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Thursday, November 24, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Sex Advice: Can girls practise the start-and-stop method of masturbation?

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 08:00 AM PST

Question. Can girls practise the start-and-stop method of masturbation? Please advise if and how it can be done.

Answer. Since girls do not suffer from premature ejaculation they do not have to. There are a few who reach orgasms fast. But since they can get many more orgasms in quick succession, they need not worry.

Delhi teen girl showing bra panty and boob squeezed by boyfriend pics

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:59 AM PST

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Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:58 AM PST

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Desi aunty fucked doggy style lovely tits exposed outdoors MMS

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:58 AM PST

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Small town desi babe smooching boyfriend while parents are away MMS

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:57 AM PST

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Cheating wife fucking with lover behind husbands back MMS

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:57 AM PST

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Joke: Chinese Sex Therapist

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:57 AM PST

A woman was very distraught at the fact that she had not had a date, nor any sex in quite sometime. She was afraid she might have something wrong with her, so she decided to employ the medical expertise of a sex therapist. Her MD recommended that she go see Dr. Chang, the well-known sex therapist. So, she went to see him.

Upon entering the examination room, Dr. Chang said, "OK, you take off all your crose." "Now, get down and clawl reery fass to the odder side of room." So, she did... Dr. Chang then said, "OK now clawl reery fass to me, " so she did.

Dr. Chang slowly shook his head and said, "Your probrem vewy bad, you haf Zachary Disease, worse case I ever see, dat why you not haf sex or dates." Confused, the woman asked, "What is Zachary Disease?" Dr. Chang replied, "It when your face rook Zachary rike your ass."

Sheela screwed like slut by horny Boss - II

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 07:56 AM PST

I got up and started wearing clothes hurriedly as I wanted to get into my full clothes before Jai's arrival but I failed. I think Jai was somewhere in the Hotel only and he came there with in 5 minutes and when he arrived I was in my blouse and petticoat and I was trying to wear my sari at that time.

He smiled while looking at me and I looked down as he looked into my eyes, I wore my sari and went inside the toilet again and by the time I came out order for dinner was given to the room service. Jai and Hemant were sitting on the couch chit chatting on some matter (certainly they would have talked about me when I was not there) and I was standing very far from them.

Again and again Jai was looking at me while talking to Hemant and finally he spoke, "Sheela come and sit, why are you standing" I settled down on the edge of the bed and after few minutes food got served which I barley had, I was not feeling like having anything and again and again Jai and Hemant were asking me for different dishes.

After some time everything got cleaned up and we were over with Dinner and I was expecting that once again Jai will leave, leaving me and Hemant in the room for the night. But this really did not happened and after few minutes Jai spoke to me while smiling "Sheela I am also going stay here for night" I just keep on staring at him,

he smiled and spoke again, "you are booked for next 3 days and I am also going to enjoy this opportunity" "lekin aapne kaha tha ki sirf ye…." Somehow I spoke to show my diverge "to ab main kah raha hoon ki main bhi karunga, what's the big deal" he replied, and with that he came closer to me and tried to take me in his arms and squeezed my tits and kissed my neck and spoke softly,

"Hemant told me that you are really very good in bed, and now I want to taste your body, hmmmm…" then Jai spoke again, "come to bed and forget everything, it's just a matter of 3 days" with that Jai bought me to bed and lied over me and brushed his lips over my neck and melons under blouse,

next moment he started opening hooks of my blouse and took of my blouse in a fraction and continued taking off my other clothes, after pulling down my sari he took of my bra and then he got up for a while and took off my petticoat and then took off his clothes in just few seconds and finally pulled down my panty and came over me. I was laying naked under Jai now and he was enjoying my body.

it was something which I could not imagine, the boy who literally grew up in front of my eyes was going to fuck me and before I would have thought anything else, Jai widened my legs and entered his cock in my fucking cunt and started fucking me immediately. Jai was really very aroused, looking into my eyes he was moving in and out of my cunt,

I was also looking into his eyes and could not believe that at one time he use to address me Didi and at that time he was fucking me. Suddenly my sight flew to Hemant he was standing from where he could see my fuckhole stuffed with Jai's hard and long cock, as my thighs were spread to maximum and Jai was riding on me in missionary.

