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Friday, October 28, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Little Sister Seduces Me

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:27 AM PDT

Hi I am Nandu 21 years old, from Kerala. This story is about how my younger sister seduced me to have sex with her. My sister's name is Divya. She is 18 years old. She has very good figures and round boobs and ass, our family consists of our parents, Divya and I at most of the day times, I and Divya will be alone at home as our parents goes for work.

We had two bedrooms, one for parents and other for me and Divya. The incident happened a month ago. As any other boys of this age, I had knowledge about sex. I used to read stories and watch porn videos. But I never had a chance to fuck anyone before. It all started in a few months time. I never had any sexual feelings towards my sister.

But I did not know that my little sister desired to have sex with me. We never used to share any thoughts about sex among us. But we were very close. My sister always used to approach me for various reasons. She used to come to me with her doubts in her studies. But I never knew that used these chances to get some body contacts with me. She used to come and sit near me, or often hug me.

By and by, she started to go further. She had the intention to seduce me. She started make things more complex. Unlike before, when she came to me with her doubts, she started to sit on my lap. Often she sits right on my dick so as to get some pleasure. Many a times her hands went over my cock while she points into the book. I never suspected her deeds.

She even rubbed her boobs and ass on me during the day whenever we are near. After this, she started to do more. We usually sleep on the same bed. During her sleeps she used to hug me, which I thought she was doing unknowingly. One day, before going to sleep, she went into the bathroom. She came out with the same dress, but I saw her hanging her bra on the cupboard.

I understood that she was not wearing a bra. But I never suspected that she was doing all these to seduce me. During that time we had 10 days holidays. But parents had to go for work. So all these days we were alone during day time and my sister found more time to play with me. One afternoon, I was sitting in our room. My sister was bathing. After sometime, she opens the door and came out, wrapped herself in a towel.

Usually she takes the dress inside the bathroom. I asked her what happened. She said that the dress had got wet by falling in water. She was looking very sexy. The towel was not big enough. Her cleavage was partially visible. The towel covered only just above her knees. I started feel uneasy. I cursed myself for seeing my sister in such a way. After sometime, she changed the dress and sat near me. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight short top.

She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were hardly visible. Since the top was short, her navel was partially visible. I was getting turned on. I tried to divert from it and concentrate on something else. I switched on my laptop and placed it on the bed. And now, my sister came and leaned down in front of me. Her cleavage was clearly visible and this made me more uneasy.

She came near me pretending as if she was looking into the laptop. She carelessly placed her hand on my dick. I was shocked. She was looking into the laptop. But she did not take her hand off. I felt good to get a touch on my penis. After some time she started apply more pressure. I tried to take her hand off it.

But she said, "I want it." I was shocked. Saying this, she pushed me on to the bed and kissed me. I tried to stop her, but she kissed me again and said "I need you." This made me more turned on and started to kiss. She stood up and removed her top. Her big round firm boobs popped out. I stood staring at her boobs. She said, "What are you waiting for? Suck them..

I grabbed her boobs with my hands and squeezed. I licked her brown nipples and took one in and started to suck. She started to moan. She was running her fingers through my hairs. Then she stood up and removed my t-shirt and pants. I removed her skirt too. Now both of us were in underwear. She bends down and grabbed my cock over my boxer. She put her hand inside and pinched it.

Then she took it out. She started to run her hand up and down. It was great. Then she took it inside her mouth. I never thought she would do that. She started to suck my cock like an expert. I was in 7th heaven. After sometime I came in her mouth. She drank the cum. Now it was my turn. I quickly removed her panties. I bit her on her ass cheeks. She moaned lightly. Her pussy was cleanly shaven.

I went down and started to lick her cunt. It tasted good. I licked the length of her cunt. As I increased the speed, she had her orgasm and I drank it. I stood up. I doubted whether she would be ready to go any further. She said, "What are you waiting for? It's not over yet! I kissed her passionately. I took my cock and kept near her pussy hole. She helped me to guide it. It was tight.

But she told me that her hymen was already broken due to masturbation. I slowly started to push my cock in. It was paining as it was our first time. She started to make sound of cry. I applied some force and the full length of my cock entered inside. After that I slowly started to pump her in and out.

Both of us started to enjoy as I increased the speed. After some time I came inside her. Both of us were exhausted by this time. We lay there hugging each other. Then we went and had a bath together. During those holidays we had sex many times when we go chance. We even tried different positions and role playing.

Diwali Fireworks -Brother fucks virgin sister on Diwali night

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:26 AM PDT

 Hello friends, this story is the true event in the life of a fan of mine who has sent it to me. Names have been changed for privacy reasons. you may email me your comments at

Deepa is 20 years old girl who is chased by boys in her college. She is a sex bomb with a sexy figure of 36-24-36. She is fair, big eyes and long legs. She is craving for a cock but so far has only sarisfied her cunt with watching porn movies, reading porn literature and by masturbating using candles and cocumbers. Everything had been going fine till her mother Rani began to drink. Her father Ram Parsad used to drink and now Rani had joined her husband. After getting drunk, her father would forget to close his bedroom door and Rani made loud sexy noises when her husband fucked her. 

Deepa and her brother Manu had their roooms adjoining to their parents' room. Manu was 18 years old boy looking for her first sex experience. One day he found a sex magzine in Deepa's drawer. He was so aroused looking at the nude pictures that he began to masturbate in his sister's room. There were Deepa's panties lying on her bed. Manu was fisting his cock and when was about to cum, picked his sister's pink panties and wrapped them around his cock. "Oooooooooooo............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.............ooooohhh!!!!!" he came as he shot a big load of cum in Deepa's panties. The picture of his naked sister appeared when he began cumming.

"You are a wicked and perverted man, Manu. You are an incestuous bastard, masturbating at your own sister'as image!!!! Do you want to fuck Deepa, your own sister?" He asked himself, full of a sense of guilt. "A brother doesn not get turned on by looking at his sister, does he?"

But his mind could not forget his experience of fisting his cock in his sister's panties. And Deepa wondered where her panties had dissappeared. She had put them on her bed, she was sure of that. She found her panties in the laundry the next day and they were stiff with Manu's cum which had dried on them. "Who has touched my panties?" There was no one except her little brother. Manu now fixed a small web cam in their bathroom and took pictures of her sister and mother and down loaded them on his computer. Now he would see those pictures and masturbate in his room. Manu stared at these pictures on his computer and stroked his cock whenever he had time. He imagined that his sister is on her knees, begging Manu to fuck her.

It was the Diwali night when the fateful day arrived. Their parents got drunk and went into their room where their mother was moaning and groaning like a whore and apparently their father was banging her hard. The old couple forgot their half bottle of whiskey on the table. Both Deepa and Manu saw it and Manu said" Sister, why not take a drink? Its Diwali night, who will see us? Lets celebrate Diwali!!" Deepa also wanted to do something naughty. "OK , brother, but dont drink too much and dont tell mom tomorrow" They poured drinks and Manu said,'Why dont we go into my room. We will be more comfortable there" Deepa said "OK"
When they sat on his bed, sipping their drink, Deepa asked her brother to bring some thing to eat as she found the drink bitter. 

Manu went into the kitchen. Then Deepa's eyes fell on the computer screen. Poor Manu had forgotten to close the window and Deepa uttered a cry as she saw her own picture fully naked on the screen of her brother's computer. "Oh my god!" She gasped, 'What is this? Is my brother sick? Manu you bastard, waht is this?" Manu stepped into the room with some fried almonds and saw his sister looking at her own nude pictures. Manu did not know what to say but at the same time they heard their mother groan loud and clear," Ohhh Ramu, chod mujhe jor se...maderchod mujhe randi ki tarah chod....behnchod dal de pura lund meri chut mein.....dekh kia raha hai, Ramu!!!!!!!!(Ohhh Ramu, fuck me hard...motherfucker, fuck me like a whore.....Give me all your cock..What are you waiting for!!!!!!!!!!)"

"Oh, fuck, what are they doing? Why is mom moaning so loud? I wonder if papa is fucking her!!!!" Manu said raising his glass to his lips. Deepa looked at her brother's crotch. His pants had become a tent. "Why did you take my nude pictures? You bastard, are you having dirty thoughts about your sister?" Manu did not care about what could be the result," Deepa, my darling sister, I know you want a cock. I saw your magzine!!! I know you need a fuck. Yes I want to give that fuck to my sister that she needs so bad. It is very hard for me to sleep with mom making all those sex cries. I can only fist my cock when I know my darling sister is fingering her pussy in despair. Deepa, my darling, look at my cock!!! Its dying to fuck a real cunt!! It is hard just for you!!" He unzipped his pants to bring out a 9 inch cock, a black fat meat coming out of a thick black bush of pubic hairs. Inspite of the fact that he was her brother, Deepa's pussy went wet and her heart was throbbing in her chest. 'Yes, I need that cock!! I need this meat in my cunt!!' Her heart said

"Oh my god! Oh my god, Manu!! I've never seen a real cock!!!" Deepa  said breathlessly. He stroked his cock. Deepa gazed at him in wonderment. "You can touch it, sister. Will you like to touch my cock?" She nodded and went close to her brother. The slutty sister lent down between his legs held his cock. The cock throbbed in her hand and she ran her cheek over his cock and finally let her lips brush its head. "Mmmmm," she moaned stroking it while kissing his cock hotly.

"Hey bhaiya, were you planning to fuck your own sister? If I knew you had such a nice cock, I would have accepted your cock long ago!" Deepa whispered before slipping his cock  into her mouth and sucking it like she had seen in blue movies. But she had not known it would be soo good licking a cock.

"Oh, fuck, sister, that feels good. You suck my cock so good!" Manu whispered, grabbing a handful of his sister's hair and guiding her head up and down over the hardened cock. Deepa moaned and slurped as her brother forced more of his cock down her throat.

"Ugh! Fuck!" She said. "I love sucking cock! I wish I could put all of this monster in my mouth, but I can't!!" She said in between slurps. "I absolutely love your cock, brother!" She took one of his balls in her mouth.

"Mmmph! Ugh! C'mon Didi! You seem to be an experienced cock sucker...Mom also sucks papa's cock like this!" Manu continued his nasty talk. "Ugh!! Fuck!! Here I cum, sis!! I'm  cumming, Deepa!!! Stroke it!! Stroke it fast!!! Meri behna, chus mera lund!!! Main jhad raha hoon!!(sister, suck my cock.....I am cumming!!)""

