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Monday, October 3, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

I Bring Sex Back In Neha's Life

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:52 AM PDT

I am 29 years software engineer working for a multinational in Gurgaon. It's a true story of my pleasant encounter with my ex-colleague Neha in a company which now I left. I hope Neha never read this story otherwise she will explode over me. She is a hot with assets 34-28-34 (as per her own measurements, I didnt meausure it using inch-tape) her superb assets always troubled me while I was in that organization.

Also she used to come very close to me whom sometimes put me very unconfortable situation due to instant erection which somehow I had to hide. I think she had also noticed it sometimes but I never had courage to tell her my feelings. Anyways after sometime she got married and I left organization hence this story ended there. It was total disconnect for us for more than 6 years. I come to hear afer six months of her marriage that she had been divorced and now living with her parents.

I also got married 3 years back but my wife is a headless stubborn woman so we are living together like strangers. We didnt have sex for almost more than a year. So this is a little background of ours let checkout how we went together again - Due to my loneliness I called up her just to know about her whereabouts. She told me that she is still in Delhi and working for same organization. And news about her divonce is correct and she is very lonely.

I consoled her a bit for her divorce and also told about my own miserable life. After talking for a while I asked her to come with me for a movie which (surprisingly) she accepted instantly. So we made a plan for coming Saturday. We both have cars and we met at Patel Nagar metro station where she insisted to park both the vehicles and travel by metro instead which I didnt like as I wanted to spend alone time with her and not in public but finally I affirmed and we boarded a train.

The train was asusual overcrowded and we occupied a place to stand at the corner of the door which does not open during this way journey (RHS door in the direction of train as LHS doors usually opens at stations). Neha took corner place resting her back on the glass at the end of seats there and I stood just in front of her resting my hand on the same glas s over her shoulders (so we were already pretty close).

We were just doing casual talks about our lives in these six years until we reached Rajiv Chowk metro station. As you must be aware Rajiv Chowk is centre of Delhi and this station is more than overcrowded so hundreds of people board/de-boards a train at this station. At this metro station the RHS door opened so suddenly people gettng in/out started pushing me from back towards Neha. I kept my hands hard to keep some distance between Neha and myself but after some struggles my arms bent.

I have been pushed forward and my chest rested right over her breasts. I tried show some anger to people and tried to make some distance but all gone in vain; there was not an inch space to move. Neha was breathing heavily (not sure with pleasure of touch or due to suffocation). But after sometime she become normal and smiled looking towards me after couple of stations people disbursed to different and finally we got some space to move. We de-boarded the train at Noida Sec 18 metro station.

We went TGIP, she wanted to buy some tops for herself so and she chose a few tops and couple of jeans and headed towards trial room. She tried all of those and finally she bought a top and jeans. Now I wanted to go and buy tickets of movie otherwise we won't get them. So I suggested to go and first buy the tickets which she refused and said that she want to do some more shopping. I asked what else she wants to buy now, she looked around and said she have to buy a t-shirt bra.

I was surprised to hear this I suggested her to buy this later with her mom. To whom she replied "what problem do you have I am not asking you to try it". To which I didnt have any answer so I asked her to go ahead. She picked up a few and then headed for trial and finally came back and bought couple of them. With her shopping we lost all time and it was very late so we again took a metro and reach Patel Nagar, picked our cars and departed. I kept on thinking about that close moment in metro for next two days.

On Monday morning at 7 am, I got a call from Neha, she told me that she is not feeling well hence not going office and she asked me can I come to her house to give her some company today. Just hearing this I got erection and happily said yes. I quickly got up and said my wife I have to go to office early today as I have a release today, also dont need a lunch as I will have it in cafeteria. After getting up at 7 am I was at her home sharp at 9 am.

I rang the door bell, she opened the door. I was dissappointed to see her as she was really looking down with fever. After some casual talks again she went inside her bedroom and I sat in her drawing room and switched on the TV and started watching the NDTV Profit to check the stock market. Suddenly she called me up in her bedroom. When I reached the I saw she had removed removed her top and was in bra only (her lowers were still on)

She said that bra strap is stuck from behind and asked me to open it. I went closer and saw there was nothing wrong with bra and a single flick is good enough to open it. I put my fingers on bra strap and made some movements said her it is really too tight. I think you have wear smaller bra than your size. I asked to press her boobs so that I get some more space to open it. She put her hand on left boob and pressed it but I didn't open it and insisted it's still hard to open.

After couple of tries she said - I am not comfortable, do it yourself. So I put my left hand over her left boob (it was heaven) and pressed it hardly, she moaned with pleasure.

Then I said - Still not opening I think I should press both together. To which she replied - Do whatever you want? It was an open invitation to me. Now I started pressing and massaging both of her breasts from behind. After doing this for a while I opened her bra strap using my mouth her bra fell on floor, I kept messaging her boobs from behind.

