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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Hot sex with Agnes

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 01:04 AM PDT

It was my first love. She was my angel and still she remains so. First we met in a village beach. She was wearing Dhavani or half saree. She war fair in color, while I am dark. She had little boobs and a dollar was swinging between her mounts. We were taking for hours. The beach was empty. It was 12 noon and all the fishermen should have gone for rest.
My hands were under her blouse. She had nice boob and it was my first touching of a girl. She said, Vandaga… appuram… (No. Not not) I could not control myself. I kissed her on her lips. God I thought, how sweet her lips were. Her hands were caring my neck. I found someone walking towards us. I lifted her and forced her to walk to safety.
We crossed a sand dune and walked down, I put my hands on her buttocks and again kissed her. That was our first meeting and we wanted more. We planned a outing. It was coastal village with historical importance. I got a room in the Government Tourist Home. It was just OK. We were talking for hours on bed. I did not touch her neither she.
After a long time I lied on her laps. She was caring my hair with her fingers. It was heaven. All of a sudden I smelt something. It was from her heaven. She was wearing a saree. Suddenly I lifted along with petticoat and I found the triangle. It was not hairy. she might have shaved it a few days ago.
I kissed her triangle and started to lick her pundai (cunt). She was speechless and tried to push me away. She said asingam (dirty) in Tamil. I said everything of you are nothing but honey. I licked her to my best and she resisted and later pulled my head deep in her. She said Aiyo, Aiyo and I was suffocating.
My head was between her slender thighs and I tasted her sweetness. She released my turned upside down. Her buttocks were round and inviting me. I lied on her. My pants were up however my Thambi (penis) were erect and I pushed my hands into her blouse. I was smelling her hairs. She was moving her head left to right. I fondled her breasts. They were handful and like sponge.
She said, Vandaga. Kalyam ana appurama vaichikalam. (Not now, after marriage) I just kissed her neck and back. She was shivering. I turned her up kissed her for long. She was hot and sucking my lips. I tried to open her blouse. She again resisted. I said, Agi I need it. She looked into my eyes and allowed me. I undid her hooks and found her bra and tore it away.
I just put my head on her breast and rested. She put her hands on my hair and cared me. I started to lick her nipples and she was moaning… Tappu panrom (We are doing wrong) I asked he nee ennai kathalikiria? (Do you love me) She said yes promise. I said I too love you and never in my life I betray you.
She was speechless. I removed her saree and kissed her love triangle. She was moaning. I undressed myself and positioned myselfe between her legs. I was kissing her and she guided my tool into her hole. I pushed it in she souted, aiyo aiyo I waited for a while. She pushed my buttocks towards her an my thambi was in her pundai. She had closed her eyes and licking her lips. I started to and fro.
Her under lips were lick vice and I had tight feeling. She was milking me. I was pumping her. She asked will you marry me. I said you are my life. Her legs were locked on my hip. I was sucking her lips and breasts. Her mulais (breasts) were soft and mouthful. I smelt her armpits. I was fucking her like there was no another day.
She was moaning, enneanga medhuva saiunga (Dear do it slow) I accepted. I pushed my sunni (penis) in slow and waited for a few seconds and reversed and waited for a few seconds and again pushed in. She was in heaven and told me neengatha en ouire (You are mu life). I was making slow and steady.
She was motionless and all of a sudden she cried yeeeennnnanga and becme motionless. Her jaws were open and an eternal happiness settled on her face. I pick up speed and pushed in and out. Her yoni was like gee and I was traveling from heaven to heaven. She was still motionless and all of a sudden she widened her legs and pulled me in.
Her cunt was sucking me. I could not push further. She held me in that position for a min. Later She allowed me to fuck. I was desperate and fucking her um um um. She cried and asked me to shoot. Yenga seekiram ennaku rendu thadavi. ungaloda oru dhadavia aganum (I reached twice and I want one with you) I decided and increased speed.
She said thanga mudiala (cannot stand it) I came she too. We were embracing each other. We did not realize time or place. After a long time she walked away to bathroom. when she returned she sit on my face. I did not understand. She said yennoda muthal thadavi un nakkalthan (I first got orgasm was made by your tongue) I licked her pundai and she came again.
I pinned her on bed and fucked her. She said vendaga eriuthu (No darling it is burning) I stopped and we kissed each other. Then she put her hand behind and pulled me inn. It was like hot mouth sucking me. I started in and out. She after a long time said Mudichirunga (Complete it) I fucked her in speed and came in her.
she slept on my shoulder and I was caring her like a child. That was our first and last. Our love came light and her parents took away to Trichy and later she was married to someone. After years I found her in a bus. She was looking at me. Later, when she moved out of bus, she came to me and said.
neengathan yen purushan aana nama ona vazaha mudiythu (You are my husband, however we cannot live together) I was spell bound. She is true. I still love her. I know we belong to different religion cannot live together, however, not religion can prevent us from loving.