"Yeah!! Haan...mere bhai, mere chehre par, apna lava mere chehre par girayo!! (brother, cum on my face) All over my face!! I want my brother's hot cum all over my face!!!" Deepa gasped as she stroked her brother's huge cock and stared at him lustfully!

"Uhhhhhhh!! Fuck!!!" he gasped, as the first shot of cum came flying out and landing on his sister's face, across her cheeks, nose, lips, and eyes. Manu kept cumming until his sister's face was covered with his cum, which ran down her neck.

When her brother's cock finished cumming, she sat on her buttocks and stared at him smiling. She looked like a slut dying for a cock.

"Why don't you fuck my pussy, brother? My pussy is dying for your cock? Please, Manu? Will you fuck me?" She said, stroking her brother's cock.

"Oh, fuck!!! Didi, take off your clothes. I want to see you naked...I have dreamt of seeing my darling sister naked!!" He was dying to see her tits, ass and pussy. She toook off her shirt, then her pajamas. Deepa stood in her pink panty and bra. "Fuck, Didi!!! You look so sexy in this bra and panty. I love your tits. Ohhh behnchod, Didi, your pussy is wet, look at the wet spot where your wet cunt is. You have made my cock so fucking huge!!!" She took off her panty as her brother gazed down at her trimmed cunt. Manu groaned and brought his hands to his sister's breasts. He mauled and pinched the nipples hard, as his sister caught his cock, "Fuck, bhai! Pinch my nipples you sisterfucker!! Oh my god!!! Your cock is so big!!!"

He cupped her buttocks kissing her nipples. "Didi, lets start fucking. I want to fuck you now. Bend down before me. " Deepa gasped standing on her knees on the bed.

"I want to fuck you from behind!" He moved behind her making her flat on her stomach on the bed. He reached down and grabbed the asscheeks and slapped them lightly.

"Ugh! Manu, mere bhai, dheere se...meri pehli baari hai.....(brother go slow...its my first time)" His sister said in a low voice.

Horny brother found her soaked pussy with his hard cock from behind and pushed his cock in slowly.

"Ugh! Fuck!!!!" Deepa screamed. Her brother's cock felt even bigger when it entered her pussy. Turning back to him again, she whispered slutty encouragement. "Bhaiyaaaaaaaa! Aram se chodo....bahut bada hai tera lund...meri chut kunwari hai, bhaiyaaa...(brother fuck me slow.....its my first time...your cock is so cunt is virgin))Fuck me slow, brother!!! touch my ass!! I'm loving your big cock!! I'm a bad sister for fucking my horny brother!!!!" Manu touched  his sister's ass as he pushed more of his cock meat in and out of her pussy. "You like my ass, brother? You like it?" She asked in her slutty tone.

"Yesssssssssssss, Didi, I love your ass...I love my Didi..I love fucking my Didi!!!!!!!" he said before slapping her ass a little harder this time. His slaps began to turn her ass red as he continued fucking her.

"I want to fuck your ass too!! I love your ass. Will you let me fuck  in the ass, Didi?" he gasped.

Manu's cock was slipping in his sister's tight pussy with ease now. "Ugh!! Fuck meeeee Manu,,,,fuck your sister......fuck me!" Deepa was almost crying.
Brother and sister trembled as he fucked his sister deep and hard. He was slamming his cock hard now and the horny sister was breathing like a bitch."Ugh, fuck!!! Fuck me!!!" she screamed as he buried his cock inside her burning cunt. Then she began cumming and his cock movement told her he was cumming too. She reached back and cupped his balls and squeezed them, urging him on," Bhaiyaaaaaaa....chod dalo....jor se chod dalo..pelo apna lund meri chut mein...behnchod chod lo apni behan ko...teri behna tere liye randi ban gayi hai bhai (Brother fuck me..harder..give my your cock...sisterfucker fuck your sister..your sister has become a whore for you!!!!)"

"Ah!!! I am cummming!! Ah!!!! Fuck!!!!!!! Didi I am cumming in your cunt...Yesss I am a sisterfucker!! I am fucking my beautiful sister!!!!!!!!1" he screamed.

He went on fucking even after he had cummed, his cock still hard in her cunt. "Mmmmm," Deepa moaned in contentment; her face still half-buried in the pillows. Manu pulled his cock out of her cunt and put his arms round her and kissed her hotly on the lips, their tongues dancing.  "That was the the best thing I've ever experienced," she whispered.

"Yesss, it was fucking incredible, Didi," Manu replied. "But fucking your ass will be even better. Will you let me have your ass, Didi?," he asked.

"Mmmm!" Deepa moaned, turning her head to face him. "You really want to fuck my ass?" She asked.

"Yess Didi!!"

"Now we take a shower together and then I will give you my asshole. But Bhai, you must promise that you will not hurt me. Your big cock makes me scared," she said seriously fearing my cock.

They stood and headed toward the bathroom. Naked they stood under the shower. He soaped her boobs, her ass and her cunt. She played with his cock and balls as they bathed. Her pussy twitched as she her brother's hands touched it. She closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like to feel her brother's huge cock in her ass. She couldn't wait to find out.

After the shower, they walked to the bed naked, his eyes glued to her swaying white ass. Manu made her bend on her fours again and brought his large cock to her pussy and rubbed it teasingly before slipping it in. Brother and sister moaned simultaneously as they began to fuck. After some cunt pounding, his cock was wet with her cunt jiuces. Deepa was ready too for her anal drilling. "Didi (sister) my cock is lubricated with your juices.Time for your brother to fuck you up the ass, Deepa!" he murmered  as his sister smiled. She handed a bottle of oil to her brother,' Bhaiya, apply it on your cock and on my ass. I cant take your fat meat without proper lubrication". Deepa said. "And stick your tongue in my ass and get it nice and wet for me!" She spread her ass cheeks with both hands, revealing her brown ass hole. Manu kissed her ass and slipped his tongue into her asshole.

"Mmmm! Ah!! That's it, Manu bhai!! Lick my ass!! Stick your tongue in it!! Get it nice and wet!!!" Deepa  groaned in delight, as her brother's stiff tongue poked at her anal ring. "Oh!!!! Yes!!!! That's it!!!!"

After a few minutes of rimming, Manu rose behind his sister and squirted oil on his sister's asshole. His index finger slipped easily into it as he began to finger his sister's ass.

"Yesss thats it, Manu! Finger my ass!! Get it ready for your  big cock!!!"

Manu added a second finger in his sister's ass and her ass swallowed it too. He felt she was ready. He moved closer and brought the tip of his cock to her well-oiled entrance. He slowly and carefully slipped the tip inside, stopping and allowing his sister to relax and adjust. "Relax your ass muscles, I am pushing my cock in" he groaned in pleasure  as he slowly slipped more and more of his 9-inch cock in his sister's sweet ass. He made sure his sister enjoyed it, not wanting it to hurt. After all nine inches were buried inside his sister's ass, he began to slowly gyrate until she was comfortable. "Are you OK sis? Are you in pain? Or you want to have my cock in your sweet ass? Do you want me to fuck your ass real good. sis"

"Ah, yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass,  brother!!" she began to utter. "Fuck your sister's ass!!!" She added, as her brother began moving  back and forth in her ass. She touched her clit as her brother reamed her asshole. "Oh!!!! That feels soooo good,  brother!!!! Fuck my ass!!!"

"Oh, fuck, Didi, you are a whore!! You're tight! Your asshole's nice and tight!! Ugh, fuck!!!!!" Manu groaned as his glistening cock slid back and forth in his sister's tight ass. He began to slap her ass; each slap bringing a groan of pain and pleasure from his sister's lips.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah, brother, spank me! Spank my ass and fuck my asshole!! I'm such a dirty sister for fucking mybrother!!! Spank me, hard!!!" She gasped, as Manu continued the slaps. Outside the fireworks were on. People were celebrating Diwali. Inside Manu's bedroom, he was bursting fire crackers with his cock in his sister's ass. Soon  brother and sister drew close to orgasm. "I'm going to cum sis! I can't stand it much longer!! I'm  cumming!!!"

"I'm cumming too, brother!! Cum in my ass, brother!! Squirt your cum in my asshole!!!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......yesssss are great!!!!" he screamed, shooting his seed deep inside his sister's ass.

"Ah!!! Fuck, I love  feeling your cock twitch in my ass! Ah!!! Fuck!!! I'm coming too!!! Cum in my ass!!!!" Deepa screamed as her body convulsed, feeling her brother's cock twitch violently inside her ass, as she touched herr clit through her orgasm.

Fucking Innocet Mother And Horny Sister

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:23 AM PDT

Hi friends this is Sri from Hyderabad working in a well recognized organization I am a fair colored man with good looking personality, at present I am 24, I am a very fond of incest because for a simple reason, "I Love Incest" Incest is the one of the strangest thing that I didn't thought to be attracted, but it happened, I am from a middle class family. I have a beautiful sister (Priya) 18 years an innocent mother (Susmitha) 47 years and a cooperative brother (Chinna) 19 years.

Now let us start the story, in my childhood I enjoy to be breast feeded, by my mother. Nearly I was 6 years I am breast feeded by mother, in my childhood my mother used to bath while she is bathing at the starting I used to put my finger in her Pappa (Telugu),she also didn't avoid putting my finger into her pussy. I think she enjoyed it but she was innocent enough to catch my intension. 

After I was grown up she used to bath me and after that she used to bath, but because of habituating to see my Mom Naked all these years while bathing, I am curious enough to see my Mom naked, whenever she give milk to my little cute sister, I used to see my Mom breasts from the corner of the room or through window. As the time passed, I am very much interested to suck my Moms milk, once when Mom was breast feeding my sister. 

