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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Karan fucking Jyothi

Posted: 27 Dec 2011 06:03 AM PST

Hello readers, i'm karan from chennai currently in my final years of mechanical engineering from a reputed college. i'm 5'7" built withabs and strong thighs which I got from football. this story reels back to my childhood where I first touched jyothi and how I connected to her again after almost 8 years.

let me start with the childhood part first. jyothi lives in the house opposite to mine. her father and mother, both are teachers by profession and do not return home till 6 in the evening. back then, I was only in 7th standard. jyothi too! we grew up together as good friends where going to each others' houses was something next to a habit. thats the age when we get sexually awakened.

jyothi and I always played together. we usually played in my house terrace which was the highest building in my area. one day she happened to ask me if we can play 'amma appa vilayatu' (mom n dad game) to which I readily agreed with lots of excitement. I was a real kid and knew nothing about sex, nothing at all. the game involved me getting ready n going to office and returning back home.

by then, jyothi would have cooked food in the tiny bottle lids and tiny saucers. (it was usually some sand as rice and water for gravy.. occasional delicacy was greens.. she used tiny leaves for that). day by day, this started becoming a habit. she used to touch and hug me a lot during the playtime claiming I was her husband. I started finding reasons for hugging her too.

then came the kisses. every now and then somebody of us wanted to kiss. slowly and slowly, (hollywood influence) we started kissing on lips. we'd sit for long time lip locked. very soon, we started probing deeper into our mouths with toungues with all the wetness of saliva. by then, we both started feeling there's something more waiting to be explored.

since she was my wife, I asked her once to remove her underwear and show me whats inside. she was shy and said she will show only if I promise to show whats under my underwear. deal. it got late then and she rushed back home. the next day, she came home and we both went to the terrace. our articles were there undisturbed cos its a place that rarely has a visitor.

I started again.. she sat down, lifted her skirt till her stomach and showed her underwear. I removed my tiny trousers and showed my underwear. she very slowly removed her panty and showed me her cunt. and before I reacted, she reached to my underwear and pulled it down. we played that day without any underwear. she often touched me there. even held my penis by hand once or twice.

I sometimes lifted her skirt and saw it till I was satisfied. very often, we lip kissed. the next day we were addicted to looking at our privates. we removed all our clothes and played that way. whenever we wanted to piss, there was this tiny pipe which was meant to drain rain water from the terrace. we'd go there and start pissing. that day I wanted to piss and she came along.

I was shy to do it in front of her and she said husbands will let their wives see them piss. while pissing, she held it for me. at the end of the day we could not understand what was creating that urge for touchiness. we hugged each other tightly and our privates touched for the first time. following day was a huge day. as soon as we reached terrace, she said she wants to keep her face on my penis and sleep.

I removed my bottoms and she comfortably pressed her face to me penis. my soft private was pressed against her mouth. suddenly, she started kissing all over. I could not control anymore and removed her panty. I kept my mouth on her soft and fleshy cunt and kissed it. at one point, I was licking her cunt literally. she let me do it. we hugged and slept on the mat.. with my penis pressing on her cunt.

it was sure a beautiful feeling.. I remember she put her legs on me and let her cunt touch more of my penis. With our privates touching and pressing each other, we'd kiss our necks and lips. we had no idea about what fucking is and me, I dint even know her breasts would grow and ripe like mangoes one day. in fact, I never even touched them then.

after school next day, we rushed to terrace.. we were just beginning to get undressed and we heard the shock of our life- the sound of footsteps. we pretended to be be just talking. it was jyothi's cousin sister. she'd come in search of jyothis cos her mother was early that day. we both were really scared to do this again fearing we might get caught someday.

few days passed without any activity. jyothi came home one day and asked me to come to terrace. I refused instantly. for some reason, we slowly stopped talking. That year I was put in a boarding school. Years passed by very fast. I'd see jyothi everytime I came for holidays. I kind of started avoiding her. We dint talk much even when we got a chance.

I remember the first time I watched porn. It was in 9th std. I slowly and slowly got to know what sex is all about. In 11th standard, I started masturbating. I'd think of jyothi and do it. Everytime I saw a porn, I wanted to see jyothi do all that things to me. I wanted to feel her lips around my dick and wanted to know how it would be to feel my dick inside her cunt.. it turned me mad!

I'd imagine fucking her and licking her cunt when masturbating. It was in 12th standard another encounter happened. The kids in my area were playing hide and seek and wanted me to join. I felt like an overgrown kid who's too old to play all that. I agreed simply cos it'd been really long. My new house was being constructed beside the one we were in.

That was the best hiding place for most of them. Later, I was so surprised to see even jyothi was in the game. She'd already been there! She was looking so fine. Large boobs, and a broad hip. Her shape was so clear. Perfect proportions.. except for her boobs and ass. They were very voluptous. And so the game started, I was the catcher.

