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Friday, December 23, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Lusty relation with Mami - III

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:27 PM PST

After having the first sex with my fantasy woman, my mami I was waiting for new chances. It must be about a month later the first sex she had brought a VHS cassetter player in the evening. At that time there was only TV but no Video cassetter player in my mama's place. My mami had borrowed a player from the neighbour's that evening.

We were watching some hindi movies together that evening. After dinner, she asked me if I would like to stay there that night and watch more movies together. I was more that overwhlemed. I readily agreed. It was not an issue because I used stay there overnight to watch movies. Usually we used to hire the player for a night watch at least three recent movies the whole night.

It was only two of us watching a hindi movie in dim light. Both of us were near each other on the couch watching the movie on video. When the movie ended it was rather late may be 11 pm. Then she asked me, 'u want to watch a special movie?' I said,'ok.' My mami went in her bedroom and brought a VHS cassette. She put it in the player and reduced the volume on TV.

I didn't ask anything. She came back again on the couch. Soon, the movie played. The video was not of a good quality. There to my surprise, a lady was taking off her clothes. Soon a naked man came into view and both of them kissed each other. This was my first porn film and you can imagine my nervousness. I was watching a porn movie for the first time with the lust of my life.

Oh my God! she was well prepared and had pre-planned for tonight. I got even more nervous thinking of what lies for me next tonight. I could not speak a word but was watching the activities in the movie with interest. Soon, the couple in the movie started fucking. I could not bear it for long. My dick was rock hard and was dying to fuck or at least jerk off myself.

I had to start my work quickly. I moved closer to my mami. I placed my right hand over the couch back where she was resting. Soon, I placed my hand over her right shoulder. She did not respond. This encouraged me. I slightly pulled her. She was just waiting for my advance. She moved further back, pressed her back on my chest and turned towards me.

I caressed her right cheek. Soon we were lip locked. This was my first kiss. I was rather inexperienced in kissing. I felt the soft and warm lips of my mami. It was a wonderful feeling. Then, my lady turned her body more and put her arm around my neck. She took out her tongue, I felt the moistness and by instinct started to suck.her tongue.

Then I also gave in my tongue and she sucked it in her mouth. This was my first french kiss with my woman. Slowly, I started to move my hand. I felt her back and enjoyed the softness of her body. Then I slowly moved my lips to her cheek and then to her left ear. I tried to nibble her ear. She moaned slightly. This encouraged me more. I lifted her face and run my hot lips on the sides of her neck.

This was getting hotter than the scene in the video. From the side with my left hand, I tried to reach her boobs. She made some space in between our chests and I slid in my hand to have my first direct contact with my fetish, the boobs of my mami. It was so soft and I started pressing it slowly but from inside I was dying to rip off her clothes and start fondling her naked.

Now, I was actually cupping the breast. It was slightly more than a handful and very soft and stiff. The feeling was beyond my imagination. Soon, the scene changed in the video. She turned towards the TV to watch the movie. But she was reclining on my chest. This gave me access to her boobs more easily. Slowly, I started to cup and knead both her boobs with my two hands.

Dono haath main laddoo. Wah kya baat hai. Sensing my opportunity, I started to unbotton her blouse hooks. This revealed her cleavage. It was so wonderful a sight. There were a pair of juicy boobs in a white lacy bra. These two mounds had been bothering me since the day I saw my mami bathing. Now, I was there to enjoy the boobs.

I again started heavy kneading of the boobs as if it was a dough of flour. This must have excited my woman that she moaned again. I tried to insert my hands inside the bra but my mami herself lifted her bra to expose the boobs. Wow what a smooth skin she has. I saw slightly darker circles at the center with stiff nipples.

I touched the nipples and she suddenly moaned louder and arched her body. I found that her right nipple was shorter than the left one. I quickly learned that nipples are very sensitive to touch. So, I started to hold and slightly pinch the nipples with my three fingers. Now, I realized why people are after boobs. Nothing can match the feeling of boobs.

And from the moanings I realized breast fondling is not only pleasurable for boys but more pleasurable for girls. Then I took her hands place them over her boobs and covered her hands with mine. Then I started squeezing her hands. Actually she was now squeezing her boobs with her own hands. She giggled and asked,' where did you learn all this?' I said nothing.