I hurriedly went to my mother and tried to touch her naked bobs with my lips, but I received a slap from my Mom. She was shocked to see that her son is still need of her milk; she told to me this is wrong I should give milk to your sister or else she can't get enough proteins and strength. I went out of that room with a sad face rubbing my cheek with my hands and sat on a chair, after my mother completed her breastfeeding she made my sister sleep and observed me that 

I am crying and a finger marks on my milky cheeks and she noticed that and tried to comfort me by trying to hug me, I was so angry on her so I pushed her and ran to the other end of the room, she noticed that I am so angry and asked what you want, without any hesitation I told her that I want to suck her boobs again as I was in childhood. At first she told that this is not good on your part, but to make me happy she dropped her pallu and lifted her jacket so that 

I can clearly see her naked breasts, I immediately ran towards her and caught hold of her boobs and started sucking her breasts. Initially i sucked her softly after that I sucked her hard and fast and after sometime her two breasts were empty and started to bit her nipples she can't bear it and through my head a side and ran to the bed room, I noticed that there is some injury on her breast, I also saw some blood on the floor while she was walking.

 After that incident whenever she feed my sister I will get a chance to suck her, slowly i used to stare her differently like observing her bobs while she was washing the clothes etc, I started watching FTV since I was 11 years, in the nights Mom was a sound sleeper so while she was sleeping her saree came upto her waist, at that time she has a nice figure her statistics are 34-36-35(now)

I accidentally woke up and noticed that her saree is off her thighs, as it was dark and I think hairy i can't notice her cunt but her thighs are visible enough to watch they are in milky white color like my cheeks, I hesitantly placed my finger on her thigh no response so I placed my hand and rubbed here and there and settled on her navel and tickling it, suddenly she made a movement I was scared and went fast asleep.

Once again the night came and I am eager enough to see my Mom's cunt by using a torch light, finally the night came i am waiting to see my Mom will sleep, in the mean while I went to watch TV nothing but FTV. I was excited but know almost nothing to do, so after sometime I calmly entered the room and saw my mother was sleeping on her back and putting her hand on her fore head. I slowly went near her and examined carefully so that 

I shouldn't be caught by my mother but to my bad luck as soon as I tried to lift her saree she got up and shouted you bastard and kicked me with her leg I fell down on the floor and got hurted. I am not brave enough to directly see into her eyes and predicted like I am completely changed man with that kick. I used to move freely and acted as if nothing has happened. I became very effectionate to my mother, in the mean while years passed away very fast, simultaneously my sweet little cute sister

And my brother also grown up, now we three are in teenage we have a right to enjoy anything we want to do. I already fucked few of my classmates and college mates. Now I want to enjoy something more than sex that is nothing but incest so I used to seduce my little cute sister, by means of touching her body more frequently than necessary, hugging her slapping her on her buttocks (ass cheeks) etc.

My sister is very beautiful women her name is Priya I ever fucked in my life time whenever she wear a sleeveless t-shirt I used to hug her from back. Once I observed my sister going into the bathroom for a head bath but I saw my mother also entered to help her daughter in her head bath I thought it was quiet common for a mother to head her daughter and went outside and came back after still I think they were both in the bathroom yes my expectation is right 

And to my surprise my brother was peeking through a key hole of the bathroom and stroking his cock slightly, I went near him and asked what's the matter he was shocked by my words he tried to cover himself and tried to run out of my sight, I caught him and throwed on the floor and threatened that i will kick u then he took a breath a minute and told the unpredictable words to me that my mother is fingering my cute little sister. 

I didn't believe his words peeped into the bathroom to my surprise my sister was spreading her cute little legs and my mother is tongue fucking her daughter. I went near my brother, chinna and made a plan to fuck my mother and sister at a time, he readily agreed and went into the action as soon as my sister (Priya) came from the bathroom I pulled her towel off her body she was shocked by my act and shouted loudly amma

I immediately dragged her naked body on the bed and started crushing her boobs and caressing her ass, though she was enjoying she acted like she hate that sort of acts by me. Suddenly my mother came from the bathroom with wet body and tried to shout at me in the mean time my brother chinna came from behind and caught hold of my mother's boobs and pulled her into the other room and throwed her on the sleep well mattress and removed her towel so that her wet soken body is revealed in front of her son, 

She is also enjoying but shouting recklessly on my brother abusing like u bastard get rid of me, but he gripped her very strongly so that he can access her boobs conveniently, he was crushing her boobs with his hard hand. On the other hand I am licking Priya's breast forcefully and simultaneously playing with her hair on her cunt, slowly I inserted my index finger into her cunt and lip locked her so that she can't breathe any air for few seconds so as I 

But i am sure that she was enjoying this a lot and she is waiting for a hard core fuck from a long time as I am seducing her since one year so she was attracted to me very easily, slowly her screaming turned into long moans and she started to respond very well with my lip kiss and using her tongue she started to struggle against my tongue finally I intentionally loosened to comfort her so that she will not be hurted by me. 

In the other room Chinna is licking his and our mother's cunt very furiously slowly mother started enjoying her son licking her cunt, with a loud moan she discharged a huge organism on her sons face he licked it clean and started to unzip his jeans she lovingly entered her hand into his jeans and caught hold of her boner, he was very much excited by the act of her mother he is in cloud nine.

I slowly massaged priya's cunt and inserted my other finger i started to move it softly and mean while licking my finger and she started to scold me like anything like in Telugu (Anna nee Cellini dengu nee modda kosam wait chesthunna na kanne puku neeke kommai ani lanja laga matladindhi) I was very much shocked by that words from my sister's mouth because I never heard such sort of words before, in the mean while she had a great organism 

I licked her cunt cleanly and set her in a missionary position. I slowly opened my zipper that's all my boner is ready in front of her face as I was already excited it was very hard enough that she can't get my full length into her mouth, she lovingly caressed my pennies and pulled my foreskin back and forth and sucked my dick very hard, I stopped her for a moment and got off the bed as my father was not in the city we can have at least a month of fucking session, 

He was on his way to Delhi and will come back after a month. I slowly went to the next room my bro was fucking my mother very hard that she can't bear anymore and finally he cum on our mother's stomach and fell down on her, then I got an idea and called my brother and told my plan he readily agreed and we four reached to a nice cushioned sofa which will carry six persons comfortably.

I placed my Priya on the sofa and set my position at the entrance of her cunt and rubbing my cock on the outer walls of her cunt, just like teasing. She got excited and she can't bear anymore and told to me you sister fucker you soon fuck me or else I will kill you, I understood the situation and slowly inserted my cock into her virgin pussy by spreading her legs as far she can for tacking my manhood into her cunt, hardly it entered 2-inches as 

I have 6 12 inches dick I slowly gained confidence and went near my sisters breast and took one nipple into my mouth and the other is pinching her right nipple, I comforted her for a while and pushed my dick with my full strength, I entered in a one go and I noticed that blood was oozing from her pussy. She was screaming a lot I decided not to hurt her anymore and stopped I hugged her lovingly and kissed her on forehead i drinked her tears and she slowly started ignoring the pain asked me to push my dick very hard, into her open sealed cunt. 

I started slowly and cautiously after a moment I picked up my pace and fucked her to my best for each shot i am touching her womb. At the other side my bro is fucking my mother in a constant speed mean while i placed my hand on my mother's naked breasts and pinched her left nipple. Soon priya shouted that she was Cumming. I also picked up the pace fucked her hard and kept in the seventh heaven I also noticed my balls are getting erect 

I discharged my seed into Priya's cunt and fell asleep on her, my brother also discharged his cum on my mother's body and slept on her we are very tired. We slept like that for four hours as I woke up, I saw my mother sleeping in front of me with her naked body, I got an errection and started to finger her with my middle finger, she woke up suddenly and noticed my fingering she got off the sofa and reached near me and kissed on my lips. 

We both are chewing our lips as anything else, in the mean while my bro woke up and noticed our kissing session he got aroused and tried to wake my sister but she ignored him as she was very much tired, she slept again, he got frustrated and tried to come towards us our mother avoid him and told him that she wanted my gel into her womb. She slowly fingering her ass and kissing on my lips I bit her nipples then she got 

Aroused and told me that she was waiting for a fuck from me quite a long time; I once again remembered the old experiences and slowly cupped her breasts one by one. I set my mother in doggy style and inserted my dick into her spongy cunt it went quite comfortably without any difficulty as it was a matured cunt and the place where I came from 24 years back. 

I jerked a bit and gave huge strokes, and she reciprocated my strokes by moving her ass rithemically, I moved quickly and spurted a hot get of semen into my mother's pussy this was the most excited movement in my life. After four hours of our session we slept in our bed room leaving my bro and sister priya there itself, I suddenly got some moaning sounds from the sofa area i guessed that this bastard is fucking my sis priya, but this time 

I was totally wrong they were taking food while watching a hardcore blue film. Food serving is very different Priya is serving the food she is keeping the jam coated bread on her breasts and he should complete the bread with touching with his hand, I liked the game. I also wanted to join the game they readily agreed as the game progressed, Priya got aroused and asked us to fuck as hard as we can so that she can be satisfied! Yes you are right its threesome sex.

First I lay on my back and comfortable on myself then Priya layed on me i inserted my dick into her ass and started stroking her virgin ass very softly so that It won't hurt her in the mean while my brother Chinna has inserted his cock into her cunt and started as he sat on her I should bear two persons weight but by the weight is enjoyable because as the pressure increases on Priya's body her ass becomes contracted and I feel very tight 

I fucked her ass very hard and cum into her virgin ass she as well as my bro Chinna also cummed in her lower mouth(cunt) in that way we have a great month with four of our family members. Please mail me on girls and boys feel free to mail me and later on I will provide my number and introduce my family members, friends lastly I want to say something that "Sex is one of the art in our life so feel free to have sex with any one with your family members especially long live to incest" 

My Little Brother

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:22 AM PDT

Hi readers my name is Anitha (Anu), 21 years old, from Kerala. I live with my mother and younger brother. My father died when I was still young. My brother's name is Sanjay (Sanju) he is 18 years old. Both of us were liked normal sister and brother. We used to fight with each other. My mother got govt job as my dad while he was in govt. service. Since mom goes for work, me and my brother used to get time to spend together.

I forgot to mention about myself. I had a good figure of 32-26-30. I was fair in colour. My brother was handsome indeed. I did not have any sexual feelings on him. After all he was my little brother as every boy, my brother had curiosity for sex. I knew this as I had noticed many changes in him for the last few years. I knew it was common at that age.

Sanju used to stare at the pictures of ligerie advertisments in magazines and television. I used to notice this. But I never told this to mother or questioned him. As time passed by, I noticed his attention turn towards me. He started took look me as a girl, rather than his sister. He started to stare at my boobs, catch glimpses of my cleavage etc. Whenever I was near him, I noticed his eyes roaming about my body, and I could see bulge in his pants. 

