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Saturday, December 10, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

With Bhabi And Maid

Posted: 10 Dec 2011 12:23 AM PST

Dear Readers, Thanks for your support and also your valuable feedback, for which I am going to narrate you the next part how I enjoyed with the two most gorgeous ladies in the world in a single bed and that too after marrying both and done suhaagraat with both of them at the same time.

So, let's enter to the main part, after banging Kalpana, she was very much happy and she told that she will not forget this day in her entire day as she got the pleasure and experienced a lot and told that she loves to get fuckked with me whenever and wherever I wants and in between our conversations our maid now going to be my wife Jaya entered in the house with one basket full of jasmine flowers, sweets and rose flowers for decorating the bedroom.

By seeing this Kalpana asked me what is going on in reply I told her dear for the coming three days we three (myself you and Jaya) will have fist night and we will enjoying for the next of the three days and night and these three days will be evergreen for three of us and I asked jaya dear what abt the food, and she replied that she had brought Hyderabad Mutton biryani from outside while coming from the market.

I sat in the dining chair and jaya and kalpana were been sitting in both of my laps and are feeding me and also they are feeding each other. Jaya was asking sorry kalpana for the ill behavior and she told that she was helpless as she was in badly needed of the shelter. Later on kalpana told to jaya to forget everything and even told to jaya thanks, and told that due to you only today I am very much happy and today I had enjoyed a lot and this day will be one of my most memorable days in my life.

After having our lunch I have noticed that the time was 1700 hrs.and told both of them I am going to market and will be back by 2000 hrs. and don't make dinner as I will be bringing the dinner and bid them, and in the doorstep io kissed them and while leaving I told to kalpana to make jaya ready as she is illiterate and she doesn't know how to show herself for the night, and she said that she will try her best to make her more gorgeous.

I kissed her and left for the market to purchase 2 sets of Mangalsutra, so that I can tie both of them and make them my wives and can enjoy the real Suhaagraat. I reached home at around 2030 hrs and both were looking gorgeous like the angels have come from the heaven, they both have dressed up in a white saree with a light border in the pallu and they have placed the jasmine flowers in the hairs which are up to the buttocks

And are equally up to their hair length, instantly I got the hard on and went near to the ladies but they were angry about the late I had made and were opposing me not to touch them and they were telling that this is the punishment, to which I had showed then the mangalasutras and told the reason why I was late and within no time their angry was gone and came closer to me. I asked both of them that to whom I have tie

The sutra first to which kalpana replied to tie the knot to Jaya and make her wife first to which I readily agreed and tied a knot around jayas neck and made her my first wife and later on I tied the knot to kalpana and made her my second wife, now both of bend to my toes to take the blessings and when I lifted both of them at a time I have seen tears were rolling out of their eyes and

I asked them what is the reason for their tears to which kalpana replied that I have lost the opportunity to be your first and only wife and Jaya told that you are really a nice person to which you have given a new life to me and now I told them how I wanted to enjoy with them for the three days and night. I told them today as you have dressed I will fuck in that costume only and tomorrow you have to wear half saree and also you have to wear flowers as the same and important

You are not supposed to wear any undergarments and in day after tomorrow you have to wear only your undergarments and no dress or saree and you have to leave your hair loose and also you have to wear the flowers as you have did today. Guys believe me you have to try like this and you can enjoy a lot during this three nights and the rest of the life you will remember. They instantly told that they had never heard like this and the feeling made them hornier.

I told them, then let's go our heaven (bedroom) and enjoy the party (fucking) for the rest of the days and night. In the meanwhile they told to go me alone as they have some work and will be coming within a few minutes as I entered the bedroom it was very well decorated with full of jasmine and Rose flowers, after 1 minute they both came holding a milk with two jugs, I instantly caught hold of both of them and hugged them,

Towards my right was kalpana and left was Jaya, the smell of the jasmine flowers were making me more hornier then ever and I droped them on the bed and without loosing a moment I removed my dress and started to lift the cloths of jaya and started instering my long dick into her sofy pussy, she moaned and screamed very loud and I planted a kiss on her lips and stated fucking her fast, Jaya was moaning with pleasure ahhhhh dear, fuck me fast aaaahhhh.

I want to be your slut don't leave me fuck me where and whenever you wants and was moaning loud, seeing this Kalpana became hot and she was ready to remove the saree but I told her I want to do above the saree and I want to enjoy with that for the first round and later on she can remove everything and I started prtessing the beautiful melons of Kalpana and sucking boobs and fucking Jaya at the same time, with this within 15 minutes Jaya told me, honey

I am cumming and she caught hold me very tight and barked my back with her nails and finally she collapsed. Now I removed my dick from jayas cunt and told kalpana to clean the dick , to which she cleaned with her mouth and after cleaning I inserted the dick into kalpana cunt, as she was been watching all this her cunt was wet and this time my dick went into her without any pain giving to her. I caught hold of her entire hair and was ramming her with full fast like a piston in the engine and

Kalpana was moaning very badly and was screaming yes honey fuck me fast and make me happy, I am dying for this kind of session and was breathing heavily. I was crushing her beautiful and soft melons very badly and sucking and biting one by one and in the whole process I have not left the hair from my hand and I noticed that jaya was getting ready for the second of the fucking session and was fingering in her pussy and after ramming kalpana like a hell for about 20 min

Kalpana cummed with a huge scream and held me very tightly and after some time she was relaxed and told, honey I can't take more as I need some rest, after hearing this Jaya was happy and came to me and hold me tightly from back and her melons were pressing my back very hard and I was enjoying each and every second of the moment and that me more erotic and I have taken my dick from Kalpana and told Jaya to become a doggy and inserted from back into her pussy and she screamed.

Her hair was falling on the bed like a waterfalls I caught hold of the hair which is with full of flowers and I was riding her as if I was riding a horse and was ramming her very fast. Jaya was enjoying it and also at the same she was moaning and telling dear as baby like that ram me llike that and make me your whore and please make me pregnant as I was been waiting for this for so many years.

While ramming I asked her if you become pregnant than to whom I have to enjoy and towhom I have to fuck, in reply she told that she is having a sister who is also beautiful than me and also having very good structure and also her hair is upto her knees length, by hearing all this I got more and more erotic and was ramming her and in between kalpana told that honey don't worry if Jaya gets pregnant than

I will fulfill all your desires by coming here and I will make you happy at all times as I also need your dick a lot. By hearing this I started to ram jaya like hell and I noticed that my balls are getting tight and I started moving fast in her and finally I came into jaya's pussy with a full load of my semens into her womb and in between jay came twice and I fell on jaya and kalpana bodies as both are my pillow and mattress.

After a few minutes I started to suck melons of kalpana but both of them told that right now they are really tired and they need some rest and I told them that come on lets have some sweets and fruits and get some energy so that we can have some more rounds and can make our night a colorful and cheerful night in our life. Kalpana was still lying in the bed and jaya brought sweets and fruits,

I told Jaya to keep the sweets on Kalpanas body so that I can enjoy her body as well as I can eat the sweets. Immediately Jaya put some sweets on her breast and while having those sweets with the mouth I wantedly bite the nipple of kalpana and she moaned with pleasure and was moving her hips and body like a snake another time jaya put some few pieces of sweet on her stomach and on her pussy too and in both the cases.

