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Monday, December 5, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Sex With My Student's Mom

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:33 AM PST

Hello, Im Rohit from Jaipur Im a teacher and I want to narrate one story that happened with me  last year first about myself,  I'm a average guy fair and reserved,  I was doing to get some pocket money I started taking tuition' got a offer of taking tuition of 3 kids, they lived neared by my house, it was decided that I should come to their home every day in the evening to take tuition. I agreed for it.

First day when i went to take tuition ,mother of kids opened the door i was amazed to see her ,she was a sexy lady around at the age of 35.she welcomed me as we meet first time, her name was m(doesn't want to disclose her name let's call her m) she called her kids and the tuition started now let me describe her, she was a nice and sexy lady with figure 34-32-36,with nice boobs around 36 wearing old traditional clothes. Tuition went on going for a year and in this whole year after tuition she used to ask about the studies and improvement of their kids. I started to like her and fantasy about her and sometime masturbated thinking of her, days went.

One day after taking tuition I was going home and I saw her alone in her drawing room making some projects of her kids. I saw her and went to the door but thought this is the right time to ask her for friendship. I came back from the door and ask her what she is doing and she replied me formally, then i told her that "I like you and went away. next day after tuition she asked me y u told that u like me and I replied that I like the qualities in you and want to b friend of yours, she replied with ok and slowly days went and we started talking every day after tuition and we came to know more about each other, And we became close to each other.

I started liking her but I was not sure if she likes me or not, she was happily married good financial condition and a complete family, then I decided to ask her for a chat, I ask and she got ready, while having chat I told her "I love you",she didn't replied for some moment but afterward she told u know what r u telling, I just replied that I was joking and finished the topic. I was confused what the next day will have for me next day after tuition she asked me what I was telling in the chat and I replied nothing serious but she forced me to discuss that topic and I confessed that yes I like u and I love you she was shocked and didn't replied and

I went home same day late in the night she called me that kids are having some problem can u come for just few minutes to solve the difficulty and I agreed,this was the first time I m going to her house so late in the night. I went she opened the door and I sat in the hall there was no one near the hall and I could not hear any voice of her kids,she came and sat near to me and asked me " do u really love me? With some confidence I replied yes I do you know that I m married and I'm having kids. I told yes I know everything but I m helpless I cannot forget you, i love u from bottom of my heart then there was some silence in the room and then

I ask her can I hold your hand she was feeling shy but with some confidence I hold her hand, she was confused what to do and what to say, same way I was also confused but my heart said just go on. I hold her hand and kissed her on her lips so forcefully, then started ejaculating in my pant. After that I came to my sense and I saw that she was angry with me and I started to say sorry to her and told her that I didn't mean to hurt her. She angrily told me to leave her house and I left I didn't know what to do whole night I was thinking of the episode and couldn't sleep for a while.

for some days she didn't talked to me .but I finally decided that today I will talk with her after tuition I called her out and I started talking with her but she didn't replied to any of my question. I saw and finally told her please forgive me .she said ok and we again became friends, then slowly we started touching each other and after some days with some confidence in my mind again I said to her that I love you. this time she was bit confidence and she replied me that she also love me, for a moment I couldn't believe that she has told yes to me.

In the beginning after tuitions we use to talk in drawing room but one day she invited me in her bed room, it was a fabulous bed room ,a great bed ,wardrobe, computer, a/c and plenty of space. we sat there and we chatted while leaving I asked her for a kiss ,she said no but after requesting her she agreed but she told on chick. I kissed her it was heaven u see it was a great moment for me .days passed like this and we were in deep love with each other. I asked her we need time we should spend some precious time that we will never forget,

she replied but how ,i told please manage something we were thing and she came with an idea, she told next week her husband is going out of station for some days, we will keep extra tuition in the morning before kids leave for school and after tuition when kids go u wait and we can spend some time. she got the permission of extra tuitions from her husband and the day came, I went to her house at 7 in the morning, kids were getting ready for school. I wouldn't see my beautiful lover ,kids came and tuition started ,I taught them for 20 mins and they went away for school and after that my beautiful lady came from inside,

She was in her nighty and was looking gorgeous, first time I saw her in her nighty. She told him to me and called me inside her bed room she told me to sit and came back with two cups of tea. We had tea and then I asked her for a beautiful morning kiss. again that same she told me know but on request she agreed and I first time kissed her on those beautiful pink lips, she also responded it and we were lock for more than 15 mins. After kissing we hugged each other and those beautiful boobs touched my chest ,I hugged her tightly, we again kissed and then slowly I started kissing her face and went to her neck,

We were standing and doing all the beautiful things, she was responding with me. I was enjoying a lot then i put her on the bed and I was on her kissing her neck and slowly I got down and started opening buttons of her nighty I opened the first and i saw her upper chest then the second button and i saw the beautiful white silky bra and the edges of her beautiful boobs and finally the third button and those hot ,sexy, beautiful boobs were clear to my vision inside her bra ,she helped me to remove her nighty and I saw her beautiful body naked in front of me she pulled me

Near her chest and grasped my head in her arms and my lips were kissing her boobs, they were sweet and salty I started liking her boobs and put down the right bra strip and the right boob was in front of me with pinkish nipple on it i started kissing her boobs and making circle around her nipples with the tongue ,she again pressed me against her chest indicating me to suck her nipple and i did the same sucked her nipple and started pressing left boob with my hand, she was enjoying it a lot with closed eyed and feelings in her body.

I removed the left strip of her bra and those boobs were free from cage of her bra and was ready for me to play I was kissing ,sucking , and enjoying with her body, suddenly she stopped me and said now get down of me it my chance to ride, she removed my shirt and lied me down and came up on me started kissing my neck and down to my nipples, she sucked ,bitted my nipples with great power, she removed my pant and my penis was ready for her to enjoy, she removed my underwear and hold my penis, she was holding my penis very tightly as if she hasn't hold it from long time. she was kissing my whole body some time she licked sometimes she kissed, whenever she kissed me I felt that whole love in this world is filled in her kiss, and whenever she licked me I felt the whole sex in this world is filled in her licked. She was having sex with lot of maturity.

I showed her my erected penis and asked her to take it in her mouth but she didn't did it, we were deep in the sex holding each other and enjoying suddenly the door bell rang and we have to stop the love making we were not happy to stop it but we were helpless in the same condition i have to left her  the day went like that but i couldn't concentrate in any of my work, evening came i went for the tuition ,I was very happy to see my beautiful love, we had some eye talk and

I went for the tuition after tuition the discussion round came we had some talk and I ask for some sex but she refused that kids are there and it is not possible for us to get some free time. She told me that we will enjoy it tomorrow morning. I waited for the morning to come and the morning came same way I went for the tuition and after tuition we had our session, she was sitting on the chair I went near her and started kissing her, on her face chicks, chin, head and went to lips we had a great kiss, our tongue touch each other I kissed her upper lips with both my lips,

This time we were more involved than yesterday, then I took her in my arms and took her to bed and started kissing her. I gave my love marks on her neck, then removed her nighty and kissed her boobs, now her boobs were friends with me I sucked them kissed them pressed them a lot, as if they r mine she was enjoying it a lot she hold my penis and started pressing it with full enjoyment and suddenly once more the door bell rang and we have to stop the love process. this made us wild and we have to think for some more options.

I went home and called her and asked her for some more plans then she told u don't worry come in the evening I will do something in the evening after tuition she came with a superb plan she told me that I am sending my kids to their relatives for a night and u give some excuse to your parents and come to my house without knowing them. I went home and told to my parents that there is a night out at my friend's house and I am going there for a whole night in the night I came to her house she was alone waiting for me in a beautiful silky nighty. We sat in the drawing room and had some nasty chat then we went inside her bedroom.

We went to her bed and laid there in each other's arms for some time and had some romantic talks, while having romantic talks we started kissing each other, this time no one was there to disturb us. we were in each other's arms she started to open my pant zip and hold my penis and started playing with it I too opened her nighty buttons and put my hands in to her nighty and pressed her boobs we started removing each other's clothes and still we were locked in the kiss. We were not ready to give each other's lips.

She removed my pants and my shirt then my underwear and I was naked in front of her. She asked me u don't want to see your love in her birth dress(naked).I accepted her invitation and removed her nighty the her bra and her panty now mu hot ,sweet love was naked in front of me. we kissed each other's body we feel each Other's body I fingered her vagina I kissed her vagina now it was the time for a blast I asked her for a fuck ,she was scared for it but she wanted to have it she was questioning me about ,I replied u don't worry we will have a safe sex. I had bought condoms. She was very happy to see the condom and wanted to enjoy it for a long time .I wore the condom and I came upon her she guided my penis to her vagina and slowly I inserted my penis it was a wonderful experience for me.

I started stroking her slowly. She had her eyes closed and was enjoying it to the full. While stroking her, her nipple was in my mouth and I could hear her ooohh oouuccchh. And after some time I ejaculated in her. It was a pleasure trip for my penis in her vagina. after wards we took bath and whole night slept in each other's arms we had this affair for 5 years ,but now I m married and she is also happy in her family but still we r in contact with each other.

Students Revenge On Teacher

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:31 AM PST

Hi Smita love you babe you are the most wonderful friend of mine and telling you what you wanted from me. I am not telling a story so don't know how to write all that stuff. This is about me and I am Amit today 23 years old looking after my father's business. My sex story is about how I raped my tutor Sonali madam. Yes raped my madam and she couldn't do anything about the same. 

Obviously this happened 3 years back but more then that something else happened 9 -10 years ago. I was born with a silver spoon but when it comes to studies I was the last one. I was in 8th std but that was very different that how I managed till 7th std was because my dad use to fund the school with lots of stuff and it was when I completed 7th it was the principal who told my parents its better we fail him or it will be difficult for him. 

Mom being mom told she will see I will perform good next year. I was always beaten black and blue by my mom. So after joining the school within a month I was having 2 tutors one for language, Ramesh sir and rest of the subject were taken care by this young lady who was topper in her school college 20 years old Sonali madam. She need extra money for her education and mom told I am all her she can beat me and do anything but something should go in my head about my studies.

She stayed just few building behind where I stayed and I used to go to her place actually in the beginning our servant use to carry my bag and drop at her apartment and her first punishment started in the first week as she told my servant to stop coming and I should come alone carrying the bag and go home. My mother too told the servant not to carry my bags anymore I was pissed but couldn't do anything. I was slapped pinched and even on holidays she uses to teach or torture me I don't know.

One thing leads to other and I manage to get 52% mark without any grace in my quarterly exam and principal too was happy and Sonali madam was praised a lot. No one I was dead afraid of this bitch Sonali madam, I even use to piss in my pants and was so afraid of her. But within few months I was back to normal as mom more them mom I was dad's pet and in mid semester I failed in 3 subjects and Sonali madam scolded my parents as most of the days.

I didn't went for tuitions as I really didn't want to go telling lie I was sick not felling well or going to dad to his restaurant again mom gave her the full authority to do whatever she wanted to do, an this time the torture grew as she started making me sit first without shirt pinching me then my shorts too was down and she used to make me sleep on her lap and spank my buttocks and told if I tell my parents what type of punishment.

She was giving then they wont believe and I well get more such punishment. In the initial I was really angered and used to cry all day and I thought of planning something and told mom to tell teacher to come to our house and give tuition which madam first denied but later on increasing her payment she readily agreed. I want to show my parents what kind of teacher she is so started using my camera which dad had gifted me.

I could come handy as I was really good in photography still photos as well as in video taping at that time. My parents didn't know at that time but out here too within few days Sonali madam came to her true picture and started giving me punishment and this time she was arousing me my pinching my nipples and she started squeezing my penis balls if I did something wrong and if I was correct she could give me lot of kisses 

I started even playing with my penis which started arousing me like hell even in school I started to know more about sex because of my friend Sumant and I use to spy on our seniors Vijay Mehta who was also the school leader and bully who use to have sex with 10th std school beauty and slut Reema desai. My session in fact of getting torturous and humilities by Sonali madam of undressing me squeezing my cock spanking my buttocks.

I was exciting in the night I started to masturbate soon the thrill of sex started entering me, when I was 9th std I started going back to Sonali's madam house for tuition as thinks were interesting and she too started liking me as I was co-operative and this time she use to take serious studies for 2 hours and the last one hour it was very playful as she use to kiss me telling that I am a good boy and pressing my dick which was getting bigger and bigger as days passed 

She use to hug me or sleep on top of me rub her pussy on my dick and so on, nothing happened without clothes it was all with clothes in 10th std we started our oral sex in mid term and I couldn't live without the same. I went mad to suck her cunt and finger fucks the same. Sonali madam grunted as she loved me sucking her she sucked of my cock and balls made me cum many times. I even pleaded her to have real sex to which she told that's only for her husband and so on.

I was having a nice time and once my 10th std was over and when everyone was think I could fail I got 62% mark to everyone's surprise. My dad gave her maruti zen and that was the last time I had sex in fact oral sex when we were together in fact she took me to her parent's places at Satara they had lot of farms and we had lot of oral sex. She dropped and that was tha last time I saw her and later she left that place  

She was getting married but it did bothered me a lot as I didn't had sex and on top of that mom too expired due to multiple organ failure. I was depressed due to loss of my mom and father sent me a few days to our farm house at Lonvala where we also had a resort nearby. The farm house was looked by 28-30 year person Ramakant. The same evening Ramkant caught me masturbating and told me why you have to use your hand 

I asked me if I am interested in fucking someone. I was afraid and he told not to worry he will make the arrangement around 8 pm he came with 20-22 year old ok looking girl and told her to take care of me. The funniest thing (I know you all will laugh) was that I really didn't know what happened the moment I was nude and this girl I didn't even know her name was nude I was bursting to fuck her she came closed to me telling me is it first time. 

All that stuff and held me cock and jerked 2-3 times I literally came without doing anything. She laughed telling its ok and all that stuff. She sucked me and I still was not able to get an erection. The girl was about to leave to which Ramkant stopped her from wearing her salwar telling her that she is here for the full night and Saheb that was me will fuck her. Ramkant undressed and started kissing her and seeing the way he grabbed the girl and humiliated and ravaged her seeing the same. 

I was getting a massive erection. He took her from behind telling that he will fuck her ass as her cunt was for my virgin (un chudi lund) cock. She grunted as he fucked her ass and told me to give my cock in her mouth. I did and I was getting really excited with all that stuff. Then I took her from behind but in her cunt which was dripping and the first instant the hot cunt made me crazy as I entered my cock deeper and deeper at last I fucked for 10-15 min and came in her. It was wonderful.

I fucked her again in the morning and Ramkant was more helpful as in my 10 days of stay he made have sex with 4 different women's all between 18-25 years. I was a real fucking man by now, came down to Pune after a wonderful time and had the courage to take our maid Sheela who worked with us for 7 years. She was married 25 years old women with kids and from morning to evening and sometimes overnight too she stayed at our house. 