I suppressed giggles on seeing this and this went on as he grew up, he started to grow courage and go further. He tried to touch my body parts as if he did it unknowingly. But I knew all these. By and by, I started to enjoy his acts. I started to interact closer to him. There were only two bedrooms in our house. I used to sleep with my mom, and brother in the other. I wanted to get close with my brother. I wished to shift my room. 

I told my mom that it would be better for me to shift to Sanju's room as I had to stay late at night to read, and it would be a disturbance to mom. Morover the computer was in his room, so I could use it. I convinced my mother to shift room. She agreed. From the next day I shifted my room. From then me and Sanju started to share the same bed. I wanted him to go further. As I expected, he used to take chances to touch my body parts. 

At night, he used to touch my boobs thinking that I was asleep. But he never went any further. During day time I started to interact more closely to him. I even brushed my hands over the bulge in his pants. At last a chance came. It was a Saturday mom had gone to office. On that day we had Onam festival celebration at college. For that I had to wear half-saree (Dhavani)

Morning I got dressed up and came out. Since it was half saree, my navel was partially exposed. I saw that my brother was stunned to see me. He kept staring at me for a long time. Especially at my boobs at navel I pretended that I hadn't seen him noticing. Purposefully gave him more time to look. I went to college and returned at afternoon. College had closed for 10 days. Sanju too returned by that time. He too had 10 days leave. 

I was still in my dhavani. Purposefully I did not change the dress. Mom would return only at evening. Since I was still in dhavani, I noticed my brother constantly glancing at me. I exposed my navel more, and this started to disturb him. I asked him what happened. He said nothing both of us had lunch. After that he just went and lay on his bed for a nap. I too went and lay near him. He had not slept. When I layed, I moved my pallu further so as to expose my navel. 

I pretended to be fast asleep. But my eyes weren't totally closed, so I could see a vague image of everything. Sanju was staring at me. After sometime, he kept his hand on my hand and the waved infront of my face to ensure that I was asleep. I acted so well to convince him that I was alseep.  He placed his hand right on my belly and touched my navel. He roamed his hands there and then slowly moved up to my blouse. He placed his hand on my right boob. 

I was enjoying this. But soon he took his hand away. I did not like that. I just turned around and adjusted as if I was in deep sleep. And in that motion, I totally removed my pallu from my chest, exposing my blouse, cleavage and navel. I was sure this aroused my brother. He placed his hand right on my cleavage. He grabbed my boob and tried to press it. He was sweating. I felt that he was afraid. I moved a bit. 

He removed his hand a layed straight. I opened my eyes and sked what were you doing. He said "what? Nothing I couldn't control you were touching my boobs I said. He said, "Anu, no, I am sorry. I won't repeat

I said: How come you alone can exlore and enjoy? Why not me?

Saying this I grabbed his cock over his pants. He was shocked. He was about to say something. I did not allow him to speak. I went and locked his lips with mine. He was terrified. I pressed his cock, and suddenly started to get mad and started to respond to the kiss. We kissed passionately. We hugged each other and then I removed his t-shirt.

Come on Sanju. I'm all yours now! I said. He quickly squeezed my boobs over the blouse. I left out a soft moan. He was roaming his arms all over me. I unhooked my blouse for him to reveal my black bra. He started to lick over my bra. Then he started to play with my navel. I know he loved my deep navel. He licked it. Then he went and removed my skirt too. I removed his pants too.

We hugged each other. Then he removed my bra. He was staring at my boobs. He took it in his mouth and started to suck it, while he was squeezing the other. I was moaning. I lowered my hands and ran my hand over his cock. I wanted to see it. I removed his underwear and his elegent cock sprang out. He had shaved it before, and short hair was growing. I observed it with my hands.

Now it was Sanju's turn. He removed my panty to expose my pussy. I had not shaved it. So there was hair on it. He started to lick my cunt. Ohhhhhh it felt great. I started to moan. After a while, I had my first orgasm ever. My whole body trembled. After taking a short pause, I started to concentrate on his cock. He asked me, "Chechi, will you lick it for me?

I hesitated for a while and the licked the tip of his cock. I was salty. I liked it. I licked the cockhead. I was strating to enjoy. Slowly I took the length in. I was no previous experience. Neither Sanju had any previous experience. But we were enjoying. After a while he came in mouth. I tried to spit it out. But i liked the taste. So I swallowed it.

Then we were going to fuck. Sanju tried to insert his cock into my pussy. I helped him. But couldn't. So he went to the kitchen and came back with bottle of oil. He applied some on his cock and in my pussy too. Then we tried to insert. Now half of the length went in. He tried to push. But it pained. We paused for a while. Slowly he pushed futher, and last it went in by his powerful stroke. I screamed in pain, and there was blood.

We stayed still for some time. As the pain subsided, he started to give slight movements. Now the pain started to change into pleasure. We did not have rhythm as we were beginners. But we were enjoying. He tried to gain speed. I was in 7th heaven. After some time, he shivered and I felt his warm cum inside my pussy. Soon I had my second orgasm. Both of us were tired. Sanju pulled out his cock. I was covered in mixture of blood and both of our cum. Then we went cleaned bot of us. We kissed each other. After this we had sex many times during those 10 days. And we continue to have sex when we get chance.

Sex Advice: Guy noticing drop of sperm after urinating

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:21 AM PDT

Question. I am a 22-year-old old man and I have noticed that a drop of sperm oozes from my penis after I urinate. Also, I suffer from pre-mature ejaculation. I do not last for more that four to five strokes during sex. Please suggest a permanent cure.
Answer. How do you know it is semen and not urine. Next time, give the penis a couple of shakes after urinating. You should consult a sexpert for your PE. Also google PE and do the exercises.

Me And My Loving Mommy

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:20 AM PDT

Hi friends my name is Robin 24 years. This is my first story so please excuse me if I commit any mistakes in the story. Now without wasting time I am directing you to the real story which was happened when I was studying my intermediate. I am 5.8" well built body and brown in color. My mom's name is Suzi. She is 5.6" (40 years)

But she doesn't look like a 40 year old women she looks much younger than her age. She has 38-30-40.  She has big round ass. When I am studying my intermediate my dad was working in Indian army (now he got retired) so we used to move to places for every 3 years of span when i was in inter first year my dad again got posted to Kashmir. So, I and my mom stayed in Hyderabad.

My mom is very cute and sexy. But we never had any stupid thoughts in our minds. and I never saw my mom in that view. My mom always used to wear sarees and rearly Punjabi dress and nighties.  We used to sleep in different rooms. Mom gets scared with the horror movies. But when she gets scared too much she wants mee to accompany her in the sleep. She only watches with my company.

We both were very friendly; we used to discuss everything one day I kept English horror movie. We both were watching it till late night and it was very scary. When the movies got finished she was trembling in fear, so I said that don't worry. I will sleep with you (on the same bed) she was happy. She went to bed and as I was not getting sleep I said her that I will join u after some time you sleep.

I will just surf in net for some time and she said okay and went to bed. I was chatting with my friends for some time and after that I saw porn movies for some time and thought as it was very late I should go to bed. I went to bed and slept beside my mom and she was in deep sleep by that time as I was seeing porn till that time. My mind was full of dirt and I was seeing her beautiful assets and her breasts were moving up and down to her breathing.

I got seduced and scared to get further I turned towards mom and kept my right hand around her waist. She turned towards me in her sleep and kept her left leg on my leg. As I used to wear shorts during night time my leg was touching her skin below her knee. I was not at all satisfied by that so slowly raised her saree till her thigh by my hand. I was seeing her uncovered legs till her upper part of the thigh pretending to move in sleep

I kept my right thigh in between her both the thighs it was very warm. I was pretty excited. I was feeling her hairy pussy on my thigh. I was in heaven I slowly rubbed her pussy with my thigh she didn't gave any reactions then I slowly started rubbing it with my hand. I did that for around 10 minutes then I heard that she was slowly moaning in the sleep. I thought to see her hairy pussy but I don't know how to later

I removed my thigh from her and just pushed her legs a while then there creeated some space between her two legs. I brought my mobile and with the mobile torch I was seeing her pussy. I was enjoying that scene. I thought that i should go further and kept my finger inside her pussy and started jerking it slowly it was so wet. I want to fuck her and but

I thought that if I keep my penis inside her she will wake up gauranteely. So I didn't kept it but was thinking to fuck her severely when I was removing my finger from her pussy I has sensed that mom was awake. I don't know wat to do I just slept beside her and she turned towards me and asked what are you doing. I said nothing. She slapped me and the devil inside me woke up I said why did you slap me.

Mom: You are thinking your mom a slut? What were doing with me?

Me: I said I love you I just got excited by seeing you in the red hot saree

Mom: I am your mom not your girlfriend to get excited with me.

Me:  Mom please I want you are so beautiful (I was just convincing her) but she was not accepting. I have to do something so I just hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her lips and she broke the kiss and slapped me again. I asked her whats the problem with it and she was totally angry with me and she said me to leave the bed and go to my room immediately.

I tried to convince her but she was not listening to any of my words, so I just left her room and slept in my room with great sorrow and now I got tensed whether she might tell that to my dad next morning I was unable to see into her eyes. I didn't spoke with her and neither did she with me. She just gave me the breakfast I had it and went to clg and this repeated for around 4-5 days and the next evening.

I just looked into her eyes and said sorry and she was still angry with me but, I managed to convince her and I asked her whether she told that to dad and she said she wants to tell it to the dad but as dad was very strict army men I didn't tell it to him. But if you repeat this then I will surely tell him. Then I nodded the head in yes and days passed but the dream to fuck my sexy mom was still in my mind.

I was just waiting for the proper timing one day mom went for shopping and came to home and she was very tired on that day. She was having back pain I asked her whether I can help her and she said no, I pleased her and she said okay then I said her that I will apply to balm to your back and later you can hav a bath with warm water so that you can feel relaxed and she agreed for that and she was applying balm to her back..

I lowered her saree a bit to the buttocks and I was applying it to that smoothy skin. I was feeling very good by touching that part. I applied that for around 10 minutes and I said that I will press her legs and she said okay and then I started pressing her legs. I was feeling that plumpy part. I was totally aroused and my dick got hard. I was toching my dick to her back part slowly so that she can feel that I am aroused again. When I was touching it again and again to her back she turned towards me.