Hemant moved ahead and started taking off his clothes, Jai saw him and as Jai saw that Hemant has taken off his clothes Jai stopped and got aside and spoke, "come" "nahi tu kar le main ek baar achhe se le chuka hoon iski" Hemant replied, "nahi tu kar, thodi der mein mujhe de dena" Jai replied. And Hemant came on me and once again I was stuffed down there with his rod.

Hemant fucked for couple of minutes and I could see that he too was really very aroused. He stopped and once again Jai came on me and continued fucking me and this time I could see that Jai will not last for long, from his speed and fucking gesture I could sense that he was about to cum, even Hemant could sense that and he spoke to Jai, "ander mat chhodna, bahar nikal ke chhodna"

Hemant did not wanted Jai to cum inside my pussy and that's what he told him. I could not believe whatever was happening to me, rather I could not sense anything, I was not at all enjoying I was just getting fucked and both of my fuckers were enjoying my fuckhole like anything. Finally just before his ejaculation Jai got up hurriedly and did something which I could not expect.

He came closer to my mouth and told me to open it saying, "Sheela muh kholo, jaldi…… jaldi" I tried to resist but he held my face straight and pushed his rod on my lips and spoke again, "Sheela kholo" and pulled my hairs and I screamed and he got what he asked, next moment he inserted his rod in my mouth and released his white sticky cum in my mouth.

Just then I felt hands on my thighs and I tried to see down Hemant was coming to his position and next moment once again Hemant was inside me, fucking my cunt steadily. Jai's cock was still in my mouth and he was rubbing it on my tongue. I was still holding his cum in my mouth resisting myself to swallow but Jai continued moving his semi erect cock in my mouth and spoke,

"Sheela isko chus ke saaf karo" and somehow I gulped some of his white cum as I could not hold it for long and then further rest of it also got down from my throat and I started sucking Jai's cock to clean it. Hemant was fucking me down in my cunt and after one more minute his pace also increased and he started fucking me faster and thankfully he did not thought about cumming in my mouth and cummed in next couple of seconds inside my cunt.

After a minute Jai told me to go to the toilet. As I was about to get into the toilet I heard Hemant saying "maaza aa gaya, mann kar raha ha saali ko pack karke apne saath le jaaon" I wanted to hear Jai's reply but I could not hear as he replied in very low voice and I was in the bathroom, very far from them to hear. I took long in bathroom,

I was really very tired now but things happening to me were really making me horny, and may be I wanted all this to happen but in my way so that I can also enjoy. I don't know what they discussed with each other about what to do next. When I came out both of them, Jai and Hemant were standing on the door of the toilet and holding my wrist Jai took me back to the toilet and spoke, "let's have a shower together".

In a minute water was flowing down from the shower over three of us and I was at the center of two naked men standing stark naked, I was facing Jai and he was looking into my eyes caressing my cheeks and hairs under flowing water. "Sheela I could see ki tumne bilkul enjoy nahi kiya, now you will enjoy" and with that Jai started kissing me and I opened my lips and he started exploring my mouth lovingly.

Then he moved down and started sucking my luscious melons one by one under water and I was feeling Hemant's hands over my ass cheeks, he was rubbing them from behind. Jai bit my nipples gently and I shivered in strange feeling with a deep moan. Hemant was touching my bare back with his hands and slowly moving down again and again to my buttocks while Jai was enjoying my milky luscious breast,

sucking them like a baby and all this was turning on sexually I started moaning more loudly. After sucking my luscious tits for one more minute Jai turned me towards Hemant by holding my shoulders softly and Hemant understood that why I am turned towards him. Hemant too kissed me nicely and sucked melons softly just like Jai and now Jai was kissing back and rubbing his hands on my ass mounds.