Suddenly, she got up and switched off the video. She took off her sari, blouse and bra. There my dream lady was half naked only in her petticoat. I was enjoying the view of my dream. She said, 'what are you looking at? Come on take off your clothes.' I also took off my clothes except my underwear. My erect dick was making a tent. She glanced at it. I took her in embrace.

Wow it was a woncerful feeling to touch a naked woman with soft and smooth skin. The boobs were poking me at my chest. Soon we were liplocked again. I pulled her to me tightly. The boobs just squeezed in between. Suddenly I put my hands aound her ass and lifted her up. She exclaimed, 'oh you are strong enough to lift me.' I looked up.

Her ripe mangoes were hanging so close to my mouth. I just moved my hot lips near her nipples. She moved and I had to keep her down. I got down on my knees and the height was just enough. I sucked her nipples. She moaned loudly holding my head tightly oooh my ooh.. ummm. This increased my pace. I was pressing the nipples one by one in between my lips while holding the boobs.

Her moans were louder when I sucked and pinched the right nipple which was shorter. Then I hugged her from her ass and slurped my tongue on the nipples. She could not take it more. She moaned loudly holding my head firmly. I was enjoying her lovely boobs and taut nipples with my tongue.

Then I tried to open the knot of her petticoat. she did't let me. Then she said,'come on lets go to bed.' On the bed she lay down on her back. Her boobs parted at the cleavage and sloped sideways a bit. I got over her and again started kissing her lips while kneading her boobs. My dick was pressed on her belly and she was moving her hands on my back.

Then she took off my brief and tried to feel my dick. It was hard and hot ready for the action. I also slid her petticoat up to reveal her lovely and smooth thighs. I found that she was not wearing a panty. I tried to take good look of her pussy. I saw the swollen and raised mound with sparse pubic hair. I could also notice the pussy lips and the slit at the middle.

When I tried to part the lips and she inside my mami pulled me up on her body. Then, I pressed my dick on her crotch and started rubbing outside. This was giving me immense pleasure because her closed thighs were giving my dick the soft cusion. Our pubic hair rubbing against each other. After some time, she got hold of my dick and parted her legs a bit.

She put my dick at her entrance. I simply pushed my dick in. Wow it slid in so smoothly. She was already wet and hot. Her warm and slippery pussy engulfed my dick in its velvety inside. As I pushed my dick inside the foreskin of my dick opened and the friction on the tip gave a wonderful feeling. When I pulled it out, it gave another kind of sensation.

I started to pump her lifting my half body on my hands. My pumping was producing a familiar plat plat sound and the force was moving her boobs up and down. The sight of her lovely face with closed eyes and jumping boobs, sound of our bodies clashing together together with her light moans and pleasurable tickling sensation of her warm and moist pussy were all adding the pleasure of fucking my mami.

She started to match my strokes from beneath by thrusting her pelvis up. This was adding more pleasure to both. To distract my sensation and last for long I asked her,'which is more pleasurable? pushing in or pulling out?' 'pulling out', she replied. then she asked, 'what for you?' I tried to compare the sensations for a few stokes and said, 'I like pushing in the most.' I was continuously pumping my dream woman.

She said,' come on. stroke it long and deep'. I did. it was more pleasurable. she was also enjoying more like that. Then while holding her boobs up she offered,'suck these also'. I bent down a little and took her more sensitive right nipple in my mouth and started to suck. She put both her hands above her head and started to moan ooog shh ssssh ummm ummm.

I was stroking my dick long and deep while suckig her nipple. The suddenly her arm pit attracted me. I put one hand on her left armpit and rubbed it slowly. This gave her more pleasure. She was wriggling under my body while buckling up in ecstasy. This pressure in me increased suddenly seeing all this. I started to pump faster with her increasing moans.

I slid my hands under her shoulders to grab her tightly while breathing heavily at the side of her ear and continued my fast pumping. How could I make slow strokes at such a heightened sensation? She tightened the grip of her thighs making it tighter in her pussy. Within a few strokes I grunted anngh aangh umm ummm and shot my cum in her pussy.

She was virtually crying at that time while clutching my back tightly with her hands. she was telling me.'oooh don't stop. come on. come on keep on pumping. I felt that her pussy was also getting tight and loose in a rhythm. It was like milking my penis. The strokes while ejaculating are the best ones as the pussy was gripping it tightly.