I was pretending as I don't know anything and she turned back and felt relaxed when she was getting up her pall felt down and I was seeing her cleavage. She noticed it. She asked me what I am doing I just literallly said that mom I love you I love your body and your beautiful assets you are so tempting to me and I want to fuck you. I was fantasising about you and I need you and she was shocked to my words and went to bathroom for the bath I sat in the hall.

She called me in when I went inside the room she completed her bath she was wet and just wrapped the towel. She called me to take the dress which was in the top self of the cupboard as she can't reach it, when I saw her face she was smiling in a naughty manners, I thought she also get tempted to me and want to get fucked. I gave her the dress from the self. I saw that it was tight and she was unable to hook it on the back side.

I was just standing calmly she called me to help her in hooking the dress I just went near to her and smelled her perfume fragrance it was sooo tempting I kept my hands on her waist and just pulled her towards me and said I love you, she said I too love you kanna but it's not correct I am your mother, our relationship should turn like this, she was saying all this in a pleasing manner.

Then I thought that she was almost convinced then i said please I begged her and then she just kept her face down. I thought it to be the greeen signal for me I slowly pressed her boobs she didn't said anything. I removed her top and smooch her in a sexy manner and she too got aroused and her nipples got hard. Now I totally got confidence and removed her whole dress. I removed her panty and bra too I was sucking her boobs squeezing them and rubbing her pussy.

She was kissing me passionately we continued this for around 20 minutes and then I took my rod out of my pant and asked her do you like it and she said what you want me to do. I asked her to suck it and she denied I requested then atlast she agreed and took it in my mouth. I was totally enjoying that. My mom was sucking my dick and then I kissed her on all the parts she was also enjoying it. Then I fucked her roughly she was moaning aahhhhh slowly.

But I didn't care about that and gone on fucking her pussy I was about to cum inside her pussy and she took it out and drank all the juices. I continued that fucking session again for 20 mins and layed on the bed, we hugged each other sooo tightly that I enjoyed each and every moment. Later on we had sex many times after 2 years dad got retired and got job in some private office so still we had fucking session whenever we have freee time.