I wanted bite her both the parts and she was moaning and moving her body up and down and finally Kalpana said honey I am unable to control come on lets enjoy and fuck me faster as I am in no mood to waste the time, saying this she started to caught hold of my dick and in the meanwhile my dick was already rock hard due to the teasing of Kalpana and without wasting time

I insterted my full length dick into kalpanaspussy and she started screaming, I kept my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips and I pushed my tounge into her mouth and she started sucking my tounge and in between she was breating heavily, and within 5 mins she came and she moaned very heavily with ectasy and pleasure but I was in no mood to leave her and was ramming her fast like a mad animal and she was moaning saying honey I love you so much, fuck me

And tear my pussy, this is all yours and I totally yours do what ever you want and saying this once again she cummed and still I was stroking her very madly, finally kalpana told to withdrew from her as she can't take any more and when I looking for jaya she was lying beside of kalpana and was also ready for the second round of the session. I caught hold of Kalpana's and Jayas hair with the right hand and

I went straight upon the Jaya and inserted my dick into her cunt and moaned with pain and pleasure. I caught hold the boobs of kalpana with my left hand and was pressing it very hard and pinching it and at the same time I was sucking the beautiful melons of jaya and was enjoying the whole act. Simultaneously, I was ramming Jaya's cunt, pressing kalpana's melons and pulling boths hair towards me and enjoying the session.

Jaya was moaning and also she was twisting her whole body like a snake and also she was enjoying. After ramming her another 10 min and pressing and sucking the boobs of both of them jaya came with a loud scream and moaned and pressed my head to her chest with ectasy and told dear I love you so much and I wanted to be fucked daily with you and for this fucking I can do anything for you my dear.

I was been pounding her very fast in her wet cunt and she was moaning and at the same I was enjoying sucking the breasts of Kalpana and pressing the boobs of jaya and mounting her, almost after 15 min of rigors fucking to Jaya I told that I am about to cum, this time Kalpana told that she wants to take it in her pussy and I have taken my dick from jayas chut and inserted that into kalpana cunt and started ramming her very hard and within 1 minute

I started to explode into Kalpana cunt and after that I fell on Kalpana's body and was sucking her nipple. She felt very happy, and when isaw the time it was almost 0230 hrs and we three were exhausted and jaya told that she is really tired and she wants to sleep and told to continue with kalpana as she has to woke up early and to do the household works, so that there wont be any delay for food and for everything

By hearing this Kalpana thanked Jaya and hugged me and Jaya went to to other room for sleeping and before going she hugged me very tightly and gave a departed French kiss which lasted for about 5 min and later on she went to other room and slept there. Now I was unable to get the sleep due to the fragrance of jasmine and rose flowers in the room and in the bed which is making aroused once again. I was lying on kalpana boby and was enjoying the each and every part of her body and pressing her body

In the meanwhile I asked her kalpana dear I have married you and I have given you the most wonderful pleasure in your life time than what is the gift you are going to me, in reply she told me that I am all yours honey, I told her that in the first night any person will be getting the virgin pussy where as I didn't get on hearing this she told that you can have it in her ass as she is still virgin over there on hearing this

I turned towards her and started fondling her by giving her kisses all over her body and she was caressing my dick, and my dick became rock hard within no time .she told that she never had in her ass and she is scared as my dick is very big and she may get hurt to which I replied that I will do it very slow and if you don't like I will withdrew immediately and she agreed .

I told her to bring the Vaseline and oil for lubricating the ass as well as my dick; she immediately went to the dressing table and brought both of it. First of all I inserted one finger into her ass, really it was very tight and later on I inserted another finger and started doing to and fro, and she was moaning. Now I applied some oil and Vaseline in her ass and I found that my fingers are moving very easily

I applied some oil on my dick and told her to become in a doggy stlye and after that I inserted my rod into her hot and soft ass. Only 1 inch went into her ass, I caught hold of her boobs and started giving her another blow to which another 3 inchs went through and she screamed, honey I am dying of pain, please take out, but I was in no mood to take out from her and

I laid on her for few seconds and started giving her another blow to which ¾ of the dick went through her ass and once again she screamed with pain and from her eyes tears were rolling out, I told her darling keep patience so that later on we can enjoy but still she was screaming and breathing heavily I started to do to and fro motion very slow and with in 2 min it became little loose and I gave big blow once again to which full length was inside her and she screamed very hard really hard

With this scream Jaya who was sleeping in the other room woke up and came into our room very scared and asked what has happened and why Kalpana has screamed and when she entered into the room she noticed the syle and she noticed that I was fucking her ass, she came quietly near to me gave a kiss on the lips and pressed kalpana's boobs and told her not to scream and enjoy the session, I told Jaya to  sleep here rather sleeping in other room and

I caught hold of Kalpana's beautiful hair and started riding her and was finger fucking her pussy simultaneously, she was moaning with pleasure and after some time her pain decreased and she startred enjoying her ass fucking session, I rammed her catching her hair in such a way like a cowboy was riding a wild hore and was making the horse into his control, I was ramming her and was pressing her boobs and sometime I was sucking her lips and this went on for 30 min and finally

I was about to cum, and I told kalpana that I am going to cum, she told honey to cum into her ass as she wants to feel it in her ass too. So I rammed her very fast for the next few seconds and came into her and I felt on her body like a small sleeps on her mother breasts. I asked, kalpana how was the session, she told she was having pain but she enjoyed a lot, while taking my rod from her ass I have noticed that blood was coming from her ass as she was virgin in that hole.

Kalpana told that honey I don't have enough strength and energy to take more and to conclude the session and we shall sleep so that next night we can able to enjoy the same with the same energy and same strength. As jaya was already sleeping beside us I lied in between both of them and jaya was sleeping in my left shoulder and kalpana in the right shoulder.

They are sleeping in such a way that due to the flowers in their hair I am getting once again aroused and I am ready for the next session but both the ladies are exhausted and they were sleeping fast, I woke up kalpana and showed her my dick, she was surprised by seeing this and said, honey I don't have stamina to take but she said she will full the desire by taking it in her mouth and giving a nice blow job, like she said, she had taken my rod in her mouth and started to do to and fro motion

And started sucking like a small child sucking a lollypop and she was sucking like an experienced whore and after 20 minutes of sucking I finally came into her mouth and she drank each and every drop without wasting a single drop and she cleaned the rod with her mouth and made it dry and after the beautiful session at about 0300 hrs we both slept hugging each other, in the moring when I woke up I was alone lying on there.

Jaya just came into the room with a smile and gave a morning tiffin (Kiss and a blowjob) and went back to her work for preparing breakfast and lunch, I asked where is kalpana in reply she told she is in the kitchen and also preparing the food, she told to take some more time rest so that after few hours both the three can enjoy once again. Like this we three had enjoyed for the rest of the days and after some days exatly 1 day before my friend arrival myself my wife (Jaya)

I had left the house and came to our city while leaving Kalpana hugged both of us and told us not to leave and she was crying. I told her, Kalpana whenever you want to come you are always welcome and I gave her my personal number which no body knows and told her just give me a call so that I will arrange for your journey and we can enjoy a lot here. Saying this I kissed on her lips and that lasted for nearly 30 min and finally we left the place. Jaya was happy for the fresh innings along with me. Please give me your valuable feedback.