Both of us were completely lost in fucking not caring and remembering anything else at that time. I could pump her about twenty strokes after ejaculation emtying myself totally. This helped her to reach the climax. I think she had her climax moments after I started my ejaculation. That was the best sensation I got from sex till then. Both of us were panting and sweating.

I collapsed and stayed on top of her for a few more minutes to enjoy the moment. Then the usual process of wiping my dick with her petticoat. This time she did it for me. She had a satisfied look in her face. I was more than happy to fuck my dream woman with enough of foreplay this time.

Sex Advice: Guy wanting to have sex with girlfriend diagnosed of breast cancer

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:26 PM PST

Question. My girlfriend is 23 years old and was diagnosed with 1 per cent breast cancer. She was operated a month ago. We are both interested in having intercourse. Is it safe to kiss or have intercourse with her? Will it harm our future? If it is okay to have intercourse, what precautions should we take?

Answer. The cancer must have been dealt with successfully, so you both can behave as any other loving couple. For further advice ask the doctor who treated her.

Busty desi aunty opening blouse to reveal white bra and big boobs pics 2

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:26 PM PST

Second batch of hot pics of the busty desi aunty revealing different bras and opening them to reveal her juicy big tits.

Horny desi MILF pulling down panty showing hairy cunt ass and tits pics

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:25 PM PST

Hot pics of horny desi MILF pulling down her panty to reveal hairy cunt, ass cheeks, lovely tits and hairy armpits to tease hubby.

Horny Asian guy fucking girlfriend at work caught by friend MMS 3

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:25 PM PST

Horny Asian couple fucking hard missionary style after office hours on the floorAsian guy spreading legs and exposing pussy of girlfriend during sex on office floor
Third and final part in which the horny Asian guy continues to pound his girls cunt with slow and steady strokes missionary style till he cums and then the girl wears panty exposing her lovely tits.

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Horny desi couple having rocking sex on tenth anniversary video

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:25 PM PST

Desi couple fucking with husband pumping dick into wifes pussy on wedding anniversaryHorny desi husband wife having sex missionary style on their 10th wedding anniversary
Horny desi couple having rocking sex in missionary position with the guy pumping his wifes choot nice and hard to relive their suhaag raat on their tenth wedding anniversary in this video.
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Hot Punjaban showing lovely tits and guy trying to enter her choot MMS

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:25 PM PST

Punjabi lady lying with tits exposed during sex foreplayGuy about to enter his dick into clean shaven pussy of Punjabi girl
Hot Punjaban lying on her back exposing her mouth watering boobies and rubbing her partners dick against her choot who is trying to enter her in this must watch MMS.
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Unforgettable night with sexy girl Anu

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:24 PM PST

It was during my college days I met Anu, she was a cute girl and we ended up being good friends due to our common friends circle. I was always on the look out for wild and sexy girls, Anu being the homely girl I never had thoughts about her as my girl friend. I knew about her crushes and she knew about mine.

As time passed and we both got jobs in Bangalore we moved to Bangalore. We stayed close by and used to meet often in groups. Once we ended up meeting each other to exchange some technical material, we decided to go out for an ice-cream. The place was very crowded and we got pushed towards each other and I was looking down into her eyes,

suddenly I realized how beautiful they are and wondered why I didnt notice it early. There was a moment between us which made me realize she is the perfect girl. Then we said our good bye and she walked away I was subconsciously looking at her ass as she walked away. She was not just my friend any more.

Gradually she came to know of my desire from her friend. She was surprised and a bit happy. We both belonged to different castes and she was too timid face her parents and go against them which she communicated to me. I couldn't convince her to change her mind so but kept trying.

Now every time we met there was an awkward feeling among us as she didn't want to give me any green signals. I was persistent and kept teasing her on her figure,holding her hand, complimenting her dressing sense, turning up at her workplace to get a glimpse of her etc. We used to travel to our hometown on the weekend and usually went on friday nights.

One day she got stuck in office due to some work so she called me up to find out what time I am leaving and if she can accompany me. I agreed to pick her up at 8. She was dressed in her office formals stripe top and black formal pants. She sat on my bike and we headed to the bus station. It was quite chilly and she was shivering so I offered her my jacket which she took after some hesitation.