It wasn't difficult for me as I started touching here and there sometimes made her rub her back which I use to do it earlier too but this time I just use to wear a towel and tell her to rub my back. Then I started hugging her which was surprised but later on didn't object. Then we use to talk a lot then few kisses then I dumped her on my bed on day and fucked her. She went mad with my style of fucking and she loved it and she was crazy for my dick and also I paid her whatever she wanted. 

I also made her get some fucking cunts for me and she did it as I had to give her lot of money which was never was a problem for me. She even made her cousin sister have sex with me that was my maid Sheela when I was doing hotel management made few friends and had wonderful time with them too. I was 18 dads told me to come to office to look after our Pune restaurant and I didn't like but after failing in hotel management too.

I didn't have any choice left rather then to start working Dad's 34 years old secretary Poonam Seti became my guide. She was a bit fat big ass but within 6 months I seduced and started fucking her. She enjoyed the most as she was an excellent in her work but when it comes to boys nobody could date her. She was very hot in bed too, ok now the final stuff that's my teacher Sonali madam and what a lucky day it was in June 2007 when dad was of to Australia for some business trip. 

I went to drop him without the driver as I had my own stuff as I had booked a high class call girl Rohini and was going to spend the night with her at the airport I was stunned to see Sonali madam with her husband Nitin Kulkarni who was going to go to US work related for 6 months. Seeing her I forget everything as she was the women of my dream who looked more beautiful then anyone and she was surprised to see me.

We had coffee and actually she was going to return by bus and I told her I will take her home back as she stayed at Airport road. She first said no and all that stuff, but I pleaded her and around 10 pm we started I forgot everything about the Rohini and even I had paid money in advance to her broker in Pune for our meeting in Mumbai. I said hell with that and we had nice drive back with the heavy rains.

I was driving slowly but as we reached Dehuroad the rain was heavier with no street lights. I was acting as if I was feeling sleepy to which she told she can stop at my place and then she can a send a driver as I was unable to drive. I stayed at Pradhikaran near Bhel chowk reached home Sheela opened the door first she was happy as I have told her that from now I will fuck her whenever and wherever I wanted, but seeing 

Sonali madam she knew I had already brought someone. But she didn't know who she was and what I was planning all the way while I was driving of actually brining her home and fucking her even if she objected. Luckily our driver was not there and told Sonali madam to stay back I will drop her home early home to which she didn't had any problem.

I purposely gave her a bath robe and gave her my room to sleep which was more then kind of a sound proof as I use to play drums so dad made some changes and also had 2 entrances and made sure the other door was open. I told Sheela that I am going to fuck her and even if she objected I am going to rape her to which she was afraid, but told nothing will happen. 

I told her to give her some hot milk and added crystal meth (and very potent aphrodisiac which is an hyperarousal and hypersexuality drug, actually given to me by none other then my sexy fat assed Poonam Sethi which was used only once with one of our House keeping manager Mrs. Suman. I got tired of fucking her but she wanted more of me. She uses to get me some House keeping girls or receptionist who were need of money. 

Her condition was she didn't mind me fucking anyone else unless I satisfy her and I liked the deal) Sheela went and came back within 10 min and I was waiting as it takes 15-20 min to starts its action or reaction whatever. I was waiting in the kitchen with Sheela mauling her breast dry fucking her butts. I went in to my room from the back door and also took Sheela along with me. She was all over my bed unable to control I went in she was surprised and asked me what I am doing.

I told her that we have some un finished business what started 7 years back. She was surprised I caught her hands and she was struggling she even slapped me, Sheela held her hands I removed her bathrobe. He cunt was wet I knew I should thank poonam for the same. I didn't had the patience and removing my tracksuit I held her legs apart and entered my cock in her wet cunt for few min she was still crying and cursing me but after 5-10 min she was telling me to fuck her hard. 

I fucked her for 2 long hours and also made her suck Sheelas cunt after everything was over I showed her the video which I had recorded when I was in 8th the purpose was just to tell her that is she tried to act smart she will go in prison for child abuse rather then me. She was with me for 3 days and I enjoyed the time of my life. I still fuck her today as I don't know in spite of every other girl I fucked was temporary fun, but with Sonali madam it was always wonderful. 

Most of the time, our fucking starts with her denial and ending up with her groaning moaning like a slut. I love teasing her in front of her husband she gets pissed off but I love it. 2008 her husband lost his job and I gave her a job as an assistant manager which made me closer to her. Fucking her everyday twice day I never get bored no matter she hates but has to do it because she didn't had any other option.

I love her in Sari and made sure she never wore panties when she is with me. If I find it I tore it off and I might have torn 15-20 panties. She made sure whenever she entered my cabin she used to remove it off and by mistake its there I use to cut them into pieces. She curses me whenever I do that but still gets fucked and I know and she knows once my dick is in her wet cunt she always wanted more. I know I am bad man might be, but what to do I am still crazy about Sonali madam that's all Smita about me

Unexpected Fun with Mom And Daughter

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:29 AM PST

Hello this is Rohit from Bangalore I am an architect by profession and 42 years old weatesh on the darker side and handsome with looks of 32 married with two children me and my wife have a healthy sex life which we enjoy on week ends let me come to the unexpected episode of my life it was the summer of may 2011 my wife and children had gone to there parents place in Chennai leaving me alone for 15 days 

After work  as there was no other I would go to the malls and pass time in the flood courts and theatres I would just eye the girls and ladies ho come to the mall just for time pass enjoying there beauties first day passed of peacefully and I did not go for the movie and came back home early and slept the second day was the best day I went to forum mall in Koramangala and was was in landmark shopping for cds and books 

I saw a mom and daughter both identical as twin sister they were so beautifull that I forgot my shopping and just staring at them mom was fair about 5 feet 3 inches fair slim must be around 55 kgs was wearing a white jeans and a purple and green kurthi to compliment her beauty and the daughter was wearing a chudidhar which was a very tight fit one showing her curves and structure and she was a beauty like her mom

I was just dreaming about them and even thought if I can talk to them and spend time with them it would be nice and my evening would be great and after finishing the shopping I missed them again in the bill counter and I went to transit to have my dinner i ordered for a veg sub and a salad in subway and picked up my food and was searching for a place and I was surprised to see the mom and daughter sitting in one corner of the food court luck was on my side 

I think  there was a table for two in front of them that is a different table facing them I occupied that table and started having by enjoying there beauty I was just seeing them when the mom saw me and our eyes met and I smiled at her. I don't know why she also smiled  and after that was just seeing and smiling I was staring at her boobs lips eyes everywere once when I was staring at her boobs she saw me seeing and just lifted her eyebrow like asking what I said nothing and put my head down and after that

I finished my dinner and came out and both of us came near the esculater and I was following them and  was thinking of how to talk to them when I rushed to the esculater both of us came to gather and it was difficult for us to enter and by mistake banged into her and said sorry and again she smiled oh the million doller smile  and just started to talk to her like I simply to start I said I think I have seen you somewere and asked if they steyed in j p nagar to my luck there answer was yes then  

I said even me I also stay in j p nagar in brigade millinium apartments and she was staying in a individual house hardly about 500 meters  from my place and we had come out discussing about these things the time was about 8:30 and they said they  will leave now and I suddenly asked them how they are going  and she told in an auto I told if they don't mind I can drop them in my car that was the first time I heard 

The voice of her daughter she said its ok uncle we will go in an auto I again insisted them and told that anyhow I am going alone they were a little scared then I told them a prominant persons name who steys near there home and he is my friend they somehow agreed to come with me, we went again to the 2nd floor were my car was parked and got into and being a gentleman I opened the back door for them both of them 

I got in and and occupied the back seat and I started my car and came out I started asking about the neighborhood there neigbors who I know and about her husband  she said her husband is working in a MNC and is in the united kingdom from last six months on a project and expected to come in another 90 days I also told them about my family my wife children so they became confidant about me and I don't know when we reached our home time flew like that in a second and when getting down 

I asked them if we could share our mobile numbers so that we could keep in touch as good neighbours, we exchanged our numbers and after reaching home I sent a sms saying it waas nice meeting them and a good night and I was tence if they would return wish my sms and after 1 hour I got sms from both mom and daughter wishing me good night sweet dreams in the morning I sent wishing them good morning with a messege got reply from both and again around 12 

I was free in office I just sms a joke to only the mom and started to chat over sms and I asked if I can call her and talk I got a sms saying yup I called her and we were just talking general things about her daughter her education  she said her daughter is in final year engg  and has gonme to collage and will be back by 4 in the evening I asked who else is at home she said she is alone I asked if she has a computer at home  and gave her my id on yahoo 

And my gmail id  she added me on yahoo and we started chatting online after lunch we had 2 hours before her daughter came I forgot my office work and was chatting with her about everything hobby family timepass movies her fav hero heroine  and slowly topic changed to her personal life I asked her if she is feeling lonely with her hubby working abroad she shot back at me asking how do you feel with out your wife I casually said that she has gone only for 15 days and 

More over I have a good friend to chat with now she asked me who it was and I said its you and the chat ended that day as her daughter came back from collage again in the night I wished both of them good night and they wished me back I asked the mom if I could call and talk she said no as both she and her dotty were sleeping together and moreover she dose not want to talk to a guy late in the night I being a naughty 

Guy sent a sms asking what is wrong if you talk to a friend late night she replied that there is nothing wrong but she is scared to talk to a naughty guy like me who was seeing her in the wrong places in the food court and that was the starting point for the future relationship I again sent back saying that over phone I can't see na I can only talk and nothing can happe by talking  

She told me hmm talking to a naughty guy is like falling in the fire she told me that my eyes is very naughty and it dose many things I sent her back an sms saying see weare alone and we could atleast talk for 5 min just for time pass and then disconnect now she agreed I called her she had come out of the room and put on the tv before attending my call and started talking to me I started by asking her

Me - what naughty did you see in my eyes

She - laughing your eyes were seeing what just think wasnt it naughty

Me - no no it normally happens it is natural to see the most attractive parts places

She - do you mean it is the most attractive part

Me – it's not like that from above the table what ever was visible that was attractive by the way ur eyes and lips are also not less attractive you have a very good eyes and a lush kissable lips

She - hmm full stop fullstop that is why I told you talking is dangerous with naughty guys

Me - what is life without a little fun and naughtyness yar

She -give me your wifes number I will talk to her

Me - hey am I your enemy yar

She - hey no just kidding yar

Me - were was your honeymoon

She - we had been to kullu manali

Me - mine was in kodaikanal

She- when is your second honeymoon

Me - hmm now I am alone and cant think about it what about urs

She - now all that interest has died after 22 years of marriage yar

Me - hey I don't think so you seem to be a very romantic girl

She - I am not a girl a lady for your kind information

Me - but you don't seem to be one you still look like you're in early 20s

She- hey no I am 42 and my daughter is 20

Me - you look like twins really and you look hot you know your hubby is a lucky guy

She - life is boring yar

Me - yes when your alone you will feel like that so you have my friendship, what do you feel are you still bored

She - laughing but today only we are talking na let's see

Me - hey don't laugh your laugh makes me crazy to

She - crazy to what ok I won't laugh

Me- hey no your laugh is so cute and sensious that I feel like I will do some thing wrong

She - innocently what wrong can happen over phone I won't meet you next time na

Me - ummma I kissed her and told that this mistake might happen

She - hey full stop fullstop

Me  - did you take it or not dint you like it I kissed you on ur closed eyes

She - no I didn't like it I didn't take it

Me - then return it back to me if you don't want

She - oh see see your the naughtiest flirt I have seen 

Me - no no I am not flirting I am serious return back my kiss or agreee that you have taken

She - hey go man dont play fool with me laughing

Me - if your not returning back I will have to give you much more of those sweet kisses

She - give give u can give it your phone only na not me

Me - hey i feel like seeing you and talking to you come online na

She - hey not at this time my daughter is there and she may doubt

Me - ok yar it is already 2 am we will sleep we will chat tomorrow good night umaaaaa

Me - hmm ok good night sweet dreams with lot of butterflies and teddybears hugging and kissing you and she thank you same to you, next day again started with morning sms wishes it was Sunday asked her what plans she had I asked them out for lunch if they were free and did not mind  she said she will conform and I got a missed call at 11.30  I was still in bed and I called her back

Me - hello good morning what's up desided

She - hmm talked to my daughter were can we go what are your plans

Me - you suggest can we go to leela palace for lunch buffet

She – it's too far na we haveto start immmidiatly

Me - ok I will be ready in 20 min after shower and shave what about you

She - we just have to get dressed

Me - what are you wearing something special

She - what do you want me to wear sny how it's a surprise

Me- hmm ok meet you at 12 were do I pick you up from

She we will come to jp nagar ring road you can pick us from there it won't be good for you to come home in day

Me - oh so I can come home only in the night and just laughed

She - chup yar naughty then I got ready came down and took my car and went to ring road I could not find them when I called them she told that she is inside a shop and came out she was stunning in the black and red designer saree tied under the navel and her pally was showing half of her right boob it instantly made me hot her daughter was in jeans and tshirt and got into the car, we went for the lunch finished 

I asked them what next she told she had some things to buy from commercail street and they will go there  I suggested I will also go with them and went along and finished shopping it was almost 7.00 pm they purchased some dresses and footware  which they were trying and i was the judge desided which looked better and stunning it was great to see them display themselves in beautifull dresses again it was dinner 

time we went to a resturant in forum only at the back of my mind I had worked out to take them to a movie we were having dinner and I suggwested that we should watch a movie and the daughter was intrested so they agreed and we went to a telegu movie the daughter was in the corner next her mom and next to her mom me she was to my right and I was to her left the movie started and slowly 

I touched my elbow with her elbow on the seat rest and slowly rubbing her hand slowly she was seeing me with lot of naughtyness in her eyes and smiled and slowly pinched me everything was understood without words she brought her hands a little forward so that a gap was created from her body and hands I just slowly inched my elbow towards her body and slowly touched her left boob with my elbow she started pressing against the elbow 

I saw her through the corner of my eyes she was pressing herself biting her lips and half closed eyes I started rubbing slowly as no one could make out as her palllu was covering her boobs it was soft and her nipples had become hard now I had courage and slowly took out my hand and sat straight and slowly with my left hand fingers touched hand rubbed her nipples and her tummy 

She could not control and signalled me to stop showing her daughter and the crowd I stopped and sat quetly and did nothing crazy after that after the movie we came down and got into the car I slightly pinched her bums when she was getting into the car without her daughters knowledge and then when we reached her place it was 12 30 I had a surprise she gave her daughter the keys and asked her to open the door. To be continued on the part II. Thanks

Mom Permission To Uncle To Deflower Me

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:28 AM PST

Hi Smita, this is Kavya telling you my first incident which happened because of other women and you will surprise to know who the other woman was. I will tell you with my story and you will come to know. We stay in Jogeshwari E in one bedroom flat. Yes we were and are a middle class family. Father burdened with loan because he was partner with one of his long distant cousin brother who died in an accident and 

We had our difficulty financially I had another cousin uncle who happens to be my dad's first cousin. In fact he was very young at that time. But he took most of Dad's expenses in fact our housing loan most of the time was paid by him. He was having some business in Dubai use to get imported items from other countries.