Joke: Ladkiya Purse Mein Kya Kya Cheeze Rakhti Hai?

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:59 AM PDT

Santa Apni Ek College Friend Ke Sath Shopping Mall Mein Ghumne Gaya,
Vahan Ladki Ko Washroom Jana Hota Hai, To Santa Ko Apna Purse Dete Hue Bolti Hai
Girlfriend: "Yeh Purse Pakdo Mein Abhi Aayi"
Ab Santa Hai To Akal Se Sayana Hi, Socha Ki Dekhu Ladkiya Bag Mein Kya Rakhti Hai
Jaisi Hi Usne Purse Ko Khola Usmein Se Rubber Ka Lund Nikla.
Santa Ke Ye Dekh Ke Tote Udd Gaye Aur Usne Fatafatt Purse Band Kar Diya.
Ladki Washroom Se Aayi Aur Majak Majak Mein Usne Santa Ko Puchha.
Girlfriend: "Khola To Nahi?"
Santa: "Na Ji Na, Purse Khol Ke Mene Apni Gaand Thodi Fadwani Hai"

Sex Advice: Guy worried about girlfriend getting pregnant after foreplay

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:58 AM PDT

Question. During foreplay, I performed oral intense sex on my girlfriend. She was naked and rubbed her body over mine, but I was wearing my underpants. We both ejaculated at the same time. If her vagina touched my underwear after I ejaculated, is there a chance she could get pregnant?
Answer. Is your tongue near your pants? Unlikely that she will conceive as your pants were in the way. Check with a urine pregnancy kit from a chemist if you want to be really sure.

Bengali MILF aunty peeling off blue bra panty showing naked body and fucked pics 1

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:57 AM PDT

First batch of hot pics of a booby Bengali MILF aunty revealing her blue bra panty and peeling them off to reveal her big tits giving glimpse of her ass cheeks and pussy.

Booby college professor posing nude in Goa hotel room after fucking student pics

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:57 AM PDT

Hot pics of a booby college professor posing nude showing her big tits and ass cheeks after fucking her student in Goal hotel room while on a trip.

Sexy Latin whore girl riding dick and fucked in open lotus position MMS 3

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:57 AM PDT

Latin whore girl tits fondled by customer during sex in lap position on chairLatin call girl getting fucked her socks off missionary style in hotel room
Third and final part in which the horny Latin guy continues to fuck the whore girl in lap position i.e. the open lotus position and sucking her lovely tits and then pumping her cunt missionary style.

File size: WMV - 13.35 MB, 3gp - 3.80 MB ; Playing time: 5:50 mins
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Petite Kanpur college girl riding and fucking boyfriends dick in hostel room MMS 3

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:56 AM PDT

Kanpur college whore girl riding cock cowgirl style guiding dick into pussyKanpur college slut girl grinding pussy against cock having hot sex with boyfriend
Third and final part in which the horny college babe mounts her boyfriends dick and slides up and down while the guy caresses her lovely ass cheeks.