Here is a girl on my bike wearing my jacket which felt nice. We reached the bus station and boarded a volvo. It was a 3 hr journey that began at 9. So we started to talk about movies, gossips, office etc.. I always behaved as though she is my girlfriend, my thoughts were if she didnt like it she would stay away from me, since she didn't mind it I guessed it didn't matter to me as well that she hadn't formally agreed for a relation.

I tried to put my hands around her while trying to yawn and she used to flick my hand and pinch me real hard. I told her she had a great ass and she pinched me so hard that it hurt for almost a day. Then she went to sleep and kept watching her, it was the best moment. I don't know if she knew I was watching her but she kept smiling in her sleep.

She put her head on my shoulder and slept like a blissful creature. We woke up when we reached our destination. I had her phone in my hand and she need to make a call to her dad to come pick her up. I asked her to hold my hand only then I would return her mobile after some persuasion she held my hand and she got what she wanted and I got what I wanted.

The moment we got out of the bus a travel agent at the bus station asked if we needed a room and we both burst into laughter. Later we messaged each other and agreed on the date and time of when we would return to Bangalore. Sunday around 6 we met and go into a volvo. This time I was quite bold and guided her to the seat with my hand around her waist.

She didn't object. I whispered in her ears that she looks really sexy and I cant control myself if she dresses so sexily. She smiled and started staring out the bus window. It was dark outside soon and everyone asleep. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my arms, I slowly grabbed her right breast and she jumped out of my arms and tried to pinch me again but I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward me and kissed her on her lips.

It wasn't a passionate kiss like in the movies but it certainly broke the ice. She opened up after that and I put my arm around her and we slept. We reached Bangalore around 9 and I asked her to call her PG and inform that she will be coming in tomorrow. She objected at first saying what she will do the whole night and where she will stay, I said I will think of something and winked at her.

She later messaged her friend to inform that she wont be coming in today. She called her parents and informed them she reached safely. Now she was all mine. We headed to my home since my roommate had gone to his native the house was all ours. Once we reached the house we off loaded our bags she asked if she can wash up and I showed her to the bathroom.

I had grabbed lunch on the way and put a nice movie on tv and grabbed a seat on the sofa. She came out of the bathroom all fresh but she still was in her old clothes. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to me and smelled her hair which smelled like jasmine flowers. I looked deep into her eyes and said "why don't you change we have a long night ahead".

She smiled and said "may be later". I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her ass. There was no better feeling than holding the girl you fantasized about, the dream was now reality. I now planted a kiss on her lips and it was passionate one where our tongues met and fluids were exchanged. She panted for air after our kiss.

We both sat on the sofa and watched the movie for some time while I played with her hair and kept planting kisses on her cheek. I slowly started unbuttoning her top and her black bra was clearly visible. She held my hand and said "not so easily, you need to work hard" he removed her top and went around me and tied it on my eyes. I could now only feel,smell and hear.

She whispered in my ears "lets move to the bedroom, follow me". She led me into the bedroom and pushed me on the bed. I tired to grab her and she kept escaping. Finally I stood up and reached out and grabbed her pulled her close planted a kiss on her neck from behind and unhooked her bra and threw it away.

I could feel her breasts, which were perfect in shape and nipples that could cut through glass. I plunged my hand down her pants into her crouch area, she was neatly trimmed and moist down there. She pushed me away with ever strength she had and climbed on top of me pulled up my tshirt and started kissing my chest. I could feel her dangling boobs on my stomach.

My dick was hurting and trying to get out my jeans. She rubbed my dick from the top. I made her stand and pulled down her pants and panty. Here was the girl I desired for and she was completely naked in front of me and I could see her, I could only smell her and feel her. I got down on my knees and started kissing her feet, knees, thighs, pubic area, stomach, breasts, neck and her forehead.

She stood there like a goddess statue being bathed in love. I asked her to get on her knees like a dog on the bed and climbed on top of her and hugged her. I slowly slid down on her back and reached her pussy. I could smell her and boy was it a great feeling. I stuck my nose in her pussy and she got a jolt and tried to move away but I grabbed her and pulled her back.

I asked her to relax and then slowly took out my tongue and started liking her thighs. I stuck my tongue up her pussy and could taste her salty flavors. I liked the lips of her pussy and slided my tongue in and out of her pussy as if I was trying to dig out a treasure using only my tongue. She was moaning in pleasure.