What a moment that was I was standing between two and both of them were enjoying me, moreover I was also enjoying all this, lust was rising in my body and I was shivering with there every tender touch. Hemant was busy in enjoying my front and he was sucking my tits very nicely, like a true lover without getting impatient and I was holding him from his shoulders.

Jai knelt down behind me and kissed on my round hips and squeezed them together to pleasure me, and I was delighted with that pleasure. My moans were getting high and I was enjoying getting played by two men at one time. As Jai was sitting behind, he tried to part my legs by holding my thighs and I parted them a bit, he moved his hand from behind to front and rubbed his finger on my aroused slit and once again I trembled strangely.

Jai continued that for a while and flow of my juices got intense. "Hamant utha kar bed par le chal, leta kke achhe se kholte hain isse" Jai spoke from behind while getting up and next moment both Jai and Hemant picked me up together and soon I was on bed with them and both of them were eating me.

By now I was highly aroused moaning nicely as Jai was licking my neck and was excitement was rising every second, and my moans were turning them on too, but they were well in there control. Jai took one of my melons in his mouth and started sucking it like a child once again. Hemant Bhaiya was looking at my facial expressions, caressing her cheeks and hairs,

I closed my eyes, after few seconds I felt lips on my other melon it was none other than Hemant he took my other melon in his mouth started sucking like Jai and now both of my boobs were getting sucked at the same time, and I was holding there heads in her hands and enjoying getting sucked by two lovers at the same time.

While sucking my breast Jai moved his hand down to my belly and then on top of my love hole. I was so wet there, highly charged and as he touched my soft fuck hole I moaned bit more in excitement. He was rubbing my fuck hole while sucking one of my breast and other melon was getting loved by Hemant, He was also partially on me and both were covering my body completely,

next moment Jai inserted his finger in my slit and my body got jerked and my grip got bit tighter. Soon I felt Hemant's hand on my thighs he also wanted to touch my fuck hole so Jai started caressing my thighs and gave him access of my wet flowing fuckhole. Hemant's hand started exploring my wet fuck hole.

Jai and Hemant both remained busy in sucking both of my nipples at the same time and continued rubbing my cunt one by one for a while, by this time I was heavily charged and flooding intensely through my fuckhole, and again and again I was lifting my ass in excitement. I could see that my pussy and thighs were slippery from my juices as Jai and Hemant were rubbing there hands on my thighs in between one by one with there wet hands.

Leaving Jai focusing on my breast Hemant moved down and tried to widen my legs and as Jai saw him down on my pussy he got aside and I Hemant further parted my legs Now Hemant was laying on his chest between my spread legs, holding my inner thighs he widened them bit more and started sucking my cunt and in a second or two I started trembling like anything.

He was doing his best to suck my fuckhole and tried to take out everything I had inside me and opened my pussy lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue in my love tunnel. I was shivering like a fish without water and both of them were enjoying my condition. Jai was looking at my facial expressions as I was moaning like hell as down there Hemant was sucking my cunt with lot of concentration and apart from moaning I was moving vigorously in pleasure,

up and down, holding Jai's shoulder with left hand tightly. After few seconds Hemant got up and spoke, "Tune bhi Chusni hai ya shuru karen Chodna" Jai got up while saying, "Nahi abhi nahi Chodna issko, thodi der aur kholte hain isski chut, aur garam karte hain, kitna enjoy kar rahi hai saali" and now. Now Hemant was laying beside me and Jai was between my spread legs licking and sucking my fuck hole.

I was moaning and trembling in pleasure like anything and my pleasure moans were getting sharper and shriller, Hemant spoke to me while looking at my face "Sheela mere saath US chalogi tumhe separate flat le dunga?" I could not speak anything as I was just crying in pleasure, my breath was broken, I was very close to my burst and I wanted to stop Jai by pushing him away,

I tried but Jai continued and spoke to Hemant "Haath pakad isske kas ke" and Hemant held my hands and spoke, "Chus Rukiya matt, dekh kaise mast ho rahi hai, aur achhe se kar, jo kuch bhi iske ander hai nikal le". And Jai continued holding my thighs tight to stop my movement, and as he look my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard I just went mad and started banging myself on bed.

