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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Rocky fucking busty maid Neetu

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:14 AM PST

Hi, I want to share my first sex experience. This could be classified under maid/ Virgin first time. I'm Rocky, 5ft 6" tall handsome and smart guy. I live in bangalore. We were 5 frns staying in a room. After completion of my Btech I got a job and my frns were searching for a job. So we all stayed in a small 2bhk flat in bangalore. We hired a maid name Netra(let's call neetu).

Neetu is 5ft good looking lady with good boobs size(34). She was charging 1300 for just cleaning floor and clothes. I guess she spends entire amount to her makeup. She is married and has one son even now she looks very hot. No body believes that she is a maid, my neighbor initially thought she was a school teacher.

She was doing her job neatly and there was no bad intentions. She used to come at 6am and leaves by 7. During that time most of my frns will be sleeping. I dont wake up till 8am. I hardly see her once in a week. After few months I started going to gym. So I wake up at 6am. Now I used to open the door. She used to stare my body every now and then.

Purposefully she opens the bathroom door when i'm inside and asks permission to get in and take close. This continued for few days. One day when she was bending she rubbed my cock, though it was by accident, she said sorry and left. From that day onwards I used to masturbate thinking about her.

When she was washing my pants, she was hurt by the zip and had a cut to her finger. It was bleeding. I took the hand and applied some turmeric powder. She was looking into my eyes. Then I gave her some money and asked her to get some medicine. From that day onwards she was cleaning my room and clothes and also my bike. But I never had bad opinion about her.

Day by day I could see a change in her behavior. Few days I used to open the door when bell rang in the morning, when I opened the door in the morning she used to walk as close as she can and some times she touches my dick by side ways. With some excuse she tries to speak to me, but I responded her normally.

She was seducing me in all sorts. When ever all are asleep she used to bring her pallu down. Many times she drops purposefully. When some one is awake she acts pretty normally. Girls are really dangerous. After few days, when ever she comes to my room for cleaning, she bends and make sure shows her cleavage.

Maannn.. that day she was wearing a deep neck blouse and completely dropped her pallu and sweeping the floor. When ever that scene flashes my mind, my dick gets rock hard. That day I couldn't work at office at all. I came back to room and masturbated as many times as 6. Now I'll explain the moment I lost my control and started all bad thoughts.

One day Neetu was wearing a deep V necked chudi. She removed her pallu and bend before me, There was something bluge I observed, as it was dark I couldn't see clearly. I asked her what is inside(my intention was normal), then she gave me a naughty look. She replied in a low voice(so that other frns who are sleeping will not hear), dont you know what these are.

Then I realized my question and corrected it. I said sorry "I dint mean that way, There is something err bulge in and shown the hand shyfully" she gave a naughty smile and said nothing. I thought she stole something and is lying. I asked show me in a rude tone. she replied.. no I can't show it now..immediately a vibration sound came from her blouse, that was a mobile phone, I asked whose mobile phone is that?

She said it's mine I recently bought it. Show that mobile phone, she closed the door to show the mobile phone. Though she would have taken that mobile phone from top, she raised her chudi and then removed a mobile phone from bra. Oh man.. she was having awesome curves. I had a instant hard on. I was not wearing anything inside. I couldn't cover my tent.

She shown me the mobile phone. and asked to feed my number. When I was entering my number, she came very close to me as she was watching the mobile, Her boobs were touching my left hand near elbow. I'm damn sure that she is pressing hard herself against me. I fed my number and other roommate number.

She immediately asked me to remove my roomie's number. She said I want only yours (by looking at my bulge). Then I returned back her mobile. Ofcourse I took her mobile number too. When she was leaving the room, I was following her to go outside. She was stopping in between to make sure I touch her back. Some times naughtily she used to ask, where is your under wear.