Smita I don't know how to tell a story but telling my stuffs. Ok my uncle Ritesh was pretty close to my family he stayed in Bangalore he had has his shop in Bangalore but every month or every alternate month he use to come to Bombay ok this incident happened when I was blooming teenage girl. Ramesh uncle was very young 21 or 22 he started doing his business when he was teenager and was pretty well off.

In fact he had gifted us an air conditioner in this Bombay heat. It was there in our bedroom and when uncle comes I use to sleep on the bed with uncle and Mom my 1 year old brother and dad use to sleep down as this room had air conditioner. Father was working in a company and he had shifts morning afternoon and evening shift. Ok mother Reena too had early marriage she was just on her teen age days when she got married and I was born with in a year. 

So this incident happened in 1995 I was growing up dad was having night shift and he leaves around 11 pm. Ramesh uncle had just come in the afternoon. He went out in the evening and came back at a night. We had our dinner and I went to sleep. I was considered as a Kumbhkaran as I go to sleep I don't get up let it be anything till I am woken and in the same way as Kumbhkaran.

But luck or unluck or whatever that day as dad was about to leave something fell and I got up but kept my eyes closed. Ramesh uncle was sleeping next to me. I was sleeping on my back and I use to have a blanket as the AC use to be full on when uncle comes as he sweats a lot. I felt mom sit on the bed and Ramesh uncle saying are you sure she won't get up. Mom told she is Kumbhkaran if you drop a bomb too she wont get up. I didn't know what they were up to. 

I just slowly opened my eyes and I was shocked to see mom on top of Uncle. I at that age of young age in Bombay knew ABC of sex and I was even molested many a times while going to school. I didn't tell to anyone, but I loved it. The guy who molested me was from the nearby building. He too didn't have the courage to have sex with me. I became friendly with him because of dhandiya function.

I had being kissed by him and finger fucked and he made me hold his cock and jack him off. I was young but because of my mom, I had height and hot figure. My mom was 5.7 and I'm a tall girl. I was afraid to open my eyes but when I again slowly opened my eyes mom was below between Ramesh uncles leg 

I didn't knew at that time, but came to know she was sucking of his dick. I had all kind of Goosebumps. I was getting wet hearing their low moans. I shut my eyes again and when the bed started jerk I saw mom was sleeping on the other side and Ramesh uncle was fucking her and I could literally hear mom say aaahahhhh uuuhhhmmmm.

Rameshhhh chodo jor jor se ab kit din ke bad chodh rahe hoon and this went on for 30-45 min I could feel as I am sleeping on vibrating bed. Then they both went inside the bathroom and came back when I didn't know as I waited for more then 20-30 min and then went off to sleep. Most probably they were again fucking in the bathroom.

In the morning when I got up I saw both mom and Ramesh uncle weren't there and when I tiptoed outside I heard they were in the kitchen mom was standing and doing something and Uncle was fucking her from behind lifting her gown. This was really my first view of live sex in daylight.

For the next 5 days daily uncle fucked mom whenever they thought they were alone not knowing I was viewing them on the 6th day dad had a holiday so that night nothing happened but something else happened. I was almost sleeping but I could feel uncle roaming his hand all over my body and inside the blanket and he had pushed one of his between my leg lifting my gown. His hands too were inside my gown. 

I was mad literally feeling him. I could feel his dick hard on my ass I could feel as if he was dry fucking me. He thought that I sleep like a Khumakaran so I don't know anything but I enjoyed each and every bit. I was really afraid too as below both my parents were sleeping along with my one year brother. In fact after that incident after 

For almost 6 months uncle did come but he didn't stayed as he had left to Dubai for 3 years he was not there. I still remember that night as it happened very recently. I did go out with guys I did had a steady boyfriend who was two year my senior. Joseph and I were pretty close but he was very introvert and sex other then kissing nothing happened between us.

One day mom was speaking on the phone and was overjoyed and I came to know that Ramesh uncle is going to be back. We went to the airport to take him and seeing me telling Kavya how tall you have grown and he hugged me and my legs went weak feeling his strong body on mine.

As he was talking to dad and mom his hands was still on my hips as if I was his girl. That night as I went to sleep with my eyes awake knowing fully nothing is going to happen as dad is there, I know something is surely going to happen to me. I was wearing a small sleeveless gown and I could see Ramesh's uncles eyes were traveling all over my body every now and then. 

The night came and I was the most desperate of all. I went to sleep Ramesh uncle was outside talking to mom and dad. I couldn't sleep as I knew today something was wrong with me or my thoughts. I just went off to sleep and I could feel Ramesh uncle lying next to me on the bed. For the next 30-35 min nothing happened. Mom and dad too were sleeping on the bed on the floor.

I knew my thoughts were bad and Uncle didn't have any intention and I went off to sleep. I don't at what time but almost after an hour or two after I went to sleep I could feel something holding me. I had turned sideways towards the wall and Ramesh uncle was pretty close to me and his legs were between my legs. I could be feeling his flesh on mine and this has immediately triggered me like hell. 

My gown was hiked up and Ramesh uncle who was wearing a short Bermuda was pressing his cock on my buttocks. His left hand rested on my waist, the palm and fingers entered my gown and were on my naked stomach. Uncle was silent but I felt him pushing his hips on my butt and I could feel his huge cock which I had never seen or touched rubbing on my ass cheeks. 

Accidentally unknowingly I held his hand and he moved his right hand under my body knowing hugging me from behind as we slept and placed a kiss on my cheeks. He has kissed my cheeks many a times but this was different. His lips were on my cheeks and I could feel his tongue licking my ears the backside of my ears and I heard him whisper in my ears.

Do you like it, Kavi? (He use to call me Kavi) I didn't know but I said hmmmm as I said he made me turn me towards his side. He made my right leg lock between his legs and his hand was on my buttocks inside my gown rubbing my bare buttocks and something fingers entered my panties from behind I was going mad.

He was pushing me more towards his cock and slowly made me lie on my back and he started coming on top of me. His both hands beneath my body and slowly started pressing his hips on my already wet cunt with his cock. That's a different issue that was still fully clothed with out night suits. Do you like it? Uncle asked me hmmmm yes I whispered in a moan

For few min he kept on humping me slowly kissing my face neck and kissing my forehead. Then slowly his lips came on my lips and I opened my mouth and that was the most wonderful kiss I ever had. He was very slowly chewing my lips with his lips and then slowly moving his tongue inside my mouth and again chewing my upper lips and again inserting his tongue in my mouth. This was wild for me and it was wilder as both my mother father and brother were sleeping right below the bed where 

I was sleeping and top of me was my father's cousin brother. His mouth locked on my mouth for pretty long and his hips was rubbing on my crotch from one angle to another. Uncle lay side ways still kissing and his hand have shifted down and his palm and fingers were on my naked loins. Please, uncle hmm is what I said what, Kavi you like it? Hmmm yesss uncle our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. 

At the same time uncle's fingers caressed my cunt, stimulating me more. I raised my hips and was getting disappointed as he was just playing with it and not inserting his fingers. I know its heaven as I felt the neighboring guy who did it to me. Uncle whispered in my ears telling me, I want you baby I said to him put your finger inside, uncu.

What you really want me to do that, Yes uncut no darling. Not until your mom gives me permission or else it won't look good. I was shocked to hear that you mean you will ask mom for permission? Yes! You think mom will give you permission and she has to why you don't trust your uncle I giggled silently she obviously will give you, why do you say that because you already fucked her.

How do you know that? I am not kumbarkhan any more I saw last time when you did it with her, He said what before he could say anything else I started kissing him again and this time in haste I spread my leg and uncles long thick middle finger slipped inside my sloppy wet hot cunt. I opened my thighs widely. I could feel he slipping another finger inside my cunt and I had a bit of pain with his thrust but 

My hips were rocking up and down welcoming his fucking fingers. Like it? He asked, stopping the kissing momentarily hmmm love it I panted in whispers after 4-5 minutes I shuddered with orgasm. My first orgasm with uncle and my moan was getting bit louder and uncle sealed the same with his mouth. My cunt juices flowed freely, wetting his fingers and my dress. 

After a full minute my climax subsided liked it? Uncle asked, Yes, yes, yes. Love you uncu. We hugged each other and went to sleep I was woken up by Ramesh uncle around 5:15 am in the morning. Mom was in the kitchen preparing Dad's Tiffin as he had first shift and he leaves around 5:45. Ramesh uncle said to me that he is going to fuck mom and going to take the permission to fuck her too. I was stunned by what he said.

The moment dad left Uncu got up and kept the bedroom door open and I knew it was for me to follow behind him. Mom and Ramesh uncle were in our hall with just the small 0 watts red lamp glowing. It was still dark and I was behind the curtain of the main hall. There were kissing rubbing each other like mad couples. I knew Ramesh uncle knew I was looking them so mom's back was towards me.

He had removed mom's gown and Ramesh uncle too removed his shorts and he was fully nude. Ramesh uncle pushed her panties down and was finger fucking her as well both were kissing. Mom's holding his cock which still I was not able to see. I could see mom kneeling down and this time I could see what I really wanted to see. It was so big mom held his cock in both hands and started licking his dick head and pumping 

His cock she then took it in her mouth as much as she could and sucked him lovingly. I knew that means I too have to take his cock in my mouth. Mom was telling me that he is bad and didn't think of him. It's almost 3 years now that he didn't thought of her and what the hell he is waiting for her just fuck her hard once let her cunt taste his fucking cock.

Uncle put mom on the diwan and moved between her thighs and raising her legs to his shoulders, he rubbed his cock head along her slit and pushed just the head in. He bent forward and grabbing her 36 C sized boobs in his hands, he raised his hips a little then rammed the entire length at one go all the way in her slippery cunt hole. She moaned and cried softly with pleasure wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling her to her.

Chodo uuuhhhh hhaaaaiiiii khoob jor jor se chooddddhhh Ramesshhhh. Kitne din ho gaye tumhaari choot chode huwe renu jan abhi 10 din roj terko chodunge. Abhi jaldi se chodo kumbharkarn utne se paheli aj to uski chuti bhi hai din bar ghar pe rahegi. Kavi ki bhi umar ho rahi hai chudwane ki kaho toh yaheen laa kar chod daaloon ussey bhi tumhare saamne hi? He had stopped fucking her for a minute to see her reaction.

Mom said to him, Paagal ho gaye ho? Wo toh abhi sirf 20 saal kibacchi hai. Kuch bhi kay soch rahe ho, Uncle played his mind game first he slapped her telling her 20 sale ki nahi hai 19 sale ke, waise terko fikar kuy ho rahi hai, tu 18 we sale mein apni choot chudwai hi hai apne mamu ke sath (mother's brother) aur waise mein bhi uska mama hi lagta hoon. Duniya ke samne terko Reena akka bulta hoon to mein uska mama hi bangaya aur tu to 20 sale mein apne teacher ke sath bhi chudwai

I was going mad hearing the same. He was fucking her and telling her tales how she was fucked when she was young both fucked for the next 30 min with all the randy talk and in spite uncle was fucking her he was pestering mom to give permission to fuck me. Uncle told that I am growing and before someone takes me he could like to have me. Also told her that if she didn't gave the permission he is leaving back for 

Bangalore and never come back again (Uncle in fact blackmailed her telling that. This was really damaging as mom knew which I came to know later on that it was uncle who was taking care of them rather then Dad whose 90% of the payment goes on paying his cousin brothers loan. Even the house loan which was mortgaged is taken care by uncle)

At last mom told ok that if I object he is going to walk out and won't touch her again. To which Uncle said did you ever walk out. Uncle told to move my brother out of the room telling her that he is going to fuck me. Mom was shocked you want to have her today. Uncle was adamant telling her yes my sweet fucking cunt I am going to fuck Kavi today itself.

Mom was shocked but she didn't had any option she was wearing her gown I rushed back to my room my heart was skipping hard I am going to feel what a women feels. I heard Ramesh uncle telling her don't worry Reena she is going to love it and any objection from her I wont carry one step forward. If she shouts other then the pleasurable moans you can do anything what you want to do with me. I heard the door close.

I was freezed and before anything could happen Ramesh uncle was on the bed and his hand had pulled down my panties making me turn on my back and his left hand fingers were in my cunt and he started moving in and out and he kissed me holding my hairs tightly with the other hand. He removed his finger and brought it near my mouth and told me to suck it. I said no uncle but he inserted the same in my mouth and I had to take it. 

I had done that before but this time it was different as I was sucking his finger inserted in my cunt and he started finger fucking me, one then two fingers were in. I was mad with this new thing. Uncle removed his towel and he was totally nude and what I wanted to see badly was so close to my eyes that big huge steel like rod in front of me might be 9 inches and at the same time thick my hand could hardly cover the same. 

He gripped my hairs and shoved his cock as he was playing with my breast come you will start loving it. I had to open my mouth like hell and the pungent smell made me mad. I could sense it was the mixture of his cock and moms fuck juices smeared on his cock. I didn't know what to do but within moments started sucking his cock nicely the way he wanted.

The weird or the nicest thing was that Ramesh uncle could make me suck for 30 sec to a min and then remove his cock and give me wet kiss leaving his salvia in my mouth and again making me suck his cock was wonderful. My cunt was already oozing sensing this cock his going to hammer my cunt just like the way I saw mom getting fucked by him.

After 5-10 min of sucking his cock told so my Kavi is going to get fucked by her uncle he went on his knee placing my legs on either side and smelled it telling me that he is going to love fucking me, and his head sunk in and without any word spoken he was sucking me inserting his tongue as deep as he could and his hands were on my breast.

He kept on sucking me like hell for almost 10 min making me cum 3-4 times. Finally he got up and when I saw his face moustache nose speared with my cum. Slowly he made me bend and his lips were on mine kissing me making me lick of my own cum. Opening my lips with his he inserted his tongue deep in my mouth and kissed me for 3-4 min continuously. 

Kissing and licking my face with his tongue has forgotten me that he was my uncle. He took my hand and placed it on his cock. Holding his cock I just moved and seeing the bulbous pink head gave a shiver in my body. I was holding his cock in both my hands and still the head of cock was out that was the length of his cock. His hands came on my head and he pushed me more towards him and my mouth opened and took his cock in my mouth again. 

This time the pungent smell only aroused me more. Ramesh uncle made me lie on the bed and moved down parting my legs kept his cock near my cunt lips. Baby I am going to fuck you, Terko yeh chaiye teri chut mein" he said moving his cock. He was moving his cock very slowly against my cunt lips. Slowly he inserted his cock in my cunt and pressed it making it sunk deep in my cunt and as he fell on me I felt as if his cock was tearing me into two pieces. 