Her breasts were still unseen to me. So I asked her to turn towards me as I wanted to see her boobs. She turned hiding her face in palm. I first took off her hands from face and then took one of her boobs in my mouth and started sucking it. Neha was enjoying the every bit of mine and moaning nicely. Her moans were making me even wilder and I started sucking her harder and harder.

I kept sucking her boobs for almost 10 mins and at the same time pressing them gently by hand. Then I pulled down lower of her night suit and now she was in front of me just in panties. She also started unbuttoning my shirt and I removed my jeans. After removing my shirt she knelt down and pulled down my underwear and took my fully erect penis in her mouth. It was heavenly experience as my wife never took my penis in her mouth.

As I didnt had sex neither masterbated for last 3-4 months, I was feeling strong urge to ejaculate. After Neha sucking for around 5 minutes I unloaded myself on her breasts. Then it was my turn to suck her cunt. I put my tongue on her cunt, she moaned in ecstasy. I inserted my tougue into her pussy and started rubing her clit with my tongue now she was enjoying the heaven, her moans become louder and larger.

I asked her to keep her moans a little low as neighbour might hear us. In turn she picked the TV remote and started MTV in loud sound. Now we were safe. After sucking her pussy for almost 10 mins, since I had already re-gained my erection I put my penis on her vagina and pressed hardly. Since her vagina was very very wet a single pushed inserted whole of the cock deep inside. Her moans on insertion were a bit different than the earlier; a kind of relief was mixed in this moan.

I think she was heavily deprived of sex in these 6 years. After inserting cock in the vagina I kept lay on her breast to enjoy the pleasure of her incoming and outgoing breath and also to give her chance to get ready for the final round. After a minute she asked me to start the pump. So finally I started fucking her gently in missionary position, I sped up after a few gentle strokes.

Now I was fucking her like a mad man, we both were making lot of pleasure noice in the room which was making us even wilder. After fucking in the same position for almost 10 minutes I was bit tired in that position to I asked her to change the position. Now I stood on the ground and put her legs on my shoulders bent on bed and inserted my cock inside her pussy. This time her pussy was less tight than earler as missionary position doesn't allowed woman to open her leg that wider as in this position.

So stoking was even easier for me. I was fucking her as hard and fast as I can. Almost fucking for another 10 mins in this position I felt my balls to blast. I asked her quickly "I want to cum shoud I withdraw?" to which she replied "its ok cum inside, I will manage I made 8-10 very hard stokes and pushed my penis deep inside her vagina and unloaded all my sperm there.

I withdrew my penis and laid beside her and before I could say anything she thanked me for satisfying her. This is just a new begining of our relationship. This is just a month old story, after which we never get a chance to come together as she lives with her parents and I live with headless wife. I will keep posting you any future encounters of us. For feed back you can Comment.

I Got Erected With Mom

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:50 AM PDT

Hi my name is Vipin Garg from Delhi again with my real story. I am 24 years. In our culture incest is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life, I am cool and very good looking guy with well built and fair complexion. I never thought that it would happen with me. The names involved, excluding mine, have been changed for obvious reasons. But believe me; it is all true, though it happened just 2 days before.

My mom is 44 years and she is very sexy with height 5 .7 feet and 60 kgs with big size boobs. Just more about my mom, she had a housewife and her skin was normal colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, striking black eyes; mom is 34-30-32. In our family me, my dad and mom are there. My dad is retired now days and he is busy with other social works all time. Mom is always busy with housework with wearing saree.

We are very much frankly with each other. We talk anything. Mom also knows my girlfriend. Everyday after reaching home at evening mom asks about the day with my girlfriend. One day dad was gone to Pune for around a month. My mom and I were in home. Mom told me that she wants to go for market to purchase something and asked to be with her. We first went to a dress shop. Mom takes some clothes for both. Finally she told that keep wait as we want to take some ladies wear.

She bought some bra and panties. I was beat shying while buying and the same time mom was laughing to see my face. She said why are shying. I didn't say anything. After reaching home mom asked me to try new dresses and she also went to change the clothes. I changed the fast and went to mom's room. As soon as and enter the room I got shocked and same happened from mom's side also. Mom was standing in bra and panty only. Immediately she covered the body with bed sheet.

I said sorry and get out from the room after seen this, immediately my dick being hard. After a few mintues my came out and seen towards me again I said sorry mom said it's Ok Baba. As soon as mom went to kitchen and went to my room and remove my boxer and started to jerk.
After cuming and went to bathroom and washed immediately. The same night after the dinner I was watching TV. Mom finished here work and sat near me and started chatting casually. First she asked about my girflriend.

She asked where you were gone till date. I told her. We went to Gorai beach. Then she asked me did you did something wrong with her? I said "no mom, Mom again asked really I said I just kissed her that's it again she asked did you touched her body I said No Mom, but why are you asking such all this things" She replied after seen me in bra and panty, I saw what were you doing in your room" I said sorry mom; but I couldn't control myself at moment.

