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Thursday, December 29, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Joke: Har Ladki Ko Apni Choot Par Naaz Hota Hain

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:34 AM PST

Har Panty Ki Khushbhu Ka Ek Raaz Hota Hain,
Ladki Ki Bra Ko Utarne Ka Ek Andaaz Hota Hain,
Jab Tak Thokar Na Lage Kisi Ke Lund Ki,
Har Ladki Ko Apni Choot Par Naaz Hota Hain.

Riya early morning fuck with cousin

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:33 AM PST

Hi frnds I m riyaa from ahmedabad...i m regular reader of sex stories. By reading stories I feel that I should share my story of losing my virginity by my cousin. He felt me more heat in early morning at summer Lets starts story......

I m hot and cute looking girl with fair skeen anh with well shaped body..34-26-32. Last summer I went to my uncle's house for 15 days because of my exams for reading purpose to get company of my cousin...He has muscular body... Because of summer my uncle,aunty,rohit(my cousin) and me used to sleep on the terrace...

Rohit always stared at me..when I bent down he always looked at my breast.. Many times I caught him and time I gave him smile after 2-3 days he became very frank with me...we often talked abt our personal lyf...i came 2 know that he had fucked many girls...some his gf nd other call girls.

One night at 2 o'clock we were sleeping on our terrace..rohit is sleeping besides me...i was wearing t-shirt and capreee. Suddenly I felt something on my was rohit,touching my legs...he had in mind that, I was in deep sleep...i didnt move..he came upward towards my flat tummy nd than to my boobs.

He slowly moves his hand on my boobs...i felt good...i have nothing in my mind to have sex bt now I made my mind to lose my virginity.....I suddenly open my eyes,he was shocked and told me sorry..but I smiled at him..then he also smiled. Then the duty starts..he was pressing my boobs hardly and our lips were locked...he put his hands under my capreee and started fingering in my pussy,which was wery wet.

Then I put my hands under his pant....this touching process continue for 2 hours...during that time I cummed twice by fingering. We cant speak too loud because my aunty was sleeping left side me I said,"i want 2 see his dick "he kissed me and said," but I want to fuck u " okk I said Then he woke up and told my aunty that we were going for reading...aunty said okay.

We went down and went into the house at 4 oclock.we wash our mouth and then we went to the reading room...he put his hands on my butts and grabed it hardly.... We started kissing each other wildly for 10 minutes..he started to undressed me..i was standing nude against him..he started to sucking my wat a feeling it was then he kissed on my pussy lips and sucking it.

i move slightly upward by the joy..he sucked it hard and hard and hard..oohhhhh...ohhh ...dear I m cumming ...yeahhhh and I cummed..he drunk all of my juices.....i also undressed wat a lund(dick)it was 7" and so hard..ut was first time I had seen a cock and takes his cock in my hand and started to blowjob with hands....he open my mouth and put the rod in it...i sucked it until he cummed in my mouth..i drunk all the cum....wat a taste....

Again we started to play with each other's body...after 20 minutes his lund was ready...he put it on my pussy and insert top of it in my unfucked vagina...... Aahhhh...its paining.. ahhh..stop..stop..i said He put his lips on my lips After 2-3minutes I said," its ok fuck me" He said"today I gonna crush u...phad dunga teri chut sali randi"

Phad de meri chutor banja karna he wo kar.i m all urs He jerked hard and half lund went to the my pussy..i yelled..stop..but was in no mood to stop..he slapped me and one more hard jerk and its all in.....tears came from my eyes...He continue 2 jerking me hard and hard..ohhh my god its very painful....after I was enjoying it....he stops for a while.....bhenchod ruk kyu gaya chod na muje I said....

He started moving....ohh my god......wat a feeling aaahhhhh..i moaned louldy....he slapped me again....sali bhosdiki raand awaaz mat kar he said.....Sale randibaaz tera loda itna mast he ki meetha meetha dard ho ho raha he ..aahhhhh..ooooyyeeeehhh Sale jaldi dakke maar me pani 6odne wali hu aaaahhhhhh,i said Me bhi nikalne wala hu, he said on..come on..ahhh..ohhhh..ooaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i was in the heaven or mene pani 6od diya....usne bhi meri chut me jaad diya.....meri chut mere or uske paani se bhar gai.....mene uska muh meri chut me daba diya.....Or hamne woh mix juice pee liyaa...Ohhh thats the real test of india.....

I slept on him 4 half hour.....we dressed up at 6 in the morning....because my aunty wakes up at 6:15 everydy......i.lost my virginity For next 10-12 days we used to play this game diff style..we also had anal sexxx.....Ohh wat a day it was 4 me when rohit fucked me.....every girl should take their brother's cock....and brothers fuck your sister....its a real joy.

Sex Advice: Guy enjoying drinking milk from wifes breasts

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:33 AM PST

Question. We were blessed with a baby boy two weeks ago. This morning, while we were in bed, I couldn't control myself and started kissing my wife's breasts. In the process, I drank her milk. The taste was very different from cow's milk. Many times she gets wet with excess milk. Is it okay for me to drain it off by sucking?

Answer. The baby comes first, not you. You may try it once in a while.

Pakistani babe posing in black bra showing cleavage and big tits pics

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:32 AM PST

Hot pics of busty Pakistani babe posing in black bra and showing awesome cleavage and exposing her mouth watering tits to tease her boyfriend.

Marathi wife sucking and fucking with husband friend hot sex pics

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:32 AM PST

Hot pics of a cheating Marathi wife sucking and fucking with her husbands friend while he is away from home.

Mallu girls boobs fondled and moaning during sex foreplay MMS

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:32 AM PST

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Mumbai babe kissed and boobs fondled by boyfriend hidden cam MMS

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:31 AM PST

Mumbai girl showing big boobs to boyfriend during foreplayHorny Mumbai boy and girl kissing during sex foreplay and caressing naked body
Mumbai based girl with her boyfriend on a date being kissed and her lovely tits fondled in this hidden cam MMS.
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Pakistani guy fucking call girl from Qasba Gujrat MMS

Posted: 29 Dec 2011 02:31 AM PST

Pakistani prostitute from Qasba Gujrat showing big juicy boobs during sexPakistani call girl from Qasba Gujrat getting fucked missionary style showing tits
Pakistani guy with sexy call girl from Qasba Gujrat who first rides his dick and then gets fucked missionary style till he cums inside her in this awesome MMS.
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