Hemant was holding my hands and Jai was sucking my clit without any halt holding my thighs, and in just next couple of seconds I could not move even a fraction as both of them tightened there grip on me and with that Jai continued sucking and eating my soft lovehole and finally I screamed somewhat like

"Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Bhaiya Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please…." but my this condition was arousing them and especially Jai, he was not ready to leave me and somehow he fisted me with his finger for a moment while holding my body very tight I felt that I am going to die with this pleasure that and just then Jai stopped teasing my cunt but held my legs even tighter.

I just went even crazier; I trembled helplessly like never before, I could not breathe for few seconds, could not even scream and just hummed in a very strange voice, I wanted to close my legs, press my cunt to tight to prevent the liquid flowing out but Jai was holding me and the feeling which was hitting my body was almost same as if I going to die now.

I was getting strange jerks while cumming and still I could not breathe and my moaning voice was really very strange, and after few jerks I felt some sort of liquid stream flowing down from my cunt to the bed, and I heard Jai's voice "Hmmmm…. paani chhod rahi hai" I was releasing liquid from my love tunnel and my cunt was twitching while oozing out those juices and Jai could see that shivering of my cunt lips.

and he spoke again, "dekh kaise Chut kaamp rahi hai" Hemant was sitting at my head, he leaned a bit to see it and spoke, "hmmmm….. ab chhod de issko, bahut buri tarah pella hai tune", Jai smiled on that, "dekh kar mazza aa gaya, aur issne bhi bahut mazza liya hai" and with that Jai released my thighs and at the same time Hemant released my hands and I turned around and pressed my cunt on the bed very tight,

it was something which I could not bear and I started crying, I could not believe whatever they did to me, it was something we can say pleasure beyond limit which really took my life. I pressed my cunt with my hand keeping it tight between my legs. I was still trembling with abrupt jerks and my whole body was shivering as if I am getting some sort of electric current.

Both Jai and Hemant were just looking at me, the way I was shivering while cumming holding the bed sheet in one hand. My ass mounds were open to them I felt Jai's hands on my hips, he caressed them and spoke, "Sheela tum bahut achhi ho, really amazing I mean……mujhe kabhi kisi ke saath itna mazza nahi aaya" "and you were about to fire her"

Hemant spoke, I could not see them, as I was laying on my stomach and my eyes were closed, as I was not fully recovered from the delight of my orgasmic burst. "Seriously yaar I was blind, ye kab se mere pass thi aur maine isske saath kuch nahi kiya" Jai spoke to Hemant.. and with that Jai started kissing my back as now he was aroused, rather both of them were aroused but on the other hand I was totally spent.

Jai lied over me touching his whole front with my back, precisely his hard cock was touching my ass crack and he was rubbing himself with my body while kissing my back. I was not conscious, but his pleasure was beyond any description they were enjoying my condition. "peeche se daal, bahut mazza degi" Hemant spoke to Jai. "Haan, abhi daalta hoon, thoda sa rest karne de isse".

I lied there as it is as I am not alive, after few minutes Jai turned me on my back, and spoke, "are you alright, hmmmm….." I almost started crying and spoke, "Bhaiya please mujhe jaane do…. mujhe nahi karna" Jai leaned over me and tried to kiss me and spoke, "bas jo hona tha ho gaya, ab hum ek ek baar aram aram se karenge aur fir tum rest karna"

Jai was playing with my breast while saying that, and without going into this conversation he tried to turn me back on my stomach and spoke to Hemant, 2 pillow rakh iski belly ke niche" and Hemant obeyed him and kept two pillows under my belly so that their cock can enter in my fuckhole easily.

Further spreading my thighs Jai leaned over me on his knees initially but soon left almost his full weight on me, holding my waist, Jai pulled my cunt toward his cock. I backed myself with his pull onto his huge hard penis while looking back. As I moved back toward his cock, my legs got spread even wider and I felt the heat of his cock tip at my soaked cunt-lips.