She again said it's Ok, but did you seen anybody before naked. I said no then it is your first time" I said no I have seen but in TV only" She said ok do you wish to see now" for a minute I got shocked but later I said yes. She continued but on one condition, this is shall in between us only. Not to disclose with anybody. I said yes that's my promise. Mom asked me to stand. I was wore shorts only. Mom asked to remove and told me to don't fear she will take care of all.

Slowly she unzipped my boxer. I was standing completely naked in front of my mom. My saw my dick and said "it's great to see your dick. It's a quite big and hard than your father baby. I was totally afraid and could not say anything. She takes my dick in her hand and started up n down. This was the first time somebody took my dick in hand. It was great and unforgettable moment in my life. Mom asked me how you are feeling I said I am in heaven mom.

She stood and keep her lips on lips and our tounge been locked after some licking session and get stood and moved back. She removed her nighty and thrown on side table. Now she was in only bra and panty. She was looking georgius. She again asked how I am looking. I said you are so beautiful mom. Then she removed are bra. First time in the life I was saw real and completely naked body and that is also my own mother. I moved my hand towards mom's breast and started to rub.

It was too soft. I kept in mouth started to licking. Mom closed her eyes and started moaning. I was licking her breast, lips, neck and everything whatever I can see. Ten minutes later she removed her panty also. I asked mom can I see the hole where I came out and seen the world immeidiatly she lay down and spread here legs. Now I can see her clean shaved pussy which I think she shaved afternoon. Mom asked to put my hand there and rub slowly.

I was feeling that I should bite there minute by minute I was going to crazy. I can see now mom's juice flowing from her pussy. I kept my finger in her pussy and started to in and out. One two three all my three fingers was in n our fastly. I increased the speed and mom was moaning uhhuuu aahhahaahha. We both were in heaven suddenly she stopped my I think she cummed. She holds my dick in her hand and started to in and out by her mouth.

As soon as she insert my dick in her mouth I cummed in her mouth. This was my first time so couldn't control myself. She cleaned everything and again started giving blowjob. She is good dick sucker. Again I went down and started licking her pussy by tounge. I can feel her aroma. It was quite saulty but I liked it in 20 minutes I cum twice as this was my first time. Again 5 minutes of some rest I asked my mom that will you love my dick in your pussy. I cupped her breast, as I rammed my dick in her pussy.

She simple moaned as I pinched her nipple say mom, say" Will you please. Mom said "Fuck me. Fuck me hard beta, fuck me front back both side." she said breathlessly. I could see her wince in pain as I pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. She spread her legs further to receive my cock. My cock was throbbing in the warmth of my mother's pussy. Her pussy was grabbing my throbbing cock. I knew I was not going to last mush longer. The excitement was mounting.

I started thrusting harder and faster and deeper. I also heard my mother moan in pleasure and pain again ooohhh aaahhhh harder deeper fucks me fuck me deep fuck fast more! She pushed back on my fucking cock. It encouraged me to fuck faster. I thrust further in longer strokes. I was also moaning now mom you are awesome amazing I love you mom ohohh, I love you mom I did not know what I was saying but I was seriously fucking my mom's pussy now in long hard strokes. Mom bucked back against my cock.

Oooohhh yes, I am cumming beta please do fast please fast aaaaaahhhhh. Mom was moaning loudly and blurting more words she had never uttered. I roughly grabbed at mom's ass in each hand and spanked hard. I was really riding her pussy. Oh! Oh! I love you beta mom was also coming now. Screaming loudly she came on my cock. Ahhh her loud orgasm was enough to make me cum too. I began to spasm load after load of semen into her pussy. Once I had finished, I kissed my mom. I said I love you, mom in her ears. I love you too, Beta. We hugged each other tightly and slept. I hope you also liked the story please comments 

Massage To My Innocent Chachi

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:49 AM PDT

This story describes sex with my chachi. It happened when I was 20 years old. I, with my parents, went to my grandmother's house which is in a village. My uncle also lives there. He is not much educated and run a shop. My chachi is illiterate and does house work. She has a son. She has got attractive figure. She has curvy waist with average size boobs and fleshy thighs. Her skin colour is whitish. She always wears saree. I was dying to have sex with her.

When we reached there, we were made sit. Then my chachi came with cold drinks. As she bends a little to give me a glass, I saw her sexy cleavage with her Mangalsutra hanging. I was getting aroused seeing my chachi. She also offered the drinks to others. Then she went to the kitchen to cook food as it was getting dark. I also went there to get some attention from her. I asked her, "what are you cooking, chachi? She said karele ki sabji. Suddenly one onion fell off her hand.

When she bends to pick the onion, she cried out with pain. I asked her, what happened chachi? She said beta whenever i bend, such pain arises on my back. I said to her and then why dont you consult a doctor? Chachi said, beta we dont have enough money and I have also learned to live with this pain. After having dinner, we went to sleep. I was given a separate room. It had a double bed. Next morning when I got up, chachi came to me with a cup of tea. She sat on my bed and handed me a cup.