File size: WMV - 14.25 MB, 3gp - 4.45 MB ; Playing time: 6:50 mins
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Sexy NRI girl stripping off her bra panty jumping around and masturbating MMS 1

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:56 AM PDT

NRI girl posing in sexy bra panty to tease boyfriend on camSexy NRI girl posing topless showing juicy tits on cam
First of two parts showing a naughty and sexy NRI girl stripping off her clothes and skimpy bra panty to reveal her juicy tits and hairy cunt while jumping around.
File size: WMV - 10.35 MB, 3gp - 2.95 MB ; Playing time: 4:31 mins
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Joke: Choot Se Mukti

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:55 AM PDT

Baba Saxidas Ke Un Logo Ke Liye Kuchh Upaye Jo Apna Sara Jeevan Choot Ke Piche Kharab Kar Dete Hai
1. Hum Sab Log Choot Ke Liye Gidgidate Hai, Choot Ka Qaidi Ban Na Chhodiye Aur Muth Mariye Aur Apne Pairo Pe Khade Ho Jayiye.
2. Jo Sapne Mein Ladki Dekh Kar Sapne Mein Hi Usko Chodne Ki Shamta Rakhte Hai Vo Sada Khush Rahte Hai
3. Aajkal Ladkiyo Ki Choot Is Kadar Fatti Hoti Hai Ki, Choot Marne Se Jyada Maja Muth Marke Aata Hai
4. Jaisi Koi Bhi Balatakari Choot Marne Ke Bad Uski Kami Ke Bare Mein Shikayat Nahi Karta, Aisi Hi Sachha Muthmar Bhi Shikayat Nahi Karta.
5. Choot Mar Kar Apne Lund Ko Beemari Laga Kar Choot Ko Chhodne Se Acha Hai Muth Mar Ke Lambe Samaya Tak Iska Ananad Lena.
5. Choot Marne Ke Liye Kamra Dhundne Aur Paisi Kharch Karne Se Acha Hai, Kahi Bhi Kabhi Bhi Muth Maro Aur Chalte Bano
So Dosto Choot Ke Piche Bhagna Chhodo Aur Muth Mar Ke Dikha Do Ladkiyo Ko Ki, Apna Haath Jagannaath.