Jai shivered in lustful hunger and puffed as if he is going to eat me. His huge, flexible body further leaned over mine and now he was totally on me, he was really very heavy but I could bear his weight. He slid his hands up to my swollen cunt from my waist and touched my cunt to see the exact fuck opening.

I gasped as his thick cock was touching my fuck hole opening; and his finger was moving over my slit to find it, my cunt was twitching strangely, at my fuckhole opening I was having very weird and wonderful sensation and whenever his finger touched particular point of my cunt lips I gasped to get stuffed again.

Jai held me from shoulder after locating my opening and fixing his rod on my entrance and then he tried to pull me further towards him I eased my body further towards his hard erect rod. My moan changed into a sharp gasp as his huge cock entered into my narrow tunnel again, stretching all my virginal muscles up to maximum.

He groaned loud may be because he was feeling something different while fucking me from behind. Jai got up a bit and holding my waist he pushed himself even deeper, and my face got twisted in peculiar sensation as the hard length of his penis got squeezed into my tight channel from behind. He inserted his shaft completely in my cave and waited.

I moaned, as I was stretched wide up to max and my fuckhole was stuffed to the max, he had a bigger and thicker rod as compared to Hemant, Jai was touching deepest corner of my fuckhole, which was never explored before. I was moaning in pleasure an pain, and Jai too was puffing. "Mmm… Sheela mazza aagaya,….Oh God… Ahhhh. how can I fire you?"

I turned my face to his and he leaned over me and spoke again, "Sheela tum kahin nahi jaaogi, hameshs mere pass rahogi" and with that Jai pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tunnel, and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again and I cried again, then he moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control.

Again and again I felt his balls pressed against my buttocks and his thighs slapped at mine. Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster in my fuckhole and I started screaming. With every thrust of his cock deep in my fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. He was drilling and pumping me from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts,

Suddenly Jai paused for a second, and took out his rod, I gasped as suddenly my hole got vacant at that stage where I was in intense sexual pleasure, it was really very strange sensation to bear. I was given to Hemant now, Hemant turned me on my back and folded my legs and kept them on his shoulder and without wasting any time started fucking me,

his excitement rose and he further leaned over me while puffing and pressed my legs further up towards my head and came over me totally and continued fucking me like a machine. He kept me wide open by holding my fleshy thighs while fucking and hardly after a minute Hemant was beyond his own control and I could see that he will not last for long and just then he stopped and took out his rod from my fuckhole and screamed in pleasure while cumming on bed.

Once again I trembled as suddenly my hole got vacant again and I too cried bizarre fashion and once again I was again given back to Jai, who was little calm now and he turned me back into his desired position and this time instead of laying over me he told me to get on my four by saying, "Sheela ghodi bann jao"

I got up and turned on my hands and knees before him and once again he located my fuckhole with his fingers and made me moan in fucking desire and with in no time he started pumping me from behind. I was enjoying and they could see this from my pleasure moans, it was a strange sensation, though I was no way near my peak but I was enjoying, It was something which I never felt earlier,

rather I was not fucked like this, as they were fucking me after my orgasm so I was not reaching to my peak and just enjoying. Jai drove his enormous penis in and out of the soaking and swollen flesh of my cunt for hardly one more minute and his pace changed he was closer to his peak and, instinctually I did something, I just tightened my legs and clamped his huge dick in my fuck hole,

Oh god he moaned so loud and screamed and exploded with a shudder and fell on me and finally jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my tunnel with fucking groans. We both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted, Hemant was also sitting there and he too lied down on the same bed.