In few seconds everybody vanished. I was gonna look for only one person- jyothi. I searched almost everywhere. I went into a room (its now my bedroom) and returned back. It was so irritating to later know jyothi was actually hiding inside that room. This one incident shot up my sex drive. I'd often imagine what would have followed if I happened to find her.

I'd ve asked her to keep quiet and atleast sucked her boobs and had oral sex. I know about her sex drive.. She'd have offered everything for me. Months passed by and we both joined college. She joined a ladies college and so I know what kind of strong sexual desires she'd have. I had to go to college from my grandma's house cos that was closer to college.

So I really never got a chance. Just some few days back, my parents went abroad for a tour. I did not know how to operate the washing machine and so I decided to get help from jyothi's mom. I knocked up her door and found only jyothi's paati. I heard someone's voice and from the kitchen, jyothi came out. I talked to her probably after years!

I asked her if she knows if she knows to operate washing machine and she said yes. I told her to come home with me. jyothi's paati never really minded. We both came to our home. I took her near the washing machine and asked her to run it. She pressed some buttons, turned the knobs and I heard the machine hum. The clothes inside started rotating.

We were the only people in the house. She was about to leave and I suddenly held her by hand. She understood everything. She pushed me to a wall and pressed her body on me. her shapely boobs were pressing onto my chest and my penis was digging into her belly. Ah.. she came closed and we kissed. A deep passionate kiss.. the kiss that had waited for years.

A deep wet kiss. She inserted her tongue into my mouth and actually was fucking my mouth by her tongue. My hands were wild on her. I reached to her boobs and pressed them softly.. ahhhh.. it was unbelievably soft. She got mad at it and kissed me more deeply. I touched her cunt over her chudidhar bottom. It was a large mound of flesh.. so soft.

And I could feel the moisture. She directly put her hands inside my shorts. You people will know how hard my penis should've been. Jyothi was kissing me, my one hand was over cunt and another hand pressing her boobs. Imagine how hard I would've been, I was already oozing precum out. I quickly untied her pants down and without any further delay, I removed her panty and pressed my mouth to her wet cunt.

it was so fresh cos she'd taken bath only an hour back. And it was very wet. I tried to open her clit and she moaned loudly. I buried my face in it. I started sucking the loose flesh and licked it like anything. She was moaning like anything.. "innum azhuthi pannu da... innum deep ah nakku da. Naaka ulla vidu...". as she said, I tried to insert my tongue into her slit.

It wasn't easy. She was squirming and wriggling. I took her to bed and before I can even touch her, she dragged my shorts down. She knelt and took my penis inside her mouth. I had the pleasure of my life. She was sooooooooooooooo good at it. I know how hungry she was for my dick. She kissed and licked and sucked it. Her saliva was making me feel warm.

I pressed her head to my dick and she started sucking it more and more. She got up, kissed me so deeply and romantically and pulled my hands to her cunt. I tried to insert a finger into her cunt. it was a bit tough. I spoke.. "un kooda pesiye rumba naal aachu.. epdi iruka.. nee paaka romba azhaga iruka.. semma shape" (its been so long we talked.. how're you.. u look really beautiful.. great shape)

She said.. "hmmm... nalla iruken.. neeyum dhan, nalla odambu.. naa romba wait pannen. Nee marandhutiyo nu nenachen. Unna thavara yarume enna ipdi elaam thottadhu illa. Mood rumba jaasthiya iruku.. un kunja chappikite irukanum pola iruku" (hmmm.. i'm good.. you too, nice body.. I waited so much. I was thinking if you changed. No one has ever touched me like this other than you. I'm very horny now.. feel like sucking your penis)

With that, she again knelt down and started sucking my penis. This time, more deeply. She treated it like a lollipop and bit it softly at times. I pulled her up, made her lay on bed and took the 69 position. She needed no explanation. I sucked her cunt with all the passion. I could feel the wet warmth on my penis below. She was more than anyone of you can think of.

I probed deeper and deeper into her cunt. it was oozing fresh cum every minute and it was flowing down to her ass. She got up, placed her cunt on my dick and pressed it. We were lost in the wetness of our privates. Our saliva was lubricating the touch. Only then did I remove her top. She was in a hurry. She took off her bra in a second and pushed her nipple to my mouth.

Aaahhhhhh..... it was really soft. She had large areolas and the nipples were real hard. She was going mad at this. She pressed her boobs harder and harder to my face. I reached to her vagina and rubbed it. She took my dick in her hands and stroked it slowly. My mouth was busy licking both her nipples and we both the smell of our sweat filled the room.