Jeet Fucking Sexy Gym Partner Nikki - II

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:54 AM PDT

After our first fucking session me and Nikita decided that we will fulfill each others fantasies and fuck each other as much as possible before her husband could return back from his trip.... so every day once I reach office I would finish off work as fast I can and go into a conference room and talk with my new found treasure for hours together.
We discussed each and every ways we wanted to get fucked, it was not possible to visit her daily due to my work and wife being lets get stared, it was the second week of December and my kid got his Christmas holidays and as Usually my wife was very excited to visit her parents place.
I told her that I will join her on the eve as I have too much pending work.. she left to her moms place and immediately called up Nikki " there is good news for u babes " she said " R u on d way to fuck me dear " we both started to laugh and I said " very soon baby but listen my wife left to her parent's place and I will have one entire week for myself.
she said " come right over honey I need something hot in my hole soon"... I was in office that time and said will meet her at her place by evening.. this was on a Friday... due to the holiday season most of my peers were on leave and that day I had to finish up all their work so got held up with that I could not meet Nikki that night.
I conveyed the same to her and she said " its ok baby but u gotta make sure that I am completely satisfied 2 moro and u will do as I say " I said " ok my sexy bunny, ur wish is my command ".....
Next both the days were my offs, I had already informed Nikki to come to gym around 11:00 AM. I got up very excited and called up wife for formality sake and informed her that I will be going out for my friends B'day treat so might not be able to attend her calls often, she was ok with that. once things were taken care at home I happy put my tracks and head to the gym.
Nikki was already in the gym, we greeted each each and I was holding her hands. she was wearing a black track and grey tees. I went close to her and said " dont finish up all the workout here babes ul be sweating the entire day " she said " I know thats why I am only doing stretching exercise so that I can stretch to the max" we both started to laugh and wend off on the treadmill.
I could not be away from Nikki for long to came back to the floor, I went exactly behind her and was doing some chest press workouts on the machine. Her ass was facing me and her entire curve was visible from that angle. My shaft was getting hard just looking at her in that position. I just imagined myself fucking her in that doggy position right there.
she turned around and sent me a text " all this and more honey, oh did I say without any cloths ". I dick started to swell and its hard to hide erections track pants. I replied back saying " come near the water dispenser babes need to show u something " she replied " I already can see that dent baby"..... our gym is in the 3rd floor and being a holiday season hardly there were any people.
I went near the exit and Nikki followed me. I dragged her near the stairs and pinned her on the wall. held her hair and started to kiss her wildly, she put her hands in my track and started to feel my dick. she just pushed me on the stairs and was trying to take my dick out. I said "oh baby not here someone might come"
she was just not in the mood to listen and pulled my dick out and started to blow me out, Oh man getting half naked in some public place was giving me a different kick and my hands were squeezing her boobs and playing with her hair, this went on for some time and we could hear some foot steps and she released me.
quickly I pretended as if I was on the phone and she went back to gym. I followed her a few mins later and sent her a msg " baby I cant workout like this lets go now and please take off ur panty while u come" she just looked at me and went to the changing room. even I went and got freshened up. we both got into the life and again we started to grab each other, we were behaving like some teenagers who are having some fun for the first time.
My car was parked in the basement and its fully tinted. I knew the tint would be handy some day. As soon we got in Nikki wanted to grab my dick. I looked around there was no one. I said "baby I had my share of fun not its ur time" she threw her red panty at me. it was already wet and I sniffed it like a dog. she pulled it away from me and said "dont u wanna taste the juice directly baby"
and she kept her legs on the dash board and pulled her tracks till her upper thighs. the sight was just awesome, one had babe wanting to get fucked badly and in ur car showing her pussy. I started to rub her upper clit madly and did not enter her pussy her head was back and she tossed her hip. she said "u fucker put ur hands in my hole now.... I want it badly.... awwww aawwwww aawwww"
she was moaning and she herself put my fingers. I started to finger fuck her, first I put my two fingers and then three... her wet hair, lust filled eyes, sexy figure and moans were making me mad.... I tweaked her nipples at the same time.... she could not take it any more "baby I am commminngggg oh god.... it feels so good.... jeetu fast baby fast..... awww god... fuck me hard... oh gosh"
she got her first orgasm for the day......I took my fingers and licked off her entire juice....we kissed each other and she said " baby lets go home.. I need something bigger than ur fingers now'... we drove to her place..once I parked my car inside her garage she closed the doors and we went inside her place...... once inside she said "baby can we quickly have a fuck or u wanna rest"
I said who the hell want to rest and picked her up..... we both were trying to each most of each other... I put on the dining table.... cleared all the things... pulled her tracks down completely,,,, now she was only wearing her bra and gym t-shirt,,,,, I sat on the chair and that inviting pussy was staring at me " baby I lick d fuck out that pussy...."
I put her legs on my shoulders and dug my tongue into that love hole... Nikki was pushing my head more n more into her hole and and with each deep lick she started to lift her hips...."oh baby I cant take this any more please put ur dick my hole"... I removed my tracks and my dick was already swelling by all the actions we were having....
I made her sit on my and take my dick in a sitting position.... she was riding we now... and I took off her and my t-shirt.... her boobs were jumping all over my face, I started to give her love bites on her boobs and she fucked me...... I held her by her waist and put her on the dining table and got on top of it... I dint care if it will break or anything will happen...
it was just pure lust between two bodies.... we both were sweating and she was digging her nails all over my back..... I kept my dick in entrace of her pussy but did not push it in " oh god jeetu just fuck me u bastard.. and fuck me hard now... put that dick all the way inside me baby... pplsssss"... she put her legs around my waist and with one deep thrust I was all inside....
"oh yesss oh yesss more baby... fuck me more" I started my fucking game now... and started to fuck her with all my might.... with each push she would move closer to the edge of the table....after about 15 mins of fucking her in that position I wanted to last more.... so I pulled my dick out... there was some jam on the table...
I took some jam and applied it all over breasts and nipples.... and put some her dripping hole as well..... there was no place for even air to pass through us.... we were rubbing all our bodies.... she took my dick and applied some jam on balls and started to lick it.... I got unto her hole and started to chew her pussy........
we were doing 69 position and licking of jam from each others bodies....... she was making all kinds of sounds " slurppr slurrrpp slurrrppp " and I was " oh nikki more baby.... suck my balls too ".... I wanted to shoot inside her hole and so got and pulled her on the edge of table... we both were on floor now and I made her ass face my dick just like the way in the gym.....
and started to fuck her from behind... her one had was rubbing her clit so I held her hair and started to fuck her hard" fuch fuch fuch fuch".... the room was filled with this sound..... " baby I cant hold it any longer.... I am gonna come inside " she said : shoot ur seed baby I want it all my hole. "... I came hard and my entire body was jerking as I unloaded last drop my semen in her hole......
we rested for some while and later had breakfast sitting naked on the same table.... that day and the next day... I stayed over at her place... but that will be stored for the next time... ur comments are the biggest motivator so please go ahead and give out ur valuable opinion. until next time Jeet signing off.