Ruchi Fucking Sisters Husband - II

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 03:18 AM PDT

Finally I decided to go out wearing that short nighty without that long nighty, and open the door lightly and tried to see in the living room by opening the door very less. I could not see anybody, I further opened the door and came out, Arun was sitting on dining chair working on his laptop, and as he saw me he just looked into my eyes and continued staring me,
and spoke after 5-6 seconds, "aap gaye nahi function mein" I said, "No, actually I was not well" "I am really sorry for whatever happened, I was unaware that you are at home" Arun spoke with bit of arbitrary smile, "ya that's true, but please don't tell anybody about this" I requested him and then spoke again, "not even Deepa" "obviously not" he replied and tried to focus in the laptop but got bound to look at me, and then tried to look down.
"what happened at you factory, machine is up now" I asked him, "no actually it is not possible for us to make it working, another technician is coming from Surat, may be tomorrow" he replied, "so are you going to function" I asked back, "no actually I get bored in such functions, I will prefer reading out some information about that machine on the net" he replied while looking into his laptop, without looking at me.
Then again he looked up at me and spoke, "I can take you there if you want to go" "no, that's alright, I don't want to go" I was standing there in my short nighty and I could see that Arun was really very uneasy, again and again he was trying to avoid looking at my body but could not control himself.
"Have you informed Deepa that you are home" I asked my doubt, he instantly looked up into my eyes for a fraction I thought that he has guessed what I am thinking. "No, actually then she will force me to join her there" he replied, then he took out his phone and said, "I will just do that right now" may be he would have thought that I am feeling insecure to stay with him alone in the house and that is why he said that he will do it right now.
"No… no,, that's fine" I spoke. I could not decide what to do next, time was nearly 8, I took a leave from living room and then again came back and asked him "want to have tea or coffee?" "ya, coffee… if possible" he replied with a pleasant smile while looking at me, I smiled back in reply and came in kitchen and started preparing coffee of my style,
which takes bit of more time as first I beat coffee with sugar to make it espresso and while doing that I was thinking what to do next. I was getting tingling in my stomach with a thought that I am going to stay with him alone in the house, somehow I wanted to use this opportunity completely, but how. I could not dare to speak straight away, while beating coffee I thought about many tricks,
like going to bathroom and after taking off all my cloths pretending that I am slipped, or I thought about calling him in my room and just then I will take off my clothes and surrender myself without speaking a word, I was thinking all such things and truly speaking at that time I was going through the wildest mint state as I was scared to do all that and very much willing to do it also.
Finally milk started to boil, I closed my eyes and spoke to myself rather decided and promised myself that I have to do it somehow, as I will not get this chance again. I poured coffee into mugs with trembling hands and came out, served him and asked him if I can also sit here. He just said "ya why not" and continued looking into laptop. I was sitting bit far from him on the alternate chair.
He was sipping coffee and reading something in laptop, may be information about his machine. I was also having my coffee and with that I was just staring at him, trying to read his brain, I finished my coffee very quickly and remained there once again I started thinking that if somehow I will succeed to arouse him then in which position I will get fucked, and which position he will prefer,
as I have big and wide ass mounds as compared to my sister so he may ask me to turn around and ask if I can get on my four. Whether he will suck my cunt or not, and lot more erotic question were rising in me. And all these question made me crazy in just few minutes, my body temperature rose, I recalled my promise which I made to myself in the kitchen that I have to do it,
and I decided to go ahead and a thin trickle of perspiration started at my throat and trickled sexily down between my large, heavy breasts. I shivered slightly in pleasure. The sensations spread slowly through my body, my cunt was damp and I felt the first, delicious beads of cunt-juice seep into my panties. He was busy down there into his work in Laptop;
I was just staring at his face, assuming that how he will look when he will be fucking me while laying on my top. Slowly I parted her thighs, and then pushed them together, rubbing my pussy lips together gently, ohhh…. What a pleasure that was which I got after bit of rubbing of my pussy lips together. My breasts felt heavier and harder and I could sense the quivering tension in my nipples.
At that time I needed a man, to be more precise I needed a fuck from Arun at that time very badly. I thought about saying something, something double meaning to give him a hint but uttered just single word, "Arun" and stopped. He looked at me with a question mark, I tried to speak up, but could not utter a word after that and just kept on staring him.
He smiled and spoke "what".. my heart beat went double, some sort of fear rose in my body and in that confusion I just got up and rushed towards my room and bolted the door from inside. As I was expecting, Arun followed me and knocked the door, I was still like statue on the other side. He knocked again bit hard, I wanted to open the door but my body was jammed, I was sweating like hell, because of fear and also because of hot coffee which I had in hurry.
Third time Arun knocked even bit harder and addressed me with my name, "Ruchi". I moved and opened the door. I was totally wet, sweating through my forehead heavily and flooding in my panty through my cunt. He came closer and as he saw me sweating, he touched my forehead, "are you alright?" I was cold like ice at that time; I continued looking at him without a word. "Ruchi, what happened" "are you alright" I wanted to say something, but my throat was choked with my own saliva.
He looked bit down to my cleavage; even my mounds were bit wet because of sweat. "What happened, doctor ke paas chalen?" he asked me in confusion. I moved my head in no, "are you alright" he asked again same question, once again I moved my head in no. "kya hua" he asked back. "I want to ask you something" somehow I uttered in very low voice.
"Ok" "do you like me" once again I spoke with very high pumping heart, my question really confused him, but he controlled his expressions and spoke "ya, but why….I mean" he continued looking into my eyes, I was also looking him in his eyes. "I really like you" I spoke, again in very low voice.
He continued looking at me waiting for me to go further, "please don't tell anybody about whatever happened" I spoke "don't worry I will not tell anybody, not even Deepa" Arun replied calmly, "anything else?" Arun spoke again, I thought now he will go back assuming that this was the matter and I will not be able to make it then.
I bought some more courage into me and spoke, "ya, I want to ask you something" "what?" he asked back, "do you like me?" once again I asked the same question in confusion, then again I bought some potential in myself and continued "the way you like Deepa" "what" he asked back in surprise, and continued looking into my eyes, I was really very scared at that time,
but I was ready to face anything now, bar was almost broken. "What do you mean" he asked back casually with very less smile as if I am joking. "whatever happened there, was not accident" I spoke while pointing my finger towards living room, "what" once again he was surprised, "Arun I want to sleep with you" "what" once again he spoke same word but with different expressions, he laughed sarcastically and looked into my eyes.
I was looking into his eyes shamelessly, I was at the point from where I cannot make things like before so for me it was question of life and death, I realized that now if he will say no then I will die in embarrassment. Arun turned to go back, "please talk to me" I spoke from behind, he turned back and looked at me, and he was not angry but seemed very confused.
"Please satisfy me, I am dying" I spoke again for me now things were gone beyond limit, somehow I had to do it. "what are you saying Didi" he asked back, "don't call me Didi, and tell me you will do it or not" I spoke in very soft voice as if I am requesting. "why, I mean aapke husband nahi karte kya aapke saath" Arun asked me with some hesitation,
"no…. I mean he do, but not much" I somewhat lied, then spoke again, "and he has extra marital affair". He closed his eyes and took long breath, I think apart from being confused he was also bit scared, "please Arun, say yes nahi to main suicide kar loongi" I spoke again in requesting tone. "why me Ruchi?" Arun asked back, "because I like you……as a person"
I replied, "do you think we can marry?" Arun asked me back, "no" "then" "I just want to have sex with you like me?" "but I am your sister's husband" he laughed again sarcastically, I remained silent for a while looked into his eyes spoke, "I don't care, sirf ek raat ki to baat hai" I was getting shameless to get him. "you are really very starved for this" Arun spoke calmly reading my state.
I remained silent and swallowed my saliva expecting more words from him. He was really very confused, I though about taking off my nighty to arouse him but could not move even a fraction, I was trembling in fear. Once again I bought some courage and moved a bit towards him and hugged him and spoke, "please, Arun I am dying…." "we will not get another chance, just do it, mujhe satisfy kar do"
His hands fled to my breasts, cupping them gently, squeezing the mounds and finding` them huge, fleshy and warm, swelling steadily. Suddenly I felt that my nipples got even more hard. His hands moved down my back to my buttocks and came back to my waist. "Arun kiss me" I whispered and closed my eyes and next moment I felt the heat of his lips over mine.
We were kissing, Wow what a lover he was, I was just melting into his arms. He fondled my melons and took off my nighty from my arms in very next minute. My breasts jute out to her sight, as both of my boobs were caged tightly in the bra and my deep cleavage was more than enough to take away his senses. He held me tight from my waist and started brushing his lips on my neck and the slope of my breast.
He tried to unhook my bra by extending his hand on my back but failed to open it completely and only one hook got undone, as he seemed bit nervous to me I was also very confused but surely I was in pleasure, I knew that whatever we were doing was wrong, but now things were not in my control. I kissed him on his lips again and he welcomed my tongue in his mouth.
We sucked each other passionately. Finally I was successful to get him somehow as I needed him and his body more than my own life. I wanted to feel Arun's hard cock between my legs, deep inside my fuck hole which was already wet. By now Arun was also desperate to get me, my body, and my fuck hole. I wanted to get fucked hard and fast, I wanted to scream in pleasure while getting fucked by him and lust was rising and rising higher in my senses.
I was just in bra and panty and revealing my milky deep cleavage. Arun held my breast with bit of trembling hands and my breasts swelled and grew hot and hard in his hands. He was getting nervous, first time he was into this act with someone other than his wife, same as me as I was also doing it for the first time with someone other than my husband.
He ran his tongue through my ear, I puffed loudly. He pinched my stiff nipples through the fine cloth of my bra. Bending his head, he dragged his tongue into my cleavage and then, squeezing one breast, sucks it through the bra. I whimpered softly, arching my back, feeding my breast to his mouth. His tongue was flipping at my erect nipples through the bra.
I could see that he was still confused and uneasy but he was intended to do it. As far as I was concerned I was going crazy and as such he could not see any hesitation in me He moved his hands around my waist and next moment his hands squeezed my big buttocks over may panty and then instead of unhooking my bra he simply pulled it to break it and succeeded.
I was top less in front of my younger sister's husband and. And then Arun hands went into panty over my buttocks, he started squeezing and parting them. Next moment Arun pulled down my panty and I was stark naked. My big milky breasts were hanging out in front of my sister's husband and he could see my clean shaven wet fuckhole which was getting eager to get stuffed with a huge cock.
I was stripped completely wearing just my Mangalsutra, couple of rings in my finger, silver anklets, gold earring. He caressed my body tenderly with his wet lips. I shuddered at his touch; my large breasts were growing further hot and tight as he fondled them, my thick, long nipples were quivering elegantly. I looked at myself, at my big breast, at my fleshy thighs,
at my healthy ass mounds and clean shaven swollen cunt, I blushed and got bit uneasy as I could compare myself with a slut or a bitch in heat who never bother about any relation. I literary begged him like a whore to get fucked. But now it was too late to think about that and I just looked at his face, he was still bit uneasy, after all I was his wife's sister, he was also tensed with the worst consequence of all this.
I knew this if I would have thought about ethics even at that time for one more minute then he would have sensed my mental state and would have backed up. I simply hugged him tight and tried to pull him to the bed. I opened his trousers and shirt and then under garments shamelessly like a real slut in just few seconds, I looked at his naked body.
His body matched his features in every respect. As I said earlier his shoulders were immense, broad and deep and bulging with muscle, chest was immensely deep and heavy. He took good care of his body. Above all, there was his penis. It was a thing of beauty, it was bigger and thicker and longer than the one which my husband had, don't know why it was not fully erect, things happened so far were more than enough to make anybody hard.
We both came on bed lying before each other on bed; we kissed and caressed one another. He started fondling my naked body again, slowly he was gaining confidence though I could see that he was still not fully erect, may be because of nervousness. "Ruchi Please -- don't tell anyone" "off course not" I replied "No one, promise me It will be our secret. Just ours" He spoke again, "yes…I promise"
He crawled over me a bit while looking into my eyes, and I lied on my back, holding my thick fleshy thighs he tried to spread my legs and I widened them. Holding his cock delicately by the cock-head, he guided it to my hole. I looked down, he was not fully erect and he was struggling to penetrate my cunt. I tried to push him and came on his top and held his rod and jerked it, He moaned in pleasure.
"Arun why are you getting nervous, it's not your first time, neither mine" I spoke, then again "just fuck me like you fucked Deepa that day" he got surprised, "how do you know" he asked an obvious question, "I was peeping from the key hole" I replied while looking into his eyes, "you can fuck me even harder than that" and after that I went down and took his cock head in my mouth.
He trembled in surprise and stopped me, "what are you doing Ruchi?" "Deepa ye sab nahi karti kya?" I asked back, "no, we don't do this" he replied "let me do it, I really love doing that" I replied, though I lied I never liked doing that with my husband, many times he forced me to do it, at that time I was getting crazy and wanted to do it, wanted to eat him like animal.
I paused, holding his rod tenderly; I kissed the cock-head and then, rolling back the foreskin, slowly drew it between my lips. Arun hissed in pleasure and pain. His penis quivered in my mouth. His belly rippled and he seemed helpless, it was paining him a bit, but I continued, took out more saliva and using that moved my tongue lasciviously around his cock-head, skillfully trying to arouse him.
The sensation through which he was going was wonderful: I could feel it from his body movements, from the way he was shivering while holding corner of the pillow. By now my mouth was warm and moist, and my tongue had the kind of confidence. I sucked me with full affection, which I never did with my husband and result was wonderful his rod grew in my mouth,
that really excited me and I continued giving more affection to my sister's husband thick and hard cock and he grunted in pleasure and finally stopped me. Pushing me down under his body he came over me immediately and parting my legs by holding it from the flesh of my thighs he rubbed his firm and rigid rod on my fuck opening.
Tensing, my head arching up I moaned loudly in uncontrollable pleasure, finally he squeezed his cock-head into my slit. It was huge and very thick, distending my cunt-lips painfully wide open, finally with a bit forceful push, Arun's hard cock made his way, to my love pot throbbing my cunt lips and with in no time his long hard cock was, pulsating and vibrating inside me.
His penis was dark and hard and thick and long was disappearing inch by inch into my hot cunt and stretched my fuck hole to the maximum. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I moaned in a low, lust-laden tone. His buttocks flexed once after he was half inside me and my cunt clamped and sucked hard on his cock and his long and thick cock was completely gulped by my deep wet fuck hole.