I asked her about her health. She said to me I am fine I disagreed with her and said, chachi, how can you be fine with your back pain? You must undergo treatment. She said, but it is not possible. I said to her I mean a massage therapy can make you rid of this pain. She said, beta but who would massage for me? Your uncle is always busy. I jokingly said to her, I will do for you. But to my suprise she agreed. I thought how a married woman can allow her body to be touched by a man other than her husband.

After all she was illiterate and I was always looking for a chance to touch her. I asked her, when will you be free, chachi? She said, I will come to you in the afternoon? I finished the tea and she took it and went away. I was full of joy because atlast I got the chance to touch her body with bare hands. It was Sunday. We finished our lunch at 2 pm. My uncle, my grandmother and my parents were watching movie. I didn't join them because I have already seen that movie. So I was in my room. Chachi came to my room with massage oil. My chachi is very innocent.

I was worried if she tells her husband about this massage, I would be in a big problem. I said to her, chachi, dont tell others that i have massaged you. She said, but what is wrong in that. I cleverly replied because if others come to know that I can massage then they will have this service from me. She laughed and said, don't worry. I will not tell I locked the door from inside. She was quite puzzled to see me locking the door. I reached near her and said, the TV is quite loud.

This massage should be done in a peaceful place. She relaxed. She is so innocent that she could not understand my intention. First I made my chachi sit on bed. Then I explained her about the advantages of this massage. I said to her, chachi, this is a full body massage; I will massage you from top to bottom. It might be painful at some part of your body. Chachi said, beta do whatever you can do with my body but make me rid of back pain.Her statement aroused me.

I removed her saree and blouse and kept them aside. I was surprised to see that she didn't hesitate. She was looking at me normally. Then I made her lie on bed on her breasts. I pour oil on my hand and spilled it on her back. Then I untied the knot of her bra. Now I can see sides of her boobs being popped out. I rubbed my palm on her back slightly above her hips for some time. Then I brought my palm quite above and near her boobs.

I was getting aroused touching the side of her boobs. I pressed them and massaged them. Chachi was bit relaxed. Her eyes were closed. When I finished massaging her back, I told chachi to turn back. She began to tie the knot of her bra. I immediately stopped chachi from wearing her bra and told her to turn back without bra. She was shocked to hear that and said, beta I can't do that. I am a woman. It will be a shame if you see my boobs". I said to her, "ohho chachi, dont you know that a doctor always make his patient fully naked whenever he does operation.

You are curently my patient. I can't massage your boobs unless you remove your bra. Atlast I convinced my chachi to remove her bra. She turned back with her bare boobs. She was feeling shy and turned her face on the other side. Now her soft boobs were in front of me. She has got quite stiffer boobs with brown nipples. I put my palms on her boobs and felt the softness of her boobs for sometime. Then I started pressing them. She was still looking on the other side. I brought my lips close to her nipples and started sucking them.

Chachi suddenly turned her face toward me and pushed me away. She covered her boobs with her hands and said what are you doing? Are you mad? I protected myself and said, chachi, please calm down. I am doing a full body massage. Different parts of the body are massaged by different methods and by different parts. Nipples should be massaged by tongue and not by palm"atleast I convinced my illiterate chachi. I removed her hands from her boobs and told her to have a deep breath and relax.

I gave her some time to make herself ready for nipple massage then I engulfed her nipples and started sucking them badly. I drank a large amount of milk of her boobs. No milk left inside her and I was still sucking her nipples. She was crying in pain and saying, ahhh ahhh ammm. After working on her nipples for 15 minutes I left them. Then I proceeded to her armpits. I placed her hands over her head. I was going to do a courageous act. Therefore I told chachi not to hesitate and remain still. I removed my shirt.

She was looking at me with surprise. Now I was only in trouser. When I began to lay myself on top of her and she cried out, "Stop it. I am your aunt. I convinced her by saying, don't worry chachi. This is a part of my massage therapy. I finally laid myself on her with my chest pressing her soft boobs and my face on her hairy armpits. I took my tongue out and started licking her armpits which tasted like a sweat with little bit of perfume. Then I got up and massaged both of her hands.

After I finished massaging her upper part, I told her to open her eyes. I asked her how she was feeling. She said, beta is it not the dirty way of massaging? You were lying on me like husband and licking my nipples and armpits. I explained her, chachi, a massage sould be done with hot oil. Since oil was not hot, i provided my body heat by lying on you. Saliva is more effective on nipples and armpits. I fooled my illiterate chachi. She was listening me like a good student.

I answered her every question and made her believe that I am a sexpert in this massage. I saw a sign of relief in her eyes. She began wearing her bra. I immediately stopped chachi from wearing her bra and said, chachi, don't wear clothes now. The massage is not over. Lower part of your body is still left she said, you have finished with my upper part. So let me cover my upper part. I will lift my petticoat up for leg massage but I wanted to see her fully naked. I laughed and said, chachi, after massage the body becomes hot.