Sex Advice: Will masturbation affect the varicose veins?

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:52 AM PDT

Question. I am a 27-year-old man. Recently, I underwent varicose vein surgery on my legs. After two weeks, I began masturbating every other day. Will it affect the varicose veins? Can I continue to masturbate? Can it affect my sex life? Please help.
Answer. Varicose veins are not a cause of masturbation nor will it cause varicose veins. Don't worry as it will not affect your sex life.

Bengali MILF aunty peeling off blue bra panty showing naked body and fucked pics 2

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:50 AM PDT

Second batch of hot pics of busty Bengali MILF aunty showing her big boobies clean shaven pussy and ass cheeks getting fucked missionary style.

Assamese lady stripping off top to reveal juicy tits and panty pics

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:50 AM PDT

Hot pics of Assamese lady stripping off her top to reveal lovely bra and juicy tits and designer panty to tease her partner.

Sexy NRI girl stripping off her bra panty jumping around and masturbating MMS 2

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:49 AM PDT

NRI girl standing naked showing juicy tits and pussy on cam to tease boyfriendNRI spreading legs and showing hairy pussy and fingering it during masturbation
Second part in which the naughty NRI girl continues to jump around and shake her tits and ass cheeks and then lying on her back to spread her legs and finger her hairy pussy.File size: WMV - 10.30 MB, 3gp - 2.95 MB ; Playing time: 4:31 mins
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Naughty desi college couple caught fucking by guys on hidden cam MMS 2

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:49 AM PDT

Indian college couple getting bed ready before sex in sleazy hotel roomIndian college couple kissing in bed during sex foreplay
Second part in which the couple hug and kiss each other after eating some food and rolling in bed.
File size: WMV - 16.00 MB, 3gp - 4.60 MB ; Playing time: 7:00 mins
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Naughty desi college couple caught fucking by guys on hidden cam MMS 1

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 12:48 AM PDT

Indian guy setting up hidden cam video to capture Indian couple having sexIndian college couple lying in bed chatting before sex
First of six parts showing a bunch of naughty guys setting up a hidden cam to capture a horny desi college couple fucking inside a room. No Nudity.
File size: WMV - 16.00 MB, 3gp - 4.60 MB ; Playing time: 7:00 mins
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