My Two Friends Enjoyed My Mom With My Permission

Posted: 10 Dec 2011 12:21 AM PST

Hi readers, I am HARSHA back with another story.  This is my second story in this site. Hope u enjoyed my previous story how a barber and his friend fucked mom .I told my mom's condition in my previous story. So new readers can see my first story and know about my mom's condition. My mom's name is ARCHANA. So getting back to the continuation. Till then because of my foolishness mom was fucked by many people. Then after the barber and friend went on that night I had my dinner and at nearly at 10 pm mom got into consciousness and felt very tired. She called me and asked where my dad was. I told her that dad went to get stock from Mumbai. She then got up and drank some water. I told my mom to eat food which was by me from a hotel.

She then ate the food and washed her hand and started to come to watch TV. But while walking she was a bit itchy and scratching her thighs. She doesn't know what had happened. So she removed her saree before me and her panty was wet. She was in confusion why her panty was wet. She also removed her panty in front of me. She saw white fluid coming out from her pussy she was shocked how the male sperm liquid had come in her pussy. She shouted my name and asked to get a bucket and a water bottle. I got the bucket and a water bottle she stood and spread her legs and kept the bucket under her pussy so that the male semen will fall in the bucket. That white sperm liquid was the barber's and his friend's liquid. But she doesn't know that then she took water bottle and cleaned her pussy. She came to me and asked me did any one come to house while she was in unconscious. I told that no one came. I also said that dad told me to go out and play and he locked the door and I came late then he told me that he was going to Mumbai and went. Then my mom got understood and realized that she was fucked by her husband who is my dad. But she doesn't know that she was fucked by a barber and his friend.

That night we slept and the next day my dad came from Mumbai. My mom welcomed him with a naughty smile. So my dad took my mom into our bedroom and I went out to play without closing the house door. We were playing hide and seek game. I used to play with all grown up guys of the age of 22-24 years boys. Three boys and me came and hid in my home which was not closed. The boys' names are RAJU, MANOHAR, KUMAR. We four went and hid our selves under the table which was beside the bedroom door. As my mom and dad was busy in fucking inside the bed room. My mom started moaning and we four herd the moans of my mom and peeped inside the bedroom through the ventilator which was above the door by climbing on to the table. At first  raju  lifted me till the ventilator and I saw my mom and dad naked and my dad was kissing my mom's boobs. Then my friends all three peeped through the ventilator and they were very happy  to see my mom's naked body and she was been fucking by my dad. I told them to come out as it's not fair to hide inside the house and more we are doing cheating by hiding inside.

They looked at me and came out with me. Then they all played for some time and all went home. But the three boys called me and said we shall talk for some time. But one boy named  MANOHAR went home and said he is going to his village and went home. Then the two boys RAJU and KUMAR took me to the back side of my house. There we sat and talked. Meanwhile in the conservation RAJU told that he helped a woman who has fainted on the road. I doubted that weather they had come to know about mom's condition. I enquired for some time and realized that they don't know. So I thought them as good friends and told my mom's condition and they were shocked to hear my words on mom's condition. They asked me the full details about her and also asked me at what time will she faint and for how much time will she be in sleeping mode that means in unconsciousness. I told that every day my mom will faint for 6-7 hours.

They asked me the time when she will faint. I told at 4 in the evening and will get into consciousness at 10 in the night. Then my dad called me so we all three people went to our house and I went in and my dad was talking to RAJU and KUMAR. He asked them whether they are good friends or not. The told yes we all three (ME,RAJU,KUMAR)  are good friends. Then my dad went into the bathroom. After some time my mom came out of the bed room and went into the kitchen. While she was going into the kitchen the two boys RAJU and KUMAR were seeing my mom's body. Then mom got some snacks for them. They thanked her for getting. Then after some time they went to their home. My dad came out and talked to me while my mom was cooking food. My dad asked me silently how I had shaved my mom's pussy and her under arms very clean and clearly. I said with a shaving blade. Then he said good. So after three days that is on Tuesday my dad has to go to BOMBAY again as the clothes stock was not sent to my dad's shop. So he called me and my mom and told the whole matter and he also said that he will come back after  3 days.

So after that I and my dad had lunch and we went to SECUNDRABAD railway station to reserve a ticket to  BOMBAY .the train was at 4:45 in the evening. So we both got back to home and  when we returned home the time was 2:30 and my dad said the train time to my mom and he will be leaving today itself. So he packed some luggage and I asked him that I will also come to railway station. But he took me aside and said that my mom will faint at 4pm. So he said if no one will be at home means it might be problem.

I stayed at home and dad went to the railway station at 3:30 since the railway station is far from our house. Me and mom waved him hands and closed the door.  So I was sitting with my books and reading and mom was watching tv the time was 4 and as I expected my mom fainted in the sofa itself. I didn't bother much about it as I saw her regularly fainting. After 10 -15 minutes my friends  RAJU and KUMAR  came to my house. I opened the door and they came inside my home then I closed the door. They came in and saw mom sleeping on the sofa. RAJU and KUMAR asked where my dad was. I told them that he went to BOMBAY . they asked me when will he return back. I said after 3 days that is on Saturday morning he will catch a return train and will come back. They felt very happy. Then KUMAR asked me are u not afraid to sleep lonely at night. I said mom will be there naa so I don't feel frightened. Then RAJU said your mom will be in unconsciousness and will wake up late in night at 10 . So I thought for a while and asked  RAJU and  KUMAR  to stay come and sleep at our house during  night. They thought for some time and said yes.

Then I felt happy. Then RAJU said lets watch tv now. I said ok. But  KUMAR said that my mom is sleeping  n sofa so we cant site and watch tv. Then RAJU said lets lift your mom and place her on the bed. I said ok . Then we three lifted mom and took her to the bed room and placed her on the bed. Then we three went into the tv room and started watching tv programmes. Suddenly KUMAR said I have a good English movie. I said get it lets watch in DVD player . so KUMAR went out and brought the movie I switched on the dvd player and kept the  dvd in the player then  we kept watching the film. In the movie one married lady was  fucked by  many man as I was only 13 at that time I don't know more so I asked my friends what the men were doing to the lady in the film. Then RAJU said that the lady got fever so they are curing her to get rid of fever and also the lady will feel happy if they do like that. So we kept on watching that prom movie. After some time RAJU said let's try what that people are doing in the movie. I said ok but how. Then  KUMAR said we will do it with your mom. I said but how will we do she is not in consciousness. KUMAR said nothing will happen. I said ok.