I was in pain. His cock was so big, so incredibly huge that I thought it would rip me into two from my head to cunt, but I wanted it all, every little bit. He caressed me gently while fucking, his hands were sliding up and down on my thighs and breasts, making me shudder in pleasure. He reached around and caught my rigid, throbbing nipples, twirled them in his fingers, I cried in pain and pleasure.
While pumping my wide opened fuck tunnel, his lips sucked my nipples hard and my face got turned to one side. His buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly in a squeezing motion, my cunt was contracting powerfully on his penis. He grunted and now he was moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, faster and faster and faster.
"OH... OHh... uhh OHhhh... Uhhhh... OHhh... uhh OHma uhhh Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh... Arun Arun ohhh uhhh Ohhh... OH... Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!" He was riding me hard and rapidly, my cunt was rising and falling, sliding up and down on the huge length of his penis. I was chanting his name and was about to explode, I tried to hold myself, as I saw Arun was also about to touch his peak.
His body was jerking rapidly up and down, he was pumping my fuck hole with hell of speed and it was getting higher and higher, our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure. At last, he shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his dick sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt, and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end.
He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion. I orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploded in my head and he gasped as he felt the hard spasm of my burning cunt on his penis, as I came in one tidal wave after the other. My body got rigid with tension, my buttocks flexed tight;
I squeezed my hot fuck hole painfully on his penis as the orgasm thundered through my body. He held me tight quivering in pleasure, sighing in satisfaction as the heat erupted from his cock and he shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into my love tunnel. We laid there on the bed without many words I got up, he was also awake. I used washroom and and came back, took out one towel came back to bathroom.
I stood under the shower, rubbed and watered my whole body and cherished the lovely feeling of getting physical love from Arun. Arun was such a divine lover and he satisfied me so well that I cannot define in words he was very powerful and demanding lover and I wanted more of him, for the whole night.
While taking shower and thinking about him I heard some noise from behind, I turned to look back, door was open and it was Arun, standing fully naked. He also came in shower and held my luscious melons from behind and fondled them and kissed me on my neck. I moaned, he moved his hand lower and moved his finger on my slit and teased me and spoke in a very soft voice,
"satisfied?... ya abhi aur karna hai" I puffed in pleasure and took his rod in my hand and jerked it and spoke "abhi bahut karna hai, just assume I am Deepa and do it as many times you want". Slowly he was gaining erection. I turned and looked into his eyes. He was already looking at me,
"have you enjoyed, or you just did it to satisfy me" I asked him, "no I enjoyed a lot, you have lovely body" "I am feeling so bad now that I forced you to cheat your wife, moreover who was my sister" "that's alright, just keep your promise" "ya sure I will " I promised him again, he spoke again while looking into my eyes "truly speaking I was also aroused because of that accident" I laughed on that and spoke,
"it was not accident, I was trying to trap you" "means?" "I wanted you to get out of control, so I came like that in front of you" "but you remained calmed,….and I literary begged you for this…like a real bitch" he smiled a bit on that and spoke, "please don't say that. I also wanted to do it, I really like your body" he caressed my cheek, "then enjoy this body for the whole night"
I came closer to him and our body touched each other's body completely. We kissed and hugged each other again and again the fire of lust was lit. He squeezed my big wet melons and took my nipples in his mouth to suck. His mouth was so warm and his touch was so sensual that again I was wet between my thighs. I was holding his penis in my hands and jerking.
My instinct told me to suck his rod again, to give him pleasure. I looked at his rod, it was really big and beautiful. Next moment I was on my knees; his semi erect cock was hanging in front of me. I wanted to take it in my mouth, wanted to love him in every way. I wanted to satisfy him completely the way he has satisfying me, I wanted him to remember this night through his out life.
I opened my mouth and my face distended, cheeks hollowed as I parted my lips wide to engulf him deep in my mouth. He groaned, holding my head, looking down to watch me, he got fascinated by the sight of his enormously swollen penis, now dark and glistening, flecked with his pre-cum gunk emerging and disappearing into my mouth. I licked his cock-head slowly, sucked tenderly.
The warmth of my mouth, the moisture, and my incessant sucking was setting his desire to blow. My head jerked back and forth, the strands of the Mangalsutra were tossing slowly on my big naked breasts. He groaned as I began to suck him off harder, my head was rocking back and forth, drawing him deeper and deeper into my mouth,
he grunted while fucking my face slowly, with exquisite pleasure, moving my head with his hands to suit his pleasure, moving it back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly he stopped and groaned and controlled himself from cumming. He took me to the bed again, and made me lay on bed, and told me to spread my legs and his words were, "Ruchi lay down and spread your legs, I want to try this"
I obeyed him by parting my thighs apart. He kneeled down to floor; I was laying on the bed, giving full access of my love hole to him. Arun swirled his tongue over my pubic zone and kissed my pelvis. I trembled with excitement. Slowly, he dragged his tongue down to my sodden slit. I arched my head in pleasure as Arun's thick, rough tongue rippled over my cunt.
I gasped sharply, my mouth was snapping open. My hips lurched and shook, jerking and pumping. He started licking my slit slowly, while pressing it with his tongue "Ohhhhh... UNHHHH Ohh yes! Ohh yes, yes, Ohhh god yes!" I cried. Holding my thighs wide apart, Arun tongue-fucked me steadily. He entered his tongue into my fuck hole and tried to take out something from inside.
His tongue explored and whizzed in and out of my cunt, flickering and licking rapidly against my swollen clitoris. My cunt streamed with heady, erotic juices. Arun pressed his face deeper and sucked my love hole to get my juices as much as possible. It was most erotic feeling which I had till now. I was floating on clouds.
I lifted my face to see him, I saw Arun's face buried between my fleshy thighs, and he was sucking me with such passion that I just got insane and started screaming and requesting to leave. But he continued and took my clit in his mouth and sucked it with enthusiasm, and with that he entered two of his fingers in my fuck hole and finger fucked me vigorously.
I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately. It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I pushed him away, and tried to control myself while screaming by joining my legs together and squeezing my cunt between my fleshy thighs. Certainly I cummed and felt like heaven.
He made me sit and started kissing and fondling my body, "Ruchi I will never forget this night through out my life" he spoke while looking into my eyes, and then spoke again, "Deepa has very less desire for this, most of the time she say no to me" I was looking at his face, "I get so tired everyday and sometimes feels like doing it, it gives relaxation but she says no without thinking about me".
I did not had anything to say in that context. I just lied down on bed and raised my hand to call him and spoke, "aao aur mere jism se apni pyas bujha lo". He leaned me and touched my whole body he was ready to fuck me again and his expert hands were arousing me, and now I needed his hard cock deep in my cunt hole.
Tenderly he tried to turn me, and spoke, "let's do it in doggy style" he wanted to fuck me from behind, in doggy style. I turned on my hands and knees before him. He knelt behind me on his knees splayed wide, and, holding my waist, he pulled my cunt toward his cock. I backed myself onto his huge hard penis while looking back.
Arun bent his head and watched in fascination as my cunt inched towards his enormous cock. As I moved back toward his cock, my legs folded under my buttocks. I felt the heat of his cock tip at my soaked cunt-lips. He quivered in hunger. His huge, flexible body leaned over mine and he slid his hands up to my swollen breasts, crushing and rolling my fleshy mounds in his palms.
I gasped as his thick cock was touching my fuck hole opening, my cunt was twitching to get stuffed again. Arun held me from shoulder and tried to pull me further towards him I eased my buttocks further towards his hard erect rod. My moan changed into a sharp gasp as his huge cock entered into my narrow tunnel, stretching all my virginal muscles again up to maximum.
He grunted at the tight, hot clamp of my cunt on his cock. I impaled myself even deeper, and my face twisted in joy as the huge, hard length of his penis was squeezed into my tight channel. He sank his shaft completely in my cave and waited. I moaned, as he was touching deepest corner of my love tunnel, which was never explored before.
"Mm... you're mine, Ruchi, all mine! right?" "Yes," I moaned, "I'm yours...fuck me. I turned my face to his and he leaned over me to kiss me, his tongue roamed in my mouth. He pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tunnel, and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure.
He did that again "Yes... shove it in, Arun... yes...fulfill your desire do whatever you want, OHHHhhh hanh unhhh hanh OHHh uhhh OHHH hanh anh uhhhh hanh!" He moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth I was on my hands and knees, I slid myself in and out on his throbbing cock in that rhythm. I tightened my legs to hold his thick hard cock strongly in my fuckhole.
Arun murmured in pleasure as my tight cunt squeezed and contracted on his cock. With every thrust of his cock deep in my fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. At last, he moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control. His balls pressed against my buttocks and his thighs slapped at mine.
Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster. He dug his hands into my buttocks, held my huge hips and began to rock me back and forth, jerking my cunt up and down on his shaft. Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!" I cried. "Yes... UNhhh... Yes! Unhhh... Yes! Unhhhh... Yes!" he panted joyously.
He was drilling and pumping me from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts, He paused for a second, "More!" I gasped. "Shove it in deeper! I cried in pleasure. He continued Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!" suddenly he began to ram-fuck me savagely with rapid thrusts. I understood he was closer to his burst.
His buttocks and hips swung furiously back and forth as he drove his enormous penis in and out of the soaking and swollen flesh of my cunt. I tightened my legs and clamped his huge dick in my fuck hole. Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!" he gasped. "Yes... ohhh god yes yes yes!" I cried. He took his hand under my belly and fingered my clitoris.
Oh my god I just went crazy and moaned loudly, I went through a violent orgasm. My body racked by heaving sobs as the dams burst. My fingers were clawing the sheet and I was trembling with jerks as stream of pleasure was cumming out of my pubic area with sudden jolts.
His own orgasm was uncontainable now, he screamed and exploded with a shudder and jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my tunnel again. We both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted. We lied there for a while without any word and then got up to clean our self.
I heard Arun's phone ringing, it was Deepa, Arun lied that he is in factory, still struggling with machine, she informed Arun that I am at home, which he already knew very well. Arun ordered Pizza for dinner, and after dinner we discussed our lives with each other. At Arun's end everything was not smooth, actually his work profile was very hectic,
as he is mechanical engineer and had to look after more than dozen of machines in one mill sector there maintenance and all and that tires him a lot and at home he was not getting proper sex from her wife. As he explained they were doing hardly once or maximum twice a month. That day when I peeped in there bedroom they were having sex after more than one month.
I too explained my life to him and admitted that initially I wanted to have sex with someone other than my Husband just because to get even with my husband, and he laughed on that, fortunately I succeeded in convincing him that I asked him for having sex because I really liked his nature and he did not took it in other way that I have used him for my purpose.
That night we had sex two more times and also tried 69 position and sucked each other like animals till we were at the verge of cumming again in each other's mouth. Out of two times once Arun me from behind, just after doing 69, I was laying on my stomach keeping a pillow under my belly and he lied over me and fucked me nicely that way till we both cummed and later in the night he fucked me when I was about to sleep,
he simply lifted my nighty took off my panty and inserted his rod into me hurriedly and fucked me in missionary. After that fuck we slept, around 3. In morning we got up around 7 and after basic courses we entered to take bath together. As I was assuming again and again Arun was falling for my widely spread ass mounds, and he admitted that in words
"Ruchi I really love your bottom" at that time we were in shower together and Arun was standing behind me holding me from my heavy ass mounds. And he further tried to push me from my shoulder and moved his hand down to locate my love opening and entered inside me from behind and fucked me for a while in that position,
later we came out and continued our session and once again I was fucked by Arun up to my satisfaction in the bedroom. Finally we came out after wearing clothes and Arun called Deepa and lied again that he has just reached home and he will be leaving after half an hour to pick her up after getting fresh. I too went along with him to pick my mom and Deepa and came back by 12 after breakfast and all.
After that Arun took leave for his office as engineer was about to reach his mill. He came back by 6, at that time we all were getting ready for the marriage. And finally we all moved together in marriage. I enjoyed his company as Deepa was really very busy among relatives. Later well passed to 12 in the night when all formal guest were gone and only close relatives were there, main marriage ceremony was about to start,
Deepa and I changed and wore salwar kameez to sit in "Mandap". It was ceremony of at least 3 hours, "Kanyadaan" and walking around fire and all. I was really not interested in attending all this. I tried to find Arun, he was sitting very far and alone. I talked to him and we planed. Actually I had next day's train of afternoon, and railway station was closer from this place.
I discussed this with my mom and Deepa that if I can go to railway station directly from here, both agreed with me and now I was suppose to get my stuff here from Deepa's house. There was only one way to do it, that I had to go just then to pick up my bag and suitcase and with none other than Arun.
That's what all we both needed and with in next 10-20 minutes we were rushing towards home. Arun drove really very fast to save driving time and It did not took us very long to reach there as there was not much traffic. And as we entered in living room, we both got crazy, without a word we started taking of our clothes and ate each other like animals and finally landed on couch in the living room only,
Arun humped me on the couch very hard, the way I always desired to have sex with him and I cummed heavily. We spend nearly 40 minutes in the house and got fucked twice, second time Arun fucked me in doggy style in standing position. I was leaning against dining table holding it firmly and he was pounding my fuckhole from behind.
Wow what a pleasure trip was that, some where one of my cousin was going through customs of marriage and here I was going through the pleasure of that. I was fucked six times in last 36 hours. Finally we came back to the same place and still marriage customs were in progress and I was already up with my Suhagraat with my sister's husband.
Next day I met Arun at railway station as driver of my uncle dropped me there, and before leaving Arun made promise to me that soon he will visit my city at the name of official tour and I think I do not have to tell that what he will do on his this official tour. We have already decided everything that which hotel we have to book and for how long he will stay here to fuck me,
even in which all positions we are going to do it, including sucking each other in 69. Moreover after around 6 months there is one more marriage scheduled in the same town, and truly speaking if the matter would have just that marriage then I would have ignored that visit as that relation is not that close,
but here it is a matter of my own honeymoon with my sister's husband and I am not going to miss it at any cost. Let's see what happens how hard I will get fucked this time. Comment if you think I deserve that, it will inspire me to write down my next sexual encounter with Arun, may be after a month or bit more.
And please I don't want to read teachings on moral values as it seems out of context for this site, and one more thing please don't send useless proposals like "come to me, I will fuck you and all" comment on narration and the way I detailed my life's sex incident, positive and negative all comment are most welcome.