Ahhh fuck uncle ahh as I was in a bit of pain an pleasure he placed his mouth on mine so that I don't shout more and started moving up and down slowly. I moved my hands on his back, which was filled with sweat and started rub it till his ass and move back again on top. It took almost 5-10 min of adjustment and hell of pain of his huge cock in my cunt and after that it was just pleasure and I too moved my hips to match his rhythm. 

He was kissing me constantly and I was moving my hands all over his sweat filled body. I was just moaning to ooohhh and ahhhh which only excited him more and also egged him to fuck me ahhh uncllleee its wonderful ahhhh. He fucked me hard and he too was grunting, I loved his dirty English kanada and Hindi mix Kavi teri choot to bahut mast hai, you real fucking good ahhh, you like my cock in your choot. Ohh yes uncle.

Yeh! That's better! Love to hear the same Say it again loudly! Fuck me! I shouted. Fuck me uncle ahhhhh! Fuck me, just fuck me! He flung his head back and laughed. Then take it, baby! Take it. Kavi you really got a tight cunt you bitch, Could you like to be my bitch baby! I was stunned to hear the same, at the same time was enjoying his huge dick in me. Say it! He said keep saying you want it, whore, and keep talking! 

Ohhhh yes uncle I moaned fuck me Uncle keep fucking me hard like this oooohhh yes! Yes! Unhhh!  Ohhhh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me ooohhh yes Uncle yes ooooohhhh unhhhh oooohhh! I went on yaeh! Take it! Take it! Take it!" he grunted, slamming his hips back and forth between my parted legs. Incredulously, I was orgasming, my body arching sharply under his. 

My orgasm reached a crescendo and he stroked furiously in and out of my cunt, making me gasp and groan. He fucked me giving me powerful orgasm. Finally, gasping, he pulled his cock out of my cunt and he sat on my breast. Come on whore suck my prick I want to cream in your face. I sucked his cock again, taking his cock deep in my mouth. 

I sucked him deeply, hungrily, slowly, my head rolling from side to side, moving back and forth. He gasped softly as the heat surged from his loins. I too moaned, sensing his orgasm and, holding back, opened my mouth wide under his cock yes baby come oooohhh, baby. The jizz spurted from his cock and shot into my eager mouth and spattered my face and hairs as I jerked his cock in my fist.

Uncle moved down sleeping on top of me. I could feel his cock still hard between my legs. He came close to my lips and started kissing me with his cum in my mouth. He held me tightly and moved his tongue all over in my mouth. He groaned and said, "Fuck that was good I love being orgy you bitch I said to him, you should have emptied the same in my cunt, just wanted to feel how it feels inside".

Uncle patted don't worry baby you will feel each and everything but for that you have to be protected so nothing happens to you. I knew why he wanted me to yell so that mom can hear and feel the pleasure too. We came out mom was bit disappointed but that day we three were in the bathroom around 11 am when mom dropped my brother Sandeep to play school. Those three hours changed our life. Uncle fucked me and 

Mom together first it started in the bathroom and then on the bed. Uncle was daring in fact he was going to stay for a week he stayed for a month that time and we were fucked if dad was there or was not there. In the afternoon if dad was there he could sleep in the hall and mom take guard when Uncle finish fucking me I use to take guard and so on.

He made us hungry for sex and hungry for him 1999 dad expired in accident in his factory. Uncle brought us to Bangalore selling of what we had in Bombay. He married mom in 2002 in spite there were lot of ifs and buts. Mom's second honey moon was we three together at Goa for 4 days and night. My brother Sandeep had school so was at aunty's place.

I still remember mom's second honeymoon we had wild night wild stuffs going on out there. Uncle got me married in 2005. Every day from the time my marriage fixed till I left Uncle or my step dad house he fucked me daily. The worst or the best part was that I had sex with Ramesh uncle on my wedding day morning as well as the next day. Wedding day I was dressed and uncle couldn't resist. Everyone had left it was me mom and uncle. 

Uncle just lifted my heavy sari and fucked me from behind. In fact next day due to family ceremony I have to come back to parent's house and uncle didn't let me go without fucking me. He wanted to gift me with some ornaments and nobody suspected as mom too was there. He fucked me for 30 min. In fact I cried as I was not going to get anything what I had from Uncle and mom. When we came out my husband and his family thought as the marriage was over so I was crying.

Everyone had praised Ramesh uncle a lot though I was step daughter I was married well off in a nice way. In fact our relatives too thought he was great person not knowing he was marrying of his girl friend that he loved the most. My husband Somanth is a wonderful person and a wonderful lover. But he wasn't a beast what my uncle was. I too had became prey to a beast so what Somnath loved me hasn't consumed my lust or passion as my uncle does to me.

Whenever Ramesh uncle and mom comes to my house to stay for a day or two we had our share of moment atleast 3-4 times I did what I wanted the most. Mother always uses to tell as if she was gate keeper for me and uncle. Smita has no regrets having sex with my step father or my loving uncle whatever. I have two kids one boy is off course because of my husband Somnath's the younger girl belongs to Ramesh uncle.

At the same time Mom too had 2 kids because of Ramesh uncle one girl and one boy. The funny part is that my daughter's father as well grand father is the same person. That's really funny I hope you like it or whatever. This was a mail sent to me by Kavya restructred the same so that you wonderful readears can read the same. Please comment 

Sex With Mommy Meenu

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:26 AM PST

Hi Guys! This is Pradeep from Coimbatore and my mom name is Meena. I am 22 and working in MNC and my mom is 36 years old now. We are a family of three. My father is working as a Marketing Manager in the private concern. My mom Meenu is damn sexy than any other lady whichever I met in my life. She is really too hot. She has taking much care about her body. She does the exercise regularly. 

So that does make her really sexy in building up her body well. So she has very less belly fat and perfect pair of boobs on her top and butts. The sexiest part in her body is her deep round navel. She is very fair in color and she always in saree. She doesn't like any modern dresses. She always wears saree above her navel. The young and old guys in the street always wait for their chance to see her navel but she never gave a chance to anyone to see her navel other than my father. 

So most of the guys are disappointed with that even me, it was rare chance to see her navel and because she was always taking so much care about her dresses. All the things were went normally until that day came in my life. One day my parents went to the relation marriage. So my friends came to my house. We were chatting and discussed about various things. We decided to browse the net. When we are searching for songs suddenly one topic appeared in the screen. 

That was about adult sex stories. So we decided to open that at first we were very surprised to see that site. Because in that lot of mom son sex stories. All of them lit bit uncomfortable but one of my friend told there is nothing wrong in that. It is just a story. So finally decide to read that story. That story made all of them horny all of them sequence their cock with their hands. From that onwards we were started to discuss about that things. 

One day when we were discussed about that in my room. My mom came to my room for took some things. That day my mom wore black saree which made her too sexy all of my friends are looking at my mom with lust in their eyes. They were enjoyed each and every movement of my mom. They were watching my mom tits dancing without blinking their eyes when she roams around my room. After my mom went one of my friends told you are so lucky to have such a sexy lady as a mom. 

All the guys are agreed with his point. All of them described about their own mom. But my mom was so sexiest than any of my friend's mom. They asked me," did u see your mom naked I was shocked and said, No, for that they are all said, don't waste your life, she was a god gift to you. So don't waste that gift. Try to make your mom as sexy slut of yours. Afterwards all of them thinking about my mom and masturbating. From that day on wards I started to look my mom in different angle. 

Before that I never think my mom in such a way now a days I always thinking about my mom's body structure and masturbating. I really mad to sex with her. I don't want her to rape. I wanted to enjoy her with her permission. So I always think about an idea to seduce her at first I want to see her half naked and kissed in her navel for that I made a plan the next day when she was washing the plates. I took some insects in my hand and slowly went nearer to her  

I put those insects on my mom blouse and ran back to hall. After a minute I went to kitchen and told to her some insects was in her back she was very much sacred and she took her pallu and searching for their insects. I was stunned by saw her cleavage show for first time in my life. I was enjoying her cleavage show and immediately my cock was raised. But my mom was seriously searching for the insects. 

Then I said, some insects were present inside your blouse immediately she was trying to remove those insects but her hands are not enough. So she asked me to remove that. I was felt very happy and turn my mom back and hold her shoulders with my hand and inserted my finger into her blouse when my finger touches her skin  I felt something differently in my  body and she too. Now I wanted to see her boobs. So I decided and said your blouse is so tight. 

So I can't insert my fingers into it. If you loosed your blouse it is easy for me to take it out. There was no other way, so my mom agreed for that and remove top two buttons of her blouse and she asked me, now it's ok? I said, still it is difficult to take it out if you don't mind to remove all those buttons then it is easy. She agreed with that and she removed all that now my mom was holding his blouse with her hand during this 

I was holding my mom's waist and pressed it slightly I adjusted her saree to keep below her navel. Now I was able to see her sexiest navel .She asked me, why are you taking so much time? I said, there are lot insects are present. When I took it by top of your blouse it is again fallen back so please wait. I don't want to miss that chance so I did that slowly and at the same time I was tried to touch her navel by my finger on because of this 

My cock was getting erected and I touched her crack on back with my cock. She was realized something went wrong after a minute I pulled her blouse. So the blouse was fallen in to the floor. Now my mom was standing fully upper naked in front me and her navel was clearly visible. She was shocked and she took her saree and covered herself. At the same time she also noticed my erected cock. She went to her room and changed her dress.

After changed her saree she smiled at me and she was in shy. I also smiled finally my plan was worked out and felt very happy and share this things with my friends. My mom always liked Compliments. So day by day I started to give compliments on her food and helped her in kitchen. Slowly I started to give compliments on her dresses. She also accepted my compliments and changed her way of dressing.

I started to give comments on her body structure one day she wore new saree and came to my room and asked to me, how it was? I said, you looking so sexy today. My Mom fell down her head in shy. I told Mom, all the things are ok except one. She asked what? I said it's your sexy navel; if you tied your saree below your navel no one take their eyes from you. She smiled at me and said, you naughty and immediately she adjusted her saree below her navel and asked now its ok. 

I was jumped in joy and went near her and try to touch her navel. I asked, why are you hide this beauties thing this many days. It was so sexy immediately I hugged my mom tightly and kissed on her cheeks and lips. She was shocked by my activity. She was trying to release from my hold but I hold her tightly and pressed her tits like a horn. She shouted at me but I locked her lips with my lips. So slowly she started to respond and both were embarrassed each other.

Now my mom started to moan. I kissed on her eyes, forehead and ears. She bites my ears. Slowly I moved her saree lit bit and holding her waist and searching for navel with my finger. I rotated my finger around her navel but I didn't touch her navel because I wanted to tease her. She was enjoying my sexy play on her body and then I filled her navel by my saliva. I sucked it like any thing. Then I took of her pallu and dropped down. Now my mom was standing in blouse and petticoat in front of her son. 

I kissed in her cleavage and inserted my finger into that and nailed. I pressed her boobs like a horn and sucked her boobs on blouse when I tried to unhook her blouse. The door bell was ringed. Immediately she got sensed and adjusted her saree and she opened the door. That was salesperson after he went, she immediately locked the door and ran to my room and hugged me tightly and kissed all over my face.

She whispered in my ear that she wanted it badly because my dad never does like this. They had did sex six years before. I asked me to fuck her immediately. She was acted as like a bitch. I lifted her in my hands and threw her in to bed and removed her saree. Again I started to kiss her navel and remove her blouse with my mouth. She was moaned loudly. She said, where did you learn this kind of things? 

I never enjoyed the sex this much fuck me bastard fuck me hard, I don't tease me fuck me. Then I removed all her dresses and made her naked. Now my mom was lying naked in front me without single bit of dress on her. I took her boobs in my hand and played with that I rotated twisted and pinched her nipples on both boob with my hand and sucked her boob liked a baby. 

She screams heavily room was filled by my mom's sexy moan. I asked her to remove my shirt and pant and made me naked when she unzipped my pant my cock was fully erected and immediately came out and standing in front her face. She was shocked and exited to see such a huge cock and said I never think such a huge cock you have it is really bigger than your father. Immediately she took my cock and sucks it and played with my balls. 

During this I was playing with her boobs after 5 minutes I shoot my cum on her mouth and face and she drank all my cum and she jumped over to me and hold my neck as like child and I lifted her in my hand and she sat on my hips and gave kisses on my lips and necks. I threw her on bed and separated her legs and inserted my fingers in to her pussy. Then I licked her pussy as like a dog. She enjoyed that very much. She moaned loudly hmmm ahhhhh.

Then I took my cock and inserted into her pussy and it was very tight because it was rarely used by my father. I slowly inserted my cock inch by inch and finally it was fully inserted and raised the speed slowly. She was crying in pain and after 20 minutes we both reached climax. Now my mom's pussy was fully filled with her own son cum both slept in the bed in the same position still my cock was in pussy. After some time 

I started to play with her boobs and my mom smiled at me and said, you naughty, you ready to taste your mom once again and kissed on my forehead and said, this is a happiest moment in my life. I never enjoyed sex this much. You took me to another world. I am so lucky to have you as a son. Today onwards I am yours; you did whatever you wants and whenever you want. You are my sweetie you are my darling.

I said today is a unforgettable day in my life because one of my dream was came true. I said thanks to god to give such a sexy lady as my mom, I love you so much mom. She said, I was eagerly waiting for this from that day you seduced me very much. I know your intention from your act on that day. So it was a mom's duty to fulfill the son desire but I never dreamed you enjoyed me this much your wife is so lucky. I said, thank you so many moms. I love you mom.

She said, me too baby, now on wards don't call me as a mom. Call me by my name or darling after we enjoyed the sex for 4 times in different positions. Now a day, she always tied her saree below her navel and whenever she serves food to me she adjusted her saree and shows her cleavage to me. If my dad was in home I asked her to come to bathroom and helped me to clean my back in front of my dad. 

My dad also said ok to that when she came inside the bathroom immediately I pulled her on me and started undressing her and made naked and fuck her in the bathtub .we both laughed about innocent of my father. This way we continued our sex life even my dad was in home. We continued our sex life until now .We almost enjoyed sex in every place of my houses in the bathroom, kitchen, dinning table. Please post your comments

My Little Innocent Sister

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:25 AM PST

 My Little innocent sister Hi friends, I just read your story on ISS and I want to share a real story of mine. I dot know what you all think about it. It is a real story about my self. First off all I introduce you about my family. My family has only four members. My father and mother both working, my self doing BE first year and my sister studying in std 11.

We are a good and happy traditional family loving each other as my parents are doing job so they are away from home entire day so left out with me and my sister at home after my college and her school and we take good care of each other and she also respects me as I am her elder brother as we are good brother and sister spending most time with each other playing together. We are as free so touch each other body parts without hesitation now I want to tell something about myself and her.