The smell of sexual desires. She got up and I could see my saliva shining on both her nipples. Quickly she lay down and told me to insert my dick into her. She told me to be slow cos she's heard from her friends that it pains. She wet her cunt with her saliva. She applied some n my dick too. She pulled me closer to her mouth and gave my dick a good wet suck.

Then I rubbed my dick over her fleshy pussy. She moaned softly. It was shining with saliva. I tried to insert my penis into her and it was extremely hard. Not easy at all.. it was so tight. I tried for sometime and could not really enter. My dick is a bit large. She took me to bath room and stood with one leg on the toilet commode and asked me to fuck her like that.

I closed her mouth with my hand, placed my penis at the entrance of her vagina and tried to insert. I inserted till half my bulb disappeared into her cunt. now with all the power I gave a big push. She screamed out and my hand muted most of it. I thought copious blood would flow. No, it didn't. I slowly started fucking her. Very slowly. She told me its paining and asked me to do it slowly.

When I withdrew my dick out, I found a film of her virgin blood over it. She took the hand shower and cleaned both my penis and her pussy. I helped her clean her pussy. She pulled my dick and guided it to her vagina. It was still a bit tough. She was very aroused I should say. I was feeling very wet and hot inside her. She started moving back and forth.

We were moving in harmony in a while. She started increasing her speed. She suddenly turned back and tried to kiss me. I went forward and kissed her. My penis was probing her cunt below and her tongue was exploring my mouth above. I started to increase my thrust. She moaned everytime I thrusted. My pace became high. At one point she was asking me to slow down.

I did not.. she found pleasure in that pain and started moaning instead. She was suddenly so tight and suddenly stopped moving. I understood she was having an orgasm. The tightness of her pussy pushed me to orgasm. I took it out instantly. She was holding my penis so tightly and I was rubbing her vagina. When she saw the sperms, she licked the tip of my penis and gave me that slimy feel.

She gave me a great blowjob and when she finished, my dick was limp. I reached down to suck her vagina. The taste of her juices were a little different now. I sucked till I was satisfied.. she told me she needs more and I fingered and again sucked her pussy. I was a bit rough this time. She spread her legs wider and wider and pressed my head to her cunt more.

I completely pushed my tongue inside her vagina. She could not take it anymore and pressed her thighs to my head. She cummed for the second time. I sucked her nipples a little after that and kissed her again. A very long kiss. It was a result of many feeling.. the passion and the sexual urge that had waited so many years, the thanksgiving for the amazing sex we just had and I dunno.. a lot of mutual love.

She's such a hot person. I helped her get dressed.. I stood for support when she wanted to wear her panty, and when she bent down, I sucked her nipples again. She was smiling. I hooked her bra and tied the strings of the bottoms. She fully got dressed and again sucked my dick. It was very pleasurable. We went over to the fridge and searched for something to eat.

There was one mango bar in the freezer. We shared it and talked a lot. I was still naked. She touched me there often. She was the same jyothi. While leaving, she kissed me, sucked me briefly, asked me to kiss her boobs and vagina over the dress and then left. This just happened yesterday and i'm hoping to find her alone soon. From yesterday, we are smiling a lot whenever we see each other.

Joke: Hidden Signs Of Dating

Posted: 27 Dec 2011 06:02 AM PST

The trick to successful dating is learning how to interpret the hidden signs, those tiny give away gestures that can tell you so much about a person. Train yourself to recognize these key "signs."

1. Man gets in car without opening door for woman.
- No foreplay.

2. Can't hail a cab.
- Impotent.

3. Insists on going to a brand new restaurant.
- Prefers virgins.

4. Insists on going to a brand new restaurant, but gets lost on the way.
- He is a virgin.

5. Wants to go to a French Restaurant.
- Will swallow.

6. Takes too long deciding what to order.
- Has trouble reaching orgasm.

7. Insists on ordering for you, saying, "The lady will have..."
- Thinks you had an orgasm when you didn't.

8. Asks for "the usual"
- Insists on missionary position only.

9. Asks what the specials are.
- Will want you to use handcuffs.

10. Fills up on bread and crackers.
- Premature ejaculator.

11. Drinks decaf.
- Fakes orgasms.

12. Asks for detailed descriptions of desserts.
- Needs you to talk dirty during sex.

13. Credit card is refused.
- Low sperm count.

14. Under tips waiter.
- Small penis.

15. Uses toothpick.
- Is trying to tell you size isn't everything.

Sex Advice: Man enjoys getting slapped by wife

Posted: 27 Dec 2011 06:01 AM PST

Question. I am 30 years old and my wife is 25. We have a fairly good sex life. I get turned on by movie scenes of men getting slapped by beautiful women. Sometimes, my wife gives me a few light slaps on my cheeks and I enjoy it. Is it okay to continue this occasionally? Will it cause harm in the long run?

Answer. Enjoy yourself. I am sure she enjoys it too. No harm.

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