I peep from the window and see it is Sonu and no one else is with him. As soon as he rings the doorbell I open the door only as much as he can squeeze in. He enters and we get into a clinch. I find two hand too little as there is so much to play and feel. Sonu is also moving his hands from my cunt to my arse to my tits.

I pull out his lund and we first go to computer and he sees what I had been watching. He does not seem to impressed and said he will get me CDs from the market. I have managed to take his trouser and underpants offf while he removes his shirt. We walk to the bedroom with him on my side and his lund facing the sky. This time he lays me on the bed on my back and bends over me to suck my tits.

While sucking my tits his hand wanders to my slippery cunt and he puts his finger inside and starts to fuck me with his finger. he does that for a while and then moves his hand to my arse and after pressing my arse cheeks for a while he finds my arse hole and puts fis finger inside. The whole activity is electrifying. I reach for his cock and start to play with it.

Sonu then kneels next to my mouth and holding his cock says," mere loda choosogi" ( will you suck my cock ) " yeh kuch puchne ki baath hai" ( is this any question to ask) He laughs and puts his cock near my lips and then let me do the rest. I pull the foreskin back and the red head sneaks out. All wet and slimy. I lick and suck it while he continues to finger my choot.

It is so satisfying. My honey pot has now been stretched and tempts Sonu. He turns around and mounts me. We are now 69ering. I bring me hands to my choot and spread the lips more so he sees the pink soft of the inside. I feel my cilt at it's zenith. Sonu starts to fuck my mouth. I stop him. I tell him " "Mujhe chodo" (Fuck me). He takes out his dripping prick from my mouth and comes between my legs.

I lift my legs as high as possible. Sonu helps me and then eases his dagger into my thirsty choot gently at first and then plunges it in with all his might. I can feel it right to the end of my receptacle Sonu's full weight is on me now. There is no exterior movement now but the lund has a life of it's own and I can feel it looking around the warm, comfortable and soft area.

Sonu starts to kiss me and puts his tongue into my mouth I suck his tongue. His one hand is playing with my breast; the other is under my head. " Meri choot phad do, madarchod" I yell at him. " Me teri randi ho,rakhel ho sale chod jhor se" I tell him ( Tear my cunt you mother-fucker. I am your prostitute, your mistress fuck harder, )

Sonu starts to pump his cock in by choot and I also get into the rhythm. His downward thrust is met with an equally forceful upward thrust. We both are perspiring. " Me paunchi, paunchi" I shout. (I am reaching, reaching) The rhythm is broken as I climax but Sonu continues for a while more. He then increases his speed and the downward thrust get faster and more forceful.

Finally he groans as his cock starts to spray his load into me. He holds me tight and for a short. We both lie still, panting, and perspiring. I rest my legs on Sonu's arse. We start to kiss and suck each others tongue. I can feel Sonu's lund still inside me but going limp. Slowly the big bamboo starts to withdraw.

Each movement can be felt; then suddenly there is a 'pop' sound and the cum spreader is out of the cum eater. I quickly turn around and face the retreating red-head. I notice how silky it is and a few drops are still coming out. Never waste good cream, specially when it is composed of two cums, so I start to lick it and dry the cock which has shrunk visibly.

I take it into my mouth as a farewell gesture and suck it. The red head pops out but the rest of the body is still not stiff. Sonu is licking our combined cum oozing out of me. When we both have had a good suck I turn around and am back facing Sonu's face. " I hope I did not hurt you " he asked. "No way" I tell him, I hope you enjoyed it", I continued.

"You are great " he said and climbed on top of mean while at the same time playing with my boobs. "We must do it more often." He tells me. " I am your rekhal (mistress) so when ever you desire to fuck me,want me to suck you or for that matter put your cock into my arse hole you do that. When we are alone do not call me Ma because I am your randi then.

Only in front of others call me Ma otherwise call me by my name or what ever you desire. And one more thing we will never fuck me or give any hint of us chodding when someone -specially when the twins are present. Now get off me I want to suck your lund and want another fuck." I tell him. We get back to sucking.