I am 186 cm tall good athletic body and have absolutely no hair on my body except under armpit and over private parts. She is 169 cm tall fair and good looking. Her skin is very smooth and also doesn't have hair at all. Her figure is 30-26-32. Boobs not to big but I am curious about it want to touch small size boobs round ass and the best part is her figure she looks very hot when she wear school uniform I can able to see

Her undergarment while watching TV in sofa and get excited. Last month one day my parents were gone to our relative for two days and I and my sister were alone at home as we didn't want to miss our school. As usual we were together finished our study and had dinner. After dinner we watched TV together. While watching TV I tried to touching her inner leg and boobs over her cloths and got excited. I don't know whether she felt or not but

I did it very quietly so even if she felt it she shouldn't thought that I am doing it knowingly. I was too much excited and want to do it more so I make a plan to sleep with her and do more when she is in deep sleep. Then I request her to sleep in mom's bed tonight. She gets agreed after some request. I got excited thinking about it and waited for her sound sleep. She was in loose top and long skirt that night I was in t-shirt and Bermuda.

After some time when I confirmed that she is in sound sleep switched off all the lights even night lamp also and went into her bed and lied beside her. I move a bit more towards her very carefully moving my leg closer to her. Slowly but carefully I move my hand on her tummy. I kept my hand there without any other moves for few minutes. Now slowly again I moved upwards and my hand was now just above her breasts.

 Probably for the first time I realized that I have crossed the lines now beyond what a brother's relationship is. I realized that I have stepped into another world. A world in which there is pleasures beyond thinking but a world very dangerous at the same time. What if my sister wakes up? What she will do? What if she tells to Mom and Dad? All these things were coming to my mind and a fear of all fears went through my body

I was sweating. Probably I had the worst heart beats ever in my life. I started consoling myself and came to my senses that my hand is still on my sister's breast. Her breast was going up and down with every breath as she was in the dreamland unaware of all the things cocked without her knowledge. Probably few minutes passed when she moved. I got so scared but I gathered all my courage to pretend as if

I was just in deep sleep and it was just an accidental move of my hand on her. Yes, she woke up. She realized a hand on her. She very slowly took my hand as I play dead. She moves my hand down on the bed I don't know what else happened but I was so scared that I did not move anything more. She moved my feet away from her. And slept keeping her face away from me a lot of things were going on in my mind and I was getting again heart beats.

I was thinking of how I should plan things that should not ruin things but make progress to lead her slowly to do the same thing. But again, she is a girl from a traditional family and that too a very staunch. She used to perform prayers and keep other things religious. But something got me somehow out of the way a bit by now and I was thinking of many things including what if being caught and what if she will start hating me and what if this and what if that.

While thinking all I found she was in sound sleep. After many minutes of thinking about I got some courage and rolled myself towards her as if it is sleeping turn and I put one of my legs between her legs in such a way that it fall above her knees and at the same time I put my hand on her breast too. She lay quiet but I did not know if she is in sleep not or not. I slowly started rubbing boobs over her cloths then I got courage to put my hand on her bare tummy under her top.

 My fingers caressing her tummy and started running up towards her boobs and reached up to her small size boobs and then starts playing with it for a while. I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the touch of her soft boobs. It was simply blissful; I can't explain it in words. I was doing all this pretending to be fast asleep I don't know whether she was awake or still in fast asleep but she was not reacting at all but her heartbeat and breath running at such a fast rate. I was enjoying playing with her boobs very much.

After some time I move my hand on her skirt and put it there to see what she does. I started moving my body closer to her and rubbed her thigh with my poked cock and moved slowly towards the top of her skirt. My hands finally reached upon her most private part. Yes it was her panty top. I started rubbing my hand over her panty and wanted to insert fingers under her panty but found suddenly she got up and I was so horrified and moved myself a bit away still pretending to be deep a sleep.

She went to the toilet and I looked around and was cursing myself and was afraid that things now might really get bad. By now I was away to her on my own spot. She returned and slept quitely. I also slept quietly after that. I actually went to sleep but it was early morning and remembering her asking me to wakeup. I woke up and found that she is already ready for her school and our maid servant prepared food for us. I saw she was performing prayer.

That day in the college I was very confused and did not take much interest in the studies. I felt guilty for all that and want to forget all that but I found there is much more people like me. I want to go ahead so I keep waiting for night. I found day was too long and whole day I kept thinking about her. I bought some chocolate ice cream for her while retuning from college. I found she was in same top skirt doing her study in her room.

I got fresh and changed my dress and went into her room and told her to keep close her eye and open mouth I want to give her surprise. I started feeding her chocolate ice cream with my finger. While feeding I started caressing her lips and chick. I think she enjoyed it a lot I too enjoyed this. I also wanted to lick her chick and lips but our maid servant came at that time. We didn't behave any abnormal thing happened between us. Our maid servant prepared food for us and gone I didn't gone out that evening and kept roaming around her all the time

 I sat for study after that but kept thinking about her. At around 9.30 pm I asked her for dinner I finished it quickly and gone for watching TV. She also sat beside me I got excited thinking about her and told her that I am tired and want to sleep early. She told me that she also wanted to sleep and went to mom bed. After 15-20 mins I switched off all the lights and removed my brief and t-shirt. I was wearing shorts and sleeveless vest and she was in top skirt.

I went to her bed and slept beside her I was too much excited and my cock was like an iron rod. I stared caressing her legs with my leg and her face with my hand. I found no reaction from her side I don't know whether she was sleeping or not but I wanted to move ahead. So I started like last night and running my hand on her tummy and around waist then I started lightly running my hand along her hand, stroking her. Then the hand stopped moving while on her shoulder.

My fingers caressing the front of her neck, her cheeks lips and all over her face and again on the shoulders I did this a few times, and then started putting my hand under her top, from top side. But it was very difficult to insert hand into her top so I decided to do it like last night and started caressing her bare tummy and reached up to her small size boobs and then starts playing with it for a while then moved my hand down her back.

There was a zip on the back of the top and I tried my best to open it as secretly as possible without waking her up. I was anyway nervous because I never had a positive signal from her for all this yet, plus I know that she is a minor, so it was at great risk both ways. I was almost losing my patience and want to make her upper body fully nude without bothering about her being my sister or whatever. I got close to her so much that her breasts almost touch my bare chest.

Her nose and mouth were also pretty close to mine. We could feel each other's hot breath. After gathering a little more courage I tried to continue to strip her, although I was tensed if she was to wake up. I acted as if I was doing everything exactly the way she wanted it, but pretending as if I was totally unaware and in deep sleep. I moved her hands nearer to my shorts, and put on to my very hard and long erected cock.

I also enjoyed pressing it lightly with her hand with the help of my hand and it kept getting harder and rising upward, which I found exciting. Since I was still not sure if she was awake or not, but she put both her hands around I got scared and wondering if she woke up? But she was still pretended to be sleeping. Then I tried to carry on with removing her top from one shoulder. I lowered it from her shoulder. This made it easy for me to take out her boobs.

I could see her boobs which got me too much excited. I felt great pride in her breasts and every single part of her female body for which I had only heard that males are hungry for. Now I was experiencing it with my own sister. I was getting excited to see her boobs out from her slips. I was still afraid to undress her any further. Since I was still not sure if she was awake or not, but she put both her hands around me and one leg over my thigh.

I could feel my hard cock touching with her bare soft and smooth thighs. I got more comfortable because she didn't resist me any. I started licking her nipples very slowly. With that I found her nipples became hard like nuts. Along with licking I actually started sucking on them like a little baby. After licking and massaging her breasts for quite long, I started my fingers crawling from her armpit to the thighs. Caressing her thighs all over, the fingers headed for what I call it is a woman's hot spot.

I was feeling the texture of her panty and pulled it from all edges, mingling with it childishly. Eventually the fingers traced their way under the panty to her ass. I couldn't hold myself any more. I felt like my whole body was on fire. The heat and an unbelievable urge overpowered me. I didn't know whether to continue to pretend unconscious or just break free. But knowing that she's my younger sister and still a minor,

I gathered that pretending would be safer for the both of us. So as if I was enjoying unconsciously, I also run my hands all over his body. I smelled little foul, though the odor was surprisingly tempting and desirable. I also kissed her bare boobs then cheeks. I was still afraid and tried to take off her panties in one swift move. But I found it very difficult because she was still pretending to sleep by putting her one thigh over me.

I put my one had around her waist and very quietly and smoothly just slides down her panty. This was just the beginning. I had first time explored a female pussy last night after few gentle rubbing on her most private part, she got up and walked out of the room and I was careful to see what happens tonight. It went for few minutes and I could hear her fast breathing and now my face was touching her face and she was not moving herself away.

I got the courage now and pretending to be doing all of this in sound sleep, I wanted her to be sure that I was doing it in innocence. She believed me but at the same time she was enjoying my touch all over her. She was quiet. I said to myself, now be the time! Yes, do it! I moved my fingers upon her cunt for few moments I just put my fingers on the top of soft, very soft silk feeling hair. I was a bit surprised because I did not know that girls also have hair.

She was just 18 and I was 19. I had myself few some hairs now. But I was so stupid that I never knew that girls too have hair there. I was sweating and I had almost fainted but collected my courage again and started exploring my sister cunt. It was smooth and soft but due to her panty was over her thigh I was just not able fingered her soft pussy. I take courage to slide down it fully. So she got partially nude her top was down so that boobs were out and skirt was up and panty was removed fully.

She still to continue to pretend unconscious .I felt she was really at her hottest. This was my first sexual experience I could feel that she was shivering. She did not object at all. I knew now fully that she wants this and therefore, I started slowly but gently exploring her vagina. As I moved here and there, not knowing what to do? As I moved my fingers went downward, and my fingers felt some wetness. The sweat on her pussy served as lubricants, making my finger to and fro movements much faster

And smoother and same time rubbing my hard cock with her soft thighs I got up and put my mouth in between her legs quietly started licking her softy pussy it was salty in taste. Smell of her vaginal fluids mixed with her sweat was unforgettable for me. The best thing was we never used perfumes at that age which made the smell much more relevant. I kept my tongue on her pussy lips and licked them good. It was clean and soft. I went deep and deep.

At same time kept rubbing my cock with her thigh I knew that she must have had what I have on my cock. I heard some kind of moan from her and knew that she was very much excited about it. She was suddenly shaking as if she had some hard fever. And she was now moving herself and she was moaning but with a lot of care. What in the world am I doing? I am actually touching my sister's vagina and I was touching her vagina lips and I am feeling her vagina wetness and hair.

As I was rubbing my penis on her side something very very wrong and funny and scary and terrible happed. My penis started jumping here and there without control and I splashed the loads of cum onto her bare thigh. It felt so good that I never ever in my life had such an experience. But I knew that she was now pretending to be a deep sleep. Now I know that it was my first ever orgasm and I know from her shaking and moans and movements that she also had her first orgasm, an orgasm awakened by her own brother

After that I kept aside my self and slept quietly she also got up gone to washroom made her dress well slept beside me quietly putting her leg over me like a innocent sister. In morning she got up before me and made tea for me and behaves as nothing happened last night. I also kept quite. I felt guilty for all that and want to forget all that but I found there is much more people like me. I don't know all they are true or fake but mine was real and want your suggestion should I do it further or not if get chance. Please do reply me

Meri Didi Chudi Naukar Se

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:24 AM PST

Yeh tab ki kahani hai jab meri didi ki shaadi nahin hui thi. Main aur meri didi (elder sister) dada ji ke gaaon gaye the wahan Bhima karke ek naukar tha main tabhi 19 saal ka thaa aur meri didi 22 ki bhima 34 saal ka ek hatta katta aadmi thaa. Naukar hone ke baawajud bhi mere saath uski dost bahut khaas ho gayi thi.woh mere saath bahut close tha. Hum dono ek saath masturbate kiya karte the aur gandi gandi baatein bhi kiya 

Karte usne ek di khet me jab hum dono ekele te aur aise hi hot hot baatein karte the tab muje kaha ki teri did bahut mast maal hai. Meri didi film actrs Rani Mukharjee ki duplicate jaisi dikhti hain.mujhe thoda ajib laga lekin maine puccha kya tu karne chata hai usse? Bhima ne kaha uske gaand me bhi daalunga aur chut me bhi mujhe bura toh lag raha tha phir bhi josh aaraha tha.

Uska lauda kaafi mota thaa,7 inches ka yah uss se bhi lamba tha aur maine kaha ki itna bada andar jaayega unke? Usne haste hue kaha uski chaudi gaand dekh kar pata chaltaa hai ki aaraam se jaaayega. Phir usne puchha kya usne ab tak kisi se chudwayi hogi maine kaha nahin maalum. Sis aur me dada ji ke ghar pe ek hi room me saath hi sote the usne puchha ki raat ko sote waqt woh kya pahenti hain.maine bataya ki night gown bola braa pehnti hai kya raat ko? 

Usne mujh se bola aaj raat ko jab sorahi hogi to touch karke pata kar aur mujhe bata aur yeh bhi batana ki raat ko panty bhi pehnti ki nahin maine raat ko jab woh gaheri nind me thi toh unke boobs par haath daalaa.bra nahin tha boobs kadak the 34 size ke the yah usse bhi thoda bada par nighty ke andar haath maarne se darr lagta thaa phir agle din bataya naukar ko ki woh raat ko bra nahin pehnti hai par panty ka pata nahin 

Usne kaha bra nahin hai toh thoda aasani hogi panty nahin pahentihogi toh aur bhi aasaan hojaayega.phir naukar ne kaha ki panty toh pehnti hogi lekin nightn gown hai toh zyada mushkil nahin hogi main samajh nahin paya usne bataya ki agar raat ko sab ke sone ke baad main darwaja ka lock khula kardunga toh woh sis ko chod dega maine puchha ki agar woh chillayi aur sab ko pata chal gaya toh usne kaha ki usne 

Aise 3/4 auraton ko zabardasti choda haiek baar chodlene k baad koi nahin bataati usne kaha ki jab hum log wapas jaane wale honge uske paheli waali raat ko karega phir us din waali raat ko hum sub sogaye toh raat ke kareeb 11 baje maine jaakar darwaja ka lock andar se khula chod diya aur aakar bed pe sogaya sister palang ke bahar ki taraf soyi hui thi Kareeb 12 baje naukar andar aayaa usne lock ko andar se

Band kiya bed ke pass pahunch kar apna sara kapda utar ke nanga hogaya phir bistar pe aagaya aur woh didi ke bagal me let gayaphir apne ek taang ko unke dono taango ke upar rakhaa didi upar ki taraf face karke sorahi thi phir usne apne right hand ko nightgown ke andar daal diya aur dusre haat se didi ke boobs ko masalta hue unke neck aur gaalon ko chumne laga didi ne thodisi halchal ki phir achaanak jhatake se uthgayi aur chaunk kar boli kaun?