But suddenly  cell phone rang. It was my dad. I lifted the call and my dad said that the train had arrived to the railway station and now he is getting into the train as the train came early today at 4:30. So till the train started going dad is speaking to me. Then after the train started he said bye and I put off the call. The time was 4:50 by then. My two friends are watching tv and I joined them. Then RAJU said shall we start our work in the film with ur mom. I said not now. We shall do it tomorrow. And we continued watching the movie. So after 5 minutes RAJU and KUMAR said that they are getting sleep and they will sleep in the bedroom where my mom was sleeping. I said ok and RAJU asked me are u not getting sleep. I said no. then KUMAR  said what will u do when we both are sleeping I said I will play computer games. They asked me where the computer is. I said it is in the bed room itself. They felt little disappointed  with this . so I locked the door and we three went into the bedroom.

Then I went to my computer and switched on it. Then RAJU slept on one corner of the bed and KUMAR slept on the other corner of the bed. That means my mom is sleeping in between my two grown up friends. I started playing the games. And after playing for half and hour I felt bored and switched off the computer. And turned back and saw both RAJU and KUMAR  putting their one hand on mom. I thought they are sleeping and went near to them and removed their hands on mom. As I removed their hands they both were awake and asked me what happened. I told the matter. Then RAJU said nothing will happen. Till then they didn't get sleep they were just acting. Then KUMAR got up and told me that he and RAJU are putting hands on mom. I said ok. Then both kept their hands on mom's  body and then RAJU said that we will practice how to do what the people had done to the lady in the film. I said ok and sat on the chair and started watching them.

Then they both started to rub my mom's stomach on saree and then  kept their hands inside her saree and  started rubbing her navel. After rubbing for 5 minutes they removed her saree  pallu and RAJU started kissing her lips and whole face. The KUMAR kissed her  navel and stomach area. Then they changed their places and RAJU went to navel part and KUMAR went to face part. After some time  they again slept on either side of my mom. And RAJU slept on the right side of mom and KUMAR slept on left side of mom. Then RAJU started pressing mom's right boob and KUMAR  the left boob on her blouse ant after some time they unhooked the blouse and saw mom's boobs in her beautiful light pink coloured bra . they  cant control themselves and started kissing her boobs on bra hastily. Then lifted her and removed her hanging blouse and bra and her petticoat and started licking her panty. Then they removed her panty also.

ow I came to them and said it's enough now and told to come out for playing. But KUMAR said please wait for some time . so I kept quite and watched then they both got down from the bed and started removing their dress. Then  they came to mom and at first KUMAR  started licking her pussy then KUMAR kept his hard cook into my mom's pussy and started stroking hard and RAJU was  kissing her lips,boobs and navel. KUMAR fucked mom in her pussy for 15 minutes. Then RAJU took KUMAR'S place and started fucking mom very harder than KUMAR.  After 20 minutes of RAJU fucking mom then again KUMAR  took the chance and fucked mom in her pussy and this time he cummed in moms pussy. Then RAJU also took the chance and fucked her and cummed in her pussy. Then RAJU turned her back and spread mom's legs and licked her ass. Then RAJU lifted her and kumar placed his cook in her ass and started fucking her again this time while fucking he is saying bad words to mom and as he is fucking I saw blood again coming out from mom's ass. I came to them and shouted  at KUMAR that blood is coming.

Then KUMAR said that if blood is coming that means ur mom is feeling happy. So I moved aside and kept quite and watched. After  KUMAR fucking mom's ass then RAJU came to fuck her ass. And the same thing happened while RAJU was fucking blood is coming from mom's ass. So they both continued it for 30 minutes. Then the both sandwiched my mom by exchanging their places for 45 minutes.  Then I felt very bored and shouted at them to come out. As they both were tired they got up from the bed and they wore their dress. And  I asked them to dress up my mom also. They said that they will do that later. But I said if mom will wake up and see means she will get doubt . But RAJU said now the time is 7:16 so we will play for half an hour and we will come back and dress ur mom. I said ok and we went out to play some games. And  KUMAR called me and RAJU  and we went home. Then RAJU said to me that they will do what they had did in the evening for some more time I said no as mom will get conscious ness with in 2 hours as the time was8 pm . but KUMAR requested me to allow them and they will do it only for 1 hour. So I allowed them.

They  quickly undressed themselves and went  to the bed where mom was still lying nude on the bed. They both did the fucking for 1 hour and got up . I asked them to dress my mom in her saree. So they obeyed my words and started dressing her. Mean while they were dressing I remembered what happened what happened after the barber and his friend fucked my mom. White sperm liquid came out of mom's pussy . so I told them to stop dressing her and I went into the bath room and brought he bucket and water and cleaned her pussy. Then RAJU and KUMAR asked me what I did. I said nothing I they dressed my mom in the saree and left her on bed by giving her a deep lip kiss. Then we three went out for dinner for a good hotel by locking mom inside the  house itself. We returned back home by getting a parcel pack for mom after eating at 9:50 then opened the door. We went and sat on the sofa. Mean while KUMAR went inside the bedroom and saw mom was still in unconsciousness and called me and RAJU. We went to the bedroom .

Then KUMAR sat beside her and placed his hand on mom's boobs  by his touch mom got into little consciousness and KUMAR  removed his hand in fear and came back. We all went into the hall and sat and watching tv. After 5 minutes mom got adjusted herself and became normal and came to the hall where we three were watching tv. My mom was surprised to see RAJU and KUMAR  in our house till late night. I said that they both will sleep in our house with me till dad returns back. My mom also agreed and asked us whether we had our dinner or not. Then RAJU said yes we had and also brought a parcel to u aunty. Then my mom gave him a smile and went into the kitchen and had her dinner and that night my mom slept in the bedroom and we three slept in the tv room. And that's the end of the day and the my friends begged me daily I allowed to fuck my mom till Saturday evening when she was in unconsciousness. That's the end of the story and readers please reply me and give your valuable response to my id so that I will post my next story of my mom. And her pics also. .  friends I will be online daily at 7 pm .   thanks  lot to all and byee yours HARSHA………

Threesome With Sister In Law And Brother

Posted: 10 Dec 2011 12:20 AM PST

Hi to all readers I have my own experience of threesome incest sex involving my elder brother and his wife. Since this is a unique experience, I'm going to share my experience with you guys out there and I introduce my sister-in law Vani.  She is a above average village girl but have a very good complexion and nice structure that make every one to give a second look. My elder brother is thin and 5.7" with dark complexion and very moody type. I am of 5.9" fairly built, very active and capable of handling any kind of situation.

I am the person who will be called to solve any kind of house hold problems and when my brother got married, we stayed with our father and mother in Chennai after my brother's marriage life everything was normal, but I was getting uncomfortable though. I felt that my sister in law Vani is becoming a trouble for me by disturbing my privacy.  I use to smoke and have occasional drink by spending my time on the small thatched shed on the roof top of our house. Since Vani is always at home, she is often coming to the roof top to spend her evening time. One day she suddenly entered in to the thatched shed and shocked to find me having liquor but she went down without telling anything.

I was worried because my sister in law came to know my drinking habit which I was concealing for a very long time from my family without being caught for the next few days I avoided eye contact with my sister in law but she smiled at me whenever our eyes happen to meet each other. Suddenly one day my brother came with news about his transfer to Madurai.