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Answer. It's good that you are restricting watching porn. A couple must decide what is okay with them, there is no compulsion to perform oral sex if you do not want to or she does not want to. Daily, slip the foreskin to the base of the head of the penis, then slip it up and down.

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Lets start with some stats and facts… I live in Hyderabad and I am a 33 year old guy that has only had straight relationships my entire life. I have always fantasized very much about having a three-way with a couple.
Last year I decided to join an adult dating website to see if I might be able to explore some of my fantasies. After a few weeks on the site and after talking to many freaks, meeting a couple of people and having no luck…. I came across Shiv and his wife Indu, we exchanged our pics and phone numbers.
I am 5'9" tall and about 85kgs, but do not look that heavy. Black hair. shaved genitals. Shiv was about the same height and a bit thin, and a little lighter than I am. He had no chest hair. Indu was about 5'6" and a little bit on the chunky side. Not overweight but by no means a skinny lady. She had very nice curves and proportions and very nice breasts. She had dark brown hair. They were both in their late thirties, but fit and very attractive.
We chatted several times through the dating site and had a few phone conversations before we decided to meet for drinks. We went over plenty of our mutual ideas and desires while talking and the three of us were pretty comfortable with each other right away.
We decided that I would come to their place on the weekend. They lived around 10 kms from me and on the drive there that day I nearly turned around too many times to count. I was as nervous as I was turned on by the idea of it all.
When I got there we sat down and had a bit of beer while chatting and relaxing. We were all casually dressed… Shiv and I in jeans and t-shirts, Indu in a casual skirt and top. As we shared a couple of drinks the evening turned into much talk about our desires. We talked about a bit of our past experiences and what we were looking for.
Indu was straight but very much thinking about being with two men that were also into each other. Shiv was open to everything with men or women. I was ready to try anything but really still unsure about it all as well. They were OK with my apprehension.
We were sitting on a couch, Indu between he and I. As we relaxed she began to lightly slip her hand up and down both of our thighs. As she did this Shiv leaned in to kiss her. They kissed deeply as she kept her hand moving gently on my leg.
After they kissed she now used both of her hands to start to open my shirt, and then to begin to undo my jeans. When my shirt was off and my pants open she reached over to Shiv again, tugging on his shirt and motioning for him to take it off.
As Shiv did that, Indu leaned closer to me, kissing and licking my chest and stomach as she started to rub my cock with her hand. My tool started becoming hard. So was Shiv's. I slipped my shirt off as Indu started to help me take my jeans off. As I pushed the jeans down my hard dick slipped out with an audible "slap" to my abdomen.
I have a beautiful cock. I am about 7'' and Shiv was about 1" smaller. Shiv's was thicker than mine but not too big. The head slightly bigger than the shaft. Shiv was getting turned on and his cock got even harder from seeing my hard cock. Indu looked back to Shiv and without saying anything motioned for him to finish getting undressed.
As Shiv did, Indu leaned to me and started to lick and kiss cock and balls. Stroking my chest with one hand. She then pulled her top leg up and used her other hand to slip her dress up. She had no bra or panties on. She stopped and sat up, pulling her dress over her shoulders and showing her sexy body.
She had mango shaped soft breasts with dark nipples. With her dress off she leaned back to me and again lifted her leg, showing me her pussy. She had a small little strip of hair with the rest shaved.Her lips were dark, thick and swollen. I could see that she was already very wet. I felt half frozen and have no idea how long I just stood there before I heard Shiv say "taste her"….
I knelt in front of her and started to kiss and lick my way up her legs as she began to suck Shiv's cock. I slowly slipped my way up her soft and supple thighs, kissing and licking along the way. I could here Shiv moaning as she sucked and stroked his sexy cock.
I moved to her pussy and she lifted her leg a bit more to let me get closer. I licked and kissed around her lips, gently brushing the hood of her clit with my lips before pushing my tongue deep into her pussy. Her thick lips wrapping my tongue as it pushed inside of her. I sucked her lips and flicked my tongue on her hard lit and she came almost as soon as I slipped my tongue inside of her the second time.
That made her suck Shiv's cock deeper and faster with the pace of her orgasm. She was so warm and wet that my lips and chin were covered with her tangy juices. I kept on softly licking and sucking her pussy as she got off. I was stroking my cock with one hand the whole time I licked her wet pussy and I was as hard as I have ever been, with precum dripping from the tip of my dick.
As she cooled down a little Indu gently put her hand in Shiv's head and held his hair, hlooked him in the eyes and said "Are you ready to share his cock with me?" Shiv seems like he was frozen there for what seemed like hours before she urged Shiv to move closer. She remained beside me and started pushing her husband down close to his knees. She went down on me along with Shiv.
As Shiv knelt there, Indu started to slowly lick and kiss up and down the length of his shaft… stopping to flick her tongue on the head before sliding back down… looking me in the eyes the whole time. She held her hand around the base and pushed my dick forward to her husband. Shiv hesitated at first but then he could not resist them any longer. He was so turned on.
Shiv leaned forward and at first just barely licked my head. I was rock hard and the veins on my cock were bulging. I am still slippery from Indu's sucking me. Shiv started to lick more. Shiv was slipping his tongue around the head of his cock and licking the balls. Indu still held my cock for her husband as he took me into his mouth. First just sucking softly on the head.
Then Shiv began to take more and more of my dick and started to suck it deeper into his mouth. Slowing sliding it in and out. Indu had moved up and we were now kissing deeply as Shiv continued to suck my dick. Shiv moved his hand up and started to stroke my shaft and balls as he took as much of my penis in his mouth as I could.
I was too long for him to take it all but he sucked me deep and felt my head against the back of his throat as I began to move my hips up to him when he took him me. My hard dick felt amazing in hhis mouth and I was so turned on I was almost delirious. I was kissing and fondling Indu's breasts at that time. It felt incredible to finally experience what had been fantasy for years.
Shiv kept sucking me like that. First taking me deep and then slipping my dick out to suck just the head. Licking the tip. He started to gently stroke and tug on my balls and then use a finger to stroke and push against my asshole now and then. The more he did that the more I began to push my hips up to meet his mouth. I was forcing my hard cock deeper each time and almost making him gag.
I was moaning and telling Indu and Shiv, how nice it felt to have my cock in Shiv's mouth while Indu was giving me sweet and sexy encouragement to her hubby. She was stroking Shiv's hair and gently pushing his head down on my hard dick. Indu pulled Shiv's head up and made me slip out of his mouth. She looked at me and said "Let's give you a little treat".
I smiled and winked at her as she reached down and took my dick in her hand and told Shiv not to suck me but to move in closer. She squeezed me tight at the base and slid her hand up his shaft. As she did a huge drop of precum started to ooze from the tip. Before I had to say anything Shiv leaned in and put his mouth to the end of my cock.
Shiv felt the slippery wetness on his lips before sucking my dick. She kept her hand on me and helped Shiv squeeze out a big salty shot of precum as he sucked hard on the head of my dick. Shiv swallowed and started to suck me off again. I kept pumping my cock into his mouth, as deep as I could.
Shiv sucked me hard like that for a couple minutes before I stopped him again. She moved on top of me. As she moved over me, Shiv took my cock in his hand and helped guide it to her pussy. She held herself over me and let Shiv slip the tip of my dick over her slippery wet lips and clit before she pushed down hard. She took my whole cock in one stroke and she held me deep like that before she began to ride my dick.
Then she began pumping up and down the full length. Shiv stayed between my legs and started kissing and licking her back and ass and caressing her body. Shiv was also reaching down to touch me as she rode his dick. He stroked his balls and felt the slippery shaft of my cock as it moved in and out of Indu's pussy.
Shiv leaned in closer and kissed my inner thighs and licked her juice from my balls as she rode him like that. She then held herself up over me and I started to pump my hips up to her. I was pushing my cock deep in her pussy. Shiv leaned in even closer now and started kissing her ass. I had my hands on her ass now and was spreading it for Shiv. Shiv moved to her and started licking her.
Flicking and circling his tongue around her tight hole. Then moving down and feeling my cock with his tongue as I slid in and out of her. It was amazing to see my cock slipping in and out of Indu's wet pussy with her thick pussy lips wrapped around my dick. Now and then I slipped my cock out and Shiv licked and sucked Indu's juice from me.
Squeezing more delicious precum from me to swallow down. Also moving up to lick her pussy. She was so warm and wet from fucking me and with all Shiv's licking. It felt like my whole body was going to explode and my cock was dripping all over her thighs. I felt as if I was in another world and I had little control over where my desires were taking me.
Very quickly my balls started to tighten hard to my cock and my legs began to tense up and tremble a little. I was nearly ready to cum. Shiv moved up to kiss her back and neck as I kept pumping into her. Shiv kissed her and whispered "Please let me taste his cum" She just smiled and gave me a little nod.
Shiv moved back between my legs and started to rub and squeeze my balls. He was using his thumbs to stroke his asshole. I was moaning to push a finger deep into my ass. My ass was so slick with Indu's dripping juice and my precum that Shiv's thumb easily slips into my tight ass. Shiv hold it there and started stroking my balls at the same… I can feel I am tightening even more now.
Indu lifted Shiv from me and moved to the side again and they both moved to my cock, licking and sucking me alternately. Before too long I am beginning to let go. Indu moved back a little and kept her hand on Shiv's head and pushes Shiv to me. He is sucking deep a couple times and then start sucking my head hard while she strokes his shaft for me.
In just a few seconds I have started to moan more deeply and told them that I am letting go. Shiv held the head of my cock in his mouth as I start to get off. They were shocked by the size of my orgasm. I was even more shocked that I could not seem to control myself when I got off. Shiv was saying that the cocktail of my cum with Indu's pussy juice all over it was amazing.
Indu was stroking her hubby's dick while I was shooting the load into her husband's time. He came almost at the same time.. and Shiv's cum was all over Indu's body. Indu moved next to me and all three of us started licking and kissing each other while we cooled down. Would love to hear the comments and stories of all the adventurous couples out there. Share your thoughts.

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