Usne dherese kaha main Bhima hoon didi ko samajh me nahin aayaa hoga ki yeh sab kya hone laga hai unhone Bhima ko apne se dur hatane ki koshish ki aur kaha teri itni himmat dur hat par woh didi ko kas kar pakad rakha tha aur uske ek haath unki gown ke andar hi thaa. Usne meri Didi ko chup karwaate hue kahene laga ki agar woh zyada shor karengi toh bagal me Raj (yaani main) leta hua hai uth jaayegaa aur phir sab ko 

Pata chalegaa toh unki hi badnaami hogi main toh naukar hoon mujhe nikaal diya jaayega par main kahungaa ki aap ne hi mujhe bulaya tha usne kaha Didi ji bas ek baar chupchaap kar lene do kisiko kuchh pataa nahin chalega didi machal rahi thi aur use apne se hatane ki koshish kar rahi thi dhire dhire awaz me lekin tezi se bol rahi thi bhima chhod mijhe please chhod par Bhima ne apna kaam zaari rakhaa thaa ek haat se 

Usne meri didi ke dodo haathon ko unke sar ke upar rakh kar kaske pakad rakhaa thaa aur dusre hathaa ko unki nighty ke andr daal kar masal rahathaa. Bhima ne unki nightgown ko unke jaangho ke upar tak sarka diya thaa.Ek taang se didi ke dono taango ko dabaa kar rakhaa thaa aur dhire dhire didike kaano me yeh phusphusa kar kahe raha thaa Didi ek baar kar lene do bas ek baar maze se karwa lo but achhhaa 

Lagaega yeh kahete hue unke gaal ko neck ko chaat raha thaa aur sungh raha tha. Didi koshish karke bhi bhima ko hata nahin paarahi thi.bhima ek haath se unke boobs masalne laga andhere me pata nahin chal raha tha ki didi ne aankhe band kiya tha ya nahin par didi ke saanse tez hone lagi thi aur unka badan akad ne laga tha usne phir gown ke upar se hi bobs ko dabaya aur unke jaango ke bich me haath ghisna Shuru kar 

Diya thaa usne didi ke lips ko chumne ki koshish kiya par did ne chera ghuma liya mujhe laga didi ki halat toh kate hue murgi jaisi hue hogayi thi usne didi ke earlobes ko chaatne laga didi bas bol rahithi chhod de mujhe chhod de please par bhima unko kas ke pakad rakha thaa fir usne gown ke upar se hi unki chuchi chusne laga aur Shaayad nipples ko daant se kaant diyaa did ne halki si chikh chodi aauch usne didi ke 

Jaangho ke beech se haath nikaal kar thida zor laga ke unke peeth ko bistar se thoda upar kar ke night gown ko upar sarka kar boobs ko bahar nikal diya fir woh unki nipples ko baari baari me chusne laga didi ne panty pehan rakhi thi usne unke panty ke andar haath daal diya didi ki saanse tez hone lagi woh bich bich me unki nipple ko daanton se kaat bhi raha tha aur paagal ki taraah chus raha thaa tab bhi woh ek haat se 

Unke dono haatho ko pakad kar rakhaa hua tha dusre haath se lagaataa unki panty ke andar daalta toh nikal kar unke pet boobs jaangho ko sahelata aur phir andar dal ta didi ne apane dono taange jakad kar rakhi thi usne zor lagake unki gaand ko upar karne ki koshish karte hue unki panty ko niche sarkaya.aur apne tango se ghis ghis kar nikal diya phir apne dono tango ko istemaal karke unke taango ko khol diya aur unki 

Chut masalne laga chut masalate hue kehenlaga didi kitne jhaant hei ye toh jangal bangaya hai aur didi aaahh karke chillapad uske harkat se pata chal ki usne ek ungli daal diya hai woh bol raha thaa didi tum toh gile hone lagi ho kitna tight hai tumhara aaahhh kitna naram garam hai aisa kahete hue usne apni ungli se aur zor zor karne laga didi ab buri tarah sisak rahi thiphir usne didi ko kiss karne ki kosshish kiya par 

Didi ne nahin karne diya usne chut se ungli nikaal kar unko apne taraf thoda paltaayaa aur unki gaand me bahut zor se ek thappad maara thappad se didi ne aahhhaa kaheti hui munh kholi to usne uska munh didi ke munh me daal diya usne unki boob dabane laga aur ek nipples ko zor se chusa aur itne zor se daant lagaya ki didi ne chikh kar uske sar ke baal ko apne haath se pakad liya jaise didi ne uske sar se haath hataya toh 

Usne phir se zor se kaanatta aur didi ne ssshhh kare phir uske sar ke baalon ko pakad liye phir se didi ne haath hataya toh usne wiasa hi kiya ab didi ne uske sar ko ek haath se pakad liya aur haath uske sar se hataya nahin usne ek haath se didi ke ek haath ko pakad rakhaa thaa apne lund ko unke jaangjoo se ghis raha thaa aur ab didi uske sar ke balon ko ek haath se pakad kar sisikiyaa bhar rahi thi aaahhhhmm nipples ko chuste 

Hue jab didi ne uske sar ko selana shuru kiya toh usne didi ke dusre haath ko lekar uske land par rakha didi ne jaise hi waha se haath hataane ki koshhish kiya toh usne phir se nipples ko kantaa didi ne lakpaka kar uske lund ko pakad liya.usne nipples chusna chod kar didi ke earlobes ko chaat te hue kahene laga did use sehlaao achhe se pakdo aahh dekho yeh tumhaari chut me jaane keliya teyaar hai ya nahin didi upar n

Niche karo haann waise hi karo mujhe pata chal raha tha ki did uske lund ko sahela rahi hain woh kahe raha thaa didi uske upar ungi se sehlaao nahin nahin aisa karo aaaahh didi karte raho aaahh yeh kehkar usne apne lund pe haath lekar kuch harkat kiya aur kehne laga hhaaa waise hi kara oohhhoohhmmm aahhh uske lund ke upri hissa ko didi ungli se sehlaa rahi thi lund ki topi par ungli ragad rahi thi.

Phir usne apne do ungli unki chut me daal diya didi tadap utthi boli aahh pain horaha hai woh kahene laga didi ab to do hi ungli hi gaya hai isse smbhaal nahin paayogi toh mere mote se lund ko kase khaaogi? Ahhaa didi main toh tumhari chut main ungli daal kar chaudi kar rahi hoon yeh toh bilkul kunwari chut hai hhaaii pahele mujhe rasta bane do phir aaraam se andar bahar karung apna lund daal kar.

Yeh kehte hue usne ungli andar bahar karke chut ko ungli se chod ne laga aur unke mumme chusne chaat ne laga aise 5 minute tak rane ke baad woh didi ke  upar aagaya aur unki dono taango ko aur khula kar diya phir apna gaand thoda upar karme lund ko unki chut ki chhed par rakh kar ghisne laga didi siskiya bhar rahi thi usne didi ko phir se smooch karne ki koshish kiya par didi ne nahin diya usne unki chut pe lund ko ek 

Dhakaa diya didi ne chikh bhari uuuuhhhaaaa usne phirse chumna start kardiya par uska lund andar nahin gaya tha usne didi ke sar ke nichhe se pillow nikala ek haath se unke kamara ko thoda upar uthha kar gaand k nichhe pillow daal diya unki taango ko aur thoda se phailaya aur thoda upar uthaya phir ek zor ka dhakkaa lagaya didi ki chikh bahar nahin aapaya kyon ki woh unke munh me apna munh dala huaa thaa.

Ab uska lund kareeban aadhaa andar ghus chuka thaa.usne andar bahar karna shuru kardiyaa phir dhire dhire chodne laga kareeban 5 minute tak aise hi chodne ke baad usne aur ek dhakka lagaya iss baar uska puraa lund didi ke chut andar chala gaya.ab didi sisak rahi thi aur Bhima ne unke dono taango ko apne kamar ke upar uthaa liya didi ne roka nahin balki apne taango se uske kamar ko jakad liya aur woh zor zor 

Sedhakka lagane laga didi ab sisak rahi thi unki munh se hhhmm aaahhhuuuuhh karke dhimi dhimi awaz aane lagi thi bhima ne apna raftaar badhaya aur didi ke taango ko apne kandhe ke upar uthaa kar rakhaa ab didi uske haathon me kholona ban chuki thi bina aitraaj kiya didi ne apane taange uske kandhe par rakhausne didi ko chumte hue kaha didi apne dono haatho se mere gaand ko sehlaaomdidi ne apane dodno haath ko 

Uske kamar ke niche lejaakar uske gaand ko sehlaane lagi main toh dekh kar hairaan hogay ki yeh wohi didi hain jo kuchh der pahele kahe rahi thi bhima chhod de mujhe chhod de please. Mian samjh gaya thaa ki didi ko masti aane lagi hi. Main bhi apna lind bistar pe ragad raha tha. Meri aankho ke samne Bhimaa aur zor zor ka dhaka lagaane laga tha uska aadhaa lund bahar nikal raha thaa aur woh zor zor se 

Dhakkaa maar maar ke didi ke boobs ko masal raha tha bich bich me unki boobs se haath hataa kar unki gand par zordaar thappad maar raha tha aur didi sisi kar oohh maaaaahhh aaauuchh kar rahi thi didi ki siskiyon ko sun kar uska speed aur badhne laga tha aur aise hi 10/12 minute ke baad woh rocket jaisa speed pakda aur didi ne bhi uske kamar ko tight karke pakad kar apni gand upar uachhaalne 

Lagi aur phir dono sunn hoakar shaant ho gaye bhima didi ke upar ludak gaya. Mujhe pata chala ki dono ne paani chhod diya hai uss raat bhima ne didi ko aur ek baar kuttiya bana kar choda aur unki munh me apna paani bhi daal kar unko virya pilaya yeh sab agle part me bataaunga agar app logon ko meri kahani pasnad aayegi toh mujhe likhen 

Aunt Ne Doodh Pila K Chodwaya - Part I

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:20 AM PST

Hi friends this is Sahir (23) from Karachi. I have done my graduation and now just for few months enjoying my life after completion of my graduation average body and not have big dick as I read in many stories like 9 or 8 inches I have a normal size dick of 5.8 to 6 inches, I love to have sex with mature ladies but I have done sex with only one of my girlfriend when I was 19. So coming towards the story:

This story is about me and my aunt (my father's cousin) which happened few months ago. My aunt has 4 children the younger one is just of 2 year or less. She is about 40 years old, but I like to suck her breast whenever I was there at her home. My uncle is abroad and come to home only once in a year for just a month. I am much closed to my aunt since my childhood and I often visit her till my 19 but I am visiting this time after 3 years.

It was Dec 2010 when I visit my aunt Lahore I called my aunt that I am coming to Lahore on 21st of Dec and my flight is about 7 pm and will land on Lahore airport on 9 pm, but the flight was delayed due to bad weather and I reached my aunt's home on 1 am midnight. That night after having our dinner we went to our beds. My aunt's elder daughter is of 18 years and she has crush on me, but I was not interested in her after having a break-up with my girlfriend.

She was in her college and used to go every morning to college so in the day time I, aunt and her younger son was there at home. Aunt asked me about my family and relatives. So I turn on my laptop and showed her my family recent picture of eid. In the meantime aunt's younger son started crying and aunt said that I must breastfeed him and I ll let him to sleep, when aunt open her Kamiz her on boob come out.

I saw that huge water melon of 38 D size, I was staring at autn's boobs and my aunt notice that but she was smiling. I said to my aunt that I want to attend wash room as I was having hard on in my pant. She noticed my tent and smiled, I went to wash room and masturbate imagining my aunt when aunt's son slept she asked me,

Aunt: Sahir tum ab kaisy feel karty ho Ayesha se break up k 3 saal bad. Kia ab bhi tum ko yaad ati hai.

Me: no aunty I m feeling good now, aur mujhe ab woh yad nahi ati.

Aunt: kia Ayesha ki pics abhi bhi hain tumhary pass.

Me: ji hain par ghar mai hain aur video youtube pe apny a/c mai upload ki hain

Aunt: acha choro goli maro ab shadi ka kuch socha hai k nahi.

Me: nahi ji aisa kuch nahi irada.

Aunt: meri beti kaisi lagti hai, who tum ko pasand karti hai usny mujhe bataya hia.

Me: abhi kuch socha nahi, abhi to woh sirf 18 saal ki hain.

Aunt: to 18 ki ho jaye gi.

Me: auntie k bat kahoon ap se

Aunt: kia? Bolo beta

Me: meri ek khawahish hai? Jo ap pora karsakti ho.

Aunt: aisi kon si khawahish hai jo mai poora kar sakti hoon.

Me: ap promise karo k ap pora karo gi aur naraz nahi hogi?

Aunt: naraz matlab? Chal tum kehty ho tou bata I promise.

Me: aunti k ap mujhe doodh pila sakti ho apny breast ka.

Aunt: itny bady hokay itni choti se khwhish? (Aunty said in seductive voice)

Me: badi khwhish bhi hai lekin pehly choti to pori ho.

Aunt: lekin kisi ko pata nahi chalna chaye, aur saira ko tou bilkul nahi q k woh tum ko love karti hai

Me: chalo phir bedroom mai

Auntie said ok come and I was very happy and hugged my auntie, she said lay down on bed I am coming just lock the main gate. I put off my shirt and was in short and my huge bulge was there visible in my short. Aunt come and said tum meri liye choto jaisy ho short bhi utharo and she pulled my short and I was in my boxer, she remove that too and my 6 cock was erect.

She pulled down her kamiz and said yeh lay mere bachy ko bhook lagi hai doodh pi lay" and I start sucking one boob and squeezing the other she starts moaning and the milk was coming in my mouth I was very tasty. I sucked her boobs for around 20 mints or so, then I start to suck the other when she gave me the other boob, she also hold my cock and I current passed through my whole body. She started stroking it and

I was sucking her breast after few minutes I told auntie I am about to cum and she said mujhe tumara juice peena hai. I stood up and gave my dick in her mouth and first time in my life I felt soft juicy lips on my dick and I was unable to hold my cum for long with lots of shivering I cum in her mouth and she drunk it and said maza aya tum ko.

Me: You are too good I am ready to marry Saira, if you serve me like this

Aunt: started laughing and said theek hai tou ab promise kar.

Me: promise lekin abhi meri badi khwahish bhi hai

Aunt: abhi bachy school se any waly hain tou raat ko sub k sony k bad mai tumary room mai aky tum ko enjoy karti hoon.

Me: ok I want a shower now and kissed my aunt on her lips.

Aunt: beta tere uncle saal mai ek baar ghar aty hain 1 month k liye tou mai bhi ek aurat hoon, mujhe galat nahi samajhna k apni beti k liye yeh karahi hoon, mai bhi chahti thi tabhi tum ko seduce kiya mai ne taky ghar ki bat ghar mai rahy aur tum bhi kush mai bhi

Me: auntie ap bhi na ap meri best friend hain. Ap jaisy kaho mai karoon ga, ab raat ko mai apko satisfy karta hoon. Thanks aunties, friends if you like my story please do write me on my email id I will write the 2nd part of this story that how I fucked my aunt.