My parents were worried but I felt happy because I can enjoy my privacy without getting disturbed by Vani during my college holidays my mother insisted to visit my brother who is at Madurai at first I refused to go but due to my mother's pressure I went to Madurai and that became the most unforgettable trip in my entire life which introduced sex to me.

Dear readers from here you will be reading about my first sex experience, that that too threesome. My brother's house was provided by his employee and it was a single bedroom independent house with round compound wall. The first day was normal.  We watched TV and they slept in their bed room and I spent my night in the sofa.  The next day my brother went to office and asked me to go with his wife to market.

I agreed and took my brother's bike Vani got dressed up in a light pink saree and a matching blouse which was so transparent that the bra was visible.  I didn't care about that and she sat in the pillion seat as I was riding towards the market, she suddenly hugged me tightly from behind and I was feeling her hot breath back of my neck for a moment

I lost my balance but recovered immediately. Something suddenly flashed in my mind saying enjoy any opportunity which you get.  Throughout the trip we didn't speak any thing as we both enjoyed as she hugged and pressed her beautiful breasts against my back and when the evening comes my brother came back from office and during the dinner Vani and me swere looking at each other and smiling.

I prepared my self to sleep in the hall sofa, my brother called me and said it will not be comfortable to sleep in the sofa and I can share the bed with them as it is a large king sizes which easily can accommodate three person.  I didn't refuse but went to their bed and quietly lay down on one side.  My brother lied in the center and vani to the other side.  We were chatting and went to sleep.

I was in deep sleep and suddenly felt some weight on my thighs.  I slightly opened my eyes and looked in the dim light and shocked to find Vani sleeps besides me and put her legs on my thighs again my mind said to enjoy the situation. I slowly popped my head to see my brother and found him fast asleep. Now I was waiting for her to make her next move and pretend to be in sound sleep.

She gained confidence and slowly put her arms on my shoulder.  I started enjoying her act.  My 7.5" cock started to bulge and made a tent on the blanket. Now seeing there is no resistance from my side she moved her head close to my face and gently started kissing my cheeks. I decided to take advantage of this unexpected situation and turned my whole body towards her as if I was turning in the sleep.

She was expecting this move and slowly started liking my lips. I was enjoying every moment and stared to respond to her kiss by inserting my tongue in to her mouth.  She sucked my tongue and pulled my head closer to her and then pressed against her breast. The feel of her breast was soft and nice. I loved her body smell and hugged her tightly. We passionately kissed for about half hour without uttering a single word.

I gained courage and placed my hand over her breast and started squeezing them.  Vani was enjoying like any thing by giving soft moans which encouraged me to move further but the move was also started by my sister I law Vani. She slowly put her hands on my belly and massaged softly which made to send a current of joy in my body. I was enjoying every moment of her act.

Slowly she reached under my lungi and took my cock in her hands and started squeezing it vigorously. This act mad me to make a loud moan and I suppressed it by biting at her lips which mad her hornier. I decided to proceed further and took her hand and placed my index finger between her fingers and made a fucking movement indicating that I want to fuck her and but she started to move her hand up and down in my shaft and started masturbating.

Since this is the first time that an adult women touching my cock I cummed immediately on her hands. Now I become tired and turned my self fro her unable to bear more sexual excitement as this was my very first sexual experience. I've got to sleep. The next day morning Vani was quite normal as nothing happened last night night, but I was having guilt feeling as usual my brother went for work.

I was reading some magazine at that time Vani came to me and said sorry last night I thought that was my husband and behaved like that, please don't bother about that incident. I replied and I don't understand what you are talking about as I had a very good sleep with you last night. She didn't believe my words and said Bhava, I know you enjoyed every movement of last night and I was longing for that for a very long time.

I like you very much better than my husband and I was flattered by her words and said me have a secret desire to fuck you from the very first day since you married my brother and she smiled and hugged me and gave a passionate kiss in my lips I was aroused and I started my turn of giving pleasure again to my sister in law Vani. We didn't waste a moment and went straight to the bed room and she laid flat at her back, spread her legs apart and slowly lifted her saree along with the petticoat.

I was standing in between her spread legs and eagerly looking for the sight of her cunt.  The sight of her fore legs was delighting me and I laid my hands on them and started smooch them. Now the saree went further up leaving me grasping for air as I had my very first view of an adult woman's vagina.

It was covered by trimmed hair and neatly kept.  This view made my dick hard and immediately discarded my lungi and t-shirt and become fully nude in front of my Vadhina (sister in law in telugu) she liked me standing nude in front of her and laughed at me and said come on Bhava. I'm fully for yours and just enjoy me as you like. I still could not believe what was happening and gained courage to proceed further.

I slowly bent towards her and placed my both hands at her pussy and slightly opened I it only to expose the pink cunt to me.  Now my instinct said to lick and suck her cunt.  I was doing immediately and I started liking and sucking her cunt vigorously.  Her cunt was very soft and the vaginal fluid started oozing from her cunt and liked the taste of her pre cum.

She started moaning loudly and held my head and rubbed my head against her cunt.  This act exites me very much and I was enjoying every moment. This action was going on until suddenly I felt some hard object rubbing against my ass. I didn't bother about it as I tasted my Vadhina's cunt with full joy. Suddenly her two hands started pinching my nipples which sent electric shock in to me.

I made my head turn and I was shocked to see my brother standing behind me with a big smile and completely nude holding his big hard cock in his hand at the first sight I was frightened and my mind was thinking of the consequences.  To my surprise Vani greeted my brother yelled at him ooooh dear as I said to you, your brother is enjoying every bit of me.

Her words sent a shock to me and understood that all these indecent were pre planned by both husband and wife to make me involve in three some sex.  Now as was enjoying my Vadhina, my brither was enjoying me. He made Vani to lie flat on her back with her legs spread and held my cock in his hand and guided it to her cunt as my cock was entering in to the cunt of my Vadhina my brother started to thrust his hard cock into my asshole.

This was very difficult and he managed to get inside after applying oil to my asshole and his dick. We all enjoyed the whole day like this and then the days. I stayed with them and it was so nice and we really enjoyed every moment of the threesome until I came back to Chennai. We are continuing this relationship even after my marriage.  I will explain about every encounter we had as three some. Now I am trying to convince my wife for group sex and inform you guys when I proceed with this. You are welcomed to share your stories and send your comments.

My Gangbang With My 8 Students

Posted: 10 Dec 2011 12:18 AM PST

Hello readers, I am Ramya aged 30, married woman from Bangalore. I am beautiful as people say with nice figure; I have 34 size breast, white complexions, average waist but big ass. I am writing this story for you people which are very close to me. Please tell me how you liked it and send the comments.

The story took place few weeks back at my place. I am the class teacher for 8 std students in boys school. I teach Maths subject. I have noticed many boys ogle at my body and alway try to see my cleavage. To provoke them I sometimes wear low cut blouse which my hubby does not like. Sometimes I tell my hubby about my male students and their behaviour.

He laughs a lot but warns me that they might want to have sex with me. I made up my mind that one day I will have sex with them no matter what. I was more inclined towards one particular group which seemed too fond of me. I started wearing small skirt to school. I would sit on the desk with my legs lifted from ground enabling boys to see me up my thighs.