After some time I was told to use the toilet first and one by one we cleaned ourselves and after wearing my under garments and blouse and petticoat, I came to bed to get some rest and Jai and Hemant sat down on couch and started having beer and continued chit chatting. I could hear them for a while and initially they were talking about me,

"mazza aagaya yaar" Hemant started while having Beer, "Hmmm…." Jai just hummed to say yes, "kisi Randi ko bulate to wo kabhi itna mazza nahi deti" Hemant spoke again, once again Jai just hummed to say yes, and then spoke "actually iske saath bahut saal se kuch hua nahi hai, issi liye itna tadap rahi thi" then Hemant spoke,

"Kunwari bhi itna mazza nahi deti jitna issne diya hai, wo to ro padti hain" "ye bhi to ro padi thi" Jai spoke, "wo to tune rula diya tha, saali ko paani bhi nahi chhodne de raha tha" Hemant replied "lekin issko tadpta hua dekh kar mazza aagaya, ekdum pagal ho gayi thi" Hemant spoke again. "I am going to try this on my wife, Gunjan ke haath baandh ke usko aise hi ragdunga"

(Gunjan was Hemant's wife) "Main Shilpi ke saath 2-3 baar kar chukka hoon par wo bhi itna nahi chillati jitna ye chilla rahi thi" Jai replied. "abhi dobara sex karna hai isske saath" Hemant asked Jai, "thodi der sone de issko, subah dekhte hain"…. Then again Jai spoke, "3-4 din hamare saath hi hai aram se lenge" after that as such my topic ended but the continued talking and Hemant asked that when is Shilpi Bhabhi coming,

for which Jai replied, "mujhe hi lene jaana hai, 3-4 din iski lene ke baad le aauonga Shilpi ko". I don't know when I slept after that and when I got up time was around 5. Hemant was sleeping on the same bed and Jai was lying on the couch. I got up and used the toilet and when I came back, Jai was awake and waiting for me to come out and told me to come closer.

I went closer to him, he made me sit beside him and took me his arms and asked, "kal raat ko jayada ho gaya na" I remained silent and looked down, "actually I was really very aroused, I mean tum itne time se yahan job kar rahi ho aur maine kabhi tumhare baare main is angle se nahi socha and suddenly I thought about you in this perspective and got crazy, tumhari simplicity ne dil jeet liya" I looked at his face, he was smiling.

Once again I looked down with shyness. Jai slowly pushed me to make me lay down on the couch, I was not expecting that he will fuck me again, but he wanted to. I looked at him and spoke with choked voice, "fir se karenge kya?" "haan, wo dinner tha, ye breakfast hai" he smiled with that. It was not at all funny for me.

he started opening hooks of my blouse and on by one all my clothes disappeared from my body, after taking off blouse he took off my petticoat, and then bra and panty and then came over me started sucking my nipples and while doing that he took of his underwear and then fingered my fuck opening without looking at it and finally once again landed inside my pussy and started riding on me as if he is riding a horse and fucked me for much longer time as compared to last night.

Jai was somewhere in the middle and was pumping me steadily, when Hemant got up from his sleep and saw us in action, he crossed and went inside toilet and came out and by that time Jai was over with injecting whatever was left in his balls and as Hemant saw that Jai is done he spoke from bed, "Sheela mere paas aao, mujhe bhi karna hai" Jai got and spoke,

"aaja teeno saath mein shower lete hain, wahin pe daal lena, we don't have much time" and with that idea we all moved to toilet. Like last night once again I was standing under shower between two naked men, and both of them were rubbing my body and Hemant was really very excited, though Jai was nevertheless excited, in spite of the fact that he has cummed once just few minutes back.

After couple of minutes Jai held me gently from behind and spoke to Hemant, "daal le ab" and with that Jai tried to widened my legs apart to give access of my fuckhole to Hemant and rubbed my slit couple of times under pouring water. I moaned with a thought that now I am going to get fucked again and this time under water.