Rajshree getting fucked by business honcho

Posted: 05 Dec 2011 05:19 AM PST

Hello readers my name is Sudhir. My wife Rajshree works in a MNC at Delhi. I will tell the story how my wife got banged by her boss for job promotion. The story starts the month after I lost my job due to recession and Rajshree had to work hard to make our expenses meet. I used to stay at home and she used to go to work. Recently I got a new job so asked her to quit her job and stay at home but she rejected saying her job is also necessary for her.

On that fateful day she told me she urgently needed to impress some one called Mr. Sultanali a big business honcho whom she called home for dinner. Rajshree left for work the next day and told me she would be getting off from work a couple hours early so she could get ready for her dinner date with Mr. Sultan. So I decided to leave early from work myself so I could be here for moral support for my wife because I knew she would be a little nervous tonight.

I got home just in time to see Rajshree pull into the driveway. Rajshree gave me a kiss on the way in and told me she had to hurry and take a shower and get herself dressed because she only had a couple hours before she was to meet Mr. Sultan. I decided to straighten things up around here while she got ready. I had to admit that I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about this evening myself.

I walked into the bedroom just in time to see Rajshree walking in from her shower. She looked stunning as always. Her hair had been neatly combed and dried and I could see she must have shaved her pussy. If things go well tonight with Mr. Sultanali, I'm sure Rajshree is planning a hot night in bed with me to celebrate.

Rajshree always picked out sexy things to wear no matter what the occasion and tonight was no exception. I noticed tonight she had a red panty with nude stocks and matching red brassier picked out and laying on the bed. Over on the chair was a black skirt and matching black top that had buttons down the front. By the bed setting on the floor I could see black spike heels with a thin buckle.

I walked back out into the kitchen to finish cleaning while Rajshree dressed for the evening. Twenty minutes later my lovely wife walked thought the doorway. Rajshree walked in turning in a half circle asking me what I thought. She looked absolutely gorgeous as I reached out to hold her. I could smell Rajshree's perfume as I hugged my wife. Glancing downward half of her breasts were exposed in this top. I wanted to kiss her but didn't want to smear her lipstick.

Rajshree told me she had to leave in a minute, and wanted me to go out and buy some wine for this evening when she brought Mr. Sultanali by the house after dinner. Rajshree told me she should be back here around eight tonight and not to be nervous and made sure I remembered that I was her better half and not her house husband.

I will be glad this night is over, at least until Mr. Sultanali gets the contract signed and leaves. I can't wait to get Rajshree in my arms tonight. I know she has to be as horny as I'm tonight. Everything will be just perfect with the girls being gone. Tonight I have plans to make love to my wife all night long.

As Rajshree walked out the door she told me to wish her luck and said she loved me. I know this guy Mr. Sultanali will be getting an eyeful of my wife tonight. I hope we can get rid of him early to top off the night with a celebration of our own.

Later that evening I sat down and tried to read the paper but couldn't concentrate on what I was reading. I had gone out and picked up a couple bottles of good wine. I had remembered Rajshree mentioning she was meeting Mr. Sultanali at her office and she would leave her car parked there overnight. It was now a quarter after eight, and Rajshree should be here any minute now.

Let me hope that she got him to sign the contract tonight over dinner. I know Rajshree will still have to bring him here for a little icing on the cake but it will soon be over. I wonder if this is how I will feel when my daughters start dating. Wondering if they will be all right and their dates treating them with respect.

This is my wife I was waiting to return home from a date with a guy knowing fully well that she was a married woman. I want to think Rajshree's date acts like a gentleman and don't try to touch her or even steal a kiss. After all these years of being married to this wonderful woman we have always had the deepest trust for each another.

Right at that moment the doorbell rang. I must have locked the door when I returned from the store. Walking over to the door and opening it slowly, there stood my wife and standing next to her was a muscular looking black gentleman who looked like south indian in a grey suite. Rajshree walked in first as Mr. Sultanali following close behind her. I noticed his hand was around the back of my wife's waist as they walked through the door.

Rajshree introduced her guest as a Mr. Sultanali a business client she is working with right now on a big project. Rajshree introduced me as her husband Sudhir. At least she remembered the little plan we had worked out. When I shook hands with Mr. Sultanali, I couldn't help noticing how large his hands were and he had a firm grip. He looked around 6'2 tall and looked like a line backer.

Mr. Sultanali followed my wife into the great room and Rajshree motioned for him to set down which he did on the sofa. Rajshree than motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen to fetch some wine. As she prepared the drinks for her and her guest, she had told me that everything was fine and she wanted me to make up an excuse to leave the room so she could speak to him alone.

Rajshree said she needs to iron a few things out and wanted to make Mr. Sultanali and thought I'd make her nervous setting in the same room. We made our way back into the room and as Rajshree was handing a drink to Mr. Sultanali I mentioned to them that I was going to my room to read a book so they could chat and take care of business.

Mr. Sultanali said it was nice meeting me and that I had a very lovely wife and suggested that if I had anywhere to go tonight that things would be fine here. As I made my way to our bedroom, I thought about what Mr. Sultanali had just said to me. In a very polite manner, he was asking me to get lost. I almost walked back to say something but I decided not to.

I didn't want to ruin anything for Rajshree's business deal. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and hopefully she has the contract signed and sealed. Let him have his little drink. Take a good look at those nice breasts being pushed out for you to see tonight because that's as close as you'll ever get I thought to myself.

We have a setting area in our room with sliding doors that lead out into the screened area around the pool. From there we have sliding doors that lead off from the great room. It had been almost an hour now. I was thinking of walking out and around and take a peak and see if everything was all right.

I decided to do just that and got up and opened the door and made my way over to the doorway off the great room where my wife and Mr. Sultanali were situated was dark now and the lights were off back here so I wouldn't be noticed. As I gazed in the room, I could still see them seated on the sofa. Rajshree was laughing at something Mr. Sultanali was saying.

I could see two bottles of wine sitting on the table next to the sofa. They must have gone through the first bottle already. Mr. Howard had his right arm on the back of the sofa behind my wife, but didn't seem to be touching her. He was holding his glass of wine in the other hand when I saw him set it down on the table and put his hand on his knee.

Rajshree seemed to be listening to whatever it was he was saying when I than notice his hand slowly work its way over to my wife's knee until it was gently in place just below the hem of her skirt. By this time my heart seemed to be pumping at a faster rate. Rajshree was looking straight into his eyes now and I wish I could hear what he was saying to Rajshree.

I could see his thumb start to move against the hem of her dress as kept talking to my wife. Than Rajshree glanced down toward his hand on her knee and gently pushed it away. That's my girl I thought to myself. I knew Rajshree was trying very hard to be nice to this man but wouldn't let things go any further than having the pleasure of talking or getting a good look at her lovely charms on display.

I decided to make my way back to the bedroom and read because I felt Rajshree had everything under control after I saw Rajshree move his hand off her knee. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and she made her way in here to celebrate her new contract. I guess I feel asleep for a few minutes. I looked over at the alarm clock on the dresser and it was after eleven.

I jumped up pretty fast wondering what was going on out in the great room. I worked my way out the door wall around the corner and looked inside. My heart sank. I didn't see anyone. Could, Mr. Sultanali had gone home and Rajshree was in the kitchen or something? I could see into the kitchen and the light was off. I could see a light through the window in one of the girls rooms over to the right so I waked over to that window.

I could see a shadow on the wall so I knew someone was in there, maybe Mr. Sultanali had left and Rajshree was just checking the girl's rooms for something. As I looked around the corner, my heart sank even further. They were on the edge of the bed. I could see my wife and Mr. Sultanali. He had his head tilted down and appeared to be kissing her neck area.

His right hand was around her shoulder with his left hand on her breasts through the brassier. Her top was completely unbuttoned. I felt like I was going to panic as my heart began to race. He was moving his head now and his lips met hers as I could see Rajshree tilt her head up to kiss him back. I could barely make out what was going on but I could see his tongue as it made its way inside Rajshree's mouth.

She was sucking on his tongue. Rajshree had reached around and put her arm around him as they continued to kiss. Mr. Sultanali had dropped his hand down to her inner thigh and was working his way under her skirt toward her pussy. I didn't remember seeing any panty's tonight when my wife had all her clothes laid out in the bedroom.

This would mean that he was about to touch Rajshree's bare pussy. He would soon feel how soft and smooth her pussy mound was. Something was about to happen to my wife that should only be meant for me. Should I go in and stop this. My mine kept going in different directions. Instead of running in there and pulling him away from my wife I just stood there like I was frozen to the ground and watched what was taking place in that room.

As I kept watching what was taking place, Mr. Sultanali reached around and pulled Rajshrees top off and was reaching around to unclasp Rajshrees brassier. Rajshree's firm breasts broke free of their confinement. Mr. Sultanali tilted his head down and started sucking on one than the other running tongue in circular motions as my wife held the back of his head to push him in tight against her breasts.

Rajshree seemed to be accepting everything that was going on. I wasn't sure what I should do. As I kept watching, Rajshree stood up and it looked like she was helping Mr. Sultanali with her skirt. That's when I saw the skirt fall to the floor. I was right, Rajshree had no panty's on and her pussy was now on full display to Mr. Sultanali. All that remained was Rajshree's garter belt, stockings and her heels.

Rajshree sat herself back down on the bed when I saw Mr. Sultanali reach around my wife's small waist and pull her as close as possible toward him. Rajshree now had her one hand in his lap and seemed to be stroking him through his pants. His suit jacket was already off and Rajshree reached up with her right hand and started working on his tie and getting it off.

Rajshree sort of got up and moved herself onto his lap and worked on his tie with both hands. I saw the tie being tossed over on the floor as they started kissing again. Mr. Sultanali had reached all the way around my wife and was cupping her right breast in his large black hand. The contrast of their body's made myself very hard as I continued to watch.

Rajshree was looking at Mr. Sultanali and he seemed to be saying something to her. She was shaking her head as if to say no to something. Rajshree was just reaching over to start unbuckling his pants when he pulled her hands away and got up. He was walking toward the door. He was leaving the room. I hurried back to the master bedroom. Once inside there was a knock on the door.

I'm trying to figure out what this guy was doing or what he wanted from me. Was he coming to ask permission to screw my wife? I opened the door, Mr. Sultanali was embarrassed but asked, 'Do you have any condoms.' I stood there stunned for a moment when he told me everything was fine with my wife but she had mentioned not being on the pill.

He said he felt embarrassed about asking me but my wife was a stunner and it was just fine if he fucked my wife. I went over to the drawer and got him a couple and handed them over to Mr. Sultanali. My hand was shaking as he grabbed them from me. He told me thanks and told me I was a life saver. As he hurried himself away from the door he looked back and said he would see me in the morning.

Did I just hear him say he would see me in the morning? I just handed a man some condoms so he could screw my wife without her getting knocked up and than he tells me this! I waited for a couple minutes and decided I wanted to keep an eye on this but didn't want to go back outside.

Instead, I decided to go through the third bedroom and there was a joining bathroom in between the two rooms where I could see but had to be careful. I walked through the great room and down the hall into the adjoining bedroom and slowly made my way toward the bathroom. Good, I thought to myself the other door is open just enough to look inside that room. They had dimmed the light but I was still able to see what was going on.

I slowly moved toward the door and looked inside. The bed was straight ahead on an angle so I was able to see everything where I stood. When I looked inside, I could see Mr. Sultanali laying on his back. My wife was on her side just above his legs. She was licking his shaft. Rajshree had her left hand massaging his testicles while she held his shaft with her right hand.

I focused on her action when I finally realized how big and thick this man was. He had to be at least 9 or 10 long and the girth was like a small log. Rajshree could never take this man inside her. She may have told him so and decided to giving him head. Even if he could get this thing in my wife she would be stretched to the limits.

Besides, the condoms I gave him would never fit his shaft. They fit snug on my cock but a guy his size would never fit. Rajshree kept lovingly sucking and licking his entire shaft. I watch as she tried to push as much of it inside her mouth. It looked like she could only get the head to fit as she continued to lick the sides. Every once in a while she would go down and suck his large testicles in her mouth only to hear him groan and tell her how good her mouth felt.

Rajshree still had on her garter belt, stockings and heels and it looked very erotic watching my wife make love to this large black man. Mr. Sultanali told Rajshree to move herself over his face and he wasted no time getting his face between her legs. I could hear the slurping sounds he was making as Rajshree was grinding herself down onto his mouth. She had both of her hands wrapped around his shaft as she continued to suck his massive pole.

I was actually getting turned on watching my wife suck on this man as I was hard as a rock and I could feel myself dripping from the excitement. I was excited for the first time ever being a voyeur to watching my own wife in bed with another man. Rajshree started to shake and I knew she was close to having an orgasm. Mr. Sultanali kept working on my wife's pussy.

I could still hear the slurping sounds he was making. His big hands were holding her waist as if to hold her on his face as she let out a scream that she was there while Mr. Sultanali kept up the action with his tongue. Just as Rajshree started to relax, another orgasm hit her and my wife was pushing herself into his face for all it was worth.

Just as Rajshree's orgasm was ending, I saw him reach over on the night stand and grab one of those condoms I gave him to use on my wife. He fiddled around until it opened. He than threw the wrapper on the floor.Rajshree moved off him while he tried to place the condom on the head of his shaft. It looked like he stretched it out and over the head than rolled as much as there was down the shaft.

It didn't cover the entire length but at least it was on and would trap any sperm that he would pump out of that giant thing. Rajshree reached down to the floor at the side of the bed searching for something. When she came back up, she had a tub of K-Y jelly in her hand. She had been ready for this after all, and Rajshree had it ready and waiting on the side of the bed all this time.

I watched as she placed the tub on the tip of the head of Mr. Sultanali's shaft. Rajshree smeared it around the head and with her hand she stroked the shaft with the remaining jelly in her hand. Rajshree than got up and swung her leg up over Mr. Sultanali to straddle him from the top. She sat facing him with his shaft just touching her crack from the rear.

It looked like a massive pole from that angle. Rajshree had lowered her head to kiss Mr. Sultanali and I watched her tongue enter his mouth as he sucked it in. Rajshree then moved her rear end up as he grabbed his giant pole in his left hand and held onto Rajshree's waist with his right hand. I watched as she also reached around to help guide him to her waiting hole.

She looked very wet as I could see his saliva still glistening around her mound. My wife was about to get screwed for the very first time by another man since our marriage. From the looks of things she was also going to be stretched beyond its limits. Rajshree now started to move her body in slow up and down motions apparently trying to gently slide the giant head inside her pussy.

After a few moments it seemed to be working as Mr. Sultanali now had both of his hands on my wife's hips as she continued to rock herself in up and down motions. Rajshree now moved her hands around and put them on Mr. Sultanali's chest as she used them for support as his shaft was feed inside her pussy.

I raised my head a little so I could see myself and sure enough I had a clear view of my wife's stretched pussy with just the head of this man's shaft inside. Rajshree's pussy must have been dripping wet from the excitement otherwise there wasn't anyway he could have got in this far.I was getting excited to no limits.