One day I saw them checking on my ass from behind I decided to call them in my staff room and scold them. I went to their playground looking for them. I noticed they were watching their books and enjoying. I tiptoed up to them and snatched the book. They were not prepared for it as they did not notice me coming. Oh my god, it was porn books with pics of nude female and males in various sexual poses before.

I could scold them all ran away from me leaving that book with me. I did not deposit the book at school nor returned it to them. Anyway they did not have courage to face me. I watched the book from start to finish. And the explicit sex scenes made me horny. I showed the book to my hubby also. He said, "The boys are in growing age so they need such books to fantasize. Burn the book or throw it.

Nevertheless I kept the book with me making a ponit to see it daily. I began to fantasize about those boys day and night. Every day this thought was making me hornier and hotter. I would fuck my hubby thinking of those rowdy boys. I would imagine how their cocks would be and what would be their size. How will I feel if I fuck them but I was afraid of my husband dear but God smiled on me and provided me with a golden opportunity.

My husband was asked to go to Delhi for few weeks for some urgent work. Due to my school exams I could not get leave to join him. He went alone. Which meant the house was empty for me for 2 weeks. Since the exams were due in two days my students kept asking for important questions/chapters etc. Fortunately a student from the same rowdy group approached me with a problem as he could not understand it properly. I taught him but to no avail.

Then I asked him to come to my home in the evening I will explain better there. He readily agreed for home tuition. He approached my house with another student as I think he was little scared to come to my house alone. I began giving them regular tuition. I also was little scared so did not try anything on first two days but came wearing small see through nighty to tutor them. I sat on the sofa and made them sit on the carpet on the floor.

They were sitting just on the sam level as my crotch whenevr I would change my posture of sitting they would be feasted of my naked thighs. That day I took tution and gave some difficult sums to workout and I went to bath. I was getting hotter and hotter. i was prepared for the final assault that day. I was standing nude in the shower making plans how to seduce further then one of the boys shouted, "Mam I have doubt, I cannot do this sum."

He sounded so desparate so I came out of the bathroom only in my petticoat which was tied up so that it covered up to my boobs but my thighs were visible. They could not remove their eyes from my thighs. One of the student commented, Mam, you are looking ravishing. I was very excited to hear his wordsand thought that things are going as per plan but feigned innocence and asked, Ravishing means

He became nervous and replied it means killer I made a hard face at him but felt happy for the updates and then I taught the sum and when I started to get up to go to bathroom my petticoat got entangled with the table corner and came off. I was horrified and so were the two students seeing me standing in nude with my petticoat down on the floor. None of us moved or uttered any word. All were fixed as if a lightening had struck us.

I thought, "Oh My god I am nude in front of the two. What should I do next? What if they get scared seeing me like this and run away and tell other friends in the school? That way I will be a matter of shame in the school. Even if I fuck them then also they will tell their friends. Then I made a plan that if I fuck the entire group no one will tell anyone. Basically I am a sex addict. I got married at an early age but my hubby was not good in sex more over he was not in the town.

Then I bent down to pick up my petticoat as both could not remove their eyes from my naked boby. Then I noticed that the two boys were getting hotter and their dicks were growing well in their shorts. I delayed my venture and let them see my nude body fully as I planned to use them as my slave but how? That was the question. I picked up my dress very slowly. Suddenly I regained my standing posture and asked standing nude, "Who removed my petticoat.

Tell the truth else I'll go and complain about you both. How shameless you are pulling your teacher's clothes making her nude and watching her body. They got scared and said, "Madam we did not do anything, it was an accident we swear. I still was nude infront of them, imagine talking to my students in nude,"I am gonna complain about you both. I cannot bear with such insult. They began beggging me, we are sorry mam.

We did not do anything, believe me. Then I made surprised face and said why your trousers are having big tent. What does that mean? I will get you to punishment. One of the boys whose name was I remember Sunil said, "Sorry mam, you can see the tent while seeing you like this it got tempted sorry mam w ewill not look at you we are small kids so please forgive us and they fell on my feet crying aloud shivering like a leaf.

I got sympathetic for them but kept hard face and said ooooh no a, I want to do tit for tat, so remove your clothes now else I will punish you. They look up to me but cannot see me in my eyes and look at my pussy and boobs. Lecherous fellow still tempted at my nudity what you want us to do mam? I said, I want to see you also nude now get nude. They became happy as it showed on their face.

They got up and immediately removed their clothes. There stood before me two very handsome youth cocks infront of me, 2 full grown mouth watering cocks. I asked them, have you both watched any woman nude before me? No, they said not in real mam but we have watched in porn movies" was the reply. Then one student named Raju asked, "Have you seen any nude boy before?"

I laughed aloud at their innocence and said, yes but 18 to 19 years old boys and their small cocks. Then I asked thm to kneel down on the floor. We all three were nude there. I remembered the porn book episode so I wanted to probe further so I asked, "Who else is watching porn movies with you in our class. They said, "There are 4 members more. I thought in mind why we cant I have gang bang with this gang of six.

Then he went off to call his 4 friend's mean while I asked another one to come near to me and asked him what you have seen in movie. He replied, I saw the massaging of womens mam, then I said, ok massage my boobs you idiot. He got up and looked for oil but I told him to use his hands only and he became more than happy. It could be seen in his erect cock which was more than ready. He put two hands on my boobs and started to massage me.

He was getting the chance of his life. I could see his cock was 90 degree about 7 inches He extended my hands and held his cock and gave it a little squeeze. He jumped in esctasy. I wanted to delay his orgasm so I made a plan. I asked him to bath me. He tried to lift me in his arms but failed to do so. I clung to him and we went to bathroom. I opened the shower both of us standing under it. We became wet in no time water was flowing my body and he started sucking my breasts.

I became hot. He started to soap me as my body was slippery after oil massage. I felt an urge to piss so I asked him to sit on the floor. He asked me why and I said: Do what I say else I will tell all this to your parents? He complied. I asked him to open his mouth as I wanted to urinate in his mouth to punish him and enjoy my fantasy to piss in some ones mouth. My husband never let me urinate in his mouth. I positioned my cunt on his mouth and let out a stream of urine. Initially it was difficult to urinate but it came out in a gush. He took it in a stride and drank it fully.

Some of my urine dripped from his mouth on to his cheek falling to his chest. His face was glowing as if he had done some mischief. I kissed him on his lips tasting my urine also. He uttered awesome. Then he cleaned me and himself. Then we went to the hall waiting for his friends to arrive. I was still hot and dripping wet. Meanwhile I decided to wear one nite dress which is in house coat model without any inners. I could feel the fire inside me igniting up.

The juice from my cunt was dripping to my thighs. I wanted to hold his head and smash it on my cunt. He was waiting for my signal. He jumped on me sucking my breats wildly. I like wild sex. Then he sucked my other nipples while smothering my cunt with his hands. Then I heard door bell ring the other five had come. I opened the door in my house coat front open. They were surprised to see me in that dress and seeing that boy nude infront of me.

They got excited in a second. I composed myself and called them inside and asked them to be comfortable. I offered them glass of water and asked, "Have any of you seen porn movies. They all said, "Yes mam, we have seen, I said in a mocking tone, "Shall I tell your mom about this."