So it must be left naked for some time to bring its temperature down. She agreed with me and kept her clothes aside. I said to her chachi, now please relax and close your eyes I reached her bottom and gradually untied her petticoat knot. I quickly pulled her petticoat down and completely removed it. Now she was only in panty. For the first time I saw her bare fleshy thighs. I put my pam on her silky thighs and began to massage. I felt the current running in my body.

When I brought my fingers in between her thighs, I felt the heat there. Then I intentionally touched bottom of her pussy and began to massage the region near her pussy when my fingers got enough of aroma of her pussy, I smelt them for some time. Then I reached below her knees. I poured oil on her legs and massaged there with my palm. When I finished with her legs, I reached near her waist. I saw her eyes still closed. I placed my palm on her waist and began to massage her waist.

Then I brought my palm slightly above her panty and after some time slid my fingers into her panty. I found a nice shaven pussy with a tight hole. Chachi suddenly got up and scolded me; I have not given you the permission to massage my pussy. Now let me go I caught her tightly and tried to explain her, I promise you will enjoy. Chachi said how can you enjoy with your chachi? I laughed and said ohho chachi, you misunderstood me. Sex is the part of this massage therapy. This sex is very different from the one you do with your husband.

I will use my penis to massage inner flesh of your pussy. Chachi said are you mad? You will make me pregnant if you jerk inside me. Can't you do with your fingers? I replied, fingers can't go deep inside pussy and it can hurt you as it is not as soft as penis. I also assure you that I will not ejaculate inside you. At least she agreed with me. She lied down on bed. I slide her panty down and removed it completely. Now she was lying totally naked on bed. I immediately removed my entire clothes.

I spread her thighs to see her love hole. It was so tight that I could not insert my finger inside. Therefore I began to lick her pussy hole to make it wet. Then I insert my wet tongue inside her and explored her clit. I did it continously. By the time her pussy has become soft. I saw that my chachi have started moaning and began pressing her boobs. I adjusted my dick at the entrance of her pussy hole and laid myself on her. She was completely under my grip. I pushed my penis deep inside her and started thumpimg her pussy.

I gradually increased my speed. Her moans have also become louder. I can feel the heat of inner flesh of her pussy. Chachi started saying again and again, Get away from me. Don't jerk inside me. I am your aunt and not your wife. I laughed at her and said today you are my wife. You have to store my sperm. Chachi became angry and said, how dare you saying me your wife. Just leave me. She started pushing me but I kept on thumping her pussy. She said you have done enough of massage. Now leave me atlast I jerked my entire sperm inside her pussy.

I relaxed and held her tightly. I remained on her like that till we both cooled down. Then I released her. She got away from me and threatened me that she will complain to my parents. I laughed at her and said that if she did that she might lose her self esteem. She became silent and wiped her tears. She dressed herself and went away. I also dressed myself. I went to my parents to check if everything was fine. I found that every thing was normal. Chachi was sitting beside my uncle. The movie was about to finish. I also joined them if you like my story. plz Comment

Uncle Fucked My Mommy

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:48 AM PDT

Hi friends I'm Bhargav once again today I am going to present such incident that is much more interesting. This is just a story but you can relate it with me and my family or even your family. I am writing for first time so ignore my mistakes .
Now with out wasting more time let me switch over to story. My mom who is good looking aged 43years but looks like 35 or 38 having big ass 36 sized boobs and slim waist. She is very much fond of sex and this thing I came to know when I saw her satisfying herself from a man else than my father. Kailash uncle, dad's best friend and her daughter krupali too studies with me and we both are too best friends. We both are very frank to each other and also use to tease each other by imagining each's dad with others moms and etc.

One fine day when me and my friend Krupali went college, we bunked a lecture and were sitting in canteen. Krupali told me dear, yesterday at 9 pm my dad was talking to your mom and that also not in normal way. Firstly I found this as joke but he sweared then I realized that she is not lying. She told that her dad was talking to my mom in bitchy way and flirting with mom and also decided to meet on Saturday morning and luckily my dad was out of station to attend training.

Generally I bunk my college on Saturdays but on this Saturday mom was forcing me to attend the college and I understood whole matter clearly. I nodded to mom and agreed that i'll attend college on Saturday and she smiled as if she won some contest. Next day on Saturday like normal days I went out of house but not to college as I knew something was surely going to happen. I called Krupali to meet me out of college and we met at city mall and I told all things happened yesterday.

Then she told me to go to home again and note whats going on there as she confirmed tht her dad left home half and hour ago. I hurried on way to home and reached home and as I expected kailash uncle's bike was in our basement first of all I was too angry about the situation and on my mom then this anger turned to excitement and I entered my house main door was locked from inside but luckily behind door was open as my mom would have forgotten to lock it.