I also began jerking my cock.Rajshree kept up the same pass telling her lover how tight it felt. She was starting to moan again as his shaft slid inside at least another inch. I could see Mr. Sultanali now raising his own hips to meet my wife's down thrusts trying to get more of him inside her. Rajshree started moving in a faster rhythm as they both fought hard to get as much of him lodged inside her as they could.

I could see at least three inches inside. His shaft was now inside my wife up to the point where the condom covered his shaft. The rest of him was bare. Mr. Sultanali seemed to hold on to Rajshree with a stronger grip as he rolled himself over with Rajshree now on the bottom. He held himself up with his hands under her rear keeping his weight from fully resting on my wife.

He now started to rotate his lower torso trying to gain whatever space he could. He lifted himself up further as Rajshree raised her legs over his shoulders as they worked hard to get him inside her. From my angle I could see it was working as now he started with a slow circular in and out rhythm.

I could now see Rajshree's pussy lips as they held onto Mr. Sultanali's shaft each time he thrust inside my wife. Her pussy was gripping him not just on purpose but because it was stretched out and around his shaft. Rajshree now moved her legs out to the sides of his buttocks and held onto him with her hands as he started a faster rhythm.

I could now see his shaft during each outward stroke covered with Rajshree's pussy juice. I could now hear the sounds of there love making as there was a sucking sound each time he withdrew from Rajshree to a squishing sound each time he entered her. Rajshree now had her legs wrapped around his buttocks as he kept up his pass.

He now had his hands cupped underneath my wife as to pull himself deeper inside with each powerful stroke downward. I was stroking my cock in rhythm with their push. He now seemed to be getting deeper inside my wife with each stroke. I stretched my neck out as far as I could to see without getting caught. I think at this point they wouldn't have cared anyway if they saw me.

I could see the condom. It was no longer covering the head portion of his shaft. It looked like it had ripped apart from being stretched and all the friction. It was bundled up around the center of his giant pole now. He was now screwing my wife bare cock. He was now kissing my wife again as he kept up the pass, her arms now gripping his shoulders as he kept pumping his shaft in my wife.

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At that point Rajshree started to shake again and I knew she was having an orgasm the same time he was pumping his hot load of sperm deep inside my wife. They both were moaning now as each was at their peak. Mr. Sultanali gave one last shove and held his still shaft in my wife as deep as he could for at least a good three minutes before finally raising up and releasing his hold on her.

I cummed at the same time and spilled all on the bathroom floor. He than started a very slow withdrawal from my wife's stretched out pussy. I could see and hear the plop as the head dropped out of my wife's pussy with a large trail of white sperm behind it. The first thing that entered my mind was the fact that he had just filled my wife's pussy with his potent sperm.

Hopefully she goes right into the bathroom and cleans herself out. At this point I just sat back on the floor thinking this is all over now. Mr. Sultanali made a statement that he would see me in the morning. Does this mean he plans on sleeping here with my wife all night? I couldn't imagine them going another round. Rajshree's pussy must be sore by now.

I took one more look and as I watched, Mr. Sultanali had reached over and pulled my wife next to him on the bed and began kissing her again. She was telling him how much she enjoyed it. I got up and went into the adjoining bedroom and laid down thinking about what just happened. I was thinking about everything I just saw in that room.

I kept thinking about seeing the condom breaking open and his sperm dripping out of my wife's pussy. I kept thinking of my lovely wife Rajshree before falling asleep. Something seemed to wake me from a deep sleep. I'm not sure exactly what it could have been. It was like I was dreaming of hearing people talking. I looked over at the alarm clock on the dresser.

It was after four in the morning. I could hear the voices again only this time I knew what the sounds were. I sat up in the bed, pulled myself up and walked to the bathroom doorway. The light was now off but I could hear the mattress getting a workout and my wife's voice. She was begging her lover to screw her deeper. I carefully looked through the doorway and tried to adjust my eyes.

Once my eye's were able to adjust I could make out that Sultanali pushed Rajshree on couch and spread her legs as far as I could see, exposing her tight pussy. It was brownish black in color with reddish color of flesh inside, which was full of whitish love juice. He sat in front of her and moved his head in between her legs. The pungent aroma of her womanhood was driving both of them crazy.

It was a mixture of urine and love juice making the room so arousing that I could not resist and wanted put my tongue in her slit but refrained from doing it. Rajshree was getting out of control with each lick on her Choot (Pussy) she closed her eyes and started screaming in pleasure. 'OOOHHHH GGOODD please don't stop please eat me put your tongue as deep as you can, please Sultan don't stop OOOHHHH YYYYAAAAAA OOOOHHHH YYYEEEESSSSSS.

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As I lay on the bed, I wondered what would happen in the morning. I was too tired to go to work tomorrow and figured I would call off work. I woke up around seven and first thought that came to mind that they might be at it again. I hurried out in the great room with the same clothes I had on the night before and there stood Mr. Sultanali by the sofa adjusting his suite jacket.

He told me good morning and apologized for bothering me last night. He said he would have brought his own but things were unexpected and laughed about it. He than told me my wife was still taking her shower. Mr. Sultanali he asked me to come closer because he wanted to tell me something. His big frame dwarfed me and I could imagine this man on top of my wife last night.

He said to me that my wife was a wonderful little lady and he felt he was falling in love with her. He had said they went out to lunch many times on business and it always turned out to be walks in the park afterwards or just setting by the river and talking about different things. This hit me as a big surprise because I'd thought this was just a business deal waiting to be settled.

Than he hit me with another one that made my heart stop for a moment. He said he didn't think the condoms held up very well and maybe in nine months I was going to be a father to a little boy or girl. He than told me he just couldn't help himself and that he was caught up in the moment as much as Rajshree was and hoped that I wouldn't feel Rajshree was a bad wife to me. He also said she wanted it more than he did last night.

Before he left Mr. Sultanali also told me that if Rajshree does get pregnant after last night that he planned on asking her to marry him and he would be a good father to the baby. When he walked out the door, I went over to the sofa and sat down. I would have to talk to Rajshree as soon as she got out of the shower.

Moments later Rajshree walked in giving me a kiss on the cheek and said,' I have to rush because I don't want to be late for work.' I said, 'What about last night.' and Rajshree told me she got the contract and not to worry about a thing. I told her I had questions to ask her and she said she had to go and would explain everything to me when she got home.

Just as she got to the door she turned back to me and said she might about two hours late tonight so I should fix dinner and eat without her tonight. When Rajshree was out the door I went into the bedroom they were having sex last night. The bed was still a mess and the whole center was soaked. This guy must have shoot buckets of seed inside my wife last night.

I leaned down and smelled the sheets and sure enough it was the strong smell of seed that had been deposited in my wife last night. I walked back out of the room and noticed a small wrinkled paper on the floor. I picked it up and it read. Rajshree, I love you and will see you later this evening. It was signed Mr. Sultanali.

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Question. My partner and I had an intercourse using a condom. I removed my penis from her vagina and finally ejaculated in the condom itself. I have a problem of premature ejaculation because of which my partner told me that I can't satisfy her. What do I do?

Answer. Increase the foreplay till she reaches her orgasm then start stroking her. Why do you have to withdraw your penis when you have a condom on? Learn better control.

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It was dec 2010 and we friends were planning what to do for new year. Last yr during new yr we had exams and were stuck so we wanted to do something fun. Also my best friend pooja had broken up with her boy friend and was depressed. We wanted to cheer her up. My boyfriend vivek and his friends wanted to go to his friend's farm house for 3 days and party.

We girls werent that interested in going to farm house for 3 days with the guys. Suddenly neha suggested that we girls could go to goa for new yr for 2 days, it'd be fun and only girls. We were excited! My boyfriend was relieved that he could go peacefully and enjoy partying. So 4 of us girls (me, pooja, neha and rashmi) got ready and packed everything and left for goa on 30th.

We reached palolem beach by evening, it was beautiful! Fully decorated for new yr with lots and lots of tourists. We checked into the beach huts just beside the beach, 2 of us in each room. There was campfire on the beach and we went there for dinner. They were playing good music and people were dancing by the fire.

Since it was a beach we were wearing sleeveless tops and shorts and skirts. There were some foriegners too there. 2 guys about 23 - 24 yrs, they were well built and hot. They were sitting shirtless drinking beer and talking. We were just trying to flirt with them for fun. Actually since pooja was depressed we were trying to cheer her up and teasing her about the handsome guys.

We were drinking smirnoff vodka sitting in table opposite them. The guys were looking at us now and then. We already had 2 shots and were feeling little buzzed. We winked at them and were laughing. They came over to us and asked us if we wanted to dance. One guy came up to me and said he was andy and shook hands with me. He was so sexy. Light brownish hair and muscular.

Neha and rashmi were embarrassed and said no to dance. I pulled pooja along to dance. Another guy introduced himself as ricky and held her hand for dance. I was feeling little scared but went ahead thinking it'd be fun. We danced for about half an hr, the music was good, light jazz and country music. It was fun. Pooja was also enjoying herself and I was happy.

Andy was holding me closer now and and was getting bolder, he touched my ass once or twice, I looked at him and he just smiled. We went to the back to the bar stand and he ordered tequila shots. 4 of us did 2 shots each. I was really buzzed! We went back and sat on the beach and were talking. It was almost 11pm and crowd was thinning.

Andy was telling that he and ricky were from germany and had just finished college and was joining a shipping business and all. He started flirting with me and tried to kiss me. I was scared and stopped him. He said its ok, its just fun and he liked me and we could have fun. I didnt know what to do and looked around, I saw pooja kissing ricky about 10m away sitting on the beach!

I was surprised but happy she was having fun. I too relaxed and thought about my boyfriend, he was away and having fun. Whats there if I too have fun, will keep it a secret, he wont know and everything will be fine. I leaned and kissed andy's lips. He was so sexy and strong, he held my hair and kissed me back, he was kissing my neck and and ears. I was feeling really hot!

I didnt want to do it, but couldnt stop. He slipped his hand inside my top while kissing, I got scared and pulled his hand out! He was smiling at me sexily and told me that I wanted it. I couldnt resist, I let his hand go. He undid my bra and was feeling my breasts and kissing me. I was really feeling horny now, it was more than a month since I had sex with my boyfriend.

It was very dark and there were just 5 - 6 couples on the sand here and there holding hands or kissing. It felt great. Just then pooja and ricky came up to us. I was kissing andy and didnt even notice them. I was so embarrassed! Pooja was looking at me in shock and then smiled. They said they'd have another drink and get back. Me and andy too went with them to the bar, rashmi and neha had gone back to their cottage.

We orded vodka with coke. Pooja asked me what the hell I was doing with that guy. I said I dont know and I was feeling very horny and andy is so sexy! I told her not to mention anything vivek pls. She smiled and said I was being a slut. I was hitting her, we were pretty high and laughing. The guys were smiling at us not understanding what we were talking.

4 of us walked back to the cottage. Andy asked if he and ricky could come up in our cottage and talk and have beer. Me and pooja looked at each other and said fine. Both of them went to get some beers and we 2 went inside. We were giggling and stumbled inside feeling a lil drunk and collapsed on the bed. They guys came back 5 mins later and sat on the bed and were talking.

Me and andy were sitting on the bed leaning against the wall and talking. He had his arm around my waist and was touching me softly. Pooja and ricky too were sitting close and talking. Andy started kissing me, I was so turned on but was embarrassed too as pooja was also there, I looked at them and both were smiling. Andy was trying to slip his hand inside my shorts now, I didnt stop him.

He was touching my pussy and kissing me. I knew there was no turning back, I had to do it, I was so turned on. I just turned to see pooja kissing ricky's chest and her hand was inside his shorts! I was really wet with andy fingering me. I looked at andy and smiled, he looked sexy in the dim light. He started pulling out my top, I then realised my bra was on the beach itself!

I was topless and andy was kissing my breasts and sucking them softly. I pulled down his beach shorts, he was hard and huge! I held his cock and was gently squeezing it. I looked around and saw that pooja was already naked beside me and ricky was naked too kissing her and playing with her breasts. I couldnt believe it!

My head was spinning cos of alcohol and the mini orgasm andy gave me while rubbing. I felt it was a dream. Andy pulled down my shorts and got on top of me. He pulled a condom out of his wallet and asked me if I wanted to put it on his cock. I took it and kissed his cock and gave it a little lick and rolled the condom down on it. Omg! He was really big! Not like huge but very thick. Now I was a lil scared.

He got on top of me and slowly started to push his cock in me. Thank god I was wet or else it'd have really hurt. He started fucking me slowly while playing with my breasts and kissing me. I was holding his neck and was lost in pleasure. I was feeling dizzy, I could hear pooja moaning beside me. I looked at her and she was having fun, sweaty and naked she was on top of ricky and riding him.

I never knew she was so sexual! He was holding her breasts and she was arching and raising her hands above her head to keep hair out of her face. It turned me on even more seeing my best friend having sex beside me. Andy was fucking me hard now making me yelp and scream a lil now and then.

He stopped and asked me to turn over, I kneeled down and raised my ass to him, he mounted me doggy style and started ramming me with hard strokes while holding and playing with my hanging breasts. It felt so good. He spanked my ass and I turned back to look at him smiling and enjoying. I couldnt resist and smiled back. He spanked me again harder saying I was a naughty indian girl.

It felt so good, I climaxed. I was shivering and i'd never felt so good while having sex. I collapsed totally exhausted and tired. Andy fell beside me and cuddled me and was kissing me softly on my shoulders and drawing lines and circles with his fingers on my breasts. We fell asleep like that 4 of us naked on the same bed!

I woke up in the morning with a big headache! It was like a porn movie! I felt so dirty but still excited that I did something so crazy! I quickly had bath and woke up pooja, she woke up and was shocked trying to remember what happened the previous night. We were both laughing, she realised she was still naked and covered herself with bedsheet and went to bath and change.

We woke up the guys and told them we'll be downstairs for breakfast and went down. Rashmi and neha still werent up, me and pooja talked about what happened last night should stay between us and no one else should know, not even rashmi and neha. We agreed and went to their room and woke them up.

They asked what happened the previous night and they couldnt find us on the beach and they were feeling very tired so they came back to their cottage and slept off. We told them that we went for walk on the beach and got lost and so came back late and just slept off. I dont know if they believed or not but they didnt say anything.

We had breakfast and played on the beach. The new year celebrations that night were superb with all the fire works and music and all. I was the best time of my life and everything was awesome till we got back to bangalore, when my life completely changed forever...

Sex Advice: Penis suddenly becoming loose during masturbation

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Question. I am a 27 year old man. I masturbate regularly. One day, while I was masturbating, my penis suddenly became loose. Now there is also a black mark on it. I have not been getting proper erections and I will be getting married in four months. I am in trouble. Please help.

Answer. Your body is responding to your over indulgence. Take a break from masturbation for a week and you should be okay. Ignore the black mark. It is harmless.

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