I couldn't find. I want to wash with my hands. I replied, "no thanks, I'll wash it". she replied "dont worry, I'll wash it properly(looking my dick)". That day onwards, Neetu was moving very boldly. When ever she gets a chance she touches me. Some times she rubs her butts against mine and immediately says sorry with a naughty smile.

I was trying to avoid these kinda situations as I had a good name and wanted to get married soon. One day because of visa interview in middle of long weekend, I couldn't go to my native. And during same holidays one of my roomate's sister marriage was happening on tuesday. All friends have left early for their home towns from there they will attend marriage and I was supposed to join them on marriage day.

I was cursing for such a long weekend almost 6 days only I should be alone. Neetu didn't turn up in the morning. After coming back from gym, I was feeling horny and was going through porn sites. And I read many stories in HD. I went to a movie in the afternoon. At 2pm when I was entering to a movie theater, Neetu called me. That was actually strange, that was the first time she called me.

She dint knew that there is no body in the room, she asked me "come and open the key, I want to wash clothes". I replied "dont worry come tomorrow, I can't come now". She didnt cut the phone call, she was prolonging the call by blabbering some thing. She finally said "if you want me call before 5", I said "What!!" then she replied "he he for washing clothes".

Next day, even gym was closed because of long weekend. Hence I dint even wake up. At sharp 6 bell rang. I went and opened the door, As I was feeling sleep, I dint give her way to walk-inside. But she was dare enough, came straight and hit, her boobs touched my chest at once I became active and gave her way. Still she walked by touching my dick side ways.

After entering room, she realized no body inside. I could see happiness in her face. Asked me " where are all?" I told her "all have gone to their native". She said woww.. Then she kept talking in a loud voice and was flirting me. She asked me "what is your size? err.. I mean err..waist size". I avoided those silly. She was very slow and then she removed her saree.

I asked why? she said this is my new saree and hence dont want to spoil while cleaning. She was wearing a low neck blouse and langa. Her navel was awesome. her bum, boobs, navel and curves all are awesome. She raised her langa up by tying near her waist show her thighs. I couldn't control, but went to bathroom and banged the door. I masturbated and jerked off.

When I came outside, she was at bathroom door. I asked what? she naughtily smiled, winked and ran towards kitchen. I dint make any move. She generally leaves by 7. By that day, she was there till 7:30. After that scene, she was still showing off her skin. I thought of taking some chance. She was cleaning floor with her bum towards my dick. I dint move, I made sure that my dick touches her butt crack.

She was enjoying the scene. She removed two buttons of her blouse and bending to show her cleave. Immediately my dick is rock hard. Suddenly bell ranged!! We looked each other, She ran into other room, I covered my bulge with a towel on my boxers and pretended as if I woke just now. I went and opened the door. It was my owner's daughter. She was holding a puppy, by bending down.

She also has awesome boobs, may be 36D. She stayed there for some time and my eyes were stuck at her cleavage. Mean while Neetu came outside, as I was standing at the door, she moved by touching me(made sure, her boobs touched my shoulders). Neetu caught me staring at owner's daughter's boobs. She was jealous and asked that lady to get up. I wished her "Hi, wazz up."

She said, "my maid dint turn up for few days. Can I take Neetu for some time". I replied "yeah". Neetu gave a an angry stare. She was reluctant to go and was saying "I still have work left here, i'm in middle of rubbing some clothes(she meant my dick)". But I forced her to go. I cursed my luck, went to bathroom and jerked off. After some time, I started browsing internet.

I went through few more maid stories of HD. Then got the naughty thought. Why not make use of the holiday and make the dream day. After 10 I called Neetu. She declined the call. I tried 3 times. But she dint pick up. I thought she was angry. I again cursed my luck. Went back to HD, jerked off and slept. At 1pm, I went to hotel and had lunch. I brought some sweets and snacks.

At 2pm, my darling "Neetu" called me. I said sorry, she said "why are you saying sorry pa, I'm your servant..dont say sorry.. just order". Then I was relaxed. I asked why she dint pickup the call, she said "my husband was at home so I couldn't pick up the call". Then I asked here, "Is he still there?" "If he is still here, why would call you?" was the reply.