It was now time to see my treasure so I removed the blind fold and there she was, the girl I loved on her knees and hand like a dog with her ass pointing toward me. The same ass that had swayed in front of my eyes all these days was now exposed and inches away from my face. I got up pulled her close to me and sucked her boobs ran my tongue over her nipples.

I sucked her boobs like I was sucking an ice-cream. I ran my tongue from her stomach to her breast and the her face. I was like a dog licking her. After a while she stopped me and whispered in my ear "its my turn now". She made me stand up and unzipped my fly and pulled down my jeans and touched her face to my dick.

She put the tip of my dick in her mouth and started sliding her mouth in and out. She could only take half of it down and I was trying to grab hold of her head. She spit on my dick and started running her tongue on the tip of my dick. I shot my cum in her mouth and some landed on her face. She wiped it with my t shirt and then jumped into my arms.

I lifter her and made her sit on my hip. We both looked in the mirror and admired each other. My dick was now erect again and was touching her pussy from below. We decided that it was time for our union. I made her sleep on the bed and climbed on top of her. I spread her legs and kept my dick on her pussy. She looked down and then looked at me as if to say she was ready.

I slowly pushed my dick in, she grabbed hold of the pillow and turned her head away from me. I barely pushed ¾ of my dick in her and she screamed saying that she cant take anymore. So I slowly started moving in and out. After sometime she came out of the pain mode into the pleasure mode. Her pussy was now completely moist and I was moving like a well oiled machine.

I increased my pace and she grabbed hold of my butt and was aiding me in my strokes. We were now a single entity. We reached our climax points and she literally sunk her nails into my back. We both came at the same time and I lay there on top of her with my dick still in her. We finally got up dressed into our night clothes, had food and came back to bed.

Since it was a single bed we slept on our sides, my dick was touching her butt and my arm around her. I could smell her. We slept since we were quite tired and we woke up that morning and she made tea for me and I pulled her back to bed and we got into the 69 position and satisfied each other. How I wish I could stay in that position the whole day.

Well time flied and we got dressed and I dropped her to her home and went to work. I had kept her panty from that night as a souvenir and told that she can get it back if she sent me a sexy snap of herself. She later mailed me a semi nude photo of her in return for her panty. I kept both :).

6 months later she got married to a guy in her own caste and we never got an opportunity to do anything wild since that day. Today we are close friends and share our life with each other and laugh over how stupid and naughty we were then. She still pesters me to return her pic and panty back which I have hidden safely :)

Sex Advice: Guy worried about HIV after kissing vagina of prostitute

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:23 PM PST

Question. I had intercourse, using a condom, with a prostitute a month ago. I kissed her vagina without opening my mouth. Is there any chance of me contracting HIV? I have been weak and tired. Three months ago, I had sex with my girlfriend and my penis shrunk. I weigh 72 kilos and am 24. For my age, what should my weight be?

Answer. Since your penis and mouth worked with the sex worker, but the penis shrank with the girlfriend, it indicates you are normal but nervous. You must reduce your weight and put your mouth to better use. To be safe, get tested for STDs.

Busty South Indian wife showing cleavage and big tit squeezed pics

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:23 PM PST

Hot pics of busty South Indian wife posing in tight blouse and opening it to show her black bra, cleavage and left boob while her husband gives it a nice squeeze.

Indian guy having shower with two prostitutes and enjoying pics

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:23 PM PST

Hot pics of an Indian guy having shower with two prostitutes enjoying their wet boobs ass and fingering their cunts after hot fucking session.

Horny college girl ass pumped by big dick and moaning loudly MMS

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:22 PM PST

Horny girl lying on her stomach and getting fucked from the top by black boyfriendBlack guy showing his big long dick during sex with girlfriend in hostel room
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Pakistani girl legs spread in the air and fucked by boyfriend MMS

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:22 PM PST

Pakistani girl on her back during sex with boyfriend missionary stylePakistani guy entering his dick into girlfriends pussy during hot sex while on a date
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Kinky Indian girl with eyes covered fucked hard by white guy video

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 10:22 PM PST

Kinky NRI girl getting fucked missionary style and moaning in pleasureNon Resident Indian girl having hot sex with tapes over her eyes and around her boobs
Kinky Indian girl with eyes covered by tape getting fucked missionary style by a white guy and moaning loudly in pleasure while her tits move up and down with each thrust in this must watch video.
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