I entered the house and it was empty down stairs so I ran to stairs softly and went to our store room. In our store room there is small hole to bed room which was drilled to draw wires and left as it is. I viewed from that hole and a very hot and dirty scene was seen, my mom was sitting with her legs spread and uncle's mouth was busy sucking her hairy pussy on that day for first time I saw my mom naked and came to know that she is having hairy pink pussy.

Uncle was sucking her pussy like a wild dog and mom moaning on his suck and pushing his head more and more towards her pussy. After some time mom had her orgasm and moaned loudly and uncle drank all her juices and switched to her boob's mom's boobs were huge and hanging. Uncle hold her boobs and started pinching her nipples mom shouted in excitement and said teri biwi tuje chodne nahi deti kya?

And uncle replied chodne to deti he par tuj jaisi maza kah he uske saath tu to meri rakhail he'hai na? Mom replied "ha baba ha me teri randi hi hu buja le apni pyas aur meri pyas bhi buja de. I was shocked by listening mo speaking such words. I haven heard b4 speaking such vulgar words. Uncle that put her hands on his cock and told mom ye le pakad ise aur chus is ek randi ki tarah' Mom smiled and hold his cock and started shakin it hard it grew in size it was about 7 inches long and thick.

Mom moved her mouth near his cock and took it in her mouth it could hardly go half inside and mom spread her saliva on his cock and sucked her and this time took fully and uncle said meri pyari randi aur chus saali and my mom sucked hard and said abe saale tera lund bahut bada he and put his cock between her boobs and gave a hot steamy boob fuck mom was full of sweat and was begging him to fuck her hard.

Uncle was too excited ant kept her rockhard cock on mom's pussy lips and was teasing her and mom said sale ghusa de pura andar kutte ki tarah chod muje aaj faa de meri chut. Uncle slowly entered and started jerkin and entered fully in just one shot and mom cried loudly in pleasure and then uncle started pumping his cock deep in mom's pussy and fucked her like bitch and at last

When uncle was going to cum he removed his cock from pussy and kept his cock on mom/s lips and ejected in her mouth mom cleaned up each drop. He then kissed mom And left home this was my story, how was it? Was it enough to make guy cum and give girl a hot orgasm? Reply with your feedback.

Me And Sister In Store Room – Part II

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:46 AM PDT

Hi friends I am Raj back with a next part of "Me and Sister in Store Room. Thanks for your replies and feedback. Here goes what happened after fucking sister in store room.  Next day my BIL and his family along with Preethi left to Bangalore and my parents left to some relative's house. I and my sister know that they will back only in evening. My sister went to kitchen to prepare something. I was reading news paper in hall.

I finished reading news paper, but she was still in kitchen in her night gown. Silently I was observing her movements in kitchen. I hold paper to my face so that she couldn't get hint that I am watching her. She was moving here and there to pick the things. I think she was not wearing her bra, so her big milky breasts are swinging. My cock started to expand its size slowly. When she bent to pick something I saw her breasts which are very eager to come out of her gown. Oh!

Man it's wonderful seen to watch her big boobs which I sucked and drank milk from those last evening. She turned to her back and preparing something. I was waiting for her next movements. She bent again this time showing her rock solid two mountains that is her big round buttocks. I was trying to control myself not to get excite. Her butt crack is easily visible to me from that much distance. I thought she is not wearing even her panty.

I couldn't control anymore, so slowly I walked to kitchen without making any noise. I entered the kitchen and hugged her from back and started to kiss her neck. Meanwhile my hands started to play with her boobs. She tried to avoid it but I was so uncontrolled that she surrendered herself and started to enjoy the play. She turned her face and we started to kiss passionately. I took her tongue in my mouth and was sucking her saliva.

I slowly increased the speed of kissing and finally bite her lip. She became more Horney by this. I took out my lips from her but she again locked mine with her, we started to kiss again. Gradually we slow down our kiss and then I broke the kiss. Till then my one hand was busy with her milk tanker and one with her ass crack. Then I concentrated on her big milk mountains. I lifted her with my hands and made her to sit on the table which we have in kitchen.

I removed her night gown to till her waist. She was sex goddess for me at that time. I started to suck her breast with full force. She was moaning like Hamm, ahhhh, oh yaaa. This sounds made me more crazy and I was increased my sucking speed. Milk was oozing from her breast and I was drinking her milk as I am her baby. I don't know whether she fed milk to her child or not. Of course I was not bothered about that as I was getting my morning breakfast sufficiently from her.

She held my hairs strongly and she was very much hornier then me. I changed my mouth from left breast to right and started to suck harder. In middle while sucking I used to byte her nipples which are like strawberry. I sucked her both milk containers till they become empty. My stomach was full so that no need of any further breakfast. I took her in my arms and made her to remove her gown completely. She removed her gown when I lifted her up. And I removed my all clothes.