Hemant too rubbed his finger on my opening and spoke, "issko ulta kar, peeche se daalunga". Jai turned me around and told me to bend so that Hemant can access my fuckhole and his words were, "Sheela Jhuk jaao aur mujhe pakad lo" I obeyed, Jai was holding me firm from the portion below my breast as I was bent almost in 90 degrees beside Jai right arm,

and Jai adjusted my body as required and told me to spread my legs, saying, "Sheela tange thodi aur kholo" next moment I felt Hemant's one hand on my waist and his rod down there on my fuckhole, he was holding his rod and rubbing it on my opening and I was getting crazy with that pleasure, and next moment Hemant entered inside me and once again I was getting fucked by one of them,

Hemant fucked me for hardly 2 minutes and then cummed inside me, but those two minutes were more than enough to make me burn into desire to get fucked further but I could not speak anything, I too wanted to cum, my cunt was twitching in lust and some sort of pulsations were rising in my belly but Hemant was spent.

I was still standing in the same posture, where Jai was holding me for Hemant and I heard Jai saying, "Hemant pakad isse main bhi daalunga" and with that Jai turned me around and now I was standing like before but holding Hemant and now my fuckhole was facing Jai and without wasting a second Jai invaded my cunt with his finger and I think he cleaned Hemant's cum with flowing water and started fucking me from behind.

Among two I could feel that Jai was more powerful then Hemant and the way he was fucking me at that time I could not believe that he has already fucked me thrice in last 10-12 hours. Holding my waist Jai was pumping my fuck hole with good speed and it was getting higher and higher, our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure,

like Jai I was also reaching to the verge of the orgasm and both Jai and Hemant could sense that. Hearing my moans Jai spoke, "Neeche haath daal ke, isski chut ragadd achhe se" and just then I felt some fingers over my clit and Hemant started rubbing upper portion of my slit and it just took my breath away. I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately.

I wanted to explode, sudden rub of fingers over my clit took me to the verge of orgasm with in seconds and truly speaking It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I tried to push Hemant away, and tried to join my legs together to squeeze my cunt between my fleshy thighs so that I can release my pressure but I failed in both,

Hemant held me even more tighter and continued rubbing my cunt with his finger while Jai's cock was moving in and out of it and at the same instant leaving my waist Jai held me from my thighs and further parted them and continued ripping my fuckhole for few more seconds till I started crying and screaming in strange voice.

Suddenly Jai stopped and withdrew his rod from my fuckhole leaving my hole empty and Hemant too stopped, once again like before Jai held my thighs apart and restricted me to join my legs and I went crazy like before, and once again I felt that I am at the edge of my death because of this strange pleasure.

At this time I was standing in a very strange posture, I was bent almost on 90 degrees and Hemant was holding me tight from the lower portion of my breast to restrict my movement I was into his left arm and Jai was holding my thighs apart. I was trembling feverishly screaming helplessly and my legs were shivering,

I wanted to cum with ease but I could not press my cunt for that and once again tidal waves started hitting my body and I was trembling in sudden jerks rising from my pelvis going till my breast through my belly, Jai and Hemant were holding my tremulous body tight, they were enjoying watching me shaking like that and once again proper stream of my cunt juices started flowing down and I felt Jai's hand on my cunt,

and heard him saying, "dekh paani chhod rahi hai" next moment Jai tenderly touched one of my cunt lips to feel it's sensation and spoke, "haath laga ke dekh Chut kaise kaamp rahi hai" and Hemant touched me there to feel the pulsation of my cunt and next second they loosened there grip and I collapsed on the wet floor while shivering and finally squeezed my cunt with my hand and folded my legs and joined them to my stomach.

I was crying in pleasure and second time I was going through this and even on second time for few seconds when Jai stopped fucking me suddenly pulled out his rod and restricted me to squeeze my cunt between my thighs I thought that I will die in this. Once again Jai and Hemant were enjoying my fucking state and they waited for some time before trying to make me straight on the floor.