His cock begins to rise for the occasion "Thu mere ko ab chod. Me dekhne chaata hu mere lund tere choot me jata huha" (You fuck me now. I want to see my cock piercing you.) Sonu says. " Your word is my command, my master" I say Sonu is on his back and I get on stride of him and sit on my haunches over his cock which is being held perpendicular to his body by Sonu.

I pull my lip cunt apart and descend slowly on Sonu's cock. Sonu starts to knead my milk pots I am also watching my choot slowly but surely swallowing the monster.It My cunt is oozing so much lubrication that is is dropping on Sonu's Lund. I see my cunt lips starting to close in on the red head. Sonu gets impatient and gives an upward forceful thrust. He is inside me.

I move up and the piston starts to move down and out. Sonu gives an upward thrust as I am moving downwards. I feel the tip scratching my inners. I see Sonu's lund wet and slimy moving in and out of my cunt. I get of and give it a lick and mount him again. I stop looking at the cock and now lie on top of my slave-driver. We both are still for awhile and then we noisily starts the fucking process again.

I again climax first but Sonu continues his thrust. I feel him getting faster his eyes get glazed. I realize he is about to shoot his load into me, so I quickly jump off him and take his cock near my mouth. As the smoky silky creami liquid starts to shoot out I take it into my mouth. I try and swallow as fast as possible but there is an overflow from my mouth.

It drips on to my tits, but the cock is held firmly in my mouth. Soon it starts to contract and go limp. As it comes out I suck and lick it dry. Then I put my cum soaked tit in Sonu's mouth. He licks it and ten licks of what is remaining on other part of my body. We hug and lie still for awhile till we realize that the twins will be back soon.

We don our mother-son relationship - of course not before promising another session the next day. The twins return and after on excuse of some work Sonu goes off and returns after some time. He does not tell me why he went. That night we all go to bed as usual. My hubby returns drunk at about 11o'clock. Sonu helps me (as usual) to help him into the bed.

My husband starts to snore in a short while. The twins are fast asleep. In spite of me telling Sonu about precautions to taken about our sex life, I could not help but help reaching out to catch Sonu's cock.Sonu is also horny. He takes his cock out of his lungi and allows me to play with it for a while. The cock is to tempting so I quickly get of the bed give it a quick suck, and get back.

Sonu also gets bold and reaches out to me; I pull up my nightgown and he starts to finger me He also gets up and while giving my tits a press he kisses my pussy. Then while watching him he starts to masturbate. I do the same with two fingers he climaxs and collects all the honey and offers it to me, I lick it and as I climex I give him my fingers to suck. We then fall asleep.

Next day, after the twins go Sonu shows me two blue film CDs he had bought the previous day. We plan to see it after the maid leaves. We suck each other for awhile and when the maid comes we are in separate rooms. As soon as the maid leaves we undress and put on the CD on our player. We watch it for a while and then get back to our sex.

In the following month we do it standing, sitting lying sideways, doggie style. In the kitchen, bathroom, study room. I get fucked in the arse ( initially it hurt but latter it was alright). We do it everyday and roam around naked when the twins or the maid are not at home. I teach him about a woman's monthly and he wants to see my bleeding cunt and inspite of my discouraging it he fucks me during my periods also.

He wants to see me pissing so I give him a show in all positions. I also see him pissing. We feel safe to play with each other even at night as we are confident the twins are in deep sleep (how wrong we were) T read about what Rashmi wrote see the part 2 of this story.

Sex Advice: Guy wants to satisfy dominating wife

Posted: 25 Nov 2011 08:02 AM PST

Question. I am 27 years old and my wife is six months older than me. Though I have known her for a long time, we married recently. We are of the same weight and height, but she is stronger than me and many men my age. Whenever we have sex, she likes to dominate me. Before we indulge in sex, she lifts me, carries me like a baby and even beats me a little as she says it excites her. Even I enjoy it some times. But at times I get nervous because of her dominance and I don't get an erection or I ejaculate prematurely out of fear. Will this cause any problems in our sex life? She loves me a lot and we can't live without each other. Please suggest a solution so even I could try to dominate her, ejaculate and fully satisfy her.

Answer. Just enjoy what you share with her. You say she loves you. So why fear anything? But if it gets too much, you must firmly tell her. Since she likes the dominance and you want her to be happy, you could return her the compliment at times.

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