Oh my God! My sister was completely nude in front of me that too early morning. She has a perfect figure for a person to die to have sex with her. Now I saw her pink pussy which was cleanly shaven. The juice was oozing from her pussy. I didn't waste any time and started to lick her pussy. The taste of her juice was making my cock grow little bigger. I inserted my tongue into her pussy.

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She understood what I was hinting and bent down and took my cock into her mouth. Man, I was in heaven; she slowly opened her mouth wider and took my cock slowly. She started too slowly and gradually increased her speed. She was twisting her mouth so that I get more pleasure. I was pushing my cock deeper inside her mouth to which she cannot breathe. After some seconds I took my cock out from her mouth and lifted her and made her to bend like dog.

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I will do whatever you say, I am your bitch, please fuck my harder, please. I asked will you have sex with me in future. For which she told "at any time you ask for sex I am ready to give my cunt. You can drink my milk. I will not let the baby to drink the milk I will give bottle milk to baby, please fuck me. After hearing this I told her till you are here you have to do whatever I say to which she nodded her head. I started humping her again with more speed.

She was moaning again like "yeaaaa, ohhhhhh yeah fuck me, fuck me bro little faster, make me cum. She cum twice in this time. I fucked for another 10 min and took my cock out and turned her to me and released my cum to her mouth and to her breast. She started to take my cum inside her mouth. She took every drop of my cum to her mouth and told it tastes good. We took rest there for another 30 min. Then again started to play with her boobs. My cock was growing again.

I started to press her boobs. Suddenly her child started to cry from bedroom, so she was leaving, but held her not allowing her going. She requested me to go after that you can do anything. I told her I will take you to bedroom. I told her to wear her gown and I wore my clothes. Then I lifted her to her bedroom. There I dropped her on to the bed and I went to bathroom. Meantime she was feeding her child I came after 5 min from bathroom. I sat next to her.

Her child was sucking her left breast which was not having any milk. After not finding the milk baby started to cry again for milk. We both got up and again went to kitchen milk for the baby. She already prepared a bottle of milk for baby. Then I thought she was preparing bottle milk for baby. She gave the bottle to baby and feeding the milk. After drinking the milk baby slept again. She went to room to sleep the baby and came back and told that she will prepare something to eat and started with it.

I started raising her gown from bottom. Then I changed my mind and went inside her gown and started to lick her pussy again. She was not able to proceed with the work and couldn't control. She pushed my head little inside. I licked her pussy till she cum. then I opened my cock and lifted her nighty and started to fuck. She was moaning louder. We fucked for another 20 min. After fucking I went to my room to take rest for the next session. She also took half an hour rest and started with her kitchen work.

I slept for an hour and woke up, took bath and asked her to take bath and get ready. I was waiting in her room. She came out with night gown. I asked her to come to me. She came, I lifted her gown. I found she was not wearing panty and also bra. I asked her wear a sari with bra and panty. She surprised but did same what I told. I asked her to show her bras and panties to me. She sown everything, She was having good pairs of modern undergarments with different designs.

I choose white panty which is having only thread in back and little transparent and a white transparent front hook bra. She wore those and wore a sari again selected by me. I told her adjust the sari so that deep navel and cleavage should be visible. She did everything what I told. Before this she slept her baby again after feeding bottle milk. We went to dining table to have our food. We were sitting opposite to each other.

While having food I slowly started to take my leg to her pussy area. She understood my act and adjusted herself so that I can reach her easily. I reached her pussy area and started to press her pussy with my leg. She was getting Horney by this act and she was not able to continue with her food so as I. I took a pause and allowed her to have food. After finishing the food she finished all her cleaning stuff. Till now I was waiting in her room. After 15 min she came to room.

I asked her to come to me. She obeyed me. I made her to sleep on the bed. I started to kiss her. She was responding for the kiss very well. We kissed for 10 min. I broke the kiss and started to unbutton her blouse. After each button I open her breast were becoming bigger like rubber balloon. I parted her blouse but not removed and did the same thing to bra. I started to drink her milk from her right breast.

The milk was already generated so I was drinking full of milk after having food. After emptying her right breast I took care of left one. And I did the same to left breast. After that I asked her to stand up. I pushed her towards the wall and made her stand. I lifted her sari till her waste. I was wearing small Bermuda without underwear. I took out my dick and I was rubbing to her ass crack. Then I pushed her panty little down so that my cock can reach her pussy.

She was feeling uncomfortable with this but she did not tell anything. I inserted my cock into her pussy. She was feeling pain, but I did not leave. She told me at least remove the panty for which I said let it be. I started humping her. She felt pain initially but later she started enjoying it. I fucked her for 15 min like that and took her in my arm and made her sit on bed. I took her legs to my shoulder spreading her pussy wide.

I just pushed her panty aside and inserted my cock. I started to fuck her this time little faster. She cum thrice in 15 minutes after 15 min I felt about come. So took my cock out and inserted into her mouth. She started to suck faster. With in two min I cum in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. We slept there till my parents came and bell rang. Remaining will be in next part. Don't forget to comment and feedback on the story .