I was still crying and I requested him to leave me by saying, "please Bhaiya…leave me, mujhe nahi karna…..please mujhe jaane do" Jai caressed my forehead and spoke, "bas ho gaya ab nahi karenge aisa" but I continued crying and saying, "please mujhe chhod do" for which Jai replied "Haan bas ab main tumhe tumhare ghar chhod dunga, tum rest karna"

I stooped crying after a while and it was something which I was not at all expecting, Jai tried to came over me as he was yet not over, I tried to get away but failed and Jai lied over me on the bathroom floor, I requested him once again, "please Bhaiya mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai wahan par, mujhe chhod do" for which Jai replied, "ab tumhe bilkul dard nahi hoga, bass 1-2 minute ki baat hai mera bhi nikal jaayega"

I wanted to request him once again but he sealed my lips with his lips and started kissing me, exploring my mouth and with that Jai's hands were searching my fuckhole. I tried to close my legs and succeeded for a while but Hemant helped him to part my legs when Jai told him "Hemant taange khol isski" and once again Jai was fucking me on the wet floor of the huge luxurious bathroom.

He was riding me hard and rapidly. His body was jerking rapidly up and down, he was pumping my fuck hole with speed and it was getting higher and higher, once again our gasps and moans were rising and he was screaming loud in pleasure and I could not decide exactly why I was screaming in pain or pleasure.

At last, Jai shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his dick sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt, and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end. He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion.

Once again I orgasmed and screamed loud and finally started crying once again. We all came out and I was still sobbing and both were silent, finally after getting ready Jai came closer and took me in his arms and tried to love me, I tried to get away for which Jai spoke, "Sheela kya karun, tum ho hi itni sexy ki main control nahi kar pata" then again he Jai spoke,

"let's go I will drop you home aur tum pura din rest karna, I will call you in the evening". I looked at him, he was still expecting that I will get ready for tonight also. I wanted to say that I am not going to come tonight, fire me if you want to fire" but I remained silent, and walked out of the room and heard low voice, Hemant saying, "raat bhar mein humne isko itna khol diya hai, jitana iske pati ne isse 2 saal mein nahi khola hoga".

Jai came out with me and Hemant stayed in the hotel. We both were silent through out the way and we reached at the place where I was suppose to get down and before getting down I spoke, "Bhaiya mujhe nahi karna ye sab, aapne mujhe naukri se nikalna hai to nikal deejiye" Jai smiled a bit and spoke, "Sheela don't say that, actually I was very excited and that is why I behaved like that,

excitement mein tumhare saath thoda jayada ho gaya, and I could see ki tum bhi enjoy kar rahi thi, and I promise aisa dobara nahi hoga, next 2-3 din hum aaram aaram se karenge" I remained silent and did not uttered a word. Jai spoke again "see I am not forcing you, it's you wish, bass 2-3 raaton ki aur baat hai jab tak Hemant yahan hai" then he spoke again,

"and for that I am giving you job security for you whole life" and then he spoke, "and one more thing, I promise I will not force you or blackmail you again for this in any circumstances but……" Jai stopped after saying "but" I looked at him to say go ahead and he continued, "but… agar tum apni marzi se mere saath ye continue karti ho to I promise main tumhe har saal 30 percent ka increment dunga,

with some perks and I assure ki main tumhe kisi aur ke saath sex karne ke liye bhi nahi kahunga, obviously jab Hemant India aayega tab tumhe continually raaton ko uske saath hi rahna padega, it will be part of your job then" I could not speak anything, I just continued staring his face.

"Don't think, that, you have to accept this proposal, you can refuse it, I promise after spending three nights with me and Hemant you will be free and in any case you will not lose your job" "but if you will back up now then I don't have any proposal for you". Then there was a silence for few seconds and Jai spoke again,

"think about it, I will call you around 4 in the evening to ask you whether you are interested or not nahi to mujhe Hemant ke liye kisi dusri ladki ka intzaam karna padega". Once again I looked at him, he spoke everything so casually as if nothing is forbidden in this, from giving me that proposal till saying that he has to arrange some other girl for Hemant.

I got down without saying a word and stood aside and he picked up speed and moved from there. I walked till my home and could not think about anything else except that proposal. Finally landed home and without eating anything tried to sleep. Well friends here I am ending my experience for a while, and I will write further after reading reader's response. Post comments if possible tell me if I bored you.

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