They said, "Sorry mom pleaze do not tell our parents. We beg of you and we will do anything for you." Then I asked them "How can I be sure you will obey me? To prove it you will have to make everyone nude as this boy. You will follow what I say and you will not utter a word outside else I will make your life bitter." All were nude in a jiffy and all of them were happily standing nude six nudes in front of me.

To make them comfortable I switched on my TV and put a porn cd for them to see and make me also little relaxed. Then I showed them one gang bang cd. All were as hard as before. When a man is aroused his cock gets erect. I asked the eldest among them, "What is your size? He replied 7 inches, I went to him and caught his cock meanwhile rest all were watching gang bang film and their cocks were erect now.

All heads turned towards us. We were being cheered by all. I knelt down and began sucking his cock before all my students. They came near me and as instinct started groping me. Someone was groping my breast, someone my nipple and someone was brave enough to attack my pussy through the dress which was wet till then.

Suddenly I asked them, any of you has seen any girl nude before I mean lively? Most of them said no mam but one guy said, I have seen my aunt and my mom nude while they were taking bath in our court yard. Then I took one handkerchief and covered that boy eyes alone making him blindfolded because he had seen a woman nude already. I stood up and I did a little dance step and then I removed my dress in a flash.

A loud gasp escaped from their mouth. I was happy to see the reaction. I turned around to make my nude body visible to al others. I move and u see their tool from close angle. They all were seeing my nde body except that one guy who eyes were covered by me. All boys who are nude except one are with open eyes, so all 5 boys were seeing my nude body intently.

Then I asked those five boys to kiss my hand fingers. I asked them, did you all like this gangbang movie? They all said, yes we liked this mam very much and wish we could also do something like that. I frankly said, we are gonna do this now if you so desire as my nipples were very tight and pussy was wet. They got very happy and said, Mam thanks mam I was getting kinky so I said but before that I have one task for you.

I have hairs in pussy so shave it boys. They got ready. I sat on a chair opened my leg and asked them to clean my pussy hair. They brought shaving kit from my toilet. They applied foam on my pussy. I was getting tingling sensation as they applied foam on my pussy after few seconds Raju shaved my pubic hairs very carefully not to injure my pussy lips.

Then he cleaned me, my pussy lips were visible clearly. My pussy resembled that of a teenager. One boy asked, "Mam what is your size? I said, "38 36 37" He said your hubby is lucky mam. I said, "Today you 6 are my hubby. We are gonna have gang bang. I asked them to massage me. They asked which place they would massage me. I was happy to have 6 nude guys to massage me. I removed the blindfold of the guy so now all were watching me nude.

I thought for a moment how to enjoy the fullest. I alloted place to each one of them. One for right boob, one for left boob, one for stomach, one for pussy, one for right ass and last one for left ass. All accepted gleefully I lay down on the carpet with eyes closed enjoying multi hand nude massage. They were massaging well.

Suddenly they all overpower me and tie me with ropes. I yell for help but they do not listen. Oh My God they were going to rape me. It was my other fantassy to be raped by a mob. They tie me to the sofa legs and then blindfold me.Then kiss and touch my each body parts. I yelled, "No kisses, only massaga alone." They dont agree and keep on groping my helpless body.

Then I allow one by one licking me. I called one boy to lick first; He licked my pussy slit making it to drip futher. I was wet since so long but still unable to cum. Now I wanted desperately to cum. He was very new to sucking but his inexperience was over comed by enthusiasm. He was sucking me very well. His tongue was probing my pussy cavity. I was buckling my body up to meet his strokes. I was hitting his mouth with my cunt.

I could feel my orgasm was around the corner. I clasped my thighs on his ears screaming loud, I am coming, when I came in his mouth he couldnot detatch his mouth from my cunt. Then I called the second one and ordered, "Start licking me from toe to my thighs and pussy. If I like your tongue I might let you fuck me first." He got confused at my words and asked, your pussy mam.

I said, "Yes my naked pussy you idiot." He began licking my toe moving up to my thighs. He was making me hot again. I was fulfilling all my fantasies that day. As he was approaching my cunt I was getting wetter. He knew I was enjoying his torments. He would kiss my cunt then go back to my toe. The he clamped his mouth on my pussy. His sudden attack surprised me.

I also got hot and pulled one cock in my mouth and began sucking in the same rhythm as my cunt sucker. Within few minutes I came again. All the six licked and tasted my cunt one by one. I came six times in the entire six mouths one after the other. Then my pussy becomes swollen like bread. Then I called them to suck my boobs. I thought of letting them fuck me after they sucked and licked my pussy at that time one boy.

I removed his mouth from my boobs and said, Mam our classmate Ram and Raj are always talking about you and your ass what about my ass? I asked. I told him to bring the two to my place. I was thinking about getting fucked by 8 boys. My hunger for sex was increasing minute by minute. I did not know when my husband would return. All parts of my body were being licked by 5 boys while one went to bring two more guys.

I was about to cum just by thinking of getting fucked by 8 young boys. Then five were kissing and biting me on each and every part of my nude body which was red with teeth marks. I was too engrossed in sex to bother about such things. Meanwhile the boy who went out came with two more guys.The boy had narrated the entire episode to them as they two understood and came to join us. I got red marks everywhere.

Now there was totally 8 student's one madam. I was reaching the point of no return and I yelled, I am cuming oooohhhhh. I was in dream thinking that 8 cocks were around me and all were my slaves. I wanted to feel the real sex as the boys were also getting impatient. I thought it was correct time to let them fuck me else they would rape me any time. I gestured them to stop.

I caught the guy with the fattest cock and asked him to insert his big cock in my ass hole. Then I decided to involve all of them. I placed one boy on my pussy, two in my mouth, caught two cocks in my two in my hands, oneplaced his cock between my boobs. I was not finished as one was standing in erection. How could I let his erection go to waste, so I decided to love him also.

I remembered my pussy was not tight and since those were all small cocks I asked him to triple penetrate me. That is two cocks in my pussy and one in my ass. All were busy fucking me and god was I enjoying it. Who will not want to be in my place? I was being fucked all around within 15 minutes boys began cumming. I told them to cum on that very place they were fucking.

Imagine the scene I was giving hand jobs to two cocks, two in my mouth, one on my 38 size boob, two in pussy and one in my ass. They commented, "Mam, you got tremendous stamina. You are fucking 8 boys at one time. I just nodded my head in yes. They all fucked me 30 for mins and cummed one after other. They were not finished as then all changed their positions and fucked me again. My pussy was soar due to continuous fucking so was my entire body.

They all came 5 times in terrific orgasm. Then I asked them to take me to bathroom to clean me up.They lifted me and off they went to bathroom. Then they put me in the tub. They opened shower on my body. They applied soap on my naked body getting a thick foam. Then cleaned me totally as my body was covered with their cum. Then I asked them to stay in my home for 1 week till my husband returns from tour.

They also agreed but asked me to remain nude the entire stay. I said, "Ok, if all of you agree to remain nude for the whole week alongwith me." They were too happy to agree. They informed their parents that they were studying at their mams house so wanted to saty with her. They talked to ma also and the parents thanked me for looking after their kids with so much love. I smiled in my mind how much I loved their sons.