She was talking very naughtily. I asked "bring your son, I want to play with him", she replied 'You are not a kid to play with him, play something else.. do some thing else", I was waiting her to open her mouth I gave a long pause and asked "Then you tell me what should I Play with?" She was teasing me.. "dont you know.. dont you know??"

But I dint reply, After that she told angrily "tell me why did you call me in the morning", then I too replied angrily "morning you left some unfinished work here, come play with me.. er.. finish the work". She suddenly cut the phone. After 10 mins bell rang.. I opend the door expecting Neetu darling.. But it's owner's daughter.. she said thank you and gave me sweets.

I dint have mood to talk to her. I said "thanks.. I've some work, can we talk later".. I closed the door and opened porn dvd started playing.. again bell rang, this time I got furious and opened the door shouting "what!!" it was neetu darling "You said you come and finish the work" I smiled and welcomed her. This time it was my turn to flirt her. I dint move from the door to give her way.

But she dint enter, I asked her to come inside and gave a little way and immediately came back to same position.. this action made sure she rubbed her body to mine. I touched her boobs by shoulders..I started to walk where ever she goes and was moving every where. I observed she was wearing a red saree with orange blouse without any bra. This time she din't expose.

But still I was searching some way. She went to bathroom to wash clothes. I immediately removed my underwear, and gave it to her to wash. She smiled and was crushing the inner wear. She pulled her saree till thighs.. giving a good view her beautiful thighs. Those were awesome. Creamy white and smooth thighs. I was standing there and talking all nonsense.

She was hardly responding, but constantly staring at my bulge. She asked me why I'm staring here like that. I replied, i'm getting bored, I want to play.." She gave a naughty smile. Now one naughty idea came to my mind. I told her I want to come into bathroom. She moved bucket which was in midway between door and her.

Though there was enough space to move, I moved very closely to her touch her butts with my legs. I moved the switch from tap to shower and came back by touching her butts again. After a while, she wanted some water, and turned on the tap. Since it was shower, water fell on her head and she was wet. She was shouting, I went inside and closed the tap. She was completely drenched.

I was laughing and holding her shoulders.. She looked into my face and said "see what have you done my saree is all wet now, what should I wear". I told her to remove saree, I'll give a tshirt. she said no. But I insisted and pulled her saree. She co-operated and removed her saree, now she was on blouse and langa, wow.. what a sight of milky boobs, as she was not wearing any bra, I could see her nipples.

She covered them and asked me to give a t-shirt. I said, give me yours I'll give mine. She started unbuttoning here blouse hooks. She turned around and removed her blouse. She gave me facing towards wall. I could see her curves, she covered her nippe with other hand and was begging for t-shirt. In pre-text I reached her hand took her blouse and pulled out her lace for langa.

It fell down at once(She was also enjoying, but pretending), she started shouting "what are you doing?? You promised me to give me a t-shirt" I said sorry and gave my banyan, she said it's ok for top but for bottom?, then I said "i promised only t-shirt".. she said ok and wore banyan. while she was wearing, I saw her huge butts. I couldn't believe she is a mother of a 4year old kid".. she was awesome..

I was saying "Wow neetu.. sexy".. she said.. shhh.. dont shout.. it's good to hear you saying "neetu".. I said your husband is lucky bastard.. you are such a hot chick. She said thank you and came. Banyan was very short could hardly cover her pussy. She said, dont look at my thighs.. Since she was wet, and hence banyan, it was a see through..

She was looking like a heroine, antramali.. man.. awesome babe.. She bent down facing her but towards me to pickup saree(to dry it up), while doing so, banyan lifted and saw a very beautiful view of her pussy. Awesome.. cleanly shaved. I asked when did she shave her pussy? She said after your call by blushing..