Joke: Words You Do Not Want To Hear During Sex

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:44 AM PDT

"You feel almost as good as my wife."

"You know, your mother is so much better!"

"Mommy, Daddy what are you doing?"

"Oh my God!!! 3.5 seconds, a new record"!!!!!!

"Do you mind? I'm trying to watch TV."

"Darling, don't you think that the ceiling needs painting?"

"Oh Janet!" . And your name is Carol

"Will you please hurry up there is a really good movie coming on in one minute."

"Is it hurting? I can't even feel it."

"Is it in yet?"

"Do you think your sister would like to join us?"

"Finished! I didn't think you started yet."

"But you said you would be through by the time the commercial was over."

Editor: Please feel free to write about the words you wouldn't like to hear during sex in the comments. Thanks.

Having fun 35000 feet in the air with Airhostess

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Hi readers, this is Mr b who is shashis boss, since I was on europe tour on business couldnt catch up, but read all the episodes of my secy shashi getting handled in bus and also gang banged which was teasing my dick to have a dive in her pussy at the earliest. because of the very hectik schedule I never had time for fun excepting few times at the night club the waitress masterbating
me under the table and couple of times getting blow job done by the hotel stewardess, anyway nothing very hot so no point in thinking about it, my mind was all set to have a good fuck back with shashi.
on my return from frankfurt I got a flight yo mumbai as I had a business meet, I landed at 2.30am in the morning and checked into hotel bawa near the domestik terminal, my clients picked me up at 8.30 frm the hotel and after meeting dropped me back at hotel by 12 noon and my flight was at 3 pm I checked out and reached the terminal to find my flight was delayed by 1 hr,
anyway checked in and sat oggling at nice women and there ass with a nice erection now and then, readers you may all remember this delay was due to the international flight skidding on the runway coz of rain and there was only one runway operational, so most of the flights were delayed, and finally my flight was rescheduled to 11.30pm in the night.
dear readers what happened on the flight, is like a dream for me and many of you may feel its a concocted story, but its left upto you to believe as me and shashi who are sex freaks always tried the experience the ulimate and share with you readers hence, I am keeping the airline name in secret, with the flight getting so delayed most of the people opted to cancel their flights or reschedule for the morning.
anyway boarded and hardly there were 40 to50 people and once airborne I looked around and changed the seat to the rear, where I could peacefully work on my laptop, I asked the airhostess for some water and I went to wash room to relieve myself and when I got back the airhostess was gazing at my laptop her name was maryann which is her real name.
when I went to washroom after few minutes my screen went for screen saver, this screen saver I got from a top level business contact, its nothing but slide show of kingfisher calender girls shot off screen, its very provocative and will give anyone a hard on, as she smiled she said u seem to be a very horny man, for which I replied for this if u say horny I have 1000 times better than this in my system,
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I knew her pussy was itching for more sucking, I looked at her face and said " baby dont push ask for it" she said " I am about to explode and want to in your mouth please suck my pussy" I replied with pleasure will drink all your juice dear and wait for my turn to load my cum in your mouth,
that naughty look was of acceptence and the next 10 mts I voraciously ate her cunt and she exploded into her oragasm, she held my head between her thighs so tight it was difficult for me to breath, she took few minutes to recover and got up and attacked my pant zips, my cock was throbbing with erection which sprung out and in no time she was licking my circumsized dick head,
she was tasting my precum, as she enjoyed the sucking my left hand reached her pussy and I inserted 2 fingers and started to finger fuck her, I didnt last long may be 5 mts my pressure built up and I pushed her head downwards so that my cock can hit her throat and exploded my load of cum into her, she never let out a drop down and relished my sperms crawling allover inside her mouth,
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by went their stationa and dressed up and came back with a small bottle of water for me, as we exchanged our whereabouts she was standing next to me the pilot announced to prepare for landing. anyway she has given her number to me she is basically from calcutta partially manipur origin and I am going to fuck her in the near future,
as we were landing just rested my head and was thinking where all destiny takes us. readers kindly post your sincere comments, excepting the airline name everything I have written clear to the best of fucking senses hahahahahah. As I landed just dreaming when will I get my sex goddess shashi to fuck the daylights out.

Sex Advice: Couple enjoying masturbating together

Posted: 03 Oct 2011 09:41 AM PDT

Question. I am 45 and my wife is 40 and we have been married for over 16 years. We have a 14-year-old son. For a long time we have been enjoying masturbating together where we orally stimulate each other and help each other masturbate. For the past six months, we haven't even felt the need to have intercourse. But even after 16 years, my wife is worried about pain during intercourse. Is it okay to continue doing what we are doing? Is it necessary to have intercourse if we enjoy masturbating together?
Answer. Go ahead. So long as you both enjoy the interaction and you do not want another child. Many elderly couples do exactly what you both are doing.

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