I informed the boys, "Your parents agreed to let all of you stay at my place as my guest but I have ordered one thing for you guys. Will you agree? They echoed together, "Yes mam, I ordered when ever we want we can fuck but all must use the bath tub to leak their sperm becouse I want to take a sperm bath. So ejaculate and urinate in the tub allowing me for cum urine bath.

All agreed and stayed with me for one week. We remained nude for entire period and we had sex 4 times daily. I used that 8 cock's whenever I wanted for me daily we cummed nearly for more than 100 times all cum collected in the tub after one week I asked them to take me to tub and bath me in the cum. We went inside the tub which saw full of cum. They rolled me in that cum. I was drenched in cum bath.

They smeared the cum on my body and then liked my pink nipple covered with white cum. This made me horny again I asked them to fuck me. They fucked me in the cum tub after one week I got pregnant. My husband was happy to hear the news after three month. I gave birth to a baby boy. I still do not don't know who the father is. I felt like a queen having sex with my 8 slaves please tell me how you liked the story. Post your comments . Thanks

I And My Lovely And Sexy Maami

Posted: 10 Dec 2011 12:17 AM PST

Hi friends this is Rahil from Hyderabad. Im 22 years old with a thick cock of 7" length.I am a daily reader of and after reading here, I also got courage to submit my own story(Real incident) now coming to my story my family is my mom,dad and me thats it. I live in a small house of two bedrooms one for my parents and another for me and we have a little house.

Now coming to the incident and this happened between me and my maami about her she has a good figure of 36-28-36 still at the age of 34. My maami lives in gulf with her husband and daughter whenever she comes for vacation to hyd they (maami and her daughter) have to share my bedroom which has two beds one single bed and another double bed which i use as they can't share my parents bedroom due to privacy.

Last month when my maami and my cousin came they as usual shared my room but it was decided that me and maami will sleep on my double bed and my cousin will sleep on single bed initailly it was a sad news for me because I can't have chat till late night with my cousin (Maami's daughter) as she will sleep on another bed in the 1st night I slept beside my maami and nothing happened.

I just put my hand on maami as it is my old habit and maami also just pushed my hand away saying Rahil teri purani aadat abi gayi nahi it was normal but one thing I noticed that when maami sleeps near me her body smells very pleasant and I liked that smell the next morning my maami woke up and had bath in the bathroom which is in my room and as usual I also went in the bathroom to have bath but I noticed some thing new there the same pleasant smell of my maami.

I started searching in the bathroom and to my surprise maami left her nighty and undergarments there only. I smelled them and started masturbating there. That day passed as normal only again in the night the same thing happened my maami slept beside me with her pleasant smell this time I intentionally moved near her to smell her pleasant sweat smell and don't know what happen to me my hands suddenly went on her body.

This time also maami just pushed away my hands thinking I'm sleeping but I wasn't. I again put my hand on her stomach this time maami didn't moved my hand away instead she turned on other side and her back was towards me. I again moved near her such that my thighs were touching her beautiful and sexy ass in this way I hugged her tightly from back and slept whole night like that only in the morning maami as usual went for bath but this time.

She only left her bra and panty in the bathroom I smelled them and masturbated on that day I was not leaving any chance to touch my maami and smell her while doing like this once my hands touched her ass and I got afraid thinking that she will scold but she didn't said any thing instead she just looked at me went away during night I decided to go ahead in my mission and I placed my hand near her boobs and to my surprise.

My maami didn't move my hand I got courage and moved my hands towards her boobs and slowly kept my hand on her left boob. I was breathing heavily at that time I just kept my hand like that for a while and got some courage and pressed her left boob slowly and gently it was so soft I can't tell I just pressed it like that for half an hour and came very near to her and this time my hard dick was touching her big ass I was pressing her boob and my dick on her ass. 

Due to no reaction from my maami I got courage and started rubbing my dick on her ass. I continued like this for 15 mins and ejaculated in my shorts and hugged my maami tightly and slept the whole night like that in the morning my maami woke up and as usual had her bath on that day I noticed that maami was just smiling when i see her and I felt as if she wish to say something to me secretly but didn't say anything 

During night she slept on my bed as usual but to my surprise she got only one blanket and when I asked for another blanket she said very silently we will adjust in one blanket only, by hearing this I got happy moved very much near to her and while moving under the blanket my hands touched her left boob. I got afraid that she will scold but she just smiled and turned on other side. Her smile gave me courage and I moved much nearer to her and my semi hard dick was touching her ass. 

She didn't said anything very soon I noticed she was deeply sleeping I slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and started pressing them gently. Meanwhile I was also pressing my dick into her ass and rubbing my dick there slowly thinking that she will wake up if she notice but she did'nt responded I increased my speed and after sometime ejaculated and I was so wild at that time that I didn't stop pressing her boobs.

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Kyunki mujhe yakin tha ki tum kuch aage bhi badhoge apne raat wale kaam me. I got shocked and asked toh aap ab so nahi rahi thi? For which she replied Nahi and kissed in my lips and again liplocked for five minutes then, I asked did you enjoy?

She replied zindagi pehli baar kisi ne meri pyaas itni achi tarikhe se puri ki and then  She asked me tume kaise laga? I said bohot acha and hugged her tightly. So, readers did you like my Story (real experience)? Please give your feedback .

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Getting out of the cab, madder than hell, the trucker walked to the front of the cab and looked down at the two, still in the road, and yelled, "What the hell's the matter with you two? Didn't you hear me blowing the horn? You could've been killed!" The man on the highway, obviously satisfied and not too concerned, looked up and said, "Look, I was coming, she was coming, and you were coming. You were the only one with brakes."

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Answer. The i-pill is an emergency contraceptive pill. Because it contains a very high amount of hormones, it is not advisable to use it as a regular contraceptive. Your best bet is the condom. It is unusual that it tears every time you have sex. He should learn to use it properly. You could insert a barrier tablet called Today which disintegrates within the vagina and destroys sperms.

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2. Dogs don't notice if you call them by another dog's name.

3. Dogs like it if you leave a lot of things on the floor.

4. A dog's parents never visit you.

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7. Dogs find you amusing when you're drunk.

8. Dogs like to go hunting and fishing.

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10. If a dog has babies, you can put an ad in the paper and give them away.

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12. Dogs like to ride in the back of a pickup truck.

13. Abandon your wife and your dog in a remote unknown, unreturnable place for an hour. Then pretend finding them and see who's happy to see you and who divorces you.

14. And then If a dog leaves, it won't take half of your stuff.

Editor: Guys, if you have anything to add, you are most welcome to do so in the comments. And the girls are free to return the compliment!

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Answer. With the expertise you have gained you should be able to identify the reason yourself. Your safety lies in insisting for a condom always. Try different positions, for example, the woman on top position. It is likely that she is so scared of having sex that her vagina goes into a spasm (vaginismus) and thus does not allow entry of the penis.

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Answer. If she did not get her expected periods there are chances of conception. Buy a urine pregnancy kit from the chemist and check.

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