She asked me to hold the saree to dry it up. We were folding it to 4 folds. I came very close to her and pulled her towards my chest. She asked me what "are you doing?" I replied "Playing ;) darling".. She pushed me.. said go and take bath and pulled my towel. As I already removed my underwear, my dick was saluting her. She smiled and said, You have very big pennis.. double to my husbands..

I went in to bathroom and invited her inside. She came inside and was brushing my body. I was drooling her boobs with sholder. I turned the tap on and shower was on. Water fell on her and she again said, I'm wet again.. banyan also wet.. She was looking very hot with drenched transparent banyan. Awesome view, I pulled her towards me and kissed her lips..

Wowww whatta feeling.. first kiss to the darling neetu.. I told the first kiss was awesome, she again kissed me.. we kissed almost for 5 mins. I removed her banyan. Now we both are standing naked. We hugged each other. I was pressing her boobs while kissing lips. One hand is pressing her butts.. she has awesome assets.. Her pussy was already wet.

She said.. "why did you realize so late.. I was dying for your dick the day you shown me your bulge.. That day I dream of scuking your huge cock. It's bigger than I expected,, Can I taste it?.. Yes babes it's all yours..I kissed all over.. She moved down and started to suck my dick.. it's an awesome blowjob.. Now I realize why ppl in Blue films show such expressions while having a blowjob"..

That was awesome.. whattan experience it was.. what a sight.. she is very beautiful.. I doubt even my colleagues maintain such figure.. She is worth acting in movies.. I removed her hairs to back and was helping her to suck my cock. It was going deep inside. I told her.. let's move to bedroom.. I want to fuck you. She asked for a condom. I said didn't prepare for this..

She asked am I a virgin.. I said yes darling.. yours is the first pussy my dick is entering into. It'll drill your pussy now and make your dream come true. We were kissing and hugging.. While she was rubbing my dick with hand I was pressing her boobs, buttocks..We entered to bedroom, and I lifted her up and thrown on bed. I jumped and kissed all over her body.

She requested she wants to suck more, I fingered her pussy while she was rubbing my cock. Now it was 69 action.. it went for 5 mins.. time was passing just like that.. She said I want your dick badly.. insert and bang it hard.. Having so many movies seen, it wasn't difficulty for me to insert the cock. I inserted and pushed it hard.. she shouted aaaoooocchhhh.. it touched the peak.. commmmoooonnnnn.. please fuck hard..

.I gave strokes while kissing and licking her nipples. She was awesome on the bed. Everyguy would love to fuck.. fuck me fuck me harder.. I kept pushing harder and harder.. she shouted.. babay i'm cumming... I removed my dick all of a sudden.. she asked why? I said I want more.. No pain no gain.. Let me insert after 20 mins of banging she came again..

I still wanted.. she said, fuck my mouth.. then she again gave my a blowjob.. I was about to come, I removed my penis and said.. i'm cumming.. she immediately took my cock inside and took the entire cum and swallowed it. She said it was very tasty. Then we hugged each other and stayed for a while on the bed. I told her, it was excellent.. she told this is the first time she enjoyed sex ever.

It's awesome.. she said, ask me when ever your dick needs a pussy.. mine is open to you always.. After one hour we started one more was 5pm, she was sleeping.. I went to kitchen drank water and ate sweets, I brought some water and sweets to the darling. She was awake and wore langa and was wearing blouse. I said what's hurry.. she said her husband will return anytime.

She just kept one hook on and others open. When she was tying up saree, I got mood and my dick was hard again.. she saw that and said again!!?? I said yes and pulled her towards me, I pulled her blouse and was sucking her nipples.. She was enjoying this.. I removed her lenga again and banged. We slept after that.. time was 7, she woke up hurrily and asked me to close my eyes,

If you see me again, your dick will be hard and I wont leave, my husband will come.. I closed my eyes, she wore her saree and then kissed on my lips saying dear open your eyes.. She started to leave. I closed the door.. After a min bell rang I opened the door.. She shut the door kissed me and hugged me.. she kissed my nude dick and said good by and left for the day..

Those 6 days were awesome.. everyday 4 hours of fucking session.. after that my frns came.. normal routine started. but every time we cross, a kiss and a hug. I waited for few days I could't control for waiting for a moment to fuck her. I couldn't concentrate on my work. Then she called me to come her home when her husband is gone. Every now and then we used to meet and have a nice fuck.. Now she is pregnant and waiting for a baby.

Joke: Kingfisher SMS doing the rounds

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:13 AM PST

His Drinks were with us when we were Sad or Happy. Now he needs us.

Please Save Vijay Mallya. Drink above your Normal Capacity.

Editor: We at India-DebonairBlog do NOT encourage people to drink alcohol or consume Tobacco. This SMS joke is meant to be taken lightly. Thank You.

Sex Advice: Guy trying to give a blowjob to himself

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:12 AM PST

Question. I am a 21-year-old virgin. Many times I have tried to give a blowjob to myself but failed. Is there any way that I could succeed at it? Please help.

Answer. Join a yoga class and learn how to bend your body to reach the pleasure spot.

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Andhra girl from Chilakaluripet showing tits pussy and ass cheeks after fuck pics

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Naughty desi chick sucking dick balls and getting cum facial MMS 1

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Joke: Jaldbaazi mein shaadi karoge...

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:09 AM PST

Jaldbaazi mein shaadi karoge,

saara jivan bigaad loge.

Soch samajh ke karoge

toh bhi kya ukhaad loge!!!

Shashi having lesbian fun - I

Posted: 16 Nov 2011 11:05 AM PST

Hi readers, here I am back to thrill ur cocks and pussies with my nerve tangling sexcapades, none other than your sexy shashi. couple of months back a new family moved to my neighbouring house which was vacant for a long time, since it was a sunday they visited us to know each other, it was a couple in their 40 s and their only daughter aged about 18,

even my hubby was there and we comforted them with some coffee and carried on with our own work. by the by I stay in HSR layout. after a couple of days when I was walking back home I noticed this girl standing outside near the gate, her name is vani and she wished me hi and I too reciprocated and stood outside the gate only chatting the usual things,

as I chatted I scrolled her body, she was slim and tall like me, but she had long legs which I could notice as she was in her jeans and small but firm tids, fair in color and short hair, her parents were from chikkamangalur and have coffeee estate, seemed well off, she had joined the prestigioues bishop cottons girls high school and is studying in the ninth standard,

her english was very good and was complaining of getting bored alone and I casully invited her home as I was also alone till 8pm thats when my hubby would come back from work. I welcomed her home without any ill intentions, prepared some coffee and and had some snakes with it, and she was enquiring about my job and told her,

how hectik it was as my boss was out of country for almost 2 months and how much of admin work to be taken care and deep inside my mind thought how much I was missing my fuck with my boss and his fat dick in my mouth and his beardy sucking of my pussy. as she chatted about her school I could feel her eyes go through every part of my body meticulously,

thats when the urge to try my sex with her crept in my mind, and I took any chance to touch her body on the head, shoulders and hands. I comforted her by saying that she can be my good freind and come home anytime without any hesitation, and didnt realise more than an hour had passed by and as she prepared to leave,

I made the big move of offering her a freindly hug before going out and she too stretched her arms open and came to me, hugged her rather tight for almost 15 to 20 seconds talking in her ears about how lucky I was to get a good freind, and she too reciprocated the same, but my mind was going wild as with this hug I could feel her breasts rubbing on mine and I could feel my nipples getting erect and felt the wetness between my thighs,

as I released her I planted a soft freindship kiss on her cheeks and parted, I reached her till the gate and came back locked the main door, as bangalore is very unsafe to keep door unlocked after dark, went to my bedroom removed my cloths, still just wearing my panty and bra went to wash room releived my bladder and realised how much my pussy was wet with the hug of vani,

washed my face and came out, as I couldnt control I switched off the light removed my panty laid down on my back and in slow rhythm fingered my clit and as my pressure built up I mothered my chuth with 2 fingers thinking of vani and had a wild orgasm, and lied down for a while to come out of the exitement what I had experienced.

as I lay down deep thoughts came in of my first encounter of lesbian with my boss's servant lady shanthis' daughter swathi, I am sure you readers whould have enjoyed my boss's story how he fucked his maid shanthi and her doughter swathi together, after that incident before shanthi left to chennai for good my boss had fucked me and swathi at his house one weekend

and thats the time I had enjoyed sex with swathi especially doing the 69 sucking, thats a very sexciting story which I will post shortly for my readers to enjoy.i as I lay still with thoughts I heard the door bell ring and I got up hurriedly put on my nighty over my bra and didnt bother to put on my panty, and came to open the door as I knew it would be my hubby back from work.

as I welcomed him in and I went to kitchen to get him some coffee, he too chatted about his day and came from behind and hugged me and kissed me on my neck and cressed and grided his cock on my butt, realising of my missing panty he slowly lifted my nighty up and from behing reached my pussy, feeling it already wet he got turned on,

he turned me towards him lifted me up to make me sit of the kitchen stone, my butts started to feel the cold stone and my hubby burried his face between my thighs, I pleaded him that I will have wash then he can continue but he didnt stop my wet pussy was mixed with my urine passing and he relished it all and sucke me clean and he fisted me, I went into one of the wild orgasms,

and moaned quite loudly, he pulled me to the living room and took out my nightyand made me sit on the sofa, as I watched he dropped his pants and undy to the floor and he brought his semi erect cock to my lips which was filled with his precum, I enjoyed smearing up his precum like a lipstick and started to shaft his mouth, hardly minutes he held my head tight and loaded his cum into my mouth,

and held me tight till I swallow everything, he released the pressure and we separated and the day ended with dinner and hitting the bed. days and week passed without anything special, one day I saw her in school uniform, green skirt and white top with tie she was looking dam sexy and her long sexy white legs attracted me a lot,

I still remember it was diwali she came home in the evening to give sweets, since it was hoilday and hubby had gone out I was in my usuall half nighty till my knees with my bra and panty seeing TV, I got up with the calling bell and opened the door, she came inside wished me with the sweet box and hugged me and I too wantedly hugged her tight,

both our breasts were pressed together and my right leg was between her legs, I could feel her thighs touching mine as she was also in a skirt, still hugging we spoke what all we did and I didnt see any move from her to leave me nor I did, I bent my knees a bit and and I could feel my knee cap touching her pussy area and I gripped her thighs between my legs,

we stood like that for few minutes and separated, I could see from her eyes she had begin to like my doings and I was also more free, I offered her kheer what I had made she had it and before leaving the same hugging went on, but I was more free in hugging her and again I fed my thighs between her thighs and I could feel her gripping my thighs too,

and I kissed her bye on her cheeks very close to her lips with my wet lips and she too reciprocated by kissing me, when she did I pressed her head more towards me and I could feel my cheeks getting smeared with her saliva, some how I knew she was game for all this with me but to strike it direct I really didnt have means.

with my boss still on tour I was really sex starved, it was on sept 4 I got gang banged with the T JOHN college students which I had posted last month I was craving for some sex, my hubby is too slow for me in sex and doesnt do oral sex which I die for everyday, anyway days passed and on sunday the 30 th oct we were invited to their house for dinner,

as usuall me vani and her mother chatted together and my hubby and vani's father hit the drink in the dull lit balcony upstairs. when I went to give them snaks in the first floor balcony hubby had gone to wash room and vani' father welcommed me, and his offerings and talk was more than sufficient to tell me, that he would mind a jump on me in bed, flashing off all his wealth and property,

the absense of my hubby and anyone else and in toxication was making him free formally putting his hand on my shoulder and all. when we all sat for dinner they requested whether they can leave vani in our house as she is scared to be alone,and she cant miss her tutuions, and the couple needed to go to their estate for kannada rajyothsava festival.

yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss lady luck had opened her eyes on me, as my hubby was also togoto his native toget some treatment for his mother during this weekend, so I too thanked that with vani being there I too will not be alone in the house, and the look what vani was giving me was very provocative, I just felt like kissing her.

dinner was finished and me hubby her parents settled down for a chat and vani went to her room to study, it was around 11 we said lets go home and I didnt want to disturb vani and took an excuse to got to her room upstairs to say bye and went up, I knocked on her door and went inside and shut the door,

vani got up and came towards me and advised her to study well and as usuall hugged her to say good night and kissed her cheek right next to her lips and caressed her back bit boldly, and lowered my hands on her ass and pushed her more towards me and pressed my pussy place on to her pussy place, and she too gave a quite a wet kiss on my cheeks and we separated.

i came down bid bye to her mom and her father reached us till the gate, where hubby said bye and started to walk towards the house and in his turn to wish me good night and went home, I was feeling very horny but hubby as usuall tired, we went to bed and I wnated a fuck badly somehow fingered his cock and gave a blow job and made it erect and I mounted his cock,

he was sleepy too, but when I mounted him he was wide awake and while I ride him he smashed my melons, I jumped non stop and withing minutes he loaded his sperms into me and we both hugged and slept. waited for the monday the 1 st nov morning and I could hear them leave in their car, waited till 11 am for hubby togo and I went to vanis house,

I knocked on the door and she took some time to open as she was having bath, since it was me she just wrapped atowel and came and opened the door, as soon I was inside she locked the door, I was feeling guilty and scared as to how to start directly with her,before I could say anything he said good morning aunty and came to my arms, she smelt fresh after bath,

I was hugging her tightly and both our breasts were crushed with just few cloth between them, my hands went down to her ass, just little lift of the towel I could fell her bare firm ass, which I caressed, I could hear asmall maon from her near my ears, I could feel her tremble and I moved my hands from her ass to front, her thighs were together, I whispered to spread her thighs,

like a obedient student she spread and my fingers were invading her pussy, she said aunty what are you doing to me, I said just trying to feel your body, at this point I moved my head back from her shoulders and our eyes met for the first time, I just moved closer and our lips touched, she was like a statue, I licked her lips and wet her lips with my saliva,

and I coudl fee the statue coming to life and reciprocating my kiss, we deep kissed and played with our toungs for a long time, all the time her eyes were closed, but the way her pussy was getting wet I could measure her ecstasy build up, we broke the kiss and I told lets goto her bed room, without a word she caught my hand and led me to her bedroom, as we entered I pulled the towell away, she was fully nude and I was just in my nightynothing underneath.

she closed her face with her hands in shyness and to comfort her I dropped my nighty to the ground and stood naked in front and pulled her hands apart, she was a novice I had to teach her everything, I jsu pushed her on the bed and went on top of her, again we madly kissed and I smashed her limes like anyhting and pushed down all my saliva into her mouth,

as I broke started togo down I sucked, bit and chewed her nipples and her small breast, in no time I was near her naval and I could feel her body wriggle in passiona and in ajiffy I spread her legs wide apart and burried my face in her love spot, I could hear a loud moan and she said aunty you are driving me crazy,

for which I said baby thats the main thing I am doing and my pussy is also wating for your sucking, in no time she too turned postion and we sucked each other in 69 position for a long time, within few minutes she had a wild oragsm and smeared all her juices on my face but I went strong for long time it ook almost 15 mts of her sucking for me to climax, both were exhausted and hugged tightly and rested with our own thoughts.

will be continued in my second part…

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Answer. Whatever be the cause of your problem, it is not masturbation. See